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Leave it to the UK’s Daily Mail to report what the American mainstream media won’t. This weekend in Philadelphia, a lawless mob literally drove donuts around a police squad car and the cops did nothing. What’s more, the same video shows a huge number of the mob hopping on the squad car and taunting the police inside.

Once more, police made no arrests.

Philladelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney is a proud member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Imagine the irony of this video, depicting the lawless cesspool that Kenney’s city has become, nudging untold thousands more Americans to go out and purchase their first firearm for personal defense. Congratulations, Mr. Mayor. You’re America’s gun salesman of the week.

After all, for non-gun owners in particular, nothing undermines the belief that the police maintain law and order like a mob brazenly breaking the law in front of helpless police.  Of course, the cherry on top is then taunting cops by jumping on their squad cars without fear of either the police officers or potential enforcement action.

If a mob can do donuts around a cop car, does anyone think that the City of Brotherly Love will do better against a similar mob rampaging through a neighborhood, stealing what they want and harming anyone that gets in their way?

Here’s the opening paragraphs of the Daily Mail’s report.

A Dodge Charger muscle car was filmed spinning donuts around a cop car outside Downtown Philadelphia’s famous city hall Saturday night.   

The shameless act of hooliganism was snapped by an onlooker from the window of a nearby tall building just before midnight, with the car screeching around the Ford police cruiser multiple times as passengers sat on the vehicle’s open windows.   

‘No f****** way,’ onlookers could be heard yelling as the car drives by. ‘Oh sh**, oh sh**.’ Another onlooker was filmed clambering onto the cop car’s bonnet moments later. 

Despite the dangerous behavior, Philly PD did not make any arrests.

And here’s the video:

With over ten million Americans already having bought their first gun(s) in the last two years, plenty more remain on the cusp of voting with their wallets and taking the plunge.

Sights like those depicted in this video sell far more guns than all slick advertisements in any dead tree magazines combined.

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  1. That place needs some law and order.
    I would recommend lead saturation of the air until the criminals don’t criminal no more.

  2. Authors of articles like these always, always, always leave out the most relevant detail of the mob of perpetrators. It’s almost like mentioning it is a heinous social faux pas in today’s politically correct climate.

  3. Really, people, the best solution is to move out of the city, out of the state, and out of the entire eastern region. Leave the gutted, burned out, boarded up mess for the Democrats to watch fester in putrefaction. Watch them raise taxes on people who don’t pay taxes and watch them keep their offices with record numbers of ballots counted, not cast, but counted.

    • Wuy,

      PA is a great place to live, outside of Philadelphia. Compared to the the rest of the Mid-Atlantic states, our gun laws are heavenly. We recently passed a Constitutional amendment castrating the governor’s emergency powers. He has been hiding under his bed ever since. Some rinos in the state legislature are blocking the proposed election audit; that is creating anger across the state. We’ll see where it goes.

      No hurricanes, the few tornados never get past class 1. No significant droughts. No significant earthquakes. No plagues of locusts, frogs, or boils. Lots of gun clubs, lots of game lands. Lots of forest, tall hills, deep valleys, lakes, and running water.

      The next ballot initiative will be to sell Philadelphia to New Jersey and use the proceeds to build a wall.

      PA is a nice place to live as long as you stay out of the sewer.

      • no tornadoes past f-1???….think you’re forgetting about 1985 when we got hit with a barrage…one of them even took down a bridge….

        • ….and as for “heavenly” gun laws…there are non-firing replica guns I can’t get delivered to my home…[thank you shapiro]…sneaky pistol registration..even a shockwave has to be registered in this state…

    • ” Leave the gutted, burned out, boarded up mess for the Democrats to watch fester in putrefaction ”

      All well and good, but the downside is, when they can no longer finance their welfare state, they come begging to the Federal gubmint for a bailout. Then we all get to pay.

  4. These guys are lucky that Wilson Goode isn’t still mayor.

    “Hey – why is that helicopter coming towards us….?”

  5. I live in PA.
    I always carry one pistol and a spare mag.
    When I go into Philly, I carry two pistols, belt carry and pocket carry (and the spare mag for my belt gun).


    • In-laws are in Philly. I always carry a gun and 2 spare mags, but when going to Philly I carry the Glock, 2 spares on the belt, and since the Summer Of George I take the growing collection of 31-40 round mags. I have seriously been thinking of putting an MSR in the trunk.

  6. Damn, while I was in Philly, drunk one night, I did jump on a cops hood. Managed to get the sh*t kicked out of me, arrested and fined $1100 bucks. Suks to be white.

  7. “…and the cops did nothing.”

    What do you expect? If they were to do something they get in trouble. Atleast this way, no one is shot by a cop. Lol…this is why the kid that shot up Marjorie Stonedman Douglas in Florida was allowed to kill as many people as he wanted to.

    • To be fair to the police here, when you’re outnumbered 100 to 1 and apparently without backup or support, hopping out and trying to arrest people isn’t an option. The most likely result of that is getting themselves beaten, their weapons stolen, and their squad cars torched.

      I guess, looking on the bright side, at least there was no arson or looting. And it sounds like enough police eventually did show up to disperse all those vibrant youths.

    • Trying to equate spinning donuts with mass murder is too much of a stretch for me. I didn’t see anyone getting hurt, here, leave them alone.

  8. I don’t care what happens in the city of “all wet willy”. They don’t want cops???
    That’s just fine with me. I have no reason to go there.

    • One Ranger one riot.
      by not becoming all bladge happy the clop let them have their fun and no one was hurt. Smart clop.

    • I don’t know but if they don’t start doing something, other people will. For all the talk about what a democrat shithole Philly is, there are a lot of people there who did not vote for this and are sick and tired of having to put up with it.

    • 3 or 4 decades ago I talked to the manufacture of an inexpensive brand of pocket pistols. I was interested in higher capacity magazines. He told me they had no plans to make them, but he would happily sell me as many six rounders as I could stuff in my pockets. Anyone who lives in a capacity restricted state should buy as many magazines as they can manage to carry and practice mag changes.

  9. Gotta admit, and admire, that guy’s skill level is pretty high. He was GOOD wiht those donuts. VERY well controlled.

    If I’d been the lone cop standing there I’d have started clapping and cheering the guy on.. He really put on a good show. Cae close to soe of the milling crowd, but mssed everybody and everything. I’m ceertain the guy’s number plate had either been removed or covered. Else tney’d consider “paying him a liddle visit” with Guido an da boyz. With no crowd milling about for cover.

    • It appeared to me that the black car sideswiped the white car parked near the L.E. SUV. It looks like the driver of the sideswiped white car gets out to confront the black car, but after the collision the black car completes the donut and drives away.

  10. These people have too much time on their hands. The non oppressed Asian kids are at home finishing their homework. Where will each group be in 10 years?

  11. Without a functional Police force, we risk people adopting criminal social strategies to procure their needs, food, shelter, money etc. We will face a total breakdown of civil society, into a mob and gang infested cities, run by narco-cartel like chapters, and terroristic Hoodlum fiefdoms, impervious to state or governmental laws… akin to Mexico and Somalia. America will be a failed state, with no borders, law enforcement or citizen allegiance, merely a place to rob, steal and exploit.


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