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Akron Mayor Emeritus Don Plusquellic was warned by Akron University Police after being caught urinating on a tree, the Akron Beacon Journal reported Thursday. Plusquellic was rude to officers and told them he “’knew we didn’t do anything and figured he would give us something to do on a slow night,’” the report elaborates . . .

It also cites police saying the former mayor received the same treatment from them as they would visit on any citizen, while not explaining why being verbally respectfulness of police after urinating near downtown Akron at midnight next to his rental car would not be subjected to further testing. Besides, the contention that we could all expect the same leniency and discretion is not exactly true.

“Since October, police have charged seven people with littering for relieving themselves in public,” the Associated Press reported in a story written during Plesquellic’s tenure as mayor. “Littering is a third-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.”

Plusquellic, a Democrat, was an enthusiastic member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

“As a mayor charged with ensuring public safety and protecting the streets of my community, I am proud to join the fight to reduce gun violence – not just in Ohio, but also across the country,” he told a “No More Names” rally in 2013. “It’s time for Congress to put politics aside and pass common-sense gun safety measures – like comprehensive and enforceable background checks – that will keep guns out of the wrong hands and help save lives.”

Also attending the rally was Plusquellic’s approved successor to the office of mayor, then-City Council President Garry Moneypenny, a Democrat who resigned earlier this year after only 10 days in office because of “inappropriate contact he had with a female city employee.”

Plusquellic and Moneypenny have been succeeded by Interim Mayor Jeff Fusco, another Democrat and another big Bloomberg supporter.

Incidentally, I was at that rally, and wrote about it at the time. It was part of a stealth bus tour the Bloombergians were conducting, where they wouldn’t pre-announce the stops out of fear that pro-gun rights activists would then show up and outnumber them. That almost happened that time, and peaceable gun owners, many openly-carrying arms, counter-demonstrated on the corner.

None of the armed activists were hurt. The same could not be said for the man found beaten to death at that same Akron park a year later.

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  1. He was probably drunk. Did the cops give him a breathalyzer for public intoxication or let him drive away?

    • I believe the answer to your question was made clear in the article when it said “no further testing”. I assumed that to mean that the officers didn’t bother to give him a breathalyzer before sending him on his way.

      Needless to say, if any of us were caught pissing in public at midnight, anyone’s first thought (not just cops) would be that we were drunk. Obviously these cops didn’t care to let him slide. Luckily he didn’t kill anyone on his way home.

      • Sounds like a combination of drinking and thinking that, as the Mayor, he is better than the lower classes and therefore deserves special treatment. Good think that he did not kill anyone on his way home. Otherwise someone there might want to ban cars. Makes as much sense as gun laws.

  2. Another high quality member of MAIG. Bloomberg seems to attract the most interesting people.

  3. Texas has it’s share too…

    Exhibit A: State Rep Garnet Coleman.

    “Several law enforcement organizations are calling on state Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, to apologize after saying he was “treated like a child” during a traffic stop last month.”

    “Footage of the traffic stop obtained by KHOU in Houston shows Coleman was speeding at 94 mph. The dashboard camera footage, released by the Austin County Sheriff’s Office, depicts an officer trailing Coleman, who was driving a car with state official license plates. In the video, which lasts about nine minutes, the officer lets Coleman go with a warning and tells him that if he had gotten a ticket, he would have lost his license because of previous citations.”

    • 94 in a vehicle with state tags, and he just gets a warning? So probably a Tahoe or Malibu or some other generic fleet car.

      I got a major ticket for 87 in a 65 and that car was capable of 200mph, cops acted like I killed a bunch of babies

      • Not a state fleet vehicle. State elected officials have plates for their personal vehicles that say State Official. That way they can drive with impunity and violate the laws the legislate for the little people. I’m waiting for someone to use the Coleman defense for a ticket, claiming the precedent was set by and elected official.

  4. Littering? That should be treated as indecent exposure at least. Bodily fluids are a biohazard, not garbage

    • Watch what you wish for. Indecent exposure has nothing to do with urinating, and it is a sex crime, requiring registration as a sex offender for the rest of your life. A littering charge with potential jail time makes a lot more sense.

      • I say charge him with brandishing a weapon, his derringer was exposed!

        (pea-shooter? Get it???)

        • The cop was going to charge him, but after getting a glance at the goods, he figured the mayor had already been punished enough in life…


      • I once witnessed a “trial” at the local courthouse for urinating in public; the poor dude plead guilty and is now a sex offender.. I’m sure that will be a problem for him for his whole life. All because he came out of a bar then realized he needed to pee but there was no where around to go, except in a back alley. From the accounts given he was trying to be as discrete as possible; not like he was waving his willy about for all to see.

  5. WRF is a “no names tour”? I followed links to the web site, which apparently does not exist anymore. The name sounds stupid, makes no sense. Anybody know what the idea was supposed to be?

    OK, think I see from Google, they would read the names of people killed with guns, no doubt without mention of who they were raping or murdering at the time, and then “demand” than there be “no more names”. Is this stupid, or what? The term “simpletons” comes to mind.

  6. My cousin got caught peeing in the alley immediately behind his house in Michigan. He is now on a registered sex offender list (public lewdness) Lost his job, then his wife and kids.
    Jackass should just shut his mouth and go away.

  7. Whenever a Democrat does something, they don’t tell you it’s a democrat… If a Republican farts in hurricane, they say “Republican” every other word and treat it like the sky is falling…

    I don’t pee on trees, I pee directly on the ground. And the grass grow better there for about 4 days.

  8. Littering? Indecent exposure? Public lewdness?
    For performing a natural and essential bodily function?!
    Still could be worse – if you were caught by daesh!

  9. Urinating on a tree ranks right up there with breast feeding in my book. It is natural, provides nutrients for vegetation and doesn’t waste water. A woman can drag her teat out in a public restaurant or religious service and not be arrested or end up with a record. Urination in a non-lewd manner is equivalent.

    • Exactly; men being ‘topless’ is generally acceptable the world over, and it isn’t like you can actually ‘see’ anything during feeding. If you’re offended then stop looking.

  10. This is why they want to ban guns: they know THEY can’t control themselves, and they project that to everyone else.

  11. Yet another hypocrite Bloomberg fascist exposed. As pointed out above, the average citizen would have received a DUI or sex offender status and have their life ruined.

    • It’s even more than that. This person has no compunction about getting drunk in public, peeing in public, and getting caught. That indicates that he is habituated to this. This is not the first time this guy has done this, nor will it be the last.

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