Mr. 'Love' aka Michael Rodriguez. Screencap via YouTube by Boch.
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Why is it that so many anti-gun activists seek to strip the little people of their guns while they have their own guns, often illegally possessed? Is it a “do as I say, not as I do” thing, or is it more ominous where they want the good people disarmed so the criminal element can operate with impunity?

Just this week, Michael Rodriguez, 49, the now-former director of “Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence” was sentenced to ten years in state prison following his arrest last summer on drug and gun charges.

He took a plea bargain in the case to avoid more prison time.

Seriously.  Why do these anti-gun activists have guns around if guns truly are worthless for defensive purposes?  Hypocrites might be hypocrites but they aren’t stupid. They understand the simple truth that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

It is like the lovely Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren who had illegal guns at home as one of the Michael Bloomberg “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” members. Or California State Senator Leland Yee, the consummate gun control advocate pol convicted of gun running.  Or multiple “anti-violence activists” felons in court on the same day in Chicago on felony gun charges while they were out on bail on earlier felony gun arrests.

Here’s the latest on Mr. Rodriguez from Mid-Hudson News:

GOSHEN – The director of a New York City-based anti-violence program has been sentenced in Orange County Court to 10 years in state prison on his guilty plea on felony drug and conspiracy charges.

Michael Rodriguez, 49, of Yonkers is the director of Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence, an anti-violence program that received government money and works in the Bronx to promote safer streets.

He will also face five years of post-release supervision, forfeit a car and $165,000 as ill-gotten proceeds of his crimes.

Middletown City Police had engaged in a two-year investigation into cocaine trafficking in around the city allegedly committed by Angelica Rodriguez, also known as ‘Jelly,” 49, of Otisville. The Orange County Drug Task Force assisted in the investigation.

Court-ordered eavesdropping helped crack the case when it was discovered that the same suppliers of cocaine who were providing Angelica Rodriguez and her co-conspirators with cocaine to sell, were also supplying narcotics to those in the City of Port Jervis whose police department was also involved in the investigation.

Michael Rodriguez was accused of supplying cocaine to narcotics dealers in Middletown and Port Jervis and possessing two illegal handguns.

A July 2023 warrant search of his Yonkers residence yielded over 1.5 kilos of cocaine, more than $165,000 in cash, digital scales, a money counter, two unlicensed guns, a vacuum sealer, and jewelry estimated at some $50,000.

It is not know what relationship if any Michael Rodriguez is to Jelly Rodriguez though they were clearly co-conspirators according to the news reports. For what it’s worth, he had a great tax-payer-funded gig. He couldn’t give up the criminal lifestyle, and now he’s going to enjoy prison life for the next several years.

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  1. “Why is it that so many anti-gun activists seek to strip the little people of their guns while they have their own guns, often illegally possessed?”

    Simple answer. Rules for thee, but not for me. I am above the law, no law applies to me. And, it’s all for your own good, but you’re not smart enough to understand that. Start with Hunter Biden and his daddy – they want to lock up everyone who doesn’t worship Daddy, but Hunter gets a pass for everything.

    • more basic than that. Its all about the Benjamins, every time. While he was busy warring against crime” and getting fatly paid for that charade, he was also busy about raking in even more on his illicit drug trade.

      I DO think the curt should have dug more deeply into the two Rodriguez criminals to see if there isn;t some deeper conspiracy, which could likely put the pair if them behnd bars for even linger.

      Of course, I disagree with the labelling of the drug trade, on its own, and his possession of firearms, as being grounds for prison time. Niether should be criminal. But his perfidy in campaigning to get rid of guns for the little people, and his “illegal
      possession of them himself is a breach of trust to both sides of that issue.

    • Never forget. Recall that anti-gun activist Alyssa Milano (actress) admitted that she keeps a gun for protection.

      • And you can add the proud lesbi@n gun grabber, Rosie O’donald to that list. Who said while she doesn’t have a gun. She likes having guns for her private security detail.

  2. “…he had a great tax-payer-funded gig.”

    He will continue his tax-payer-funded gig for another ten years.

    It appears that once they have suckled that government breast the “Gimmies” just can’t seem to wean themselves…

    I predict that after his ten year washing…it will be rinse and repeat.

    • Or his son🙄Seriously whatta funked up country we live in with Hunter parading in congress today!

        • Never forget that a gun toting lesbi@n ran against MTG. And the Libertarian Reason Magazine endorsed her. And never forget that liberal gun owners always support gun control.

    • I’m looking at the PDF (linked to below the video, on Youtube). I’m only at page two, and I see where their problem is. Bruen ended that interest balancing nonsense, but they are insisting on interest balancing. Because there was no HUD in the 1600s to the 1800s, they claim that the founding fathers couldn’t imagine the needs of public housing, so, interest balancing is the only way to deal with the problem.

      Can’t wait to see them shot down in court. That dog don’t hunt.

      • One can hope someone figures out there is no HUD in the Constitution either and takes appropriate action. I can at least dream, right? Gov never gets smaller, only replaced when it becomes untenable.

  3. Same old story. Criminals don’t care for armed citizens. It’s an occupational safety thing.

      • Some of us dream of such delayed gratification. Also, no one said you have to fill them to capacity. Just shoot when your dainty thumbs get tired, eventually you’ll have done enough reps and be happy to fill them full 😉

        • Naw. Too heavy, big, and awkward. Can’t pack ‘em in a standard mag pouch. Better to carry a bunch o’ 20s or 30s that are easier to reload and share with friends.

      • This is why you have kids and grandkids. They reload for you, in exchange for milk and cookies. Eventually, they’ll want beer and tacos, but it’s still a good trade.

      • my drums open from the back to easy loaf, then a few twist of the winder.
        sucks to be you.
        try and mag loader device

  4. “They understand the simple truth that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun”

    Makes for a nice meme, perhaps – but folks with guns AND evil in their hearts also stop OTHER folks with evil in their hearts. Ergo – you don’t necessarily need to be a good guy to get in a gunfight with a thug.

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