Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren
Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)
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Rochester, New York Mayor Lovely Warren, a proud member of Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, took a plea deal in recent days. Her crimes? She possessed illegal guns and violated campaign finance laws. As part of the deal, she will resign and avoid prison.

Unlike the little people who go to jail over illegal weapons charges and campaign finance law violations, Mayor Warren simply has to resign her elected office — a job she was about to leave anyway — to stay out of the slammer. It’s good to be a member of the ruling class.

Democrats once considered Warren a rising star in New York state politics with national office potential. Not any longer.

The NY Times has the story:

Lovely Warren, the embattled Democratic mayor of Rochester, N.Y., agreed to resign on Monday as part of a plea deal on several state criminal charges, capping a swift and staggering fall for a politician once considered a rising star in the state Democratic Party.

The plea deal, in Monroe County court, resolves two separate state cases against Ms. Warren: one arising from campaign finance violations and another that included gun and child-endangerment charges that Ms. Warren and her estranged husband faced.

Ms. Warren’s resignation is effective Dec. 1, just a month before she would have left office, having lost a June primary for a third term to Malik Evans, a city councilman.

Last October, Ms. Warren was indicted by a grand jury in Monroe County on two campaign finance charges related to her 2017 re-election campaign, involving her official campaign fund and a political action committee.

Just like an alcoholic who points fingers of blame in every direction except her own, Warren claims it was all just due to a vast right-wing conspiracy to “break” her.

In a news conference after her husband’s May arrest, Ms. Warren said she was the victim of a conspiracy, engineered in part by the county prosecutor, to discredit her on the eve of the Democratic primary. “People will try anything to break me,” she said.

“Believe” didn’t work for Lovely Warren to escape prosecution. Image courtesy Rochester, NY government (twitter).

Count the lovely Ms. Warren as yet another elected corruptocrat who works to keep the little people disarmed and helpless while violating the very gun laws she advocates. Same as it ever was.

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    • As a recent escapee from upstate NY, I can pretty easily guess would have happened to me if I was caught in possession of an unpermitted pistol. Hint: resigning from my job would be the least of my problems.

      NY has illegitimate gun laws and an undeniably unconstitutional permitting regime. Nonetheless, Mayor Warren and her ilk should be forced to enjoy the full experience when they hypocritically buy a ticket to ride. After all, they’re the ones who built the rollercoaster.

      • That ride was built for you, Citizen. Her group is exempt and gets the POSH treatment, doncha know. Donde esta, Komrade Minor? I’m sure that he can break it down for us (while calling all of us, Jethro) about how the ‘special class’ are our betters.

  1. So, she should get the same treatment any of us would get for such a felony: be banned from owning guns….. but, I guess that would not matter to her.

    • Speaking of equal treatment, how many members of the working class would get the same plea deal for embezzlement from their employer and illegal firearm possession?

      Prosecutor to working-class schmo:
      We have you dead-to-rights embezzling money from your employer and possessing illegal firearms!

      Working-class schmo to prosecutor:
      You got me. How about a plea deal?

      Prosecutor to working-class schmo:
      Sure. How about you apologize publicly and resign from your job in several weeks–and we’ll call it good?

      Yeah, I can totally see that happening to a working-class schmo. NOT!!!

  2. Makes me wonder what rewards the judge is getting for signing off on this deal. Unlikely he/she/it did it for free.

    • Didn’t even make the news over my way as far as I can tell so may just be the machine keeping itself running smoothly.

  3. She is the mayor that vowed to take “Illegal Guns Off The Street”.

    I guess we misunderstood her, apparently the vow was ‘I will take illegal guns off the street and take them home with me.”

  4. It wasn’t just guns.

    When they searched her home they found more than two kilos of powder and crack cocaine, three firearms and a semi-automatic rifle, and more than $100,000 cash.

    • Well played Gringo Cracker! Well played indeed.

      You sir or ma’am win the Intertubez for best comment of the day.

      (For the uninitiated, Leland Yee was a California State Senator who frequently and loudly advocated for disarming the working-class–who got busted and imprisoned for smuggling illegal firearms into the United States for illegal sales to criminals.)

    • democrats always accuse others/ban others/deny others of the very things they themselves do or already own. Same as it ever was indeed.

  5. “Democrats once considered Warren a rising star in New York state politics with national office potential.”

    hey look, I found the conspiracy

  6. Illegal gunms?
    Not they are, I must fulfill my duty as an elected officer of this court.
    Honoring thy Bill of Rights.
    For thine other transgressions.
    Thou must be banished from these hallowed halls and walketh with head bowed low in shame as thou hast been cast from office.
    Go yee thust and sin no more.

  7. Just my personal take here. But, should not those in positions of power or authority be held to a slightly higher standard by the courts? Like the leftists demand of LEO’s or conservative politicians? Of course, most of the left seem to think they are above the law and better than the rest of us ignorant, semi literate rubes out here in flyover country.
    As usual it’s “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

  8. If there was truly a federal JUSTICE department they would be investigating how plea deals like this came to be for the elite class.

    Instead, the fed justice department is ramping up to intimidate and do SWAT raids on parents who speak up in PTA meetings.

    We’re becoming more like a banana republic every day.

  9. I will say it again, every time a Dem opens their mouth they are lying. Want Failing schools, Political corruption, High crime as well as high taxes? Just keep voting democrat! Can’t prove me wrong, facts matter.

  10. From the News10 article: “Damelio (her attorney) maintained that the gun is registered to Warren’s mother-in-law, and says that the mother-in-law is often there to babysit and stay with Warren and Granison’s daughter overnight because of Warren’s busy schedule.”

    I am no fan of this woman, but given the charges against Granison, I wouldn’t be surprised that the husband was the one who brought the pistol in. That said, someone brought the pistol in, even it was the mother-in-law that left it there illegally. Hard to believe prosecutors just gave up on this charge given their aggressiveness to enforce gun laws.

    The mother-in-law should have been charged and would have been a great opportunity for her to contact the FPC to challenge the constitutionality of the whole permit and possession law. But now, this has all the appearances of granting a “pass” to a person in power or any of their relatives when anyone else (the “little people”) would have been pinned to the wall legally. I call BS on the NY prosecutors for this one.

    • Given that one is typically not allowed to handle let alone a pistol that is not registered to them on their license be it unrestricted (concealed carry) or restricted (you can own one in the home or use for range/hunting) the prosecutors are absolutely letting a host of felonies slide especially with the presence of drugs well in excess of typical trafficking amounts. But welcome to New York.

  11. Any time somebody gets busted with guns, I want to know exactly what they had so I can either admire their acumen or laugh at them.

  12. Gee, I wonder if a white male Republican in the same situation would get such leniency…

    Actually, I don’t wonder. We all know he would get prison time.

  13. I hope there will be a lawsuit to challenge her that she swore on the Bible to protect and serve The US Constitution,and NY State Laws and the City Laws of her City of Rochester! Don’t let her get away with it she might move away to NYC and then she will be at home becoming the next New Yawk City MAyor!

  14. Her crimes? She possessed illegal guns and violated campaign finance laws. As part of the deal, she will resign and avoid prison.

    And you want to know what is wrong with the Judicial System and New York, She should be in Jail awaiting trial and when convicted a sentence no less than 10 years hard time,

  15. And THIS, RIGHT HERE, is why we DON’T…NEED…ANYOMORE…GUN LAWS!! If you WILL NIOT prosecute under WXISTING gun laws, then what in the actual F*** makes you think you can convince ANYONE that will prosecute under a whole ADDITIONAL set of gun laws?! This person deserves to be PROSECUTED AND THROWN IN JAIL! And no, I couldn’t care less that she’s either black or a she, SHE BROKE THE LAW! If ANYONE ELSE can, and WOULD be thrown in prison for this, WHY DOES SHE GET A PASS??!! Apologies for all the caps, but godDAMN this shit pisses me off! Angry again is going to become my epitaph…

  16. There was also an AR 15 in the house , they were banned in Roch many years ago .
    I retired from working for the city three years ago , trust me her political career is far from over . She kept her law license, and many here feel she’ll run for city council
    , or county legislature, if not a judgeship .

    And her “ base “ will vote her in , count on it


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