Pittsburgh's MAIG Mayor: Armed Guards in Synagogues Aren't the Answer
courtesy nbcnews.com
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How many times does a policy have to be proven a failure before a politician will acknowledge that he’s wrong? Silly question. That simply doesn’t happen in American politics.

Pittsburgh’s mayor, Bill Peduto, was interviewed on Meet the Press Sunday morning after eleven people were murdered at a synagogue in his city by an avowed anti-Semite, a man who reportedly shouted, “All Jews must die!” as he opened fire.

In remarks following news of the event, the president noted that…

“This is a case where if they had an armed guard inside, they might have been able to stop him immediately,” he said. “Isn’t it a shame that we even have to think of that inside of a temple, or inside of a church, but certainly, the results might have been far better.”

Pointing out that the presence of an armed professional could very well have minimized or prevented the carnage would seem to be an uncontroversial, dare we say common sense observation. Who could argue with the idea that a good guy with a gun might have at least challenged the shooter, slowing him down and allowing more congregants to escape and additional time for police to arrive?

But not in today’s political climate. Instead, Trump’s remarks were immediately twisted and spun as victim-blaming.

As for Mayor Peduto, he noted that he’s a member in good standing of Michael Bloomberg’s august Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Its name to the contrary (the Pittsburgh shooters weapons were obtained legally), that group’s agenda is advancing gun control measures and disarming law-abiding Americans wherever possible.

Pittsburgh's MAIG Mayor: Armed Guards in Synagogues Aren't the Answer
courtesy nbcnews.com

So it won’t surprise anyone that Peduto brushed aside the idea of high risk targets like schools, churches, and synagogues protecting themselves via men with firearms.

“I belong to an organization, a bipartisan organization, called Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” Peduto said. “I don’t think that the answer to this problem is solved by having our synagogues, mosques and churches filled with armed guards or schools filled with armed guards.”

He added: “We should try to stop irrational behavior from happening at the forefront. And not try to create laws around irrational behavior to continue.”

Here in the real world, we understand that saying you want to stop “irrational behavior” makes a fine sound bite on a Sunday morning talk show. But it doesn’t do a damned thing to slow down, let alone stop a Jew-hating killer bent on slaughtering as many innocents as he can. And Chuck Todd didn’t follow up and ask the mayor exactly how he proposes to end the kind of irrational behavior that results in dead bodies at places like Fort Hood, Sutherland Springs or Squirrel Hill.

Pittsburgh's MAIG Mayor: Armed Guards in Synagogues Aren't the Answer
courtesy nbcnews.com

As others have noted, blaming the president or anyone else for creating a supposed “climate of hate” is not only a convenient cudgel that shameless opportunists use against their political opponents, it also absolves the shooter of any responsibility for his actions. Because no one has ever targeted Jews before the current administration took office.

The fact is that evil people bent on murder and destruction have always been with us and always will. In addition to Jews, they target Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, politicians, blacks, gaysmilitary members, moviegoers and school children. Nothing MAIG or any politician can say, do, or legislate will ever change that fact.

Gun control won’t stop them. It never has. All it does is disarm individuals and prevent them from defending themselves and their families from those who are bent on killing them, for whatever reason. The kind of head-in-the-sand denial we get from Mayor Peduto does absolutely nothing to protect innocent lives. It only further endangers them.






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    • There are some decent neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, and I am sure there are trailer parks in your red state where people can actually read.

      • Exactly…there are decent places in Chicago and DC and St. Louis and Baltimore as well…
        Every place has its nice neighborhoods and its not-so-nice ones…
        Every state has its right and left leaning areas, too. Even California and New York.

    • Have you been to Pittsburgh? it is far from perfect and Peduto is your typical leftest, but it is one of the most liveable cities in the country, and far from a hellhole. There are certainly crappy neighborhoods but where this shooting occurred was not one of them.

  1. Quote: “I belong to an organization, a bipartisan organization, called Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” Peduto said. :End Quote.

    You need to understand what they mean when they say “illegal guns”.

    To their way of thinking all guns are, or should be, illegal. It has nothing to do with whether it was purchased through an FFL with a form and online check or it was stolen.

    Their goal is to take all guns; at least take them away from law abiding citizens, never mind criminals.

    • Obviously! He brought up MAIG in response to a suggestion of armed guards, *clearly* conflating “armed guards” with “illegal guns”. ALL guns are illegal, just as he is always stupid. Which, in turn, is adequately illustrated by the idiotic assertion that MAIG is in any way bipartisan.

    • I think they are taking the Japanese model of crime. If you are going to have criminals, it is best to have them organized and in partnership with those in power.

      A more cohesive version of what Chicago is doing.

    • It would be more appropriate to call MAIG IMAAG. Illegal Mayors Against All Guns. You know, because several members of the group have been convicted of illegal acts.

  2. A Jewish 2A group on Friday posted that they should CCW. On sat a temple was shot up. Sun this lefty said the above. Go figure.

    • This is the cost of outsourcing something that you should do for yourself.

      Ordering take away is far more expensive than cooking your own meals in your own kitchen.

      If members of the congregation or the community were permitted to carry weapons, they would not need to pay others to provide for their security.

      • Bingo.

        Zimmerman – Pres Trump, correctly, did NOT say armed “professional” guards. IE popo.

        The responsibility for protection is the individuals sitting in the pews.

  3. guards would be a step in the right direction. but as far as “filling” institutions with them, how much better to have those who would want to carry to do so.

    “And not try to create laws around irrational behavior to continue.” i can’t even get that to mean anything.

    • That clearly makes too much sense, costs too little, does not increase the size and power of government, and may even result in the peons getting the impression that freedom could be a desirable condition. All in all, a complete fail from every perspective. What were you thinking?

    • It means to me we should abolish malum prohibitum laws which were passed because OMG WE MUST DO SOMETHING.

  4. He added: “We should try to stop irrational behavior from happening at the forefront…..”

    Good luck with that. Seems to me that a few ccw-armed plainclothes guards would go farther to stop that behavior. Reminds me of Einsteins definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  5. It’s his city. It happened on his watch. He’s got to come up with something. “He added: “We should try to stop irrational behavior from happening at the forefront. And not try to create laws around irrational behavior to continue.” What the hell does that even mean?

    It’s Leftist Democrat gobbledygook. Somebody in Pittsburgh please, call him on it. If he isn’t up for re-election this year, at least throw it back in his lap when he is.

    • I had exactly the same question. I have no idea what this means–it doesn’t parse out into anything sensible. How do you stop irrational behavior “at the forefront”(???) WITHOUT putting laws up around it? Because isn’t he saying that crazy people should be institutionalized–which would require some kind of a law? And how do you stop something at the forefront before someone commits a crime? Pre-crime? Whatever. I got so lost in the irrationality of his statement that I just gave up. The only thing he said that I understood was that armed guards “are not the answer”–but he didn’t say why this is so, and what is wrong with this solution. I bet he has armed guards.

      • He meant “at the storefront”, referring to the gun store where all should prepare to protect their DAMN selves, because nobody else ever will.

    • He will probably want Gab.com to be banned because they don’t censor people like Twitter does. He will want Twitter to be the leading/sole social media site of that kind because Twitter does the work for them.

      I don’t think people fully understand what is going on right now when it comes to their plan to remove the 1st Amendment online.

  6. Seems like he may have an agenda and/or conflict of interest…hmmm
    Would he feel better if they were killed by poison gas…or if the guy set the place on fire and blocked the doors?

  7. All Jews must die, and Christians, and Buddhist, and Muslims and Animist, atheists, alcoholics, drug addicts, gangsters, Samaritans, philanthropists, and even possums. Nothing born is immortal, Death is 100℅. Everybody dies, you’ve just got to outlive your enemies. Possum logic may have helped that shootem upper

  8. It always amazes me how many people can cling to an irrational belief despite the obvious facts to the contrary. It’s as if reality and history doesn’t exist for them. Yet I would bet everything I own and more that Mayor Peduto has an armed security detail 24/7. And the Jewish people who refuse to arm up are equally irrational. How many Jewish have to be slaughtered before they realize the only way to defend you and your loved ones is to be armed and have a security plan?

    • Spot on. Armed people seldom allow themselves to be loaded on boxcars or marched across the country to be exterminated. People are disarmed so they can be controlled or disposed of.

      • They probably thought resistance would make the situation worse. But then with available information no one would think they would be subject to industrial mass murder or worked until they died.

        The V-2 rocket has the distinction of more people being killed by making the rocket than were killed by the weapon.

    • I read that this synagogue had been discussing security plans with other synagogues across the country. They just didn’t move fast enough.

      • I heard they were being advised by DHS, but only about controlling access, which ceases being effective when someone shoots those doing the controlling. Discussions of armed defense were nonexistent. And nothing else would have changed squat.

  9. It would be beautiful to make everyone respectful and law abiding, but until some majic pill is developed or you realize the folly of the attempt, why not let people protect themselves?

    If your car runs out of gas do you die on the roadside waiting for a miracle or do you assume responsibility and go get some more gas?

    • Neither. You make sure you have enough gas in your tank so you don’t run out on the side of the road. The same way that you are armed, trained and prepared to defend yourself and others if the situation arises.

  10. How the hell does he know it’s not? They’re afraid it may work and their narrative that “guns are bad”
    will no longer be a valid narrative

  11. How much would guards cost? How much of the already tight funds churches have are needed for guards? How much of the Sunday collection plate needs to go to guards instead of church funds/charity/education, etc?
    The solution is as simple as a change in mindset – people have to react aggressively because it is better to die fighting with a chance to survive than die for sure running.

      • Our church security team, only those that need to know are aware of it, carry concealed.

        Doesn’t cost the church a dime. Members pay for all training and expense. Since they are gun people anyway and attend training classes regularly, the church benefits.

        I can’t fathom why any organization would not follow a similar thought process. makes zero sense to me.

        Crazy people are going to crazy, why not have a plan and a solution in place?

  12. If armed guards are not the answer then let’s remove all security detail from those who are so much more important than us average Joe’s And remove all security from professional football games and all professional Sports as well as any convention centers. We can always afford to have security at all entertainment venues but not for The places that we go in our every day lives

    • I never understood how we can always find a way to publicly fund security for politicians, athletes, performers, etc., yet cannot ever seem to find the funds to protect our children and places of worship.

      • Many politicians, athletes and performers honestly believe they are better than the rest of us and deserve things we don’t. What’s worse is that they often have lot of funds at their disposal or control the funds so they can fulfill their desires to be recognized and treated as more important.

  13. Dumb as a box o’ rocks. Like his general Bloomie(wait isn’t that little fellow protected by guy’s with gats?!?). MY very large church is awash in armed security. Cop’s,laymen team and CC folks. Perfect? No but better than being slaughtered in a synagogue.

  14. Irrational behavior is difficult to predict because it is well, irrational. This muppet of a politician is a moron.

  15. He’s more important than the public with the knowledge he has a security detail around him and his family 24/7.
    @Mayor Peduto, Practice what you preach. Remove the security detail that protects you and your family.

    • If he is doing such a great job, why does he need armed guards? You would think a politician that is doing right by the people would be loved and protected by them rather than hated and attacked. It is America after all.

  16. Armed guards AREN’T the answer. It’s concealed carry.

    If no one in the congregation is willing to step up, then maybe hiring somebody.

    • If I were a member of such a historically targeted group, I would inquire about security and volunteer my services. If my effort was ignored, I would go elsewhere. Everybody gets to make their own choice, and to live and die with them.

  17. The Jewish conservative houses of worship in Southern California have armed guards. That why the shooter 12 years ago chose the Liberal synagogue that had NO ARMED guards.
    Liberals Jews are socialist Progressive in their political orientation. See Bernie Sanders. The baseball field shooter worked for his campaign.

  18. Our Hebraic brothers have had this internal debate for 1000s of yrs. You need only go back to Warsaw and the uprising to see Jews willing to fight against evil vs those willing to get on the cattle cars. Shame on the Rabbi of that congregation for doing nothing to protect his flock. Rabbi Meir Kahane had a great saying….Every Jew a 22…

  19. I don’t think that the answer to this problem is solved by having (y)our synagogues, mosques and churches filled with armed guards or schools filled with armed guards.

    He left out a letter. We know they love to have armed guards for their family and themselves.

  20. In the history of being a Jew being unarmed and depending on the government for safety has gone over really well…………….

    • Using American logic: We must now make laws banning the Jewish people from owning weapons.

      Okay, maybe to be more specific, it’s mostly European-American logic.

  21. So once a shooter is on the scene, his solution is…..to build a time machine and go back to “the forefront” and address the killer’s bigotry and murderous mindset?

    Noooo…….he favors calling the police, aka, men with guns. So he’s a liar. It isn’t that he’s against armed intervention at all. I bet he has P.P.D. protection around the clock, himself. His real objection is to the general population exercising their right to armed self defense.

    A hypocrite, a liar, and a denier of civil rights. Oh they sure hit the putrid political trifecta in the ‘Burgh with this guy.

  22. “The kind of head-in-the-sand denial we get from Mayor Peduto”

    I think you misspelled “head-up-his-@ss.”

  23. the reflection of the horse with it’s tail raised is strong in this creature. he has a minum of three gunfighters with him at all times with a minim of four long-rifle troops close by,, AND HE WANTS TO OUTLAW YOUR GUNS.. him and his riches idiot the jew from hell better known as blumburg the nazi both need to go back to school and SHUT THEIR MOUTH AND LEARN SOME REAL HISTORY not the bullcrap that they were taught.

  24. How many times does a policy have to be proven a failure before a politician will acknowledge that he’s wrong?

    Mr. Zimmerman,

    Progressives know full well that laws and policies may have little to no impact on spree killers. Nevertheless, Progressives continue to advocate for civilian disarmament for two reasons. Progressives will claim that:
    (1) Armed defenders would actually increase the body count.
    (2) It is morally superior to die unarmed and defenseless than to survive because you carried an icky firearm.

    Yes, that is their rationale. Progressivism is a death cult.

  25. However, it seems that the borough president of Brooklyn isn’t completely clueless. Following the massacre in a Pittsburgh synagogue, he’s calling on off-duty police officers to carry their firearms in their houses of worship.

  26. Armed guards aren’t the answer; attendees with concealed firearms are.

    Armed guards are just the first targets.

  27. Following a state law change that encourages such, my church just started an emergency committee (which all such bodies should have some form of anyway to plan for uniform response to fires, medical emergencies, and inclement weather) that incorporates an armed security team. Is it because we have been under a specific threat? No more than anyone else, but a murderer waltzing into a house of worship need not be akin to shooting fish in a barrel. And it’s not armed guards at the doorways packing Uzis. It’s a subset of congregants (including myself) locking doors in unused buildings between services, keeping an eye on the parking lot and entrances, keeping in contact with each other, and planning scenarios and training on response options. It’s not a perfect system, and it’s evolving, but it’s a far sight better than nothing.

    If I were part of a Jewish congregation, representing a people group that has been specifically targeted for annihilation by individuals, groups, institutions, governments, and international religious entities for thousands of years, I’d have something as close to this as possible in place if I had to hire an off-duty cop to wear a Yarmulke onsite for a couple hours on Saturdays.

    • All it takes are two armed defenders sitting on opposite sides of the nave to defend against a spree shooter. It forces him to turn his back to a defender.

    • Thanks for sharing, Shwiggie. Our church also has a large Safety Team that consists of medical first responders and others who do the kinds of things you mentioned (lock doors, look for people who are where they shouldn’t be, look for suspicious behavior). We also have a subset of that group that is armed and trained to work with local law enforcement should there be an issue.

    • Our church has an organized security program in place as well, we have never had an instance that force was used, but have had intentional troublemakers to deal with on occasion. They have handled things politely, yet firmly with escalation.
      One of our members, a retired federal marshall, was instrumental in putting it in place such that it is not apparent to the average person in attendance just how much is going on. Most of them had concealed carry permits before being part of the team, they have a defensive mindset; not all choose to carry. Though not part of the team, I carry and the team knows it and knows me; knowing the ‘friendlies’ is need to know info if all hell should break loose.

  28. “The fact is that evil people bent on murder and destruction have always been with us and always will. In addition to Jews, they target Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, politicians, blacks, gays, military members, moviegoers and school children.”

    Technically true, but when Muslims kill other Muslims, wouldn’t that be evil killing evil because it isn’t evil enough?

  29. Leftists love Jews… but only as archetypal victims.

    Jews who fight back? They view them as the devil incarnate.

    It’s why they hate Israel.

    It’s why they hated the movie Defiance.

    • “Leftists love Jews… but only as archetypal victims.”

      Which is why it is so inconceivable that so many American Jews are so liberal and leftist themselves.

  30. Democrat and pinko Media cause these shootings by glorifying them and then denigrating firearms and the 2A! so unstable people are goaded into this by the threat of losing their Firearms, say too hell with it and in their minds take it out on their enemies!
    then with their shootings it give Demon-crats ( cant do anything) more fodder for talking points that have absolutely nothing too do with their piss poor performance as an elected official, actually provide a smoke screen too hide real issues!

  31. How many times does a policy have to be proven a failure before a politician will acknowledge that he’s wrong?

    Define failure.

    When it comes to putting black men in prison for victimless crimes, gun control is a proven success.

  32. I go to a church where on any given Sunday there are no less than a dozen members out of 400 that I know of are carrying concealed, myself one of them. A bunch of knuckle dragging rednecks? No. OK, maybe a few. 🙂 Actually just everyday people that understand that evil people walk the earth, people that understand that we are responsible for our and our family’s safety and well-being.

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