Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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Philadelphia Democratic District Attorney Larry Krasner’s reaction to the horrific tragedy that unfolded in Philadelphia after a mentally unstable man fired randomly, killing five innocent bystanders reveals why he’s arguably the country’s most notorious example of a soft-on-crime prosecutor.

Authorities are still gathering facts. That didn’t stop DA Krasner from shamelessly asserting more gun control would have prevented the tragedy and taking political potshots at those who support the Second Amendment.

At least San Francisco voters recalled their infamous district attorney Chesa Boudin for his failures. Meanwhile, DA Krasner is still front and center in Philly.

‘I’m Against You’

It’s now known the murderer has severe mental problems. He also has a record of previous criminal charges, including a gun conviction. He exhibited recent increasingly alarming behavior. Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore reported that seven people who lived with the alleged murderer “witnessed him exhibiting abnormal behavior for quite a while.”

Pennsylvania, according to a Brady gun control report card, already holds a Top 10 spot in America for states with the strictest gun control laws. Philadelphia has even stricter gun control laws, but those didn’t stop DA Krasner from making unfounded political attacks.

“Finally, I just want to say this: it is disgusting, the lack of proper gun legislation that we have in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” DA Krasner said at a press conference immediately following the tragic shootings and before facts were gathered. “It is disgusting that you can go to New Jersey and find a whole list of reasonable gun regulation that we don’t have, that you can go to Delaware and there’s almost as long a list of reasonable gun legislation that we don’t have.”

He continued. “It is time for everybody and our legislature… it is time for every one of them to face the voters. And if they’re not going to do something, then voters are going to have to vote them out… It means ‘Vote me out. I am against you, and I’m against your safety.’”

An Abysmal Public Safety Record

DA Krasner’s posturing and histrionics are ironic. State legislators – elected by voters – successfully voted to impeach him last year for his abysmal record of keeping the public safe and holding criminals to account for their crimes. The Pennsylvania Senate failed to convict him, which would have required a two-thirds vote.

“One man has put himself above the law and has arbitrarily decided what laws are valid,” said Pennsylvania state Rep. Timothy Bonner. “In Philadelphia, a prosecutor is at the center of the rule of law and protecting the law and enforcing the law in this country.”

State Rep. Martina White agreed, saying that DA Krasner, “has denied that there is even a crisis of crime happening on our streets.”

Philadelphia homicide increase chart graph
Courtesy Washington Post

DA Krasner’s obliviousness to the consequences of his inactions is astounding. He searched out the media lights to cast blame and deny responsibility. Joining PBS Newshour days after the murders, DA Krasner called for more gun control laws and defended his office’s “successful record” of falling conviction rates for gun possession crimes.

“It is more important to go after shooters than to act like anyone who possesses a gun, but failed to get a permit to carry it, is equally dangerous,” he said.

Those comments fly in the face of what Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Director Steven Dettelbach said at an event to highlight cooperative efforts with NSSF to combat illegal “straw purchases” of firearms and recognized all firearm crimes are serious crimes.

Steven Steve M. Dettelbach
Steven Dettelbach (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

“Any successful strategy to reduce gun violence requires preventing the diversion of lawful firearms into unlawful commerce,” Director Dettelbach said. “Once there, these firearms end up in the hands of people who are sometimes violent criminals and intend to do harm to the people with whom we live, the innocent people who are victims and survivors of gun violence.”

Instead of going hard on criminals in his city, especially those committing crimes involving firearms, DA Krasner chooses to push even more unconstitutional gun control restrictions.

A Mayor’s Costly Advice

It wasn’t just DA Krasner who spouted wrongheaded comments in the aftermath of a tragedy. Philadelphia’s Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney criticized the lawful firearm industry and had some unsound advice for the families of victims.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney
Philadephia Mayor Jim Kenney (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

“We will figure out where he got those weapons. That gun dealer or that gun show will be sued till they’re out of business,” the mayor said. “It’s just ridiculous. Every family member of someone who died or was injured in this incident should get together with a big law firm and take these gun dealers down.”

That advice is completely counter to federal law under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). Basic understanding of tort law explains that criminals who cause harm are responsible for that harm. Attempts to sue the firearm industry for crimes committed by unrelated and remote third parties is the definition of a frivolous lawsuit. Yet, Mayor Kenney and gun control groups want to abuse the judicial system to force gun control instead of holding criminals accountable.

In Colorado, Brady misled the parents of one of the victims of the Aurora movie theater shooting and urged them to sue the company that legally sold the ammunition for the heinous crime committed by the murderer. The case was thrown out of court as lacking any merit and the judge, applying Colorado law, ordered the parents to pay the seller’s legal bill. Brady failed to tell the parents this could happen and they were forced to file for bankruptcy.

Politics Don’t Make Communities Safer

Gun control politicians frequently cast blame on Americans of the other political party or those who may disagree with their beliefs on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. That’s not how the firearm industry operates. NSSF’s Real Solutions. Safer Communities. initiatives prevent firearms from getting into the hands of those who shouldn’t possess them. There is no political litmus test. No questions. These efforts have decades of data to back up their successes and have even garnered the praise of…then-Vice President Joe Biden.

As long as feckless, ineffective politicians look to solve serious problems by pushing more failed laws that will be only ignored by criminals — or perhaps worse, by prosecutors — crime will fester. The firearm industry will continue to take the other path to safer communities no matter who wants to be a part of the solution.

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  1. A gun was involved therefor all guns and gun owners are monsters.
    A transurrectionist was also involved therefor…..

  2. Look, gun control and free ATF4 as part of an affirming care package could have prevented this. Everyone with a brain already knows this.

    It’s science. Stop denying it. Have a Bud Light or 15 and get on the right side of history.

  3. quote—————-Authorities are still gathering facts. That didn’t stop DA Krasner from shamelessly asserting more gun control would have prevented the tragedy and taking political potshots at those who support the Second Amendment.———-quote

    Krasner is 100% correct

    Civilized Nations do the following:

    Universal Background checks

    Registration of all firearms

    Red flag laws on the Federal Level.

    Long background checks similar to our NFA checks

    Mandatory Mental Tests.

    Interviews with co-workers and neighbors as to the character and sanity of the gun buyer

    Bans on weapons of war with high capacity magazines.

    Outlawing of handgun ownership or severe restrictions limiting them to a requirement of belonging to a shooting club.

    Mandatory safe storage laws.

    Outlawing of concealed carry

    Outlawing of open carry.

    No law is perfect but the success of the above laws in civilized countries is overwhelming proof that homicides and mass murders are substantially lower.

    quote————-It’s now known the murderer has severe mental problems.———–quote

    Precisely my point , refer to my above statements on mandatory mental tests to buy a firearm.

    quote————–DA Krasner’s posturing and histrionics are ironic. State legislators – elected by voters – successfully voted to impeach him last year for his abysmal record of keeping the public safe and holding criminals to account for their crimes.——–quote

    Same old Far Right twisted reverse thinking. Putting criminals in jail does not bring back to life the dead victims, rather preventing such criminals from getting the guns in the first place would be the correct course of action that any sane person could fathom.

    And it is the stingy, tightwad radical Republicans that have prevented Socialist programs from being passed and implemented that would give affordable or free mental health care to people in need of mental health treatments. Most of the T Tagers would benefit from such programs.

    • dacian, you’re a lying asshole. That’s all you know, that’s all you can do.

      Most of what you listed is clearly and obviously unconstitutional. And you can’t explain how any of those laws would prevent any criminal from obtaining a weapon. Major logic fail there.

      If you’re so convinced that law-abiding American citizens don’t have a Constitutional right to protect themselves, you need to organize a drive to abrogate the Second Amendment. Or better yet, organize a confiscation party that you can lead to relieve your fellow citizens of their guns. Please!

  4. Apparently the people of Philadelphia voted for these two clowns. I feel bad for the few good people left in that place. That city has clearly turned it’s back on the proud history of freedom once supported there, though they do serve as a fine example of what rot and communist ideology can do to a place.

  5. The people of PA voted in the democRat fetterman for senator so the much bigger problem is the way people in PA vote. Sorta like oldshtgeoff who by all accounts threw his 2020 vote directly or indirectly to biden and probably in 16 too and almost guaranteed to throw democRats his vote in 24 if POTUS DJT is the nominee.
    There also were azzhats from PA on this forum bad mouthing OZ as if they were totally blind to what they would get with the democRat mental case fetterman.

    So when a two bit prosecutor pulls Gun Control out of his butt and lays it on the doorsteps of law-abiding citizens as if they were the problem that is what always happens when Gun Control was not Defined by its History leaving gullible voters to assume Gun Control is everything nice; obviously voters are unaware History Confirms Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

    And if you are a zipped lipped Gun owner failing to Define Gun Control according to its History perhaps you should take up knitting.

    • How many times were you dropped on your head as a baby?

      It’s pretty much the only rational explanation of your presence here… 🙂

    • Sorta like oldshtgeoff who by all accounts threw his 2020 vote directly or indirectly to biden and probably in 16 too and almost guaranteed to throw democRats his vote in 24 if POTUS DJT is the nominee.

      You need to slow your roll, Debs, I can hear your vibrator running from here.

      • strych9,

        Back off on Deb the one-note; she can’t help it if she’s ugly and her mother dresses her funny.

        • I’m going to bite my finger instead of typing the reply that comes to mind.

          Going after her mom’s wardrobe. Savage! Just plain uncivilized.

        • “You need to slow your roll, Debs,…”

          Vibrator or a tag-team of deaf and blind boyfriends, I don’t really care, just as long as she gets the ‘sweet release’ she obviously desperately needs.

          Can you imagine having to live (much less sleep with) someone as perpetually wound-up and uptight as *that*?

        • stych9,

          The said part (the REALLY sad part) is that I even agree, fundamentally with Deb’s pathetic, one note, constant “gun control is racist in its origins” rant. She is not wrong (and pretty much everyone here knew this from ages past). What Deb the Obsessed seems to have missed is that gun control, the Brady Bunch, Mini-Mike, etc. have not ABANDONED their racism, they’ve expanded it. That their idiot policies impact “marginal communities”, to them, is a feature, not a bug. What THEY are all about, every day, is CONTROL. And Deb’s stuck in the Jim Crow South, fighting “the last war”. And when she EVER pulls her head out of rectal defilade, she makes intelligent comments (usually). But this one-note thing is just boring the crap out of me.

        • “The said part (the REALLY sad part) is that I even agree, fundamentally with Deb’s pathetic, one note, constant “gun control is racist in its origins” rant.”

          If she simply kept it at that, I’d agree. The problem I have is the constant, attack, attack, attack, of anyone who doesn’t march to her particular drummer.

          She’s completely oblivious to the fact she’s just as ultra-fascist as the fascists she claims to hate.

          Congrats, debs, you have become exactly what you claim to despise, and if she bothered to notice, she now has *zero* friends in here. It takes a particular talent to piss everybody off, so take your shit attitude and leave us the fuck alone… 🙁

        • Lamp it’s accurate for America to an extent but less so for the rest of the world. One of those partially right enough to be relevant to our issues but ultimately falls short on the big picture. As to the rest who cares?

      • okay, I’m going to let you all in on a secret…….
        I’m not really an actual unicorn, but because it’s in my handle, you all see a sparkly white flying pony that’s farting rainbow colored glitter in your heads. So be it, but I’m actually a lot closer to a Rhinoceros that got shot out of a cannon on a dare.
        Why do you all presume that Debbie W. is actually in possession of female reproductive organs, not stored in a peanut butter jar in basement freezer anyways ?? I know I’m guilty of ignoring a ton of shit from my sig- o due to the possession of said parts.

        • Over time, you can get a ‘feel’ for someone’s identity by the style of their writing.

          Anyways, I kinda prefer identifying you as an actual unicorn, it can be fun to play with animal personas.

          Right, Possum, Osprey, Rick the Bear, etc?

          (Maybe Rick the Bear can drag her back to his lair and give her a Bear hug, she just might dig extra-hairy backs…)

  6. “We will figure out where he got those weapons. That gun dealer or that gun show will be sued till they’re out of business,”

    IF, IT acquired those firearms “legally” can you find out who approved the sale? Who failed to upload pertinent information on this person’s mental health? Who gave the okay to release those firearms to that individual? THOSE are the people (along with his immediate family who were totally aware of that things mental health issues) who are ultimately responsible for enabling this sick fuk to engage in this murderous rampage…

    • The guns were homemade “ghost guns”.

      This person had a previous “gun conviction” but, so far as anyone knows at this point, no contact with the mental health system. Just a bunch of neighbors and associates who thought he was acting weird and getting more weird recently.

      • The lgbdqxyz crowd are all mentally ill. The whole thing is a mental illness and nothing anyone says will ever convince me otherwise. Until everyone understands and accepts that fact these problems and all the other associated issues will continue.

        • “The lgbdqxyz crowd are all mentally ill.”

          It used to be if someone wanted to do something, they just did it. (Remember, “Why not? It’s a free country!” 🙂 ) The problem I have is it being rammed in my face… 🙁

  7. Tyrannical left wing extremists like Krasner use the jackbooted power of the government to oppress us.

    They will use the police to kill you if you don’t comply.

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  9. “The case was thrown out of court as lacking any merit and the judge, applying Colorado law, ordered the parents to pay the seller’s legal bill. Brady failed to tell the parents this could happen and they were forced to file for bankruptcy.”

    This should bethe outcome every single time. And the family shouldn’t have been able to hide behind bankruptcy. The brady bunch should have been held accountable also.

    • Seems the family saw a payday in the future but didn’t realize that it wasn’t their payday.

      • “Seems the family saw a payday in the future…”

        I wouldn’t go quite *that* far on parent’s motivation, discovering your kid is a mass-murderer of kids had to have been a horrifying gut-punch for them.

        I find it far more believable that ‘Brady’, et. all saw a vehicle to hitch their wagon to so they could exploit it for their Fascist agenda.

        I am utterly sickened that Brady, et. all, left the family to hang in the wind like that, forcing the family into bankruptcy.

        That’s an angle we should be hitting hard on, showing that the Brady org’s utter lack of care for the family, they should have exploited it by coming out as soon as the verdict was in that they would pay all of the family’s expenses instead of them having to file for personal bankruptcy.

        An utterly blown PR opportunity, that we need to hit as hard as we can on… 🙁

        • An honest portrayal of the predatory and manipulative nature of the gun control industry……. I like it.

  10. It might have required Soros money but Krasnodar is there because of the people in that city. That fact cannot get lost in the noise or it will be the same exact thing after he is gone. Just like in Chicago. Every single person in Philly that voted D is responsible for this DA’s lawlessness.

    • A LARGE percentage of the population in Philadelphia are the kind or people that want a soft on crime bureaucracy. That way they can continue to live their way of life.

  11. Interesting point since Soros the younger took over from his father. He recently got rid of 40% of the employees working under the Soros umbrella.

      • “That has nothing to do with anything.”

        Eh, dunno on that one, they may have just been reorganizing, and that’s something large family empires have been known to do as the next generation takes control…

        • That’s what I mean. Such things happen. But means nothing with regard to bought DA’s.

      • It simply shows more of the hypocrisy inherent in Liberalism. While the claim to support the average worker. When it comes down to $$$ and cents. It never is when it effects their bottom line.

  12. Left wing democrat and independent senators finally admits it – 100% of mass shooters are mentally ill …and red flag laws do not have due process…. and more

    Listen to the senators in the video.

    • It has nothing to do with mental illness. That is just another deflection from the real issue. EVIL people committing evil acts. Mental illness is the next tool in their attempt to disarm law abiding citizens based solely on ‘Who’ get to decide what is mental illness and who has it. Don’t allow yourself to fall into their trap.

  13. The Liar in Chief. How Joe Biden Can’t Ever Tell the Truth About Guns

    (Yes there is a credit for TTAG in the video)

  14. Let Them Loose Larry Krasner and Mayor Kenney are two of the worst Leftist losers in the country. They have George Soros’s wad running down their chin……

  15. Wasn’t that doofus impeached???… why is he not flipping burgers right now in the house of ill repute…

  16. Are Brady report cards as disingenuous as the NSSF report cards? I wonder if Redflag Larry will tell us why they gave the Republican “pro-gun” senators who “negotiated” the Bi-partisan gun-control Act last year and helped push it through by voting for it still get A-grades from the NSSF on their legislative report cards?

  17. What’s sad about these leftists is they either see their foolishness as a path to power, or they have convinced themselves they’re right.
    Evry policy they promote is destructive and unsustainable. Most of those who contribute to and vote for these people have never produced anything. The few who have think somehow their money will exempt them from the destruction they promote. Not understanding that if what they are demanding becomes reality, they will be at or near the front of the line facing the firing squads. Communist/Marxist/Maoist/Fascist/Socialist/Progressive/Statist authoritarian dictatorships are death cults. They need an enemy to blame for their failures and poor decisions.

  18. All these people are doing are ‘reading from the prepared script’. Its the same thing each time from every single one of these mentally ill left wing anti-gun idiots.

    If it were guns that caused mass shootings there would be multi-millions of them annually, multi-thousands daily. Its the mental illness that drives these people to commit these horrific mass shootings, not guns.

    Many studies have point this mental illness cause over time and tried to bring it forward. Each time they were shouted down or suppressed by the left-wing who have absolutely zero interest in saving lives, instead the left-wing goes on this scripted rant about guns, and want to launch law suits against people and business and take the rights of millions of law abiding Americans and weaponize the government against law abiding Americans who have done nothing wrong, then spend all their time ‘virtue signaling’ for the cameras and media. And even the left-wing anti-gun politicians who authored the (Bi-partisan) ‘Safer Communities Act’ have finally come out an admitted the mental illness thing. (listen to them in the video).

  19. dacian wants his homies to be safe while they assault, carjack, home invade, rape, thug, etc.

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