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We’ve covered the Biden Administration’s firearms temporary export ban and how it is an unjustified attack on America’s firearms industry. Now, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is making that 90-day pause a permanent policy.

On April 26, the BIS published an Interim Final Rule that cements the supposed 90-day firearm export “pause” (it has been in effect for 180 days already) into permanent policy while also creating additional regulatory burdens.

In response to the announcement, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) said the rule entrenches the Biden Administration’s “whole of government” attack and “is intended to hobble the firearm industry’s ability to compete in the international market under the false pretense of advancing U.S. national security.”

“The enmity of the Biden administration against the firearm industry and Second Amendment rights is without parallel,” Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel, said in a news alert. “This is deeply troubling the lengths to which this administration will go to turn the levers of government against a Constitutionally-protected industry in order to cozy up to special-interest gun control donors.”

Keane said the supposed “temporary pause” was nothing more than a “farce” perpetuated by the administration.

“It was an effort to buy the administration time to gin up policies that would strike at the heart of the ability of this industry to stay in business,” he added. “This has been the end goal since President Biden said from the Democratic debate stage that ‘firearm manufacturers are the enemy.’ This is a wholesale attack on the industry that provides the means for Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

According to NSSF’s analysis of the Final Rule, there will be three new Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) for semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns. Licenses will be approved on a case-by-case basis that will consider foreign policy, national security risk factors, government corruption, diversion of firearms and human rights abuses among other criteria. BIS is stating there will be a presumption of denial for firearm export licenses to those countries arbitrarily identified by the State Department as “at risk,” which include 36 countries—mostly in Latin America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asian countries.

The NSSF further explained that all existing previously approved firearm export licenses to so-called “high risk” countries will be revoked 60 days after with the Interim Final Rule takes effect May 30, 2024. Those U.S. companies with existing firearm export licenses will be required to re-apply for new licenses.

The deadline for public comment on the Final Rule is July 1.

Of course, this is just one example of the Biden Administration attempting to make America’s lawful, heavily regulated firearms industry Enemy Number 1 . From encouraging lawsuits against gun companies for criminal use of their products to setting a “zero-tolerance” policy for retailers by which they can lose their licenses for small paperwork errors, Biden and his cronies have put pressure on this historic industry since the president took office.

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    • Up to a point then the excess will not be purchased at cost of production let alone breaking even and companies go out of business and/or get purchased by unfriendly conglomerates (or other segments of the gun industry if we are lucky). Ammo makers should fare better.

  1. The Biden Administration has announced new federal regulations will go in effect in May 2024 making it harder for gun companies to export firearms overseas. Mark Smith Four Boxes Diner breaks it down.

  2. Even though Australia is not supposed to be on the list projectiles and primers are almost impossible to find.

    Then if you can the prices are very high.

    Local shop has 150 grain .30 for $105 a box just for Sierra projectiles and when current stock runs out no idea if or when they will get more.

    • I placed an order for 2000 Sierra 150g .308 about 2 years ago with Cleaver. I’m still waiting on the order.

      Or it could be petty payback for me telling them they sent only half an order while charging me for the whole order.

      QLD business practices tend to differ from the rest of the country.

      • “Or it could be petty payback for me telling them they sent only half an order while charging me for the whole order.”

        If you still have the box, the postage is on it somewhere, send a pic of that to them as proof the weight was half it should have been…

        • I did take a photo of the packaging and the contents slip and sent it to them. They sent the balance of the order but I think someone at Cleavers’ felt a little butt-hurt at being called out on trying to short a customer.

  3. The the lucky stars, all 5 of them, and NORINCO. Somebody has to compete with the Rooskie’s.
    Long live President theBiden

  4. If a country doesn’t want American (or others) arms coming in, it should be up to that country to ban import, not for the Dept. of Commerce to ban export. Or maybe it is as it was under the Obama Administration: the government gets to decide to which revolutionary group it will send arms. No Virginia, there is no sense behind this new regulation except to harm American business.

    What is next, banning more of the guns that are imported here from foreign countries?

    • The ban of bringing back firearms we lent to allied hasn’t been lifted either.

      There are a lot of M1s out there just waiting to come home.

    • It’s more than just finished semi-autos. The rule includes parts, accessories, and attachments, and requires an exporter to renew their license annually, instead of every 4 years.

      And yes, I fully expect an import ban will be right around the corner. No more IWI or Turk for you.

    • You answered your own question.
      ” If a country doesn’t want the gunms coming in it should be up to them to ban them.”
      theBiden doesn’t want gunms, no matter where they come from.

  5. Someone manufactured all those guns being sent to Ukraine (and the ones yet to be sent). Does anyone really think THAT company *didn’t* make money? I wonder about KelTec.

  6. Whose side is Biden & Co. on becomes an ever more interesting and curious question. I had NOT stated the above previously, your contrary thinking aside.

  7. So crippling U.S. firearms manufacturers and at the same denying Israeli citizens the means to protect themselves from the Islamic Intifadas infiltrating Jewish communities and committing attacks is now permanent, who didn’t see thaaaat coming?

    Joe Biden just doesn’t hate Americans he hates Jews too especially the women and children.

    • I think joe biden hates himself.
      He is proud he took showers with his daughter. I wonder what other exploits our illustrious president has accomplished?

      • Pedo Peter/Dementia Joe will say he had to get the sand out of his daughter, Ashley’s, cracks I mean he wouldn’t want ti “rub himself ‘raw'” when raping her.

  8. Those companies with government contracts need to sue the feds for breach of contract. The prices that were quoted to the government were based on continued overseas sales. In banning those sales the government has changed the metric and made it no longer possible to deliver the firearms at the bid prices.

  9. “The deadline for public comment on the Final Rule is July 1.”

    Where can the public comment on this?

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