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Reader Jeff S. writes:

As most TTAG readers are aware, some family members of victims killed in the 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie theater mass-murder sued several gun and ammunition sellers, including Lucky Gunner, LLC. The suit asserted that these parties were somehow negligently responsible for the murderer’s actions. Thanks to the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), their lawsuit was thrown out after defendants racked up over $200,000 in attorney fees. Fees that the plaintiffs were ordered to pay due to its frivolous nature.

At the time of the ruling last year, plaintiffs Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, parents of one murder victim, were cooperating with the Brady Campaign in the lawsuit:

“The Judge insinuated in his order that Brady should pay since he said they were the instigators. If this was a ploy designed to give the appearance that Brady was responsible and turn us against each other, it did not work.

Brady is still fighting for us pro bono and we see no evidence that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will not help us raise funds if and when that time comes.”

While they may have seen no evidence at that time, the Brady Campaign ultimately left them high and dry. Earlier this year, the Phillips tried to raise money via a crowd-sourcing website:

“With the backing of a gun violence prevention organization, Sandy and Lonnie were encouraged to file lawsuits against negligent internet sellers of ammunition linked to their daughter’s death. . . . . It was during the trial that the organization backing them decided to part ways—leaving Sandy and Lonnie with no financial shield against the suit and without an income.”

It’s noteworthy that they state that the split with the Brady Campaign (without naming the “gun violence prevention organization”) occurred “during the trial.” Yet their earlier statement supporting the Brady bunch was made after the conclusion of the trial. What caused the split and exactly when it happened are unexplained.

Most recently, as noted on TTAG, Ms. Phillips has taken to the pages of Mother Jones to bemoan the injustice of being held accountable for abusing the court system in order to attack a lawful business selling legal products. Despite the earlier remark about “a ploy designed to give the appearance that Brady was responsible,” she now appears to admit that they were:

“The Brady leadership also encouraged Lonnie and me to sue Lucky Gunner, the dealer that sold the stockpile of ammo to Jessi’s killer.”

The article touts the Phillips’ “nearly five years of activism,” but somehow neglects to mention the parting of ways with the Brady Campaign that they claim left them on the hook, pleading for cash from the public.

For its part, the Brady Campaign doesn’t seem to have any comment regarding the outcome of their ill-considered lawsuit or its financial impact on the Phillips. Other than the announcement they posted when the suit was filed, searching for “Aurora”, “Phillips”, and “Lucky Gunner” on the Brady website failed to turn up any mention of the suit’s disastrous outcome. Imagine that.

Then there’s the sloppy inconsistency of the suit’s own assertions of what happened that day, which certainly didn’t help the plaintiffs’ case. Claims like,

“Holmes also carried thousands of rounds of ammunition.” (Point 83)

But in the very next point (Point 84) the the complaint states that 224 unfired rounds were recovered by police. And as reported, only 76 rounds were fired by the shooter (240 “ballistic impacts”) for a total of 300 rounds.

“Thousands of rounds” implies at least 2,000. So what happened to the other 1,700+ rounds? Were the Brady lawyers guilty of hyperbole or simple ignorance?

It’s this kind of sloppiness — combined with the the Brady Campaign’s culpable negligence in filing a suit they knew would run right up against established PLCAA protections — that has led the Phillips to financial ruin. If they have a problem with anyone in the aftermath of this legal disaster, it should be the Brady Campaign.

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        • Wouldn’t it be delicious for NRA to publicly annouce that they would help the couple sue the Brady bunch?

      • In their own words from an interview:

        “We knew the risks of bringing the case. We knew that Colorado and Congress have given special protection of the gun industry, and we knew that under Colorado law we could even be ordered to pay attorneys’ fees because of those special protections.”

        So……..out the window goes my sympathy, and their basis for a lawsuit against Brady. They can’t say they didn’t know.

      • Kudos to you for trying, but alas, warning an idiot not to touch a hot stove rarely works. The hardest part is pretending to feel sorry for them after they get burned.

    • I have seen many a defendant criticize their attorney for not doing as they wished them to do. In this case the plaintiff’s wishes were fully implemented with the expected outcome clearly evidentl. Sandy and Lonnie fully embraced the actions their attorneys as well as supporters (Brady Campaign & obama administration) utilized, you can see that in the documentary “Under the Gun”.

      I have no sympathy for their financial plight.

      • The BAR should still censure the attorneys involved for Abuse of Process and Filing a Frivolous Action. One could argue that it’s not malpractice if they advise their clients of the expected outcome, but one can’t argue that it’s not still an ethics violation to file a suit with no intent of winning it.

    • This is honestly the best thing that could happen. Here’s my thinking.

      1. Something bad happens
      2. Brady comes in, convinces someone to sue
      3. Person (hopefully) does their research
      4. They find out what a bunch of weasels the brady group is
      5. No more lawsuits

  1. I can empathize with this couple over the loss of their loved one. However, they should have know up front that LG was protected even before filing suit. Furthermore, the Brady Bunch has not had a stellar record of sticking by the people they dupe. Remember how such anti-gun organizations have been quick to line up people to put a face to deaths, like the US Marine’s mother who became the poster child of a grieving mother. So much so that she was duped into publicity photo ops with Hugo Chavez and others. The left does not care about people of any age. They only care about destroying American traditions as they seek to guide us into socialism and then communism. It is a wonder they have not lined up terrorist families whose members have been killed by our military armed with American made guns to file suit against the armed forces and the US Government along with the gun and ammo manufacturers.

    I say to this couple… get Bloomberg and the Brady Bunch and any others and sue them for the con job they pulled on you. Bloomberg could pay it and would not even notice a drop in the level of his personal wealth.

  2. Ain’t gonna be a popular suggestion but — what if gun rights guys raised the money to pay off their debt?

    Sure, we don’t owe it, and yes it was egregiously wrong to file the suit, and the Brady Campaign stinks to high hell of it and should burn for it.

    But this family lost their child, and then they were manipulated and abused into where they’re destitute, and then abandoned.

    Wonder what the kharma would look like if it was the “good guys with a gun” who ended up being the “good guys” overall?

    • I’d throw in a dollar for that. As long as the pro-2A media picked up on it and publicized it. Probably not two though.

        • I don’t consider the Phillips to be the enemy. They’re grieving, misguided parents that were manipulated by the enemy. They are pawns. Lending a helping hand to the pawns your enemy sacrificed is good publicity. Just not worth $2 to me though.

        • Exactly. The probability is extremely high that at sometime soon we’ll be engaged in a kinetic war with these people. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

        • There is a part of me that genuinely feels sorry for people who were thoroughly duped. The other part of me says that ultimately, your drinking the flavr-aid was completely on you. That you were in that jungle with a whack-a-doo is completely on you. (Jim Jones and Guyana for the younger folks)

          In the end, saving these pawns would just put them back on the battlefield. They have obviously learned nothing from the defeat, and are doubling down. Tragic losing your kid, as thousands of other parents also do, yet they don’t try to sue car companies, liquor manufacturers, or Louisville Slugger.

          Sorry, they have begged their fate, and now deserve to be richly rewarded.

    • It says they have a gofundme or some such page. Go for it.
      Me, I will never, ever give aid or comfort to the enemy.

      • Yes, there have to be literally millions of worthier causes out there than these folks.

        Im sorry for their loss. I wish someone in that theater had drilled that sick fvck.

    • As I began to read this, I wondered of the possibility of LG forgiving the debt – just as a magnanimous gesture to a grieving couple…
      But if you read further into it – they still think the suit was the right thing to do; even after Brady & Co. threw them away like garbage. These folks will neither forgive nor forget – they were wrong to do what they did but they don’t care and still think Brady/Bloomburg/Watts/etc are still right.
      I could have sympathized with their loss before, but they have become our adversaries by their own choice now.
      Here’s your bill…

      • Nope. LG already did a very public polling within the gun community to determine where all the proceeds would be donated. The choices were the NRA, the SAF and GOA, among others. That’s PRECISELY we’re this money should go. Let all the anti gunners fund raise for them and help our causes at the same time.

    • “Ain’t gonna be a popular suggestion but — what if gun rights guys raised the money to pay off their debt?”


      Just like raising children, you should *never* reward bad – evil behavior.

      That encourages more of the same. Spare the rod, etc.

      Consider it a kindness, ‘tough love’, so to speak… 🙂

    • Pay off the couple’s debt? No.
      The family would then claim that the money was an admission of guilt by the gun community. They’d then claim victory. Likely even make a big deal about rejecting “blood money.”

    • This was my thought as well…show compassion, while simultaneously turning a practical win into a PR win as well, with the added bonus that Lucky Gunner has already pledged to donate the money to pro 2A orgs, so the money goes to a good place anyway…however, these unfortunate people have publicly stated that even if they had the money, they would not pay the judgement…so while I do sympathize with their loss, I don’t believe there is any help we can give them…if being cannibalized by their own side hasn’t taught them anything, no olive branch from the gun community would be taken in the spirit it was given.

  3. As I said before, I believe they knew what the outcome would be before they jumped in. I also suspect that they sold their home and disposed of assets to become judgement proof, and that Brady lawyers at the least hinted to them on how to do that.
    These two became “true believers” in the Brady cause because of their terrible loss. Now five years later with nothing to show for their activism, they are tired, and starting to see that they were used by the Brady bunch. With concealed carry, open carry, and constitutional carry becoming so successful, even these two are starting to see they have lost.

  4. They got taken for a ride a la Cindy Sheehan.

    Encouraged and fired up but left behind when it mattered.

    Hopefully they sue the Brady Campaign.

      • Since the Brady Campaign encouraged this they undoubtedly provided less than stellar legal advice to back that up, advice they knew or should have known was faulty.

        Assuming that’s the case, and given that the family suffered demonstrable losses, I’m not seeing how the Campaign could cover itself. They effectively defrauded this family via a 3rd party.

      • I’m sure they did. Any way this thing turned out the Brady bunch has a narrative:

        Win – Open the floodgates of lawsuits against firearms and ammo manufacturers, distributors and vendors.
        Lose/Dismissed – Castigate the nefarious gun lobby and the gun owning public for being horrible people who will force the victims to pay their victimizers.

        Either way, the antis have something to celebrate.

  5. They should be suing the psychiatrist who knew that Holmes was obsessed with mass killing and did nothing to alert authorities, a duty that goes beyond any bullshit patient/doctor privilege.

      • Going over this for the umteenth time.

        A friend of mine worked in that department at the time and Holmes shot some of my friends. I lived about a block from him. I’m pretty familiar with the case.

        The University couldn’t do anything about Holmes and they knew it because they quite literally run all the psyche shit in the Denver Metro.

        The only things they could do were 1) boot him from the school, which they did, and have him put on a 72 hour psyche evaluation hold. At the end of that hold they’re legally required to tell the guy what to say to get released and who put the hold on him.

        If he followed their instructions on what to say to get out, which again, they’re legally required to tell him then they can’t hold him without a judges order. Getting such an order in Colorado is hard to do and even if they got a judge to do it the average time just to get from release on the hold to the first hearing is about six months.

        If they truly believed him to be dangerous, which they did, their hands were tied in terms of preventing him from pulling the shooting. They could have maybe delayed it by three days but unless he stated his intent in basically plain English he couldn’t legally be held and, if he was put on a hold, the University would have had to tell him that they did it thereby painting an even larger target on the University.

        It’s a damn tough nut to crack where people’s rights run up against the whole “Well, we think he’s dangerous but he hasn’t explicitly stated the intent to harm himself or commit a specific crime against others” thing.

        • Anyone expressing a desire to commit mass killing should have their guns removed from their possession. Permanently.

        • How long would it take a state like NJ, NY, MD, etc to become extremely ‘liberal’ with such a standard?

        • People really don’t understand how difficult it is to hold people, against their will, in a psychiatric facility. Having worked in these places, I’ve seen dangerous bat-shit crazy people put out on the street. Unfortunately, without lengthy and expensive legal proceedings, there is no legal way to hold people beyond 72hrs. Even if there were a way to hold them, no one wants to pay for it.

      • It’s common for institutions to push dangerous people off the property. Their goal isn’t to solve the problem; it’s to make it not their problem. The nut case who shot Gabby Giffords had been suspended from his community college. Readmission was contingent on a clean bill of mental health from a psychiatrist. As long as he stayed off campus, the college was happy.

  6. “It’s this kind of sloppiness — combined with the the Brady Campaign’s culpable negligence in filing a suit they knew would run right up against established PLCAA protections — that has led the Phillips to financial ruin.”

    I’m half inclined to look at this as an official Martha Stewart ‘Good Thing’.

    …That the ‘Brady Bunch’s legal representation was that jaw-dropping incompetent. Expect them to eventually find one who is competent.

    The ‘new normal’ in this battle of constitutional rights will take place in the courtroom. The antis will base their attack on the cigarette cancer tobacco lawsuit model.

    When they started that in the 70s-80s, everybody laughed at them for thinking they would ever have a chance to win a lawsuit against ‘Big Tobacco’. The laughter stopped when after decades of plugging away at it they finally won one. And then won more and more.

    Expect a constant flood of liability lawsuits from here on out as they try to get just *one* to stick to the metaphorical wall.

    We must win every one of these lawsuits, they only need to win *one* to open the floodgates…

    • Big Tobacco had a critical vulnerability. There is no safe dosage for tobacco use and plaintiffs were able to show that they knew that. Medical suppliers lose lawsuits if it can be shown that the plaintiff suffered harm from the product. That’s why there are warnings about all known side effects no matter how unlikely.

      There are many reasons for frivolous suits. Sometimes, it’s to further a political agenda. Other times, it’s an attempt, driven by emotion, to transfer blame from the party who misused a product to the manufacturer. It can also be a desperate attempt to raise cash from someone with deep pockets to pay astronomical medical bills.

    • the lawsuits against Big Tobacco,

      Had one big difference, the lawyers finally found a Scientist/ex-employee that said, “we dope up our products to make you addicted to them!!!”

      No gun maker/ ammo maker has added anything that makes you buy more and addicts you to the product….not yet! LOL

  7. My heard bleeds peanut butter lady. But you let yourself be used by a left wing protest group that hope to make some money and TV time off of your grief.

  8. Lying with the enemy (Brady Bunch), your bound to be burnt. I’m sure the BC dangled the intangible and the Phillips could not resist.

  9. Even without the PLCAA wouldn’t they have to prove that the am-mo used was purchased from Lucky Gunner? If he bought a couple of bricks of .22LR am-mo and then used 5.56 in the shooting it would be open and shut ca-se, but even if he bought 2000 roun-ds of 5.56 from LG, how could they prove that that was the am-mo used in the murders? Couldn’t he have picked up another 300 ro-unds from Walmart?

    • That’s likely the reason for the spurious claim that the murderer carried thousands of rounds, when the particular ammo bought from Lucky Gunner may actually have been sitting in his closet throughout the attack.

      • Even if they could prove that it was the am-mo used, it’s like suing the gas station that sold gas to the drunk driver a week before he started drinking.

  10. Had they (Brady bunch) started to see they would win they’d just stick around to sue more ammo makers and sellers. It wasn’t about making the couple rich it was about them having more ammo(pun) to use against the 2A and NRA fight.

  11. Too bad so sad. SOL…no sympathy from me. I’m with you Tom- never a dime for anti lowlifes. Stevie Wonder could see that was an idiotic lawsuit…

  12. I have no sympathy. They are no different than Springfield Armory or Rock River Arms. I’d like to see them all ruined financially.

  13. LOL!!! I went to post the following and found out I was already banned at Mother Jones. Haha. “Your consternation is misplaced. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is to blame. As lay-people, it was incumbent upon your advisors to steer you in the right direction. Your lawsuit was ill advised, because as you know now, the PLCAA shields legal businesses from frivolous lawsuits. They should have told you that as the defendant racked up enormous legal fees that you are ultimately responsible for. All that said, I’m terribly sorry for your loss. You’ve just gotten into bed with those who wanted to exploit your family tragedy. Essentially, they’ve victimized you a second time” (Should anyone here choose to copy and paste the message there, feel free.)

    • That Mother Jones comment section is insane. One points out the conceptual flaws in the lawsuit and the responses are nothing but howling. True believers they are.

    • Unfortunately, never.

      They filed a Chapter 7 “no asset” bankruptcy case, listing LG as a creditor.
      They obtained a discharge, and LG did not file any sort of objection to discharge (which would have been a long shot at best).

      Game over. Sucks but that life in bankruptcy land . . . .

  14. “The Judge insinuated in his order that Brady should pay since he said they were the instigators. If this was a ploy designed to give the appearance that Brady was responsible and turn us against each other, it did not work.”

    No. It was the judge saying that you had been misled and used by Brady. Misled into believing that the lawsuit had merit. Used to advance the agenda of rich anti-gunners. But hey, feel free to write your own checks if you so insist.

  15. No sympathy here. The weaponization of the legal system, “punishment by process”, to use the term coined here (by, I believe, Chip Bennet?) is arguably the single most dangerous aspect of modern leftist ideology, as well as the most despicable. If you want to rob someone, at least have the spine to be straight up about it and accept the risk: shove a gun in their face and tell them to give it up.

    This kind of bullshit is the same thing, accept via the justice system, which in turn is enforced by men with guns. In other words, these kinds of subhuman scum have no problem robbing you, but they’re so weak, so pathetic, so goddamn WORTHLESS AND COWARDLY, that they won’t even have the decency or the integrity to do their own dirty work while. No, instead they’ll just get a bunch of armed men to do it by proxy, and then pat themselves on the back for being such great people and getting justice. I’m glad their daughter is dead, given that she was almost certainly the same. Scum who are that weak are some of the worst on the planet, in my opinion. It’s one thing to directly harm people yourself, even dong so in horrible ways. But there’s still some degree of honesty in standing up in front of someone and attacking them yourself, directly.

  16. There’s a saying as old as the hills — “a fool and his money are soon parted.” The Phillips are fools. They wanted their pound of flesh. Well, they got it, and it was theirs.

  17. But, but, but wait, wait a minute, hang on…….We are adults and we decided to sue. We forgot to ask what happens if we aren’t successful. I mean we have always gotten a trophy before. Losing isnt possible when you participate…..

    Suck it losers. Welcome to reality.

  18. Ignorance is expensive. Wilful ignorance even moreso. In this case it’s a bill to the tune of $200k.

    The Phillips family lost my sympathy when they told Mother Jones that they had no intention of even trying to pay the judgment against them.

    Rather, I feel sorry for the folks who own Lucky Gunner. That’s a lot of money for a small business. I’ve no idea their size, but from what I understand ammo is pretty low margin.

  19. I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone else, but you are out of your mind on this one.

  20. Lots of companies should keep an eye on cases like this lucky gunner one!

    because! If they lost, then in a DUI wreck. The alcohol makers can get sued, the bar, the car maker, the tire maker, the city, maybe even his doctor!
    Or a rear-ender where the person fault was using a cell phone, then att/verizon/sprint and the cell phone maker could be on the hook to the insurance companies and we all know they LOVE suing others to get money back that has been paid out!

  21. GOOD I am damned happy to hear these frogs got burned. I am sick and tired of these frivolus and derogatory court cases even making it into a court room. The brady idiots should be sued out of assistance for all the harrassing and bogus cases they have filed and all the lies they tell.

  22. Filling a lawsuit like that is the civil counterpart to robbing a bank and complaining when you get shot on the way out.

    You knew you were breaking the law- regardless of your feelings on it- you were just hoping to get away with it. Have fun with the results. I would like to see the lawyers’ fees clawed back from the Brady Campaign but if not at least it’s a potential deterrent.

  23. The fact that after Newtown these poor families kept being called to Congress to testify is the crime. Let them mourn!
    They should say no but you can see that they are in an emotional state ripe for manipulation.

    VaTech. No advisor or teacher would meet with Cho alone for more than a year. He made sounds in class. The other students would laugh at him. But the school keeps taking his money but can’t reach out to him to offer some guidance or support. Did his fellow students try? Wait you don’t have to do that. We’ll blame the gun.

  24. I hate lawyers, I watch two lie to my face just the other day, but with the clock ticking on my case I had no chose but to go along or if i objected they could stall or sabotage it. To get more money from me they draw up a new contract giving themselves a bonus I have to pay if I win. nice guys, real scum bags. The new contract is extortion I don’t have to pay.

  25. I hate lawyers, I watch two lie to my face just the other day, but with the clock ticking on my case I had no chose but to go along or if i objected they could stall or sabotage it. To get more money from me they draw up a new contract giving themselves a bonus I have to pay if I win. nice guys, real scum bags. The new contract is extortion I don’t have to pay. We shall see

  26. The Brady folks are politically motivated leftist, so letting these grieving people fall under sword doesn’t surprise me one bit. To leftists the collective or perceived social justice is getter than the individual or any few individuals. It’s typical Marxism, folks.

    The Phillips should’ve been better informed on the organization they were jumping into bed with, so fuck them. And, if the comments are true about liquidating assets then double fuck them, because they exactly what they were doing.

  27. Mr. & Mrs. Phillips:
    Pay your debts or go to debtors prison.
    What! We don’t have debtors prison any more?
    So count your blessings you gun grabbing dead beats.
    If that go fund me ploy doesn’t work out try standing on a street corner with a begging bowl.
    Senior Gun Owner 1950

  28. Because the idea that deranged individuals decide to settle their perceived grievances by shooting a bunch of people is just too hard to believe….

    • Overwhelming majority of homicides are not mass shootings.

      I find it easier to believe that a small handful of disgruntled whackos decide to attack strangers than that there is some secret cabal of gun banners competent enough to pull off a series of fake shootings to (unsuccessfully) push their agenda without getting caught.

  29. This is what Ghouls and ambulance chasers are all about, the Ghouls trying to get rich off their dead kids etc. Same with the Ambulance chasers {except they get paid either way!} Now we come to the Brady bunch who played these folks with false hope and enticing avaricious too the front along with encouraging them with the Idea that this would actually in the long run help! talk about Anti-Americanism and a continuation of a rich Sexist Bitch in prosecuting the 2nd amendment
    because it is a man thing, plus making her husband useless in her quest for power. so she started a man hating organization trying to emasculate the males of this more, take away their toys so they play with girl things make em more peaceable, no wonder we have so many twisted sisters, then on to Bloomie, he just wants powerless subjects to lord over! Both he and Soros are trying to buy this country too exploit it for their own Greed supported by the Democrats especially the brain dead Sexist Women in politics

  30. This is what Ghouls and ambulance chasers are all about, the Ghouls trying to get rich off their dead kids etc. Same with the Ambulance chasers {except they get paid either way!} Now we come to the Brady bunch who played these folks with false hopes and enticing an avaricious feeling to the front along with encouraging them with the Idea that this would actually in the long run help! talk about an Anti-American continuation of a rich Sexist Bitch policy in prosecuting the 2nd amendment, they don’t care who they hurt nor how they hurt, anything justifies the means in their books!
    Do I feel sorry for these folks? not a damn bit, using greed, and lies too ruin my God given rights and the bill rights!

  31. I am sorry for your loss. I truly am.
    But to put blind faith in a bunch of zealots and to file a lawsuit that with just a little research you would have known didnt stand a snowballs chance in hell, my sympathy stops there.
    And after being ordered to pay the defendants lawyer fees you dare ask people for money to help you, now thats just sick. You tried to force someone into a position you are now yourselves in.
    Karma is a b!tch.

  32. I have no sympathy for parents of a murdered child when they try to take away my civil rights using the immorality of junk lawsuits. I say PAY UP!!

    • No, they were not named plaintiffs, they only represented the Phillips. They talked them into a stupid lawsuit. The Brady Campaign and its lawyers always look for such families of tragedies and name them as sole plaintiffs so they can walk away if they lose. They use people like this.

  33. This whole thing is tragic. The Phillips family was bamboozled by the Brady Campaign – they were taken advantage of. Once the case was dropped, Brady dumped them because they were no longer useful for their purposes. Now this family is left with a bill for $200,000 as they are the plaintiffs – they were used. I have no doubt the Brady Campaign made them promises and insinuations they wouldn’t lose and if they did, they would provide “support.” The support turned out to be only “better luck next time.” Sadly the Phillips’s failed to obtain counsel from an independent attorney to weigh the risks involved – they simply bought all the garbage the Brady Campaign sold them. The Brady Campaign and its attorneys should be ashamed of themselves but I’m sure they aren’t as they are another typical liberal machine that will say or do anything, truthful or not, to achieve their goals. They are despicable. Hopefully other families of similar tragedies will learn the truth about the Brady Campaign and all the others like them.

  34. Yes the Brady Bunch was wrong this time but lets look deeper into the subject and use our heads rather than our Neanderthal glands.

    The nut case had been under the care of a Psychiatrist. Now if States and or the Feds had a law that when a person is under care and he goes way beyond just being depressed because say he is getting divorced or had a fight with his wife and he tells his Psychiatrist he has intentions of mass murder that’s when the law should have required the Doctor to inform the police and his guns should have been confiscated and the information should have went right into the back ground check system. As its set up now in most States too little and often none of this information ever gets into the vetting process and mass killings are the deadly result.

    Too often people under tremendous emotional distress want to lash out at someone over a great loss and they are easily led astray by both sides of the political warring factions, neither who often have any intention of going to the root of the problem, only in trying to destroy each other and accomplishing nothing but putting the bereaved through a nightmarish hell that serves and satisfies no one.


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