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On Monday, Kimbrady Carriker, a self-described computer engineer, opened fire across several Philadelphia residential blocks, killing five people and wounding four more. Carriker apparently prepared for a hell of a shootout with police before going on his murder spree. . .

Police said the 40-year-old male suspect was armed with a rifle, pistol, extra magazines, a police scanner and bulletproof vest when he fatally shot four men on the street and then chased and killed a fifth man inside a home.

A 2-year-old boy was shot four times in the legs, while a 13-year-old boy also suffered gunshot wounds to his legs, according to cops.

The gunman had fired at police as they chased him for several blocks before he eventually surrendered in an alley, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said.

When police took the reported BLM supporter alive, he was complimentary of their work. From the Philadelphia Inquirer . . .

The shooter accused of killing five people during a harrowing rampage in Southwest Philadelphia Monday night told police the shooting spree was an attempt to help authorities address the city’s gun violence crisis, and that a deity would be sending more people to help, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

The assertions by Kimbrady Carriker were made to police in the hours after Carriker was arrested on the 1600 block of South Frazier Street, said the sources, who requested anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation.

Carriker first told responding officers who made the arrest that they had done a good job, the sources said. Carriker also told them the gunfire — which spanned several blocks and struck people, including two children, who had no apparent connection to one another — was an attempt to help police because “all these guys are out there killing people,” the sources said.

Carriker is reported to have used an AR pattern rifle and what’s described as a “ghost gun.” Past media reports, however, frequently fail to distinguish between homemade, non-serialized firearms and commercially produced guns that have had their serial numbers obliterated when using that intentionally incendiary term. Again from the Inquirer . . .

Carriker used an AR-15 assault rifle in the shooting, and was also in possession of a 9mm ghost gun, which did not have a serial number and was untraceable, Assistant District Attorney Bob Wainwright said. That handgun was not fired during the shooting, but was in Carriker’s possession at the time.

In searching Carriker’s home, Wainwright said investigators also found a .380-caliber hangun, and additional live .223 ammunition that matched the ammunition found at the scene of the shooting. Investigators also found a will dated June 23 that was in Carriker’s handwriting, but authorities were not able to discuss what the document contained.

Philly politicians were only too happy to take a cue from a crazed mass murderer and carry the ball he started rolling for more gun control in Philly. Failed Mayor Jim Kenney had no trouble fingering the real culprit responsible for Carriker’s holiday weekend murder spree — the alleged lack of sufficiently restrictive gun control laws. From CNN . . .

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called on national lawmakers to address firearms legislation.

“I’m frustrated and outraged that mass shootings like this continue to happen in communities across the United States,” he said. “This country needs to re-examine its conscience and find out how to get guns out of dangerous people’s hands. … We are begging Congress to protect lives and do something about America’s gun problem.”

And the City of Brotherly Love’s non-prosecuting District Attorney Larry Krasner, who was impeached for his abysmally poor performance in office, took a similar tack in trying to deflect any responsibility for Philly’s exploding murder and violent crime rates . . .

“It is disgusting that you can go to New Jersey and find a whole list of reasonable gun regulation that we don’t have, that you can go to Delaware and there’s almost as long a list of reasonable gun legislation that we don’t have,” he said. “Some of that legislation might have made a difference here.”

Because TTAG readers know well, gun control laws have always stop crazed spree shooters who justify murdering innocents by claiming they’re just trying to help reign in “gun violence.”

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  1. I’d like to think he’s spend the rest of his life in prison, but I’m not that naive.

    • Obviously this Gun Control hypnotized transylvania perp murdered and maimed on behalf of Gun Control. And most probably but not yet confirmed the disgruntled banker perp in Louisville also murdered on behalf of Gun Control following the once upset and now deceased Nashville transylvania perp shootings.

      Bottom line…Gun Control is and always has been blood thirsty, History Confirms It.

      • If you take what’s out there at face value, Carriker didn’t do this to “raise awareness” for gun control like some other shooters. He thought he was killing people who are engaged in violence. Seems more like a vigil ante, at least in his own deranged mind. I’m not sure any of that means anything. Dude also seems to have believed in evil spirits.

    • Sounds, rather, like someone very likely to be deemed not capable of helping with his defense at trial after a psychiatric assessment and will spend the rest of his life not in prison but involuntarily committed to a high security mental health facility. Which the public at large will consider as just as effective.

    • If there was any justice in this world he’d spend the rest of his life in the electric chair – riding the lightning!

    • We have gone from hoping these abominations get death, to merely hoping they are kept imprisoned….

      That is quite depressing.

      Thanks, Democrats.

  2. It isn’t the MAGA Republican Trump voter that people should be so worried about. It’s moron lunatics like this that are the a big part of the problem.

    • “It isn’t the MAGA Republican Trump voter that people should be so worried about. It’s moron lunatics like this that are the a big part of the problem”

      It seems this moron lunatic is a Trump supporter;

      “Alleged shooter’s social media pages included posts about guns, Second Amendment rights

      Kimbrady Carriker, the suspect arrested and charged following a mass shooting in Philadelphia, posted on social media about guns and his Second Amendment right to bear arms, according to a review of the profiles.

      Among those posts were several from pro-gun groups expressing their support for Donald Trump.

      Despite this, Republicans lawmakers and pundits — including Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene — have suggested incorrectly that the suspect is trans”

    • This murderer is NOT in any way MAGA. MAGA have jobs, families, go to church, pay their taxes, and pretty much mind their own business. This guy was doing nothing of the kind. He was BLM. He was mistaken. I hope PA puts him on trial for capital murder, and I hope the Death Penalty is applied.

  3. this incident has been crickets in the news, because it’s a black BLM supporting male committing crimes against other blacks in the ghetto.

    • when it happened, it was the lead story on my Internet news source. On the other hand, there has been no follow-up such as this article.

      Separately, this guy’s story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I wonder if he is trying to set up an insanity defense.

      • Personally, I think he’s completely sane. Only a sane person would assess the conduct and performance of the police officers bringing him down.

        Now that we have established that he is completely sane and is completely capable of standing a capital murder trial, can we talk about putting him to death for what he did? Please?

      • The thing I hate most in cases such as this is the report, “The shooter was taken into custody.”


    • “it’s a black BLM supporting male“

      Nope, it’s a Tucker Carlson worshiping right wing gun nut:

      “Police records, interviews and now-deleted social media posts reviewed by The Inquirer depict Carriker as a “biblical extremist” who had become increasingly agitated in the days before he walked out his Southwest Philadelphia rowhouse with an AR-15-style rifle and opened fire upon his neighbors and passersby at random.

      Carriker’s light social media trail depicted scattered interests: software development, video games, the Second Amendment, military hardware, and, more recently, appreciation of right-wing media personalities such as Tucker Carlson.

      “I have a twitter because of Carlson,” reads a post on one of Carriker’s Twitter accounts. “I thought I could avoid this platform. But for Tuck; I got you.”

      Conservative media outlets claimed Carriker was transgender based on Facebook photos of him dressed in feminine clothing. However, Carriker is identified as male on public records and district attorney officials said Wednesday that he identifies as male”

      Steven M. Falk / Staff Photographer
      by Ryan W. Briggs, Max Marin, and William Bender
      Updated July 5, 2023“

      • Well, of course, the Inquirer can say anything that they want about his “profile” — from the article:

        (His profile has since been deleted.)

        Oh, BTW, Liar69er — “it’s a black BLM supporting male“ is absolutely correct according to the article you quoted:

        “During the 2020 protests over the police shooting of George Floyd, he posted images of a clenched fist and videos of unrest in Center City. He followed a local Facebook account from the activist group Black Lives Matter Philadelphia.”

        • “He followed a local Facebook account“

          Right, following a Facebook account makes you a BLM activist… Sure.

        • Liar69er — in for a penny, in for a pound. If following Tucker Carlson’s show makes him a “worshipper,” then following a BLM page makes him a supporter.

          And I didn’t say that he was an “activist” — you lied. Again.

      • show where tucker said assault people ??
        or get in there face ??
        but it’s crickets from you when max waters told people to do that to any Republicans out and about.

        spin it all you want, it’s you democrats who are dangerous.

  4. I’d love to see this “dude’s” kit he bought on TEMU. I’d also pay a literal grand of my own money to know the truth about where “they/them” got their guns. Also LOL @ CNN for trying to paint this lunatic as “one of us.” Nah, Y’all can keep it.

  5. BLM and Trans activists and antifa are a clear and present danger and they all need to be dealt with permanently. In fact probably everyone on the left needs to be looked at closely as a potential threat to their fellow man.

    • Instead of trying to goad others into doing what you are to scared to do for your self, why don’t you man up and do it yourself, big man?

      No, you can’t, because you’re just a frightened little boy hiding behind a computer screen in your mom’s basement.


  6. So many of them claim to have committed their crime to demonstrate that “something must be done.” Is it a sincere stupidity or just an excuse they use hoping it will get them out of trouble? Soon enough the groomers and diddlers will claim raping kids is really a long-game ploy to better protect them. Although they already do, don’t they? Grooming the kids now is supposed to protect them from -phobes later in life. Or so they claim.

    The left likes to make a big show of claiming to support the indigent, mentally ill and otherwise ostracized among us. Sooner or later you’d think somebody would have noticed their coalition was almost exclusively made up of those groups and done something about it.

    When not being a schizo makes you a “square” or “fascist” and actively being a schizo is encouraged and embraced you’re just gonna get more of this. Lots more. It’s not cool or hip to go to bed early, have a long, successful career, save for retirement, exercise and eat well or embrace sobriety. Dontcha wanna be cool?

  7. Well, the police will certainly do something about his violence. Now it’s up to the courts to put him where he belongs.

  8. Mayor Jim Kenney says,
    “This country needs to re-examine its conscience and find out how to get guns out of dangerous people’s hands. … We are begging Congress to protect lives and do something about America’s gun problem.”
    It is not an American gun problem.
    It is we have a mental illness problem.
    When you have half of the country thinking you can change your birth sex just by saying so, you have a mental illness. This same mental illness also allows for mind bending changes in reality, logic and common sense.
    Like this guy.

    • MY conscious is clear. I didn’t shoot anyone. ALSO yesterday they had a festival-like atmosphere in Highland Park,ILLANNOY celebrating Er commemorating the shooting by a deranged weirdo with flowers on his face. Lt Dan band providing “entertainment”. Once again I had nothing to do with it! It/him should fry as well as this POS…

      • Epstein?

        I’m surprised any right winger would bring this up, especially after Donald Trump‘s Department of Justice engineered his ‘suicide’ in order to prevent his testimony.

    • Epstein, I have been saying this for years. Problem is the Leftists don’t really want to take guns away from just criminals and the mentally ill. The Left wants all of the guns. And dacian, the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR Miner49er, don’t try to tell us anything different.

  9. Looks like Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs” with a tan.

    Just another day in the city of Brotherly Love. While stationed there in ’89-90, there was a shoot at least once a night, so from my memory, they are slowing it down.

    Wack-a-do on so many levels, but…. Most likely got his gat from one of those trucks FJB was parroting about.

  10. Instead of copying states with strict gun control laws, how about copying states with low murder rates?

    • *counties/regions/districts

      Murder rates vary greatly throughout the state depending on the region. That means state and federal laws have nothing to do with it.

    • “Maine saw the lowest rate of violent crime in the FBI’s data (109 per 100,000 in 2020), while Alaska saw the highest (838 per 100,000). Massachusetts saw the lowest rate of property crime in the U.S. (1,053 per 100,000), while Louisiana saw the highest (2,884 per 100,000)”

      Vote Democrat.

      • Liar69er — now do cities.

        27 of Top 30 Crime-Ridden Cities Run by Democrats — Daily Signal

        Update: make that 28 of 30 cities, since Jacksonville just elected a Donk mayor.

      • Rates vary widely throughout states. Using an entire state doesn’t really tell the story unless you’re using statistics to intentionally mislead people. That’s like saying Illinois is all Democrat since they’re essentially controlled by Chicago. You have to look at the cities/counties/districts for a better understanding of what’s happening.

  11. If President Obama had a bastard son/daughter/whatever, he/she/it would look like Kimbrady Carriker.

    Perhaps we really should be passing reasonable gun control?
    We could begin by mandating that voting rights shall be contingent upon the ability and willingness to possess and bear firearms. If your state’s laws prohibit you from possessing and bearing firearms or you are unwilling to exercise the rights afforded you, then you should not be allowed to vote either.

    • We obviously have a new problem, trans mass-murderers.

      Perhaps we should be denying gun sales to the people who check the ‘they-them’ boxes on the newly-revised 4473?

      • He did it and said that because he hears about it everywhere he turns (both shooting and gun control). That’s probably why he’s a cross-dresser. Some people are highly susceptible to behavioral contagions. That’s why I say withholding the names of shooters won’t move the needle at all. Stop obsessing about mass shootings. Stop sending the signal to mentally ill people like this guy.

  12. The piece of shit murdered five people to prevent gun violence. Reminds me of the arson suspect I arrested for burning down a perfectly good barn. When I asked him why he did it he said, “I just wanted to get rid of the filth.” What filth? It was a very nice equipment barn. No livestock in it. (That was a blessing.) In his thinking that made sense. I gave him the opportunity to ruminate on that in DOC for a few years.

  13. “A 2-year-old boy was shot four times in the legs,…”

    Yow, as someone who grew up with ortho problems in one leg, injuries on the bone’s growth line can really cause problems. Fortunately, being 2 years old, he likely won’t remember this happening to him.

    People who hurt kids won’t do well in prison…

    • He shouldn’t spend more than 30 days in prison. Death Penalty, I say, and who needs any appeals? There’s no question in this case who did it. We don’t need a “why”.

  14. Maybe the executioner can help the population problem with a swift death penalty of this clown..

  15. Geoff, people that hurt children should be lashed in the street with a whip and left there as an example. With a sign around their neck.

  16. “a deity would be sending more people to help”
    So more lunatics like him are going to go on shooting sprees. Great.

  17. “This country needs to re-examine its conscience and find out how to get guns out of dangerous people’s hands. …”

    Dangerous people must be removed from society by incarceration or commitment to a mental institution, not released without cash bail by Marxist District Attorneys.

    Government’s primary responsibility is to secure and protect liberty and to protect society from violent criminals.

    Commie Kenney and the rest of the elected and appointed officials in Philadelphia have failed miserably in carrying out their primary responsibilities so they blame the victims (liberty and society) to deflect their failures.

  18. Black dude with ties to BLM and wearing women’s clothing? This is gonna last 15 minutes before being memory holed.

  19. We seem to have a growing list of proud g@y people who shoot up the innocent. How about that???

    He is the wrong skin color. And he is the wrong sexu@l 0rientati0n. This story will disappear just like all the other g@y mass shooter stories have.

    • I’m not so sure he was gay, but maybe ‘some gender identity questioning’ along the line. He got rejected for a romantic relationship he tried to have with his room mate sister (yes, a real woman as in adult human female born that way, the real thing with factory original parts and not the imaginary ‘i feelz’ thing augmented by drugs and surgery like trying to put together a model airplane kit).

      but no matter gay or not, gender identity issues or not, he’s looney toons all the way.

      • The all-around proper term is kweer. That encompasses the entire kweer alphabet, and some other people as well. Pedos are kweer. Pedarasts are kweer. Lesbos are kweer. Drag queens are kweer. It’s liberating to drop the opposition’s terminology, and just address them as a block. Kweer, each and every one of them.

        • I cant keep up with all the different terms and names they make up on the fly.

          It seems like there is a new one each day. For example, recently I discovered that a person who intentionally makes their self blind because they identify as having been born blind or should naturally be blind even though their vision is perfectly fine is called ‘Transabled’ (yes, it turns out there are people who actually do this) but then I found out the term is also used by others who identify as disabled even though they are not. Its a mental illness condition, like being Transsexual.

          I wonder …. if I identify as ‘transwealthy’ … can I check my bank account and see billions of dollars suddenly appear?

      • “I’m not so sure he was gay”………no matter Bubba will make it wish it wasn’t.

  20. His reasons are nonsensical inconsequential rubbish. He can think up any BS line he wants, but what it boils down to, he’s a drooling nutcase with firearms and the idiotic media is going to give him the glory and attention he sought.

  21. Is this story real?
    Those names seem fake, a cop named Outlaw?
    Shot a two year old in the legs four times? Not much leg on a two year old and he was using Bidens vaporizing AR.
    Seems hed have blown the poor kids legs off.
    Oh well if it’s a real story the parents should get to chop that guys legs off.

  22. Community Activists come in many shapes and colors, in the City of Brotherly Love they resemble the common criminal.

  23. The news media does indeed know the difference between ghost guns and guns that have had their serial numbers scratched or defaced.

    • Just as you don’t, asshole — the media has no fucking clue as to the difference.

      From the Philadelphia Inquirer article:

      “…and was also in possession of a 9mm ghost gun, which did not have a serial number and was untraceable …”

      9mm handgun with the serial number obliterated. Not a home-built weapon. There’s a difference.

      • to the Man with no brains

        Like many Far Right uneducated people you see the world only in black and white, good and evil with no varying shades of gray in between etc. In reality most of the News Media does indeed know the difference and cherry picking only proves you are looking to find a way to look superior. Most news media people these days are products of higher education and only the very brightest get jobs in the media.

        And you did not give even a link to the Philadelphia Enquirer story. The far right often have low reading comprehension and often misquote many of their sources. I am not saying the news media is always right but trying to lump them all together is the same as the far right saying that all gun owners are conservative and even the conservative ones want no common sense gun control. All falsehoods of course.

        • “And you did not give even a link to the Philadelphia Enquirer story. The far right often have low reading comprehension …”

          Says the asshole who didn’t or couldn’t read/understand the article, and couldn’t find the quote nor the link to the Inquirer story in the damned article above.

          Low reading comprehension? Hell, son — you’re just stupid.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, the fact is little fella, we have far better education than you. We do see the world as it is rather than as you want it to be. the news media doe sin fact cherry pick what it wants the American people to see, read and hear.
          If higher education is what you are an example of this country is very serious trouble as you haven’t the common sense of the basic amoeba. Don’t bother gibing us a link to the Enquirer as it is a left wing rag ofx raging lunatics like yourself.
          Good thing you aren’t say the “news media” isn’t always right. As a matter of fact like you mostly wrong headed.

        • Only the brightest? The majority read tbe news the pontificate on subjects they do not understand. Like you.

    • Lol equal parts no they don’t and won’t report it accurately even when we tell them the difference in the annual reports.

  24. The “we gotta do something” crowd is sure chirping on this one. Please please please Congress, just do something, anything!!!

    What a brilliant way to govern. Theyre not friggin magicians, hell they can’t even make a budget…which oughta be government 101

    • Not insane. He’s 100% sane and capable of standing trial. No mental hospital for this one. He’s 100% sane. Mensa, even!

    • You have got the correct moniker (Berserker). Your ignorance is appalling.

      NPR yesterday did an in depth interview with an “intersex” person (formerly known as morphodites and yes I know trans people are another category) but there are as many people born with red hair that are born intersex. Its a biological variation, not an insanity, and the same is true of Trans people.

      Many people confuse transgender and transsexual people with people with intersex conditions because they see two groups of people who would like to choose their own gender identity and sometimes those choices require hormonal treatments and/or surgery. These are similarities. It’s also true, albeit rare, that some people who have intersex conditions also decide to change genders at some point in their life, so some people with intersex conditions might also identify themselves as transgender or transsexual.

      I might also mention its the Republicans who are prostitutes of the NRA are responsible for letting this latest nut case get a gun in the first place and insult of insults it was a “ghost gun”.

      • “…its the Republicans who are prostitutes of the NRA are responsible for letting this latest nut case get a gun in the first place and insult of insults it was a “ghost gun”.”

        Asshole, let’s see your “proof” that that Republicans are “responsible” for a criminal getting a criminal firearm to use in criminal crimes. Also want to see your proof that this guy built a 9mm handgun from 80% parts and milled the receiver himself, rather than defacing the serial number on the criminal gun that this criminal should never have had in the first place because it’s against the law for a felon to possess a gun.

      • “Its a biological variation, not an insanity, and the same is true of Trans people.”

        No, its not “true of Trans people.”.

        inter-sex is a biological anomaly, basically, due to something not developing properly.

        Trans people are not a biological anomaly, there is no such thing as a mutation or anomaly of a gene or a physical biological function/part that makes a person trans. A Trans person decides they are actually ‘psychologically’ decides their gender-identity is opposite their biological gender. No one is born ‘Trans’, they are born either male or female biologically – where an inter-sex person is born biologically with what the biological anomaly has resulted in.

        The ‘contrary to nature’ (e.g. biological), ‘psychologically’ self-decided Trans insistence belief that one is of the opposite gender in identity than what they were biologically born – or in other words, that there’s a mismatch between their biological sex (the biological gender they are born as) and gender identity (the gender they believe they are opposite their biological born gender) – this is a mental health illness condition called ‘Gender dysphoria’ which is also called gender identity disorder (GID), gender incongruence, or transgenderism (AKA Transsexual or ‘Trans’ for short). Its not strictly ‘insanity’ in the sense of technical definition on individual levels although its a mental health illness condition on individual levels, however, also on individual levels the inability to think and behave in ways considered to be normal and rational, especially on account of mental illness, is also included in the concepts of ‘insanity’. For example, some Transsexual ‘biological males’ (males becoming women through drugs and surgery) believe they are women so much they can become pregnant by traditional sexual intercourse means or artificial insemination – this is ‘insanity’ in concept.

        Becoming the gender physically opposite the born biological gender by use of drugs and surgery does not a naturally produced biological man or woman make (like Transgender people believe) – its like putting together a plastic model airplane kit, glue all the parts in place with drugs and surgery.

      • “I might also mention its the Republicans who are prostitutes of the NRA are responsible for letting this latest nut case get a gun in the first place and insult of insults it was a “ghost gun”.”

        Ya need to back up some there stupid.

        No one made this person do what they did. No one created him to be the killer he is. His mental illness did it.

        It would be great if someone could write a law that banned mental illness and *Poof!* mental illness would be gone. But unfortunately laws do no work that way – there is not one law now, has never been, and will not be a law that can stop a person from choosing to commit a crime or having mental illness that drives them to commit a crime.

        It is 100% false that “the Republicans who are prostitutes of the NRA are responsible for letting this latest nut case get a gun in the first place and insult of insults it was a “ghost gun”.”” – millions of law abiding people procure guns every year, legally, they don’t become mentally ill killers going on rampages in city streets. But annually, thanks to lax democrat created laws, multiple thousands of people are killed every year by DUI drivers with valid drivers permits and the DUI offenders go free, with sometimes maybe a fine or perhaps some community service on occasion but most times nothing at all where those lax democrat created laws exist.

        It is true that, according to his words, he was motivated by the democrats wanting to ban guns.

        You, like your brother-in-tyranny Miner49, need to learn what context is.

        • And yes you booger brain ignoramus it’s the Republicans that are responsible 100% because they prevent sane gun laws from being passed like registration, Universal Background Checks and safe storage laws and federal red flag laws. All other civilized nations have such laws and the proof in the pudding is that their homicides and gun violence is way lower than yours so you can continue to lie your mouth off but that does not change history or the facts.

        • I know I keep asking these questions of you, asshole, who is unable to rub two of our brain cells together to come up with an answer, but what the hey.

          How would registration, universal background checks, safe storage laws and red flag laws have prevented this mentally-ill pervert from killing his victims? Until you can answer that question, anything you post is unsubstantiated bullshit.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. NOT one of your proposals are sane in any way. How can a man (sic) who claims to be “educated” think that he can get criminals to go along with your wacky proposals? Universal Background Checks won’t stop a criminal or the mentally ill from obtaining a gun. Have you lost your mind? Since when does a criminal follow a law?
          I personally don’t give a rat’s behind what your “civilized world” does. How’s it going in France? Seems there are riots in most of the country? Is that one of your “civilized countries?”
          You know the adage “You can’t fix stupid”, certainly applies to you.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Tell us oh great sage” which one of your criminal buds would follow any of these (in)sane laws you propose? J

    • No no no, don’t give criminals a free “out”. He’s already “outed” himself, and he did it of his own volition! He’s NOT NOT NOT mentally ill. He is 100% in charge of his own agency and free will. He is not possessed, he is not “crazy”, he is not forever scarred by being trans. He even critiqued the cops who arrested him! I say he is 100% SANE and he can stand trial for capital murder. I say put the Death Penalty on the table!

      Hell, I’ll even pay for a little black dress for him on his execution day, if that will make him feel pretty. Whatever he wants, as long as he pays for his crime with his life.

      • Osprey if you get the dress I’ll get the shoes
        anybody know where to get men’s size 15 high heels?

        • The shoes are supposed to match the nails and lipstick. I guess we’ll have to ask his attorney. Or just assume red. Maybe dacian or liar will be willing to pay for the nails and lipstick.

          I hear Florida has a “slightly used” electric chair. She’s a good girl, she’ll treat him right. She only set one guy on fire. He still died, and rumor has it, they used the same chair to roast a pig for the post-execution celebration. Unconfirmed reports say there was salsa dancing late into the night that night. Just not at the prison, hehe.

      • You ever seen the PA mental health facilities compared to their prisons? Go ahead go for the insanity defense.

  25. Ugh that picture looks like he/she/it has panty hose stretched over he/she/its face.

    I wonder if he/she/it might be related to mayor whats her name that just lost the race in Chicago.

    • Mayor Betelgeuse. Does PA have the Death Penalty? That’s the only question I have at this point.

      • I know some places in PA that IT won’t make it out alive
        Far from any citys

  26. I thought that might be the case – Fake hate crimes because there aren’t enough real racists. Fake gun crimes because there aren’t enough slobbering mad gunnies. Although whit 5 people dead it aint really a fake crime is it.

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  28. off topic: no photo of n. olmsted ohio shooter bernard e. smith? must be in a protected class.

  29. Was also in possession of a 9mm “ghost” gun………… sad that police were unable to track it. So now this jerk will plead to owning a pistol without a proper license and get 6 month sentence(suspended) and go on his merry way. That’s the way Philadelphia deals with crime.

  30. Once again, I’m calling for PA to apply the Death Penalty to this person. The reasons he did it shouldn’t matter. He killed. He planned to kill. He intended to kill. There is no doubt as to his guilt. There is no other person involved. This is a classic and righteous Death Penalty case. Come on, PA! You want to be Florida when you grow up, right? This is how you do it!

    • Not happening.

      “Despite remaining a legal penalty, there have been no executions in Pennsylvania since 1999, and only three since 1976. In February 2015, Governor Tom Wolf announced a formal moratorium on executions that is still in effect as of 2023, with incumbent Governor Josh Shapiro continuing Wolf’s moratorium.” — Wiki

  31. Why are you showing it’s picture and name? That’s what these assholes want!

  32. So this monster decides that he’s going to support gun control, and shoots up and kills several people to get more gun control passed.

    He’s proven one thing.

    Gun control kills. Directly or indirectly.

  33. So the BLM-tranny mass shooter left a “will,” short for “last will and testament,” which in the case of a mass-shooter likely means what is now commonly called a “manifesto,” and the public is not going to be allowed to see it, just as we are not allowed to see the “manifesto” of the Nashville trans mass shooter of children and teachers, and it is easy to figure out why.

    A long list of previous “manifesto” writing mass shooters, starting with the New Zealand mosque shooter (Tarrant), all declared that one of their key motivations for committing mass murder with a gun was to advance the left’s demands to ban civilian possession of firearms.

    Tarrant had several direct followers whose manifestos all repeated Tarrant’s motivation of advancing gun-control/ civilian-disarmament: the Buffalo grocery store shooter, the El Paso Walmart shooter, and the Gilroy garlic festival shooter. (The first two left elaborate manifestos, a la Tarrant, while the Gilroy shooter just left number of random statements and posts that showed his thinking.)

    Those four were all self-professed eco-communists, killing people to save the planet. Tarrant thought that civilian disarmament would lead to race war, which would be a good way to kill off people. Thus these shooters were all targeting minorities, thinking that this was also a good way to promote race war.

    But not all eco-communists want to target minorities, no matter how much they want to attack and reduce humanity in general. Eco-alarmism as it is taught from K-12 up through colleges and universities, always marches side by side with the demonization of white people.

    This has spawned a second trail of eco-communist mass murderers who focus on the mass murder of whites, Christians, and conservatives. A key figure here is Robert Crimo, the eco-communist transvestite who shot 48 people at a July 4th parade in Highland Park, killing 7. Crimo told his father the night before the massacre that the reason people commit mass shootings is: “…to amp up the people that want to ban all guns.”

    He was out to promote gun control, and of course his massacre did prompt extensive anti-gun action by Democrats. He threw the pass, they caught it and tried to score with it. The mass murderer was playing quarterback for the Democratic Party, and they were all in to help him score. Team effort all ‘round.

    This is very likely what is in the Nashville mass shooter’s tranny-manifesto, which is still being hidden. Her last text to a distant acquaintance was an assertion that her seemingly senseless act would one day all make sense, with the clear implication that she saw it as helping a good cause. What else could that cause be except advancement of the leftist goal of civilian disarmament, which they think (or pretend to think) will stop violence?

    Of course it would do the opposite. “Only when we are all completely defenseless will we finally be safe!” is the substance of their view, which is about as insane as a girl thinking she can become a boy. These people are total flaming idiots with serious mental problems, obviously. But the entire Democratic Party shares their particular gun-control idiocy, which in their minds will make them heroes if they just act on their insanity in the most evil way possible.

    The Nashville mass-murder is being used right now by Democrats in Tennessee in a full press for curtailing gun rights, even as the tranny-manifesto remains hidden, and now this new tranny mass murderer in PA is hinting that he also committed his mass murder of innocents for a good cause. If that cause is spelled out in his testament/manifesto, it will very likely state that he was out to advance gun control, which is why it will likely remain hidden by PA’s radical commie Democrat state and city governments.

    • “Her last text to a distant acquaintance was an assertion that her seemingly senseless act would one day all make sense, with the clear implication that she saw it as helping a good cause. What else could that cause be except advancement of the leftist goal of civilian disarmament, which they think (or pretend to think) will stop violence?”

      It could have been, in her mental illness riddled mind, “advancement of the leftist goal of civilian disarmament”. But it could have also been, in her mental illness riddled mind, advancement of the LGBTQ cause as well. Gotta wait until we can see the manifesto. Although you outline correctly for the others on the Nashville incident we don’t really know yet.

    • Asking the hard questions. Don’t know which is crazier but we do know which worked harder at it.

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