The Reality Is Guns Have Won…Learn To Live With It

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[I]n the end, it doesn’t matter, because guns won. Household ownership went from 33% a decade ago to 47% after 2020. Every lockdown, every shutdown, every ACAB, every police defunding, every vax mandate, and every claim that either candidate was Hitler caused more guns to be sold. 47 straight months of 1 million or more guns sold. 40 million AR-15s in circulation, more than the entire US Asian population. More 11+ round mag owners than the entire black population.

Ownership among women, blacks, and Democrats is skyrocketing over the last four years. Fastest growing gun rights organizations are NAAGA and Pink Pistols. 50% of states are constitutional carry. Every kid on the planet knows that the Fortnite weapon of choice is a SCAR and wants to buy one when he turns 18. We have the courts, the people, and the children.


You will either learn to live with guns or you will choose to pretend the guns aren’t around you, but those are your only choices, sir. I hope you resolve to understand that one day.

 – Handwaving Freakoutery


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  1. “[I]n the end, it doesn’t matter, because guns won. Household ownership went from 33% a decade ago to 47% after 2020.”

    If you’re ever exposed to someone who irrationally hates guns, just smile sweetly at them and tell them that they can go work on their obviously lacking coping skills, and leave you alone.

    (That’s when they tend to flip the fuck out, and when I laugh in their faces, because I’m not a very nice person… 🙂 )

    • When will we get a like button here?

      I like to tell them they are within 50 feet of more armed people than they can possibly imagine. Hyperventilation often occurs.

      • Another fun thing I like to do to a hopelessly lost leftie is to point out that the county they are in has issued more carry licenses than any other in the state. Oh, and with unlicensed carry now in effect anyone who can legally own a gun can load it up, put it in a holster and carry where we are right now!

        Then I just smile at them.

      • Jeffrey,

        I like that approach.
        Here in PA, about 1/3rd of households own guns. Sbout half of those gun owners have CC permits, so about 15% of the Commonwealth’s population. So, if you are in the grocery store with 100 other people, there are likely to be 10-15 armed people.

        Of course, it will vary by county. We have some rural counties where, if you are in the grocery store with a hundred other people, the odds are pretty good that you will be armed.

        • I’ve never seen 15 people in this towns grocery store, maybe 8, and I had a gunm and he had a gunm and that other guy had a gunm too. Theres a lot of people in this town carry gunms and so far the only person murdered was shuted by a cop in a no knock raid for marijuana.
          That’s some nasty sht that marijuana is. I’m glad this city’s cops murder anyone that uses it or sales it.

    • Guns have not won when there are marching crowds begging law makers for Gun Control. As if more defenseless victims would solve a violence is violence problem. And as if Gun Control wasn’t Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

      geoffsht…You may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.

      • Like I care what you think about me, you dim-witted nattering nitwit?

        You are attacking nice people in TTAG, and I have a very big problem with that.

        Leave. Get out. You are not wanted here. Is that clear, yet?

        • Geoff, it seems like you’ve not heard about the racist Jim Crow roots of gun control.

          Someone, out there on the wild and wonderful world wide web can probably tell you about it, if you look hard enough you might just find them!

      • Guns always win. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight, but the other side cannot win unless we let them. All of the data on gun bans indicates that the majority of people just ignore them.

        When people don’t feel safe they want a gun. The last few years have demonstrated this in spades. Not Zs could disarm the Jews because the Jews didn’t yet have the example they were about to set. Same thing with many other people over the 20th century.

        But now we have all the examples of what happens when people are disarmed. Now everyone knows that there are two types of people; those with guns, and those who dig, to borrow a phrase. Being anti gun or thinking guns are generally bad and not owning one when it is possible and even relatively easy to get one is one thing. Those people know they have the option to get one if they decide they need it. But even those people understand that not having a gun when the SHTF means you dig.

      • Whether the marching crowds are begging(?) (more like DEMANDING) or not, as long as the demand for guns continues to grow and the manufacturers can keep up with it, WE are winning… Problem is these are just skirmishes; the REAL battle continues and WILL continue as long as there are people in authoritative places that want complete control AND there are people who want those in charge to control THEM the battle WILL continue… Reality sometimes imitates art…
        (Some of them want to use you
        Some of them want to get used by you
        Some of them want to abuse you
        Some of them want to be abused)… Annie Lennox, The Eurythmics…

        I don’t NEED another firearm but if the right one comes along then I’m in… My only concern is that ammo manufacturers can keep up, but I CAN reload if I’m forced to…

        • You have a secret place for large pistol primers? Rhetorical cuz wouldn’t want you to give it up…

        • Muck target sports USA had a bunch a while ago but shipping can be a bite in price

        • Thanks Safe, It’s nowhere to be found in Colorado. Might have to ” bite the bullet” so to speak…sorry 🤣

    • …….I thought it was just me doing that. Yeah it’s wild that even with new hoops to jump through every quarter NY gun ownership (legal more so than otherwise lately) is still going up. Still have the broken minds in denial of how the cities and their inhabitants have changed and how the new illegal immigrants are starting to get aggressive but I find myself running into such people less often now. And you are quite right that they cannot stand being mocked but if they get too involved in yelling in my face I politely inform them I am unvaxed and I typically never need to interact with them again.

        • I tend to save that one for the truly unhinged as advertising that here even now is not the best career move. Come to think of it at least 10 percent of the resumes I review still have their vax status on it. Plausible deniability where HIPPA has no meaning.

  2. One of my experiences was a hard left gun nut who owned more guns than everyone else in the office (combined). This individual could not, or would not make the connections to gun control i.e. outright banning guns for individuals. Denial of history, denial of current day politician statements and we know whats better for your own good (professors) etc.. Guess we’re supposed to live as mere surfs.

    • Ideology, regardless of the bent, is essentially a heuristic thought structure built around attempting to make reality conform to your beliefs rather than the other way around.

      • That pretty much explains the trans ‘movement’, from their POV…

        • Yes.

          I think it also explains a huge percentage our current political problems once you account for how and why people build heuristics and the evolutionary pressures behind doing it.

          It’s something I’ve been kicking around for a while with regard to narratives, propaganda and, amusingly enough, the movie Rogue One because the simple existence of that movie blows up a bunch of very common ideological narratives on both sides of the aisle.

        • @Dude:

          You just had to kick that can of bees, didn’t you?

          If you think about what heuristics are, mental shortcuts, they’re something that we’ve evolved as instinct in some cases (the snake is a stick) but we can make new ones, as I’ve pointed out before.

          Basically, they’re something that allows you to recognize a pattern, or part of it, and jump to a conclusion that mostly works or works well enough often enough that it significantly outweighs the risk. This capacity varies widely, it could be jumping out of the way of a bus via linking to an instinctual reaction against a large object as a threat or simply looking at a situation and knowing what tools you’ll want to bring for the job without thinking much about it.

          This is a time saving feature of our brain but, more importantly over evolutionary time, it’s an energy saving feature because our brains use a hell of a lot of biochemical energy and calories used to be hard to come by. Putting as much as possible of daily, repetitive life on auto-pilot makes sense from several perspectives.

          This, I suspect, is the root of ideological adherence on both sides of the aisle. You can find a myriad of tropes and memes on both sides of the aisle that, even after a cursory glance at reality, are quite clearly incorrect. In modern society, I’d hazard the guess, that people are more likely to do this due to the lower risk of making sweeping assumptions about virtually everything than in, say, 1830.

          Essentially people have a lot to do so the things that don’t affect their daily lives directly get put on autopilot and the easiest way to do that is to adopt modes of thinking that are common to your peers and which seem to work.

          We see this with teenagers too, it’s just more obvious because they sometimes do it with fads, which gets into a whole other area of evolutionary bio (See The Hunter Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century for more on that) in terms of cultural exploration being something younger people do a lot of because the world they live in isn’t generally the same as prior generations and we can “evolve” rapidly via culture and not be held back by genes quite as much. Either way, teen behavior is more obvious because the behavior is generally notably different from the rest of society and often also mixed with teen rebellion that draws attention.

          Anyhow, Rogue One is a movie that, if the common tropes from either side are to be believed, shouldn’t exist. From the Right’s perspective why the Hell did a bunch of commies make this movie? From the Left’s perspective, who the hell watches this movie? I mean, at least The Patriot makes some sense because of its historical flag-waving that Boomercons love. This… makes no sense.

          The Right said that Hollywood is mostly Leftists who hate freedom and whatnot. In this movie literally everyone dies to get the Death Star plans so that Princess Leia can get them to Obi-Wan later on. They disobey orders and get themselves killed to save the Republic from the Empire on what they basically know is a long-shot suicide mission for freedom. Leftists make propaganda for their own causes and this ain’t that. Hrm. Agreed, it doesn’t sound like a Commie plot line to me.

          The Left told you that nearly no one would watch such a film. It’s just propaganda for stodgy old values and nonsense liberty bullshit jammed into a Storm Trooper suit. The appeal is limited to rednecks just because of the plot. No intelligent person would ever watch this just because Star Wars and no one’s going to spend $700 million on a space action movie for poor rednecks living in red state trailer park shitholes, that’s insane.

          Yet it was made.

          Then, in terms of critics, it was mostly panned except by Rotten Tomatoes (viewer based), Task & Purpose (military) and IGN.

          Your Lefty reviews mostly sounded like this:

          The NYT said “A couple of 9-year-olds on a screen-free rainy afternoon would come up with better adventures, and probably also better dialogue.” IndyWire gave it a “C+” because it’s shit, but Star Wars shit. The New Yorker said it was “lobotomized and “depersonalized”. Etc. etc. etc.

          One wonders why they disliked it so much yet didn’t really criticize it from a legit filmography or literary perspective, choosing instead to basically just talk trash like they were three cosmos deep at a Manhattan or LA bar…

          Yet, Hollywood did make this movie, it was nominated for two Academy Awards and it did make over $1 billion at the box office. It even set some records and took the 10th place all time (at the time) for an IMAX movie.

          The Left was flabbergasted by this terrible movie (that most of their own nerds probably went to and loved) and basically suggested that only morons went to see it while the Right condemned it as woke trash for having Felicity Jones play the lead and basically agreed that only morons would see it.

          Both sides ran their mouths, ended up badly wrong and then tried to continue to justify why they were actually right based on their respective ideological explanation.

          And when you look at how exactly they did that, you realize that both sides do this A LOT, you just don’t tend to notice it because you’re not paying attention to whatever they’re trashing. But once you see this you can’t unsee it and you find it everywhere. I only noticed this because there was an article about it from the guy who does movie stuff for Breitbart and when he got that published on BB he got absolutely trashed for it. So, I got curious and started looking into it. I mean, people who were 20-something in the 1970’s should at least have some nostalgia for SW, right?

          Looking into it, I discovered that the whole thing is definitely ideological and it seems, very strongly, correlated with knowing approximately fuck-all about the topic at hand but that topic having some sort of previously existing association with The Other. This engages something in people where they ascribe the negative aspects they associate with The Other to the thing in question.

          You see it with people all the time. Shit, I’ve been called a “Leftist” in this comment section how many times in just the past couple of years?

        • “But once you see this you can’t unsee it and you find it everywhere.”

          Like propaganda. I’ll watch a movie I previously saw and notice the propaganda I was oblivious to before.

          “It’s just propaganda for stodgy old values and nonsense”

          All this time I thought it was anti-Nazi.

          “you’re not paying attention to whatever they’re trashing”

          True. I don’t even know why I’m not supposed to like Felicity Jones. Even if I did know, I still would have watched it and liked it. I’m usually capable of separating the art from the artist. I didn’t grow up reading Stephen King wondering what his political views were. I still don’t care.

          “I mean, people who were 20-something in the 1970’s should at least have some nostalgia for SW, right?”

          Or younger. I had all of the figures and toys as a kid. People knew to get me Star Wars figures for my birthday or Christmas. I was cleaning out my mom’s attic a few years ago. I came across a K-Mart bag with new, in the packaging, Star Wars figures (from the early 80s). I briefly wondered why I never got those. Then I realized that I already had them. Maybe my mom got them for me, but someone beat her to the punch. Or she didn’t realize I already had them.

        • “All this time I thought it was anti-Nazi.”

          Long ago in a galaxy far away, it was. Then it became convenient for the Left to hate on anyone supporting The Republic, particularly in the way that movie portrays.

          I don’t even know why I’m not supposed to like Felicity Jones.

          It’s not her per se, it’s that when this came out it was the beginning of the time when people started to realize that “woke” was a thing, though the term was not yet popularized on the Right. People didn’t like the idea of a woman as the lead in an action flick.

          The same criticism came from the Right about The Force Awakens for having Daisy Ridley play a major role (Rey) and have the ability to defeat Kylo Ren though Rey’s mostly untrained. That was in 2015.

          And to some extent they are correct. There is a push in Hollywood for certain casting decisions to all go in a few, preferred, directions.

          But context matters, none of the people criticizing the film in this regard caught the religious undertones of Rey who can only do what she does because The Force is acting through her in some way and it, quite obviously, prefers her to Kylo at that point. Which is kinda a major part of Kylo’s arc but that’s a whole other conversation about the not very subtle archetypes injected into Star Wars that are, quite obviously, based in Christianity.

          “I didn’t grow up reading Stephen King wondering what his political views were. I still don’t care.”

          You don’t care because you’re not an ideologue.

    • Although they have every right too I would much rather the mentally ill not own “weapons of war” as they are so apt to call them. Liberals Democrats and Trans have serious issues and should be nowhere near guns.

  3. Handwaving Freakoutery is an account worth following and has been for quite some time.

    If absolutely nothing else, they’re hilarious.

      • It can get tiresome.

        The account’s name reflects what it retweets and then comments on. As in “Hey, look at this handwaving freakoutery right here!”.

        I feel like it must be exhausting to run that account. Same with Libs of Tiktok. The amount of mind-numbing garbage those people go out and find is insane and they only post the really, really crazy shit.

    • Yeah, looks real good :

      “But the biggest blind spot in the entire piece, antigun rhetoric aside, is the unwillingness to acknowledge why gun control lost. It wasn’t due to gerrymandering or political trickery. It was because so many people bought so many guns. The laws no longer matter. There are too many guns to seize. And the reason there are too many guns is because of the actions her own tribe took.
      Their Fault (2020 edition)

      They locked down the economy, and everyone bought guns.

      They killed everyone’s jobs, and everyone bought guns.

      They closed the schools, and everyone bought guns.

      They created supply shortages of simple things like toilet paper, and everyone bought guns.

      They tried to crash the meat supply by shutting down central meat packing facilities and not allowing locals to bypass FDA regulations, and everyone bought guns.

      They rioted, and everyone bought guns.

      They burned police stations, and everyone bought guns.

      They said the police were systemically racist, and everyone bought guns.

      They said they were going to defund the police, and everyone bought guns.

      They said not to trust any vaccine developed by Trump, and everyone bought guns.

      They set up autonomous zones where no police were allowed to go, and everyone bought guns.

      They besieged federal buildings, and everyone bought guns.

      They said Trump was Literally Hitler, and everyone bought guns.

      They said the same vaccine which we weren’t supposed to trust a month before would be mandatory or you’d lose your job, and everyone bought guns.

      2020 was one giant gun commercial. And by the time they were done, 2020 was the greatest gun buying spree in the history of a nation who already has more guns than God Himself, driven largely by first time owners, minorities, and women.

      Liberals bought the guns.

      And even three years later, no one single blue triber has ever yet apologized for any of their behavior in 2020. They have never admitted they were wrong about vaccine efficacy, wrong about Covid lethality, wrong about lockdown policy, wrong about masks, wrong to burn police stations, wrong to burn people’s homes and businesses, wrong to set up anarchy zones, wrong to defund police, wrong about the origins of the virus, or wrong to close schools needlessly when every other country in the world opened schools first. By refusing to apologize or acknowledge fault, they are saying loudly and proudly that they’d do it again.”

      • The logistics of attempting mass gun control were lost to them well before 2020. I pointed that out in 2018. A back of the envelope calculation yields enough guns to fill an insane number of trains two miles long, and that was then. And of course you then need to figure out how to deal with them all.

        But then, guns don’t really win just by being bought. They bolster certain things and change certain calculations but they do not “win” anything. They also, once purchased, require someone willing to use them or at least willing to bluff enough that the other side believes you’ll use them, which they do not.

        Which leaves two options, one of which the piece covers but doesn’t actually consider.

        Yeah, Red Team might not be fazed by the concept of “national divorce” but if that is, in fact, the case that’s because Red Team is mostly people who haven’t thought through what that would actually mean. Blue Team doesn’t let you walk away. Their ideology demands that they stop you from doing so and as I pointed out, ideology tries to bend reality to fit the ideology. Your facts don’t matter. At all.

        I’d think that people aware of the Berlin Wall would understand that, but apparently they haven’t much considered it. It seems like it’s pretty obvious that they’re willing to burn the country to the ground in order to rule the ash heap, so long as they’re the ones ruling.

        The other option is more insidious and it’s what they actually plan to do over time, which is enact a system of control that ensures that the vast majority will turn in their firearms, leaving the rest isolated and relatively vulnerable to individual LE action by a police state.

        And if you don’t think that’s true just look at the Team Blue folks salivating over France’s brand-spankin’ new surveillance laws about cell phones. Warrants? LOL! How quaint, there’s terrorism afoot, you fool!

        Then look at where they want to go in terms of currency.

        Combine the two and, they’re not wrong, they will achieve significantly higher compliance than previously imaginable because they’ll have fine control over everyone’s life to a degree that most can’t imagine. Even where husbands decide to not comply, the wife will do it behind their back out of fear or for the pat on the head the fam will get.

        You live in a country that, right now as I type this, holds no-shit political prisoners from amongst its own citizenry and the government brags about it, openly tells you they’re going to go round up even more. Yet no one lifts a finger.

        These people are often abused while incarcerated, often without charge or even an option for bond for years on end. Even the GOP won’t say a word when evidence of this abuse is presented in public.

        Most of these people are arrested based on an elaborate sham. More and more evidence of this emerges weekly. No one cares.

        Drip, drip, drip and no bombshells. People get numb and stop paying attention entirely. The pot gets hotter but very few frogs have noticed. How many will eventually?

        And you think they fear you? That you’re “winning”? It took normie wine moms to make a dent in Target’s behavior FFS. How, exactly, are Conservatives “winning” in the long run? Before we go further, what does “winning” look like, exactly? The Left is willing to rule an ash heap on top of a pile of corpses. So… what’s winning look like against what they’re willing to do?

        Looks to me like the Right and the 2A community continue to do what they’ve done my whole life. Beg for crumbs and, when given one, act like they just took the whole loaf.

        There’s nothing wrong with winning skirmishes and the occasional battle but I’ve yet to see a plan for how to win, or even push back significantly in the overall war.

        • 23+ years of constant combat, yielding several hundred thousand folks out there with actual, hands-on experience of getting their hands very dirty.

          I won’t see it, and you may not either, but…

        • The fact that they cannot win against an insurgency which entails things they know not is immaterial.

          The point is that ideological fucksticks are willing to push it to that point, believing that they can win, because that’s what they do. As I said earlier, ideology is about bending reality to fit your beliefs, not changing your opinion based on reality.

          In their book, you don’t get to leave unless they grant you that ability and they’re 100% not going to.

          Mixed with the fact that these people are more than willing to burn down the country to get what they want, you’ve got a very dangerous combination.

          We talk this out and politically overwhelm them or we fight this out. They won’t let you do anything else.

          The term “National Divorce” is just a way to get extra points in Scrabble. Those who can’t see that truly don’t understand the Left at all.

          I suggest The Psychology of Totalitarianism for a brief introduction into how these peoples’ minds work.

        • strych9,

          Oh, trust me, I have NO doubts about the intentions of the Leftist/fascists to enforce their ideology on me. If they can, they surely will.

          What I doubt is their ABILITY to do so. I have been saying for years that the Leftist/fascists were going to “FAFO”, and they are rushing headlong down that slope. Sooner or later, their depredations on freedom will piss off too many of the wrong people.

          NO revolution in history was actively supported by more than a small-to-medium minority – but as the man said, “One man with conviction is a majority.” I have no idea what the actual ‘flash point’ will be, or when it will happen, but THAT it will happen is a foregone conclusion. An obvious one would be an effort to actively enforce a “gun ban” – actual door-to-door seizures. I’m pretty sure another effort to “lock down” our schools and businesses will be met with widespread resistance.

          The one immutable thing freedom-lovers have on their side is the absolute, utter hatred the fascist Left has for human freedom – they are determined to crush it wherever it appears. They can’t help themselves – to paraphrase a meme, “Leftism is based on the fear that someone, somewhere, is actually having a good time.” As my protest, I try to have a good time as often as possible, and defy as many government “mandates” (sorry, but “mandates” just sounds too much like MajorLiar and dacian the demented getting together for their regular afternoon circle jerk) as I can.

        • Lamp:

          My point isn’t that they have the ability to do anything other than bite off more than they can chew.

          Consider simply the following aspects of such a conflict:

          80% of Americans live in an urban area.

          The EMP Commission estimates that a 1 year loss of power in an urbanized area of the USA kills 90% of those who cannot flee to an area that does have power.

          Urban areas get their water, one way or another, via electricity. If nothing else, water treatment plants can’t run exclusively on gravity.

          A few days without water and people die or resort to drinking stuff that makes them quite sick.

          Cut the power and the potable water is gone as soon as the backpressure is depleted.

          The grid’s not well protected. Knocking out the power to a major city actually isn’t that hard. Let’s not give anyone ideas about how, but you’re smart enough to come up with at least a dozen ways to do this on your own if you care to think about it a bit.

          Do that to a few large cities and .gov has chaos it has zero hope of controlling and that’s in the areas that support it. The Golden Horde is a joke, it’s copper at best. Plus a lot of these people are now too sick to move far and they have a very limited number cars in terms of the number of people.

          So, no, they can’t win. But they can get 100-250 million people killed through pure hubris.

          It’s not a game anyone wins but they’re actually fairly keen to play it. It’s not like they GAF about their own people. Commies off each other in huge numbers all the time. If their people gotta die for the cause, well, so be it.

          You need to keep in mind that Lefty Academics actually do pay attention. And what they think of you, trust me I’ve heard this from their own lips, is not high praise.

          They honestly think that the Right has given in to little transgressions here and there for so long that if pushed in the correct way the Right will simply cave. They believe that this can be done by taking over institutions that the Right respects.

          This is a nearly religious belief among the “elite” on the Left.

        • “Do that to a few large cities and .gov has chaos it has zero hope of controlling and that’s in the areas that support it.”

          And when they pour out of those cities hungry and cold, they won’t exactly be welcomed in the rural communities unless they have genuine contacts there that will be willing to vouch for them. As in, accepting the responsibility for their behavior while ‘visiting’. Ensuring they work for their keep.

          Should make them regret the sneering condensation they’ve has so much fun dishing out over the years.

          (Then again, maybe not. Either way, it’ll be a hoot watching them try to adapt to a stark new reality, or literally starve… 🙂 )

        • Damnit strych I was hoping never to see that nightmare scenario again and I will request you not post anything on the ease of techniques as I am starting to wonder if you reviewed some reports I wrote a decade and change ago. Geoff don’t underestimate the cunning viciousness of a hungry desperate mob that barely saw you as a person before shit got real. Know your bridges and topography.

        • strych9,

          I know that, and YOU know that, but they are either too stupid to know that, or so arrogant they think it doesn’t matter. Yes, the sad truth is that ANY form of “boogaloo”, or TEOTWAWKI event, will kill many good people (including some on “our” side) – that’s just a fact.

          OTOH, in terms of percentages, it will kill orders of magnitude more of them. I’ve anteed up, my bet’s on the table, and I’ll play whatever hand is dealt, but . . . I at least have a reasonable hope of surviving. The likes of MajorLiar and dacian the demented and jsled the Red haven’t got the chance of the tissue-paper dog chasing the asbestos cat through Hell.

        • “You live in a country that, right now as I type this, holds no-shit political prisoners from amongst its own citizenry and the government brags about it, openly tells you they’re going to go round up even more. Yet no one lifts a finger.”

          If 10 percent of these people arrested had killed those coming to arrest them the narrative would have changed big time. Not for the bastards in the media but for those on the sidelines.

  4. Lol
    Guns have NOT won…anything

    What has won is American freedom. The constitutional rule of law.

    • Yessir. Guns have never won a thing. Never done a murder. Never won a war. Never saved a life.

      It never has been about the guns. Cain never had a gun.

      • Personally, I prefer bad language, JDAMs and arty.

        All available at the touch of a PTT button. It’s just easier.

        • strych9,

          Well, if you get that “PTT” working, can you call in a “time on target” barrage on Capitol Hill and the White House??? Perhaps a little close air support in the form of some Warthogs with napalm canisters?

        • Wharthogs! Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrppppp!!!!!!

          And the mensas in the DOD want to retire it with no replacement.

      • Not victory in war. Victory in battle. Were it not for the constitutional rule of law none then there would never be so many firearms in civilian hands in the first place so I call it a win.

        More battles to come.

        • I bet the American political prisoners being held by their own government while no one does a goddamn thing to help them would love some of that “constitutional rule of law”.

          From where I sit, this is that this is eminently winnable. Yet, from a 30,000 foot view, the Right gets a blindfold and thinks they’re somehow “winning” and dunking on the executioner while the noose is tightened.

        • @strych9
          They ARE part of why so many people are so upset. It’s all bs and we all know it.

        • If people are so upset why aren’t they, I dunno, writing their Congressperson? Maybe talking about it in a poll when asked?

          See, there’s the hyper political people, news junkie types. They care, but even within the GOP they’re a small minority. You’re almost certainly one of them because you actually know the issues.

          But that’s a lot less common than we’d like to admit. This is exactly why every political advisor and activist is taught that their first job is “educating the voters” and the same thing gets drilled into most pols by their comms team.

          The top issues for Republicans, Republicans mind you, are as follows:

          The Deficit
          Illegal Immigration
          State of Moral Values
          Drug Addiction
          Ability to Work with Democrats (Seriously?)
          Violent Crime
          K-12 Education
          Gun Violence
          International Terrorism

          Not a peep about the Constitution, Civil Rights or anything like that. That’s from the GOP. Not a Top 10 issue. IOW, it’s backburner at best.

          And when it comes to polls on gun policy, Dems actually hold the edge by 1-2 points which means they’re highly competitive on that topic. Which ain’t good because 60% of Americans, according to Pew, currently rate gun violence as “A very big problem”.

          The 2A wins are in the courts, not public opinion. That’s not good in anything other than the short term.

          Even more interesting, Dems lead by even more on Education, Race Issues, Health Care, Abortion and Climate Change.

          You’d think after Covid, the nonsense in schools and all the race baiting Dems would be at least competitive. Nah, they blow the GOP out of the water.

          So, pardon me, but outside the circle of wonks on the Right who basically mainline a mix of caffeine and news, no one gives a fuck about the people rotting in prison without charge for years or much of a shit about gun rights either.

          And that’s not unusual for the past 40 years. The public’s level of awareness of issues being issues is woefully low and has been since the end of Vietnam.

          Worse, most don’t even know these are things and, quite frankly, when people get scared they stop caring about rights in general. And people are scared.

          And, as I’ve pointed out many times, politicians are not a la carte and the Lefties play a long game. Shit, they took over the whole school system before 95% of Conservatives even realized it. So well in fact that they’re dick and boob chopping for several years before it even hits the right wing news.

          Which sorta comes back to the general state of the country vis a vis guns and the politics thereof.

          The last gun bill, back in June 2022, which Biden signed (the one that promotes red flag laws and such) was actually widely supported by the public. 64%-21% in favor, 32% strong support. Yet at the same time 78% said it wouldn’t do anything!

          This is right after our favorite SCOTUS decision.

          And in the same poll, asked if they’d like Congress to pass more gun laws, Yes wins 63%-35%.

          Now, clearly there’s been some flux in that since but uh, them’s not good numbers for us. At all.

          So, we’re in a spot where passing more gun laws is actually quite popular and at the same time, those laws don’t even need to be ones the public thinks will do anything.

          Please, someone, point out this “winning” to me?

          Yeah, yeah, I know, my rights don’t stop where other people’s feelz begin.

          Cool story, untrue in reality, but a cool story and a nice sounding theory. IRL, politics is about POWER and power means what you can force people to do. In our system that’s based on public opinion which is heavily manipulated (hence my ongoing series on propaganda).

          Keep this up and we’ll lose everything when these assholes manage to get the House and then pack the SCOTUS. Which they openly say they want to do and have claimed for my entire lifetime. Yet, again, there’s no real alarm about this because people don’t pay attention.

          Their biggest stumbling block right now is Biden but it’s not like they can’t come up with an excuse to get rid of him. These people can come up with an excuse to mutilate kids, they can find a way to toss Biden under a very large bus.

        • “Shit, they took over the whole school system before 95% of Conservatives even realized it. So well in fact that they’re dick and boob chopping for several years before it even hits the right wing news.”

          There’s something else profound happening, that’s not generating a lot of noise yet :

          World-wide in the major economies, the birth rate is tanking badly. Critically badly. I’m beginning to suspect a part of this is the perpetual doom-and-gloom being hoisted in the major media. It keeps getting louder, and that kinda pumps up their base. The problem is, those most impacted by the news are they, not us. And likely in ratios that mean 2 generations from now, they will be at a stark political disadvantage, election-wise.

          (This is just something I’ve been recently toying around with, but if there’s any truth to it, I’d love to see if there’s anyone looking at that data. The birth rate in South Korea is collapsing, 0.84 births per woman in 2020 data, the lowest in the technologically-advanced free world. Could this bite them in the ass hard enough here to eventually change the political trajectory in our favor? I wonder…)

        • Oh, and sterile people can’t breed. I encourage all of the Left to let their (literal) freak flag fly and get on those ‘roids and the ‘LopADickOffOFMe’ surgeries… 🙂

        • “I’m beginning to suspect a part of this is the perpetual doom-and-gloom being hoisted in the major media.”

          Are you referring to the story being doom-and-gloom or that you think the effect is real and caused by said D&G?

          Several studies suggest that Conservatives are currently outbreeding the Liberals and that a significant population slant will be achieved due to this. The earliest I’ve seen the slant being projected enough to truly matter is in ~25 years.

      • The war is never over until your enemy says it is. So let’s make the dems, libtards, and tranny’s scream uncle.

        • Moderation limbo…fuck you censors you are the first mother fuckers we are going to kill when the time is right.

        • While I agree to a large extent, I don’t think this ever ends. It’s an eternal war. There will always be someone trying, under some schtick, to upend freedom and centralize power in themselves. Hence that “if you can keep it” bit from Franklin.

          That said, if they’re beaten badly enough, history suggests that the Left will probably slink back under a rock for a decade or so before they slowly start to reemerge. Revel discusses that pretty extensively in Le Grande Parade (“Last Exit to Utopia” is the title of the English version).

          But if that’s the best we can hope for, I’ll take it. Five years of ass whipping followed by a decade of silence would be a solid win IMHO.

      • The war isn’t over until your enemy says it is. I know you know that but many don’t.

  5. “Guns” didn’t win, they’re inanimate objects. People “won” in their access to the tools of Free Men.

    Socialist-democrats are losing their control through their own actions.

  6. I would like to see the original Tweet that spurred his comment. Must have been good.

    • Gunz haven’t “won”. SEE:ILLANNOY. Commiefornia. The left coast. Large swathes of New England. New York. I dissent from leftards “should own gats”. I don’t care!

      • The whole fight isn’t about firearms or even the banning of them. Making it about firearms is nothing different than what the Liberal/Progressive Democrats do when they blame guns for crime. That Right includes many tools of self defense from both criminals and tyranny. That are being denied. The Tools are just the catalyst .Since it is unlikely that the ideology of Liberal/Progressive Democrats will not change. What must be dealt with is the behavior. Something the Founding Patriots grew to understand when dealing with the British Crown. Which they dealt with. After much time of attempting to deny that their Rights, were the real battle. It’s about the Rights of ‘We the People’ and it’s our Republic. If We can keep it. Nothing more…Nothing less.

  7. Really interesting, informative points being brought out in these comments.


    • There are some *extremely* sharp people in the TTAG comment section, and the usual assortment of folks who think they’re smart, but aren’t. Read TTAG long enough, and the differences become apparent…

  8. No guns have not won. The Millenial and X Generations are so terrorized and fed up with gun massacres and gun violence that they will soon be our next Congressional people and law makers even on the local and State levels and that will spell the doom of the Gangster Criminal Republican Party, who have stopped sane gun laws from being past but this will also result in them being booted out of Congress for decades to come.

    In my own neck of the woods Gun shows are now only a shell of what they once were. Once the isles were so full of people you could not even walk down them. Today the gun show promoters are having trouble even filling out all the tables at the shows and the people that do show up are doddering old grey bearded men who grow less and less not by the year but by the month.

    • “The Millenial and X Generations are so terrorized and fed up with gun massacres and gun violence”

      Utter crap, and I can *prove* it.

      The Millennial and X’ers are the ones buying and playing the first-person shooter video games, to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars each year.

      And what’s the first thing they want to do when old enough? Buy and shoot the guns they loved to play when younger. I can’t count the number of times the younger folks who have told me this at the local gun range.

      You lose, we win, game over, FOAD… 😉

      • Let’s be honest here, Geoff. dacian was a great help in our victory. He’s just too damn stupid to realize it. Even with me pointing it out to him.

        Right here in liberal CA I know lots of young people that are buying guns. And dacians naked ape and undeveloped brains comments pisses them off.

        He’s a blessing to our side.

      • Geoff:

        And when those GenX-ers and Millenials who support defunding police, champion restorative (in)justice), and applaud releasing violent criminals are victims of violent crime, forced at gunpoint to watch as thugs “pull a train” on their girlfriend during a home invasion or in a parking lot somewhere they will come over to our side, that’s if they survive and aren’t a cuck to begin with who gets off on their female’s orifices being filled with thugs criminal gene-bearing juice.

    • “In my own neck of the woods Gun shows are now only a shell of what they once were.”

      Yet gun sales continue to set records nearly every month. I guess not everyone buys guns at gun shows — ya think, asshole?

    • You realize Gen Xers are in their 50’s now, right?
      And about 30% of millennials admit to owning guns and that number is climbing.

      Saying gun shows suck now is like saying computer shows suck now. It ain’t 1994 anymore.

    • @dacian

      “No guns have not won. The Millenial and X Generations are so terrorized and fed up with gun massacres and gun violence that they will soon be our next Congressional people and law makers even on the local and State levels and that will spell the doom of the Gangster Criminal Republican Party, who have stopped sane gun laws from being past but this will also result in them being booted out of Congress for decades to come.”

      sore losers always say things like ‘But but but no they didn’t win ’cause this-that-other”.

      You idiot, what generations do you think are buying the most guns? Millenial and X Generations.

      In the last 3.5 years there have been over 1 million guns per month sold through FFL outlets. The largest demographics purchasing were (collectively) those which did not traditionally purchase guns, for example, women (women were traditionally more prone to borrow a gun or purchase in a private sale), African Americans, victims of rape or domestic abuse or other violent crimes, victims of BLM violence areas, LGBTQ, etc… in other words all demographics (collectively) that the Democrat party has traditionally marginalized or persecuted or ignored and they purchased even if liberal or left-wing politically. Over 90% of all these purchases were Millenial and X Generations. And, even if usually liberal or left-wing politically, they are beginning to see through the scam the democrats are heaping upon society and the death its causing by the democrats tearing down the moral and legal constants on society and how its facilitating and increase in violence so they are taking matters into their own hands to protect their selves and family’s and its working too.

      The left-wing facists are the best gun sales team in the world…thanks for all the guns you helped sell dacian.

      • You are an idiot dacian. People are seeing through your scam.

        If for example; the left-wing says ‘guns don’t stop rapists’ and a woman says “well, in 2022 38% of females targeted for rape were armed with a firearm all all of them were able to employ DGU to repel their attackers and avoid rape and serious harm, but 62% of women that were targeted for rape were not armed with a firearm and were raped and suffered additional injury and sometimes death” (this is a real stat thing by the way) – the left wing goes “but guns in the home result in a 200% likely hood of homicide” (which is false to begin with) to obfuscate and not bother to say that homicide is a category of crime and not all homicide is murder as they imply and some of it is self-defense (AKA justified homicide) like against rapists breaking into homes.

        People are beginning to see through the left-wing scam dacian, more people are buying guns and guns win

  9. When looking at politics in the real world, do not overlook the fact that the same people who tracked down grannies who were at the Jan6 riot, are the same people who cannot figure out where the cocaine in the White House came from.

    “Winning” is not a 50.1 proposition, but a 75+ percentage that is sustainable over generations. It is possible to win every battle, yet lose the war (see US excursions into Iraq/Afghanistan).

    • If anything, Afghanistan should cool the jets of those harping on ‘nation-building’.

      You simply cannot hand freedom to someone or a nation. They have to want it so badly, that they are willing to die for it.

      That’s the lesson as I see it, as someone with zero personal military experience, but bunches of friends and family that do, and are highly opinionated on the subject…

      • “They have to want it so badly, that they are willing to die for it.”

        The Japanese and Germans of 1945 did just that.

        Part of the folly of US intervention is that inside the populations of every other nation, there are little Americans yearning to be free.

        • “…there are little Americans yearning to be free.”

          Who famous (or infamous) said that?

  10. @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit”

    ” “…there are little Americans yearning to be free.”
    Who famous (or infamous) said that?”

    A twist on Rush’s declaration that the natural state of humans is to be free, as in free like Americans.

  11. We’ve been living with firearms since the first Europeans showed up on these shores.
    What the disarmament crowd fail to understand is the simple fact that firearms of any type have no mind of their own, no political beliefs, no agenda, and no control of how or when they are used. Firearms are nothing but simple mechanical devices that launches a projectile.
    The next thing many of these woke, Progressive, Marxist, fail to understand is the majority of them live in urban centers and actually produce little if any of the basic necessities. Electricity, food, fuel, water, and other raw materials are trucked in from the hard red, Republican parts of flyover country. They also ignore the fact that while they may control the money and information, kill or bankrupt the farmers, or lock up or remove those actually producing what they need and they starve.
    How many of these city loving, well educated idiots could actually grow a crop, butcher a cow or chicken, repair a combine or planter, build a fence? Face it, the Dementiacrats need us a lot more than we need them.
    If it does come to a shooting war, honestly, the US military or at least those running things, have not understood how to win a war since 1945. And don’t forget, if it comes to shooting, when the first bomb drops on civilians or the first trooper shoots someone’s family the gloves come off and the families of those ordering such actions just got put into the line of fire. This isn’t some military action in some distant corner of the world, but in their own back yard. How many field grade officers or enlisted personnel would turn around and go protect their own instead of carry out orders for politicians?
    Last thing here. The electric grid is a hodge podge of small systems sort of wired together. Much of the other supporting infrastructure is old and on the brink of failure. A little creative destruction and the cities would be dark, dry and hungry in short order. Hard to keep control of people demanding the very basics of life like water, food and energy/fuel.

  12. @muckraker
    “Wharthogs! Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrppppp!!!!!! And the mensas in the DOD want to retire it with no replacement.”

    You gotta keep up ( AF already has the replacement fielded, the F-35. It is sneaky, thrust vectored, carries 118rds of 30mm ammunition for ground attack (and dogfighting, which the a-10 cannot really do), and it is so sophisticated, that it can launch missiles in the CAS mission, that will hit enemy infantry squads and larger, from hundreds, thousands, of miles away, with an accuracy that far outstrips the A-10 flying low and slow.

    The AF fighter mafia is happy (dogfighting), and the Army can just sit on it if they want CAS equivalent to the A-10. And the politicians can deliver expensive contracts to their districts. Everyone goes home happy.

    • I actually knew that Sam and my coworkers and I like to joke that we work for a certain company just to get some of our tax money back. There is something to be said for the fear factor of a warthog (spelling) screaming down on your ass before you die and if you happen to survive you can tell your comrades to go home it’s not worth it. Kind of like the F22 pilot telling the Iranian he was where he shouldn’t be and might want to go home. All that after flying underneath him just to check out his armaments.

      • “I actually knew that Sam and my coworkers and I like to joke that we work for a certain company just to get some of our tax money back.”

        The Army really likes the A-10, but hardly anyone asks why, rather than mothball the A-10, the aircraft are not transferred to the Army. The reason is age-old jealousy between the services; the AF still fears being re-absorbed into the Army.



    WISH SOME GOOD COMPANY WOULD MAKE A 1911 22LR , 380 , 9MM , 45ACP , SA / DA .

  14. All this means for the Democrats is when they have over 90% of the house and 98 senate seats in 2027 and when they inevitably pass the complete and total ban of all guns, gun ownership as well as the complete and total nationwide mandated extermination of every single gun owner and person in a home with a gun they just have to exterminate 47% of the population instead of 33%. They just have to use that many more nuclear weapons. Then easily exterminate whatever’s left since they are not gun owners.

  15. I like that picture of a fresh litter of Bullpuppies waiting for assembly and adoption into a new family. Warms my heart to see them freshly born.

  16. ACAB -they REALLY are.

    I don’t get how some so-called 2A people still believe that more cops are the answer, with kips fully affixed to their badged nethers, when the Supreme Court has repeatedly said that cops have ZERO duty to serve and protect and can lie to our faces, have no accountability for their actions, and can run away like the cowards they have proven to be in Uvalde and Parkland.

    Cops are worthless beyond filling out the reports afterwards because the damage has been done when tbey gst there -or they cause even more to the wrong people once they finally do.

    The sooner this writer abd other suckers stop believing cops are the answer and begin understanding that WE THE PEOPLE are our own First Responders the better. When seconds count Cops are minutes away. At best they are eating donuts but more likely they are harassing innocent law-abiding people for stupid non-offenses because that is much SAFER than confronting criminals who are actually dangerous. Cowards gonna coward. Defund the damn bastid cowards -they are worse than useless.

  17. something will have been won when there are no gun free/obiden death zones in America

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