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There are few places where people are more vulnerable — and generally less aware of their surroundings — than when they’re using an ATM. They tend to focus on the screen and completing their transaction and usually come away with a fist full of cash. They’re not always aware what or who may be nearby waiting to take advantage of a potentially juicy target.

Staking out and targeting ATM users happens often enough that the tactic has acquired its own name: jugging.

Yesterday a San Antonio man was conducting some personal banking when he was approached by two men in an attempted holdup. Their withdrawal wasn’t successful. From . . .

Police Chief William McManus said an unidentified man was withdrawing money from a drive-thru ATM along the 2100 block of SW Military Drive when the two would-be criminals tried to rob him. That’s when the would-be robbery victim pulled out a gun and shot the two unidentified men, the chief said.

The careers of the two young thieves have come to a sudden end. Both died of their wounds.

“This is a trend throughout the country right now,” McManus said, referring to criminals targeting individuals at ATMs. “We believe at this point – again, this could change – that this was a jugging incident.”

Jugging occurs when thieves target people at businesses or banks. After a person makes a purchase or withdraws money, they are followed by criminals who wait for an opportune time to swoop in and steal.

This would be San Antonio’s fourth jugging incident in less than a month.

This would also be two fewer juggers that San Antonio residents have to worry about.

McManus said investigators are interviewing the victim who fired at the two suspects. It remains unknown if he will be charged or not, as police must first determine if he was acting out of self-defense. 

The SAPD probably won’t have to bring in Sherlock Holmes to figure out what happened here. Stay safe out there and be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. Fourth incident in a month? Probably the same two guys. Watch the jugging rate drop now.

    Good job, citizen.

    • Or the “Juggers” figure out that all they have to do is shoot the “Juggee” in the back after he/she/they/them/It/X or whatever makes that withdrawal…

      • True, but then the noise alerts everyone to their presence, which is probably something they don’t want. I don’t know what the sentencing guidelines are in Texas, but I would imagine armed robbery is less than murder/attempted murder. I also notice that the criminals ethnicity was omitted from the article too. I guess all news is censored these days.

  2. In Texas, F*k around and find out. These 2 morons did, didn’t work out too well for them. Worked out perfectly for their intended victim and the tax payers.

  3. if you’re considering strong-arming someone on a “Military Drive” in Texas… perhaps reevaluate your life choices… 🥴

    • That’s just another throrughfare in the area. Probably used to run from a base outside town into the city itself. Likely so named back in the days of wagons.

  4. I’ll bet the two would-be thieves never would have seen any possible ‘no guns’ sign in the door. Businesses have got to understand that having that sign does absolutely nothing but maybe keeping the good guys away.

    This is the way it’s supposed to happen. That gun does nothing for you if you’re not actually carrying it.

    I wonder how many lives have been saved just by taking these two idiots out.

  5. When sitting at a drive thru ATM I avoid sitting behind another vehicle like the plague. Not because I’m impatient. I want that avenue of egress. Watch your mirrors. Walk up ATMs have fish eye mirrors. Glance at them. If it feels wrong it probably is. Every victim of this kind of crime said a variation of, “He came out of nowhere!” No he didn’t. Scottie did not beam him down. They just weren’t paying attention.

    • Even at the drive through ATM, I survey the field and, then, exit the car. And I continue to scan the field. Why get out of the car? improved fighting position, no steering wheel to obstruct my movements, faster draw.

      Also, I only use ATMs where there are no hiding places close by, no corners close enough for some one to round and mount a surprise attack.

      That’s just me. Absolutely not meant as criticism of those who prefer to remain in their vehicle.

      • Hey, you Gulag-keepers, seems like you are on a mission to sink TTAG. There was NOTHING in the post you just quarantined that was in any way rude, offensive, or even non-wohke. You just cannot help yourselves, can you? Apparently, you like TTAG’s money but you don’t like us.

        BTW, I know you do give a soiled, diseased rectum’s care about my opinion, but, lots of us, here in TTAG feel similarly. We’ll continue to question why Dan and team do not take a more active re in moderating you.

        • a bit touchy are we? TIme lag between your first post and your gripe pose is a piddly eight minutes. I’d say that’s pretty fast.

        • Tio, he’s touchy because the mod system here is unpredictable.

          I had a few posts held up yesterday for hours; I didn’t check the time stamps of when I wrote them and when they posted, but I suspect that the stamps would correspond to the time that the post was written and first submitted — once the post is released and shows up, it has its original time stamp displayed — not the time that the post is visible.

  6. Oh, never saw a single homicide victim outlined by chalk or tape. That was something Hollywood dreamed up a long time ago. Really never made any sense. After photography became common a photo was taken of the body. Before photography, what was the point of outlining the body?

    • Maybe a sterile scene reconstruct used in a diagram in court for jurors benefit showing positional relationships without a messy body(ies) emotionally clouding the view?

      • Old Guy, we showed the jury the real crime scene photos. In color. They’re there to understand what happened. I couldn’t have them with me at the time. An outline and a bloodstain does not do justice to the gravity of the situation.

        • @GF

          Apologies for not being more specific in my response.

          “Before photography, what was the point of outlining the body?”

          Most of my answer was geared to your final question. Also, in the older days, the news media were not as apt to portray gory photos in the printed media. The suggestive sketch or outline was used so as to not horrify the good public.

  7. Hey, Dan!!

    Looks like I am.on the moderator’s hit list today. Two innocuous post in this thread consigned to the darkness.

    Difficult to participate in conversation when posts are delayed by hours.

    • I doubt any one cares. I’ve been here some 10 year’s & believe it or not it’s been much worse. As far as ATM’s I never use them. Head on a swivel & do the best you can!

      • Around here they will try to follow you home, if they think you are rural, old, a loner or combination there … oh wait you meant moderated posts, not ATMs and juggers.

        Lol, carry on!

      • I’m wondering about all that extra script and two dozen duplicate ads I usually have to scroll through. It seems there are more outside websites involved in everything these days.

  8. Montana, we never did that. Ever. There is no point in it. Horrifying the public? The photo press started doing that in the Civi War. They haven’t slowed down since. Did you ever see the photos of the Valentine’s Day Massacre? Crime scene photos look pretty much the same today. No outlines.

  9. This person should be given 10% of the potential costs, it would have taken to prosecute and imprison the criminals for their crimes. As a reward for saving the taxpayers 100s of thousands, if not millions of $$$.

  10. I am putting my nickel on the square that says the jugging in the San Antonio area has stopped. This pair thought they had polished their gig to the point of perfection. Indeed they had….so perfect they don’t ever have to do it again.

    • “Thank the Republicans for blocking Universal Health Care and every bill that would have increased funding for mental health care. Republicans are the gun banners best friends.”


      apparently you didn’t understand what the ‘Universal Health Care’ really was and how disastrous it would have become for health care.

      “Psycho shoots people in Queens while riding a scooter.”

      Key words “Psycho shoots people…” – A person shoots, not guns or multi-millions of law abiding gun owners – A “Psycho shoots people”

      Yet despite the criminal record and known mental health issues the left-wing gun banners did nothing to keep this ‘”Psycho” out of society and in fact facilitated this “Psycho” by not doing something about it when they had the chance and not even using their own ‘red flag’ type laws for this “Psycho”.

      Some of your left-wing anti-gun democrat and independents came out and finally admitted it, after years of intentionally suppressing many studies that pointed it out, finally admitted what rational sane people know (which doesn’t include you dacian) – 100% of these ‘”Psycho” (your word dacian) are mentally ill. (listen to these left wingers in the video below, they authored the ‘Safe Communties Act’ you are so fund of, plus they also point out that red flag laws do not have the due process that you claimed they did)

    • So again, asshole, you blame something other than the criminal who pulled the trigger.

      I’m finally coming around to the idea that you’re too stupid to participate in a discussion forum — any discussion forum.

      • No return fire. The Hispanic man (per the story; he looks a bit darker-complected to me) was riding an “illegal scooter.” And he had a “ghost gun.”

        Those are the most important take-aways from the story, apparently.

    • Don’t fault Republicans for “blocking Universal Health Care and every bill that would have increased funding for mental health care”.

      Fault the killer’s mother for not taking advantage of New York’s access to “Reproductive Health Care” which would have prevented all of his criminal activities.

    • I don’t know about the rest of the country but I have detailed knowledge of how the destruction of CA’s fine mental health system came about and it was a joint effort between the dimokrauts and the repugnikins. The Lanterman (R) Petris (D) Short (D) Act in CA caused the demise of a system that housed the mentally ill in clean, warm in winter, cool in summer hospital settings where they received the recognized mental health care of the day. They were kept clean and fed and clothed in clean clothes. As a result of the LPS Act in CA they now sleep in doorways, carry fleas and lice which create disease, are dirty which also encourages disease, are malnourished which again leads to disease. It is interesting the number of typhus workers’ compensation cases that have been filed against the City of Los Angeles due to the proximity of the homeless encampment adjacent to City Hall. Typhus is carried by the fleas escaping from living on the streets to the nice warm or cool environment of City Hall. Yes, Reagan signed the bill but it was passed by overwhelming support of both parties. His veto of the bill would have been a useless gesture. There were far more votes in favor of the bill than needed to overturn the veto. The legislative action started as a result of a case originating in this county. It was called Hop Louie v The Director of Mental Health. It was ruled on by the CA Supremes. The Public Defender of this county considered it his finest achievement in a lifetime of defending criminals and the mentally ill. I often wonder what he would think about his “victory” if he were alive today.

  11. Why does anyone ever use an ATM? Just walk inside the bank and withdraw money from your account.

    Walking inside the bank has several advantages:
    — Multiple witnesses to discourage robbers.
    — Multiple cameras to discourage robbers.
    — Multiple people (who may intervene) to discourage robbers.
    — Far better visibility for you, the patron.
    — Far better options for movement, concealment, and cover.
    — You may be depositing and have no money when you come out.

    Any one thing on that list may be relatively insignificant. The entire list, however, is very significant. And the proof is in the pudding: how many robberies do you hear about where a robber followed a patron into a bank and went on to rob that patron in the bank? Answer: basically none.

    • “Why does anyone ever use an ATM? Just walk inside the bank and withdraw money from your account.”

      well… could be reasons possible are (among others):

      * banks are not open 24 hours, bank holidays, and most of the weekend (although there are some areas where banks are open for a certain number of hours on a weekend. Select bank branches open here from 9 AM to 1PM on saturdays except for a holiday weekend and nearest branch open then for me is about 20 miles away so If I need cash for something I would need to drive 40 miles round trip to get it to get something less than, say, 2 miles away. So add a ‘convenience factor’)

      * withdrawal of money from your account inside the bank means writing a check you may not have with you when you discovered you needed some cash.

      But yeah, ATM’s can be dangerous places to visit.

    • ” how many robberies do you hear about where a robber followed a patron into a bank and went on to rob that patron in the bank? Answer: basically none.”

      They just watch and wait then rob them when they leave the bank.


    • The ATM is either working or broken. It is never just “having a bad day.” It moves at its programed pace. It doesn’t stop to chat with the ATM next to it. It doesn’t get a sudden urge to take a restroom break just as I am approaching it. It doesn’t demand photo id once I have punched in my secret code even though I have banked at the bank before most of the workers for that bank were born. Before the banks went to making retail banking the workplace of temporary workers some folks actually worked in retail banking for their entire working careers and knew and recognized long term customers. That changed back in the 80s and 90s and retail banking is no longer a career occupation. It’s a low end job just like working at Sears or Pennys.

  12. I’m hopeful but not optimistic about the final outcome. San Antonio is decidedly NOT gun-friendly. Lotsa 30.06 (concealed carry prohibited) and 30.07 (open carry prohibited) signs. Lotsa Democrats. Rootin’ for him, and I like what the police chief said, but the final decision rests with the DA. Dunno if he’s a Soros plant, but he has said, “We’re going to focus on violence involving guns. And in order to do that, we had to bring criminal justice reform to the office….” Not a good sign.

  13. Well, it’s a great story with a positive outcome, Just the kind of story to read with my morning coffee. Two suspects now have a zero recidivism rate. I would like San Antonio city council present this Armed Citizen with a crime prevention award. I won’t hold my breath!

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