Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
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Hillary Clinton claims America has a “Red State Murder Problem.” Then again, Hillary also claims she won the 2016 Presidential Election. In reality, Heritage Foundation research shows that 27 of the top 30 most crime-ridden cities are run by Democrats.

Specifically, those 27 cities are run by politicians who advocate for soft-on-crime policies including defunding the police, no-cash bail policies, refusing to prosecute even violent crimes, and outright decarceration. What’s more, almost half of those top-30 cities have Soros-backed “progressive” prosecutors who are fully on board with these goals.

The Daily Signal reports on the numbers . . .

A new report shows that Democrat policies in cities and counties are responsible for rising crime rates in “their otherwise red states.”

The Heritage Foundation today released a 19-page report titled “The Blue City Murder Problem” that includes analysis on crime data and explores who is responsible for rising crime throughout the U.S. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s multimedia news organization.)

“Those on the Left know that their soft-on-crime policies have wreaked havoc in the cities where they have implemented those policies,” authors Charles Stimson, Zack Smith, and Kevin D. Dayaratna, who are scholars in the Edwin Meese III Center for Judicial and Legal Studies at The Heritage Foundation, wrote in the report.

The authors continued:

It is not hard to understand why ‘reforms’ such as ending cash bail, defunding the police, refusing to prosecute entire categories of crimes, letting thousands of convicted felons out of prison early, significantly cutting the prison population, and other ‘progressive’ ideas have led to massive spikes in crime—particularly violent crime, including murder—in the communities where those on the Left have implemented them.

As of June 2022, the top three cities with the highest homicide rates include Chicago, with 304 homicides; Philadelphia, with 240 homicides; and New York, with 197 homicides, the report said.

The report also highlighted that 27 of the top 30 cities with the highest murder rates as of June 2022 were run by Democratic mayors, except for Lexington, Kentucky, and Jacksonville, Florida, which are run by Republican mayors, and Las Vegas, which has an independent mayor.

More specifically, 14 of the 30 cities with the highest murder rates have “[George] Soros-backed or Soros-inspired rogue prosecutors,” the report said.

Of course, when people like Hillary Clinton makes a wild, unfounded claim, most in the media and some low-information voters will take her at her word. Low-information voters tend to result in low-information elected officials.

Americans who have to live with the reality of these policies are buying firearms at a record rate. They want the means to protect themselves and their families when elected officials have decided not to. Those same officials, then look at the tragic results of their own wrong-headed, failed policies and conclude that the real problem is…guns. The solution, naturally, is more gun control laws.

Wash, rinse, repeat.



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    • former, already voted. Republican. Except, one Independent, and that was the only one on the ballot. And a friend. So, there was that. It did distress me that a couple of my votes were the “lesser of two evils”. Understand, I’m a registered Democrat. It’s a nuance of local politics. You gotta’ live hear to understand.

      • I do understand. My black wife is a registered republican. I am not. But I will never vote D again. Voted McGovern in 1972 because Nixon was a lying warmonger(& Vietnam loomed). Primaries matter little in ILLannoy. No independent worth a damn around here…

      • Beware after midnight – As always NOTHING good happens after midnight. Stupid things, stupid places, stupid people (progs)

  1. Vegas is overwhelmingly run by Democrats, regardless of the mayor’s “I” label.

    I’m curious whether the other two “exceptions” are real Rs, and what their councils, prosecutors, etc. are like.

    • Vegas flipped to Democrat in 2018 by small margins in nearly all races, taking the Governor’s office and enough seats in the Legislature to give the Dems a stronghold for the next few years. Then Gov Sisolak went on a tear and immediately signed anti-2A bills into law, implementing universal registration and BGCs, serial number requirements, and anti-PMF (80 percenter) measures. The serial number requirement for PMFs was knocked down at the 11th hour by a judge, but only because that law was worded to specifically go after a specific manufacturer. A simple re-wording would “correct” that and pass if submitted again today.

      I personally know multiple friends in the Vegas/Henderson area who purchased their first gunns and even got their CCWs recently, and did so because they viewed their rights as under attack by the Dems. They had previously not given gunns a second thought, and one of them is a hospital nurse who hadn’t touched a gunn in 20+ years, regarding them as destructive to human life. Within the past month, she just got her CCW and bought a Springfield Hellcat…which is now her second gunn.

      I agree that you can’t advertise a place as “Sin City” and expect it to be solidly conservative, but the pendulum swung too far in 2018, and the COVID/riots of 2020 (and the Dems’ mantra of defunding police) awakened a lot of people there.

      • And the Mandalay shooting was in Oct 2017–so flipping in 2018 shouldn’t have been a total surprise.

      • Haz,
        I greatly admire everything you’re doing to get people shooting and building, but remember: the part of the law restricting P80, etc. from manufacturing and selling was overturned, but not the part that allows actual building (i.e. the part that matters to most of us).

        I never really expected “Sin City” to be conservative (most of the rest of the state, where I reside, is), but it used to be libertarian. I remember my best friend’s incredulity when Gov. Moe Szyslak’s COVID diktats cancelled his visit: “I thought Vegas, of all places, would let adults make their own decisions.”

        • We conservatives in California feel like the passengers in the bus from the movie Shang-Chi. The Dems are at the wheel, taking us down the hill, crashing into everything along the way. Pro-2A entities are trying to fight on our behalf and stop the bus from crashing, but are dealing with politicians (thugs) and can’t get into the driver seat.

        • Right, and everything in your responses (and my own searches) showed only that “Schlegelmilch’s order means that purchases or possession of unfinished guns and accessories — products sold by Polymer80 — won’t be criminalized as intended” [emphasis added] based on the idea that the statute defined “unfinished frame or receiver” ambiguously. I have yet to see anything striking down the portions of the law prohibiting building. I turned all my designing and building efforts away from scratch builds toward ideas that could be built off existing serialized receivers, and would love to see documentation that scratch builds are still legal.

        • Regarding your second response, CA perfectly exemplifies one of the main reasons why I came (over the course of many military transfers) to hate “states’ rights”.

          Though a relatively small minority, CA Republicans outnumber those of just about every other state (other than TX and maybe FL). Academics frequently discuss how colonization patterns isolate and disenfranchise huge populations and cultures in Africa or South America without ever considering that the exact same BS applies in the US.

        • It’s been my understanding that the law was overturned in its entirety due to the determination that its definition of an “unfinished receiver” was too vague, and therefore unenforceable.

          Even here in CA, people continue to build in anticipation of an eventual overturn of our existing ban following Bruen.

        • I replied with links, but the WordPress gremlins are chewing on it in the Moderation dungeon. Hopefully it’ll appear soon.

        • Thanks, Haz. The Nevada Independent provided the [an?] injunction, which states “IT IS HEREBY FURTHER ORDERED that this Order only applies to the enforcement of Section 3.5 of AB 286 and shall not preclude or prohibit the enforcement of other sections of AB 286.” Section 4 prohibits building. Hopefully your links direct me to a different injunction.

        • “Academics frequently discuss how colonization patterns isolate and disenfranchise huge populations and cultures in Africa or South America without ever considering that the exact same BS applies in the US”

          the study it there to implement it here.

        • rant7,
          Sad but true!

          Are those the links you mentioned earlier? They all seem to point [only] to “the portion of the bill prohibiting the sale of “ghost gun” firearm assembly kits.”

        • @Umm,

          Yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about, and just re-read the Court’s Final Judgment as filed on Dec 10, 2021. Page 17 of that Order states (as you correctly point out) that Sections 3 and 3.5 are hereby enjoined and unenforceable.

          However, the rest of AB286 was also riddled with challenges. For example, Section 5 prohibited even so much as mere possession of any PMF lacking a serial number, let alone transport. In CA, nearly any illegal weapon may be transported under limited circumstances, one of which is “removal from the State”. AB286 doesn’t even allow Nevadans any ability to do this and legally remove non-serialized PMFs to another State (for example, to transfer to a family relative elsewhere for storage).

          Section 4 took a longstanding right of Americans to build their own firearms that had been in place since for 157 years (since Nevada joined the Union in 1864), and suddenly turned it not only into a crime, but the second charge was a felony that effectively removed one’s ability to ever own firearms again.

          It’s my understanding that – due to the key parts regarding the definition of the very “unfinished frame or receiver” being enjoined – the overall law was rendered moot like a lion without its teeth, and implementation has been paused pending further appeal by the State to the Nevada Supreme Court. As for that, I’m not finding anything to clarify the current status.

          In the meantime, I’ve neither read nor heard anything regarding enforcement of AB286, and even Polymer80 explicitly states on their site that building continues to be legal in Nevada. I would imagine they (through their attorneys) would know best, since they were not only the Plaintiffs challenging the law, but were the actual target when the bill was written in the first place. They’ve been at Ground Zero throughout this whole ordeal.

          My two cents.

        • Haz,
          I completely agree that the whole law is unjust and unconstitutional, but I don’t see how ambiguity about the definition of “unfinished frame or receiver” would invalidate the portion of the law against making a finished firearm or receiver (which is unambiguous, and doesn’t seem to have been challenged by P80).

  2. While NYC has a relatively low murder rate per capita and most of NY is low compared to the national average re crime it is important to note that bail reform at a minimum doubled crime rates when you compare 2019 vs 20 and beyond. Also some areas actually have violent crime in measurable numbers after years of N/A on their jurisdiction entry. We are an example of a low starting point having a measurable increase that is overwhelming some aspects of our system. But yes do give our policy a whirl in areas that were crime capitols before the pandemic, what could go wrong?

  3. My only response to the has-been named Hillary Clinton is that we can blame it all on the vast left wing conspiracy. The male that she refers to as husband has insured that I will never vote Democrat. Although she would say it’s Trump that did that. The Clinton will say whatever they need to in order to maintain power and relevance in Washington.

    It’s time for people ON BOTH SIDES to come to grips with one very simple concept. Even with ALL the intense hatred directed towards Trump, Hillary Clinton lost. So regardless of what might get said on The View, No one in this entire country wants her but a very small niche handful of people. She simply is not worth listening to anymore. By anyone.

    The most cheated on woman (if anyone on the left understands what a woman is anymore) in America.

    • “No one in this entire country wants her but a very small niche handful of people”

      that very small niche handful of people sees itself as The People, and everyone else as not.

    • “She simply is not worth listening to anymore. By anyone.”

      Hear, Hear!

      (you, that is, not her)

      “(if anyone on the left understands what a woman is anymore)”

      ..or cheating either, for that matter.

  4. As a Los Angelino, I can confirm my County checks all the boxes.

    I’ve see one single “Biden” bumper sticker. One. Despite all the Priuses, Teslas, and Volvos here, only one Biden sticker.

    I cannot count all the “F**K Biden”, “Trump 2024”, and even Gadsden Flag stickers. There’s been a surprising resurgence of trucks flying large flags again, just like during the 2020 Election, though instead of Trump and MAGA, they’re mostly the classic American flag and the Thin Blue Line (support your local law enforcement) kind. They’re everywhere.

    Mrs Haz and I were expressing our amazement at a television commercial on CBS – aired several times during prime time – featuring none other than Gov Hair Gel Newsom himself stumping for the Democrats and explicitly stating “our democracy is at stake”. If Newsom feels he has to take the time to convince voters to lean away from voting Republican, that’s a sign the Dems here are on edge. Finally.

    • “They’re everywhere”

      those people don’t vote.

      oh they cast ballots sure, but those ballots disappear and are replaced by other ballots.

      • True story.

        I had a Zoom call with my father over the weekend, who currently is located outside CA but remains registered. He said he didn’t have a problem receiving mail-in ballots prior to 2020, but his ballot for the CA primary a few months ago arrived at his house *after* the voting day. And even though tomorrow is Election Day, he still hasn’t received his mail-in ballot. He’s a registered Republican. He tried contacting the Registrar’s office in his home County, who simply told him “it’s on its way”.

  5. Hopefully democRats will be flushed tomorrow. If that happens then start flushing back stabbing mitch mcconnell, romney and other worthless democRat lint lickers.

      • How did the Puppet’s teleprompter know in advance it would take days to count the votes? They think people will accept this as the new normal.

        • “They think people will accept this as the new normal”

          they think no such thing. rather they think, “this is what we want!” and smile. if anyone speaks against it they’re shocked, and enraged, and respond with “how dare you!” in righteous outrage.

  6. If people vote for queers, child groomers, sex traffikers, drug traffikers, and the like, then they will get what they deserve. Imagine that!

  7. I like how blue cities blame their red states.

    As in: “you should have known we’re all a bunch of violent drug addicted children and banned us from having guns!”

    A defection of blame by virtue of admitting guilt.

    • “you should have known we’re all a bunch of violent drug addicted children and banned us from having guns!”

      (nod) if we get past this, we will. (yes, we are a threat to their democracy.)

  8. People like Liz Cheney, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and a host of other Rinos or Democrats have become irrelevant and simply keep popping up because they don’t believe they are irrelevant. Clinton and Obama no longer draw any kind of audience when they speak. Both are has-beens and in Cheney’s case voters clearly indicated their lack of interest in her.

    The American People are not stupid and many are coming around to realize the only thing these people are reall concerned about is themselves. They are liars, hypocrites and lack moral and ethical standards. When you vote tomorrow, vote Republican to show these people we are not taking any more of their nonsense.

  9. “Hillary Clinton claims America has a ‘Red State Murder Problem.’”

    standard leftist tactic – accuse the right of what the left is doing.

    • Those red states have a big blue city murder problem. It’s almost like she’s intentionally pushing disinformation.

  10. There is really only one way to vote in tomorrow’s election. Any gun owner who votes for a DEMONcRAT is NUTZ!

  11. I wish I could say at how amazed I am at the amount of gaslighting the Dems do, but it has become so common, namely over the past two years, it has become “ho-hum, just another day that ends in ‘Y.'”
    Voting straight GOP tomorrow. It is the only sane choice.

  12. Tomorrow if history holds up, Democrats will lose 22-27 seats.

    If the Democratic Party loses those seats, they claim Democracy will die. The Party that has denied more election outcomes than Republicans, will make the claim there was some sort of foreign meddling that allowed the Republicans to gain seats, a repeat of 2016.

    I already voted. I studied everyone on the ballot and all of the ballot questions. That is something I would bet 95% of voters do not do. I live in Illinois, the pickings for a good candidate are very slim on both sides of the aisle.

    Has anyone noticed how the brown shirts are quiet? No Antifa, Occupiers or other riff raff out in the news? They have their orders to stay out of the news. What will their orders be if history repeats?

  13. No matter what happens tomorrow, it will not stop the total economic and societal collapse that’s coming. We’re well past the point of no return. Thinking that politicians can save us at this point is ludicrous. Hopefully, you’re all well prepared. Physically, and more important, spiritually.

  14. This country needs a SCOTUS gun case under Article IV, Section 1 (Full Faith and Credit). Require the wacko “blue” states honor/respect the firearms laws of traveling out of state residents.


  16. Hillary Clinton should be branded a known liar. . .Remember “Russia, Russia, Russia” and the insistence that Trump won with Russian Collusion? Or that he was cleared by the “Mueller investigation?” The man was impeached twice, and convicted NO TIMES on basically the same allegations.

    Now she claims murder is a Republican controlled state problem? Clearly Illinois and New York are resolutely under Republican control, right? That woman is so full of it.

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