Gun Safety Follies: Sansom Park, TX Cop Shot in the Face During Active Shooter Training [VIDEO]

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Has Alec Baldwin started an active shooter training academy? How else would you explain a suburban Fort Worth cop ending with a life-threatening gunshot would during a school shooting drill? That’s how a Sansom Park officer ending up in intensive care Saturday afternoon after being shot in the face.

According to Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer, the cop was shot during a “training accident” that was being conducted by a “third party training provider.” The drill was a “school-based active shooter training” exercise being conducted at Davis Elementary School in Forest Hill, Texas.

According to Chief Spencer, that third-party training company “provided the weapons” used during the exercise. That un-named third-party outfit, however, seems to have adopted the same basic safety protocols as the gun wranglers on the Rust movie set.

According to the Dallas Morning News . . .

Spencer said live ammunition was not intended to be part of the day’s training.

“How a weapon was introduced, we don’t know,” he said at the news conference.

Spencer said the contractor provided the training supplies, however, it was “not a live-fire training” and there is no reason to suspect a criminal element. He also said it’s not uncommon to use third-party contractors for the training.

Spencer indicated that only police officers were inside the school at the time of the shooting.

Sansom Park officer Lina Mino was shot in the face and is currently in serious but stable condition.

Remember…as we’re constantly told by all of the smartest people, police are the only people in a civil society who are competent and sufficiently trained to carry firearms.

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  1. Oh boy.

    I just had another “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” conversation about new gun purchases with a LEO buddy one week ago. The EDCs came out, and we both unloaded and handed our gunns to each other with the slides locked open to ensure empty chambers during handling.

    I’m going to be conducting ASE (Active Shooter Event) training for my Team within the next couple of months. No actual firearms or ammo will be allowed in the area whatsoever. Not even by the off-duty LEOs present. Period. Only bright orange “safety” training gunns. We discussed possibly using Simunitions, but I ultimately decided against it.

    The person or company who acted as the contractor for the training mentioned in this article is going to be in for a heckuva time.

    • Smart decisions. “Check your guns at the door, if you won’t check them, don’t come in.”

      Stuff happens. The more people involved, the more stuff happens. You simply cannot control other people, the way you wish could control them. Someone is going to do something stupid. If there’s a real weapon in the mix, really bad stuff happens.

      No need to Baldwin your training exercise.

    • Handing pistols to others with the action locked back is my go to as well. Saw too many people take other peoples word on guns being loaded instead of clearing or even press checking. I cannot wrap my head around people being given an actual firearm be it on the set of a movie or a training event and just taking someone’s word that it’s unloaded.

  2. A local DFW New channel ran a story on SRO armed training almost a decade ago.
    Showed a female officer walking slowly down the CENTER (not wall hugging) of a hallway, with her Glock presented at eye level (looking thru the sights) while having BOTH index fingers inside the trigger guard and BOTH THUMBS crossed and placed on the rear of the slide.
    The end of the segment showed her pieing a corner (rt door frame) toward a camera set up inside the room she was clearing. Slowly the gun came into view first, then her arms, then CLOSED left eye, then open right eye.
    This SRO was getting trained to have her weapon taken away or get shot in the face before even seeing a threat.

    So yeah, not at all surprised that the 4 rules are being ignored.

  3. I suspect there is going to be plenty of blame to go around here. I would have thought that they would have at least inspected and maybe wanded everyone participating in the drill to make 100% sure that there was zero live ammo on anyone.

    I did a force-on-force (siminutions) class at a place in Dallas several years ago. To get into the portion of the facility where the scenarios were run you had to go through a metal detector — no guns, ammo, or even knives were allowed past that point that weren’t supplied by the training company. They took safety VERY seriously.

    • I have been wanded at every active shooter class I have gone thru, I suspect that ALERRT was not involved unless safsty standards have really dropped there.

  4. Why is there a Gofundme for medical expenses? Do you mean to tell me that her injuries aren’t paid for by the employer?

    • That was my reaction. She was injured on the job. Her medical expenses should automatically be covered 100% and so should her regular salary.

    • I don’t know about TX but in CA, not only are med expenses covered 100% but “safety” members, cops, firemen, state police, DAs, probation officers, parking enforcement officers and more, are all covered by a policy that continues pay at 100% while on disability. I always wondered about fund drives to cover “expenses” for such members. Where is the money going? Who benefits? Achmed Muhammed, getting shot at 7-11 gets med pay but his wage is greatly reduced. I don’t know what the percentage is these days. It has been a while since I worked at the Worker’s Comp Bureau.

      All heart attacks for “safety” members are considered occurring in the line of duty even for grossly overweight, heavy smoking desk personnel.

  5. Again it’s the same old lame excuse…Live ammo wasn’t supposed to be there yuk, yuk, yuk.
    If you are going to play cops and robbers with real firearms then disable the weapon, use rubber guns or pull the trigger when you know a live round would not do bodily harm. That’s right…Rambo trainees must practice protecting a school by pointing a firearm capable of firing live ammo at another fool and willy nilly pull the trigger is as stupid as it sounds.

    • nice, so they have at least 2 morons unless she shot herself. not including the ones that ran that shitshow

    • Police association called it an accidental discharge. It wasn’t a negligent discharge, it was fully deliberate. Unfortunately, she didn’t follow the first rule after a shooting “STFU” and admitted on the dash came that she stupidly fired the shot. That said, there is a big difference between acting dumb and getting shot during a “training negligent discharge” at least in my book. Now if she shot herself in the latest go round, then she should be permanently deprived of having a firearm, but all indications so far are that she didn’t shoot herself — Alex Baldwin did.

  6. Having participated in numerous active shooter and force on force trainings. There is hugh difference between live rounds and the rubber bullet rounds used for training. They are easily distinguished from each other. We also use special firearms specifically designed for rubber rounds, with NO LIVE rounds allowed in the building during training exercises. This is another example of the Alec Baldwin effect. A mysterious Live round materialized out of thin air and shot someone. SMFH.

  7. Probably another one that knew too much I’m going to rat out all her piece of shit cop buddies so they tried to shut her up

  8. That’s workman’s comp for sure. Something about being raised with them that trumps formal training. First time I ever shot a 1911, we were out to sea, practicing on the fantail. The old man saw my group, asked me how long I been shooting a 1911. Bout 5 minutes. He’s on the security alert team.

  9. As I open the story I’m thinking “Alec Baldwin.”

    His name just seems to fit any gun safety story.

    Hopefully it fits the “jury by his peers” story eventually.

  10. A GoFundMe for the officers medical expenses.
    It’s not like the tax payers aren’t already doing that.
    Personally I feel wemon shouldn’t be on the battlefield or on a SWAT team.
    Well wait a minute, now that I think about it maybe they should be. If enough wemon get killed then males would have to mate with males and the human population would drop. Yessiree Bub

    • That’s exactly the same thing that came to mind to me.
      An accident, however stupid, during service should be abundantly covered by the (public) employer, as well as by the “third party” insurance, without the need to rely on goodwill charity.

  11. At the LGS, staff always lock the weapon open, and remove the mag, prior to handing a firearm to a lookie-lou, like me. Oddly, the seem irritated when I hand it back with the weapon locked open, and the mag removed.

    As a pilot, I approached aircraft with the thought in mind, “The primary mission of this airplane is to kill me.” Same with any firearm. Hoping a mindset of “safety-first”, no matter the activity, doesn’t degrade along with my physical functioning.

  12. For gods sake making mountains out of molehills is chilidsh to say the least
    With upwards FOUR HUNRED MILLION firearms in circulation the USA and counting and most of them in the hands of utter idiots – there will be accidents and there are tens of thousands ‘accidents’ every year.
    This incident WAS an accident and no doubt caused by over familiarity. In HUNTING alone in the USA there are MORE people shot by ACCIDENT that there are moose, bear, deer combined.

  13. Alex I’ll take DUMB things for 500!

    Just got shot with empty or safe firearm

    What is pulling an Alec Baldwin?

  14. “According to Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer, the cop was shot during a “training accident” that was being conducted by a “third party training provider.”

    In other words, “please don’t sue us, we did our best to outsource all responsibility for the safety of our employees!”

    not just incompetent but spineless.

    • “In other words, “please don’t sue us, we did our best to outsource all responsibility for the safety of our employees!” ”

      The “law of agency” places the responsibility for the actions of an agent (contractor/sub-contractor) squarely on the principal who employed the agent.

    • Prayers needed just for the taxpayers of Sansom Park as they’re the ones who are gonna get soaked FIVE times (5X) over during the civil suit. It goes like this, the town will hire outside attorneys despite having a town/police dept. attorney or one under contract, the citizens will end up paying the dopey broad’s legal fees, then there’s the civil judgement which is is inevitable, and of course the appeals, there’s always “appeals” and for thaaat there will be special “appellate” attorneys on both sides naturally billing the max to soak the populace dry.

  15. We laugh about Baldwin and the totally incompetent armorer that he personally hired to take care of the guns on his movie set, but I have to ask if anyone here can think of the last time they heard of anyone being shot during formal firearms training that didn’t involve a police officer?

  16. “…the cop was shot during a “training accident” that was being conducted by a “third party training provider.””

    More than a bit cold, it could be argued they got more realism than they do normally for training…

  17. As a retired RSO of many years, I acted as RSO for our local PD and Sheriff Dept when they used our municipal Indoor range (before they built they’re own). A high number of those LEOs (50 to 60%) had atrocious gun handling skills and had to work with them to teach them to apply the 4 Rules at all times. I don’t know what or how much they learn about Gun/Range Safety in their POST classes, but either they weren’t paying attention or the class is lacking in instruction.

  18. LEO’s accidently shot during training exercises happens more often than you would think. Rigid safety protocols should be in place and enforced anytime training involves firearms. I’ve seen several firearm accidents during my career (usually self-inflicted) due to poor firearms handling and outright stupidity. Believe it or not, most cops aren’t that good with a firearm, and despite their training, will do stupid things if not supervised by competent firearms instructors on scene to direct (and correct) proper training and firearm handling. I’ve had several close-calls during training exercises due to idiots not following their training procedures. Somebody in charge of that exercise f**ked up big time.

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