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Though most guns were bought by people who already had at least one, about a quarter were bought by first-timers, according to the Northwestern study. Those new owners were more likely to be Black.

Given the timing of the second surge, James Druckman, a Northwestern political science professor who worked on the study, said many purchases were likely driven by concern over police violence. But Mark Oliva of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade group whose own survey found an increase in Black gun buying, said he believed the increase was motivated by more people worrying about personal safety after riots and increased crime.

“It became very apparent to people that you have to be your own first responder,” he said.

Yvette Farmer, 58, who lives on the South Side of Chicago, said she bought a 9 mm pistol last year because of the “craziness” happening in the city.
“Bullets don’t have names,” she said at a concealed carry class in the Chatham neighborhood. “They can go anywhere. If you learn how to use something you’re better prepared.”

Two dozen students in the class handled replica pistols and practiced their grips, shooting stances and the fine points of armed confrontation.

“Look through that gun, look through it,” instructor Mike Brown, a former police officer, commanded as the students extended their faux pistols toward pretend attackers. “Imagine that that deadly threat is in front of you and you are trying to stop that threat. Don’t look at the gun — look through the gun at the threat.”

Brown said students come to him because of fear of crime (especially carjackings), as well as concerns over racist violence and unrest. But he added that Chicagoans who arm themselves should be wary of a city government that is aggressive about seizing guns.

For example, he said, people with firearm owner identification cards are frequently arrested for failing to also have a concealed carry license (both are required to carry a gun). He chalked up the omission to a lack of education, but said the consequences seem to land most heavily on Black people.

“When there is a politically driven (effort) to eliminate guns, you’re going to see overreaches in how the police tend to treat a certain class of citizens,” he said. “And that’s definitely what I’m seeing here.” 

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  1. “…..many purchases were likely driven by concern over police violence.”
    Mind-reading is a beautiful thing.

    • It is convenient that he can just vomit that kind of drivel without a shred of evidence. Shows you the state of universities right now.

    • I don’t watch TV, but man I must have been reading different news than these people do.

    • Yeah because all those first time purchasers are super confident that they’d win in a gun battle with a half dozen cops.

      Couldn’t possibly be a response to defunding the police.
      Gawd how they get by with this crap is amazing.

    • If a person resists arrest, attacks a cop, tries to take away the cops gun to shot them, pulls a knife/gun on a cop,….that person is not a victim of racism as excuse making irresponsible liberals claim, that person is a brain washed lawless dumbass. Remember blm but only if you’re killed committing a felon or trying to murder a cop. Killing each other all day is fine. The most hypocritical racists on U.S. soil are liberals

  2. Racist party of hate!!! Kkk to the 3rd power of Jim Crow!!!!

  3. Law-abiding Blacks buying guns, I bet that terrorizes the recent influx of (actual) racists infecting TTAG.

    (And the trolls like little ‘lol’ cheering them on….)

    • That’s right: GuN Lovin’ Goof understands the struggle 👊….

      …of squeezing himself through regular sized doorways. Seriously, though, he is such a 🤡!

        • “Although I will say it was funnier the first 500 times.”

          Not to fear, each and every time you open your yap is just as hilarious as the first time you demonstrated to the world what a demented little fvckwit you actually are.

          Dance, boy. I order you to respond… 😉

  4. Yeah in Chiraq rape,robbery,home invasion,big-time carjacking,homicide,arson and BlackLootersMurdering is up BIG time…and yet at 5500 N. Broadway they had a gun “buyback” at the catlic church. On Saturday. “Successfully”got 125 gats for a hunert bucks each. Snuffy the child diddling priest cheered…oh and event gave $ to “some” white folks. In case y’all missed it😕

    • 2x4s, a nail, and iron pipe= “GhOSty GuN”
      Add Black spray paint= “AsSUaLt GhOSty GuN”

    • hahaha catlic, perfectly phoenetic.
      north rogers park/ south wilmette recently had buybaks as well.

      • Thanks…I’ll be here all week😏 Unnoticed by anyone(except mebbe me) is the presence of white folks. Barred on the soutside😏😏😏

  5. Yup, a-holes like Beetlejuice arent gonna look out for ya, you need to be your own defender.

  6. No need to worry about carjackings. IL dems want to ban Grand Theft Auto. Problem solved.

    • Financial reasons and litigation issues. Their corruption became so blatant and obvious that gun owners declined to renew their membership in droves, damaging the NRA’s financial status, and NY State saw an opportunity prosecute them for legitimate allegations of wrongdoing. A non-profit can’t be treated as your own personal piggybank, and Wayne LaPierre did just that.

      TTAG covered some of the controversy in this article:

      inb4 the NRA defense force says I have an axe to grind/I’m a paid shill.. I’m none of those things. I also won’t vote for Neocons like Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, Liz Cheney, etc.

      Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, and Second Amendment Foundation have all done more for the Second Amendment than the NRA in the last 20 years. The NRA’s last “good” action was putting a sunset clause in the AWB back in the day. One good deed more than 20 years ago does not excuse 20+ years of negotiating our rights away, claiming to support gun owners while trying to scuttle the Heller case and treating the membership money as your own personal trust fund.

      The NRA got stupid and greedy. Until they clean house and LaPierre and his entire board of cronies get kicked out they don’t get any more of my money.

  7. illinois has no mag restrictions (yet).
    oddly, cook county is more restrictive than chicago (ten/ fifteen).

  8. Of course, Hispanics and Blacks are buying guns and ammo by the thousands to protect themselves, their families and communities, which is where most of the crime takes place, since police departments have been defunded and cancelled out by socialists.
    Old man Joe and his gang of liberals are going to have an uphill battle to illegally and unconstitutionally confiscate guns. Thank God for our constitution and the 2nd Amendment

  9. They’ll still vote for people who will take their rights away. They have a history of that.

  10. That’s pretty much what Chicago is, black people getting guns to protect themselves from black people!!!! Where’s all those black social workers talking down those criminals!

  11. Good… If anyone looked at the summer riots and thought anything other… “holy hell, the cops do not have the numbers to stop mass unrest, not even close” you weren’t paying attention. Add to the that the systemic violence that exists in Chicago and owning a gun for personal protection becomes a no brainer.

    I welcome new gun owners of any color or creed and recommend they get some training. I also do selfishly love that more black Americans are getting guns as that helps to ruin leftist narratives on who owns the guns.

  12. Ditto on de facto’s NRA statements. I quit them after about 40
    yrs and won’t go back until the over compensated head man and
    anybody that condoned his behavior is gone.

  13. “…Northwestern political science professor who worked on the study, said many purchases were likely driven by concern over police violence.”


    Lemme see if I can process this here Doc: You actually believe that black people are buying guns so that they can become “DVEs” (which supremacists ROFL!) and shoot cops who trample on their rights? That black folks believe that shooting cops in large numbers will make their situation better? They’r black boogbois now? Dafuq are you on and why aren’t you sharing?

    You sir, are a fucking retard. I’m ashamed to have a degree in the same subject, which I will no longer call a “discipline” until morons like you are ridden out on a rail and literally cleansed from your department by fire.

    For goddamn shame, Sir. Now, go kill your family and slice your own throat with a dull box cutter as a minor act of contrition.

    • Hey, Strych –

      Any chance are you’re planning on using that degree outside of regular work hours for gun rights?

      • I already do. I don’t have plans to expand on that at this time. I have too much other shit going on.

  14. So buying a gun isn’t a white privilege? Weird
    Oh well back to my brainwashing on tv

  15. Dems love chaos that’s how they keep getting voted back in! Create the problems, then promise to fix it! Over and over and over again! Remember they started the first civil war! They want a lose-over!

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