Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, left, and Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams face off in a televised debate, in Atlanta, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022. (AP Photo/Ben Gray)
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Stacey Abrams’ Democratic gubernatorial challenge is getting desperate with less than a week to go before election day.

Once again, the Second Amendment and crime issues played a major role in the final debate between Georgia’s two candidates for governor.

Correct the Record

Abrams injected pot shots and misstatements about Georgia’s gun laws while addressing other questions. She criticized Republican Gov. Brian Kemp for “making it easier” for Georgians to obtain firearms and “flooding the streets with guns.” Gov. Kemp took note. Finally, he’d had enough.

“I feel I need the time to address this whole gun, firearm question because she keeps bringing it up,” Gov. Kemp said.

“Let me tell you something – the law right now is the same as it was two years ago about who can lawfully carry a weapon or not. For Ms. Abrams to say that the legislation that we signed to let you protect your family, your businesses through your Second Amendment rights – it’s just absolutely not true.”

Gov. Kemp reiterated the facts about Georgia’s concealed carry law he signed.

“People that illegally can’t carry guns, the law is the same as it was before constitutional carry passed,” he explained. “And I got news for you. The criminals? They don’t care what the laws are. They already got the guns. The problem was law-abiding citizens couldn’t get a dang permit from the local government because governments were shut down, they were slow-playing the permitting process.”

He added, “All I’m doing is giving people the ability – if they would like to – to conceal carry to protect themselves, their property and their families. The record shows Ms. Abrams when she was in the general assembly, she co-sponsored legislation to confiscate your guns.”

It’s true. As a state legislator, Abrams pushed for strict gun control laws, including enacting statewide universal background checks for private firearm transfers, instituting waiting periods for firearm purchases and imposing “red flag” laws lacking Due Process rights protections. She supports banning modern sporting rifles (MSRs), what she erroneously terms “assault weapons,” which would ban more than 24.4 million lawful commonly-owned rifles in circulation today.

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Abrams even tried to secure the spot as President Joe Biden’s vice president after auditioning during his gun control Veepstakes. She describes her proposals and record as “obvious and the common-sense gun safety rules that do not infringe upon anyone’s ability to carry.”

Restricting Rights

During the debate, Abrams conflated criminal gun violence perpetrated by those who ignore Georgia gun laws with lawful firearm ownership.

“Under the past four years of the governor, gun violence has gone up… Guns are the number one killer of our children,” Abrams said. “And his response was to weaken gun laws in the state of Georgia and eliminate a background check. A background check that kept thousands of guns off of our streets and out of the hands of dangerous people.”

The statement is flawed in many ways. For starters, NSSF has thoroughly debunked the talking point used by Abrams and others on children and gun deaths. The study includes adults, aged 18 and 19, who are fully-vested in their Constitutional rights. When adults are removed, the number one cause of death for children aged 0-17 becomes vehicle accidents, as it has historically been.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (AP Photo/Megan Varner)

Gov. Kemp did not remove a background check for Georgians to purchase a firearm. Anyone purchasing a gun at retail, from a firearm retailer, is required to submit and pass an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification. That’s federal law.

Abrams also refuses to acknowledge that criminals don’t submit to background checks. A U.S. Sentencing Commission report shows nearly 90 percent of all firearms used by convicted firearm criminals were obtained illegally, through the black market, theft or other illicit means.

It’s the Crime, Stupid.

Polls show crime is at the top of voters’ minds. National gun control groups are spending heavily and telling law-abiding voters the opposite, that they need to give up their rights. In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp has made his position clear.

“I would say again just look at my record… I was the candidate that ran on a platform to go after the street gangs, criminals and drug cartels,” the governor said. “We’ve also been in the fight with local DAs, providing more resources when we’ve had civil unrest, unruly people who were literally trying to burn down our capital city… and quite frankly some local prosecutors who didn’t want to go after the gangs.”

When law-abiding Georgians felt unsafe due to violent and destructive riots in their cities, and soft-on-crime prosecutors, they responded by lawfully buying firearms. All told, more than 1.4 million Georgians legally purchased a firearm since 2020, according to NSSF-adjusted NICS data.

Gov. Kemp reminded undecided Georgians who care about their rights and safety they have a clear choice in one week. A #GUNVOTE for Gov. Kemp would protect their Second Amendment rights. A vote for Abrams would risk them.

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  1. I am glad to see that Fascism finally got past that race based hiring practice. Abrams is proof that modern Fascism is diverse.

    It’s still Fascism. But at least it has dumped that old master race garbage.

    • The racism is still there. It is the racism of low expectations. Note that most of the wannabe saviors are white who hope to be hoisted up on the shoulders of those they hope to save.

      • “The racism is still there. It is the racism of low expectations.”

        Oh, yeah. When asked why having to produce a government-issued picture ID in order to vote is ‘Racist’, they spew all kinds of bullshit, like “Blacks don’t know where to go to get that ID”.

        Every state issues picture ID for free, and for some strange reason, I’ve never once heard of Blacks claiming it’s ‘Racist’ to produce an ID to board an airliner, rent a car, or sign a lease for an apartment.

        The Leftist Scum ™ are hypocrisy in action… 🙁

        • Voter ID is only free in GA and the South, Every State in the North has to pay for their Voter ID.

          The more you know.

      • We need common sense gun control people. To discourage firearm ownership, we have to pass as many hoops as possible for people to jump through. One of those hoops should be safe storage laws, and another universal background checks. We need to pass them immediately, in capitalvania, now. Are criminals going to follow these statutes? Of course not! But that’s not what we want. We want law abiding people to follow these statutes, and others, ad nauseum, until they are conditioned, psychologically, to stop buying firearms and stop making firearms their hobby. And why? Because me and others like me, don’t like it. Those people should be more like us. And so we need to legislate it.

  2. We have to have access to abortion because of inflation. You fat ugly witch you’re the poster child for abortion. How racist you gotta be to vote for her?

    • More like a case for retroactive abortion. Abrams reminds me of the dingbat running against our sitting Governor in Iowa. Heavy in weight but very shallow in actual substance.

      • Corral up Abrams and Cori Bush (D-MO rep from St Louis), to do a TURF version of Jesus SURF feed of the multitudes of 5000 with two fish…….lotta prime USDA beef on the hoof there….no miracale required, just a lotta BBQing.

        • Gonna have to cook extra long–just in case. To really kill the trichinosis.
          Oh–and hard pass for me. That’d turn me vegan real quick. Took me YEARS to eat BBQ pork again after our fight all the way to Baghdad.

        • Took me YEARS to eat BBQ pork again after our fight all the way to Baghdad.

          WTF could you have seen in combat in Iraq that would turn you off to BBQ, three years in Vietnam and hundreds of danger close Napalm strikes didn’t affect MY appetite at all… Hmmmmm, Snowflake?

    • Said the way to beat inflation is to kill your unborn child… On national TV then lied about that AND her position on defunding the police. Hopefully she will lose by a significant margin with a record voter turnout then maybe she’ll shut her fucking mouth about being the actual Governor of GA (another thing she denied actually saying) she’s just another gun grabbing, lying ass Liberal that just won’t go away. Maybe Hildabeast will take her/it on as her running mate in 24, then she can be a THREE-time loser.. Buhh Byhhh Stacey…

  3. Fascism finally got past that race based hiring practice

    In the 30s/40s fascism appeared in China, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Greece… Pretty diverse, fucked up dictatorships but still pretty diverse… (did not list the “white” countries, not germane to the post)…

  4. IMO…It’s the same old yada, yada, yada to defend the 2A and the same old zipped lip silence about History confirming Gun Control in any shape, matter or sugarcoated form being rooted in racism and genocide.
    99% of the time such polite mitch mcconnell “my democRat colleague” kind of debates to defend the 2A fail to define Gun Control for history illiterate voters who stand for nothing and fall for anything.

  5. Rights restrictions should be the same across the board. Arbitrary and inconsistent fee scales, variable background checking, rheems of paperwork some notarized some not, hand over your passwords, a couple of interviews and maybe a letter of reference from your congressman.

    Then you may write an article, read an article, assemble, follow or not follow a religion, avoid housing a member of the military, enjoy counsel at any trial you may face, etc….

    Consistency is all I ask.

      • “…after you get your $200 tax stamp in 3-15 MONTHS!!!”

        It’s illegal to tax a civil right. I think we will have a solid shot of nuking the $200 tax.

        The paperwork can be drastically speeded up, considering how government computer databases are linked up with each other and the norm these days. A max of 30 days (or less) should be do-able.

        C’mon, gun right orgs, step up and start launching the lawsuits…

    • If they bring back Aunt Jemima there’s always that for obese, ignorant, and gap-toothed but remember no Democrat is ever really “dead” politically. One just need look at Dementia Joe, the serial liar, decades ago he was exposed, excoriated by the press, withdrew from the presidential primary because of his plethora of pathological prevarications yet still was reelected to the senate every six years for decades, became VP, then stole an election (“81 million votes” they say, yeah right) and us driving our nation to ruin.

      Again no Democrat is ever “dead” politically, convicted of bribery Federal judge Willliam Jefferson was impeached then elected to congress, drunken rapist and murderer of Mary Jo Kopekne, Edward (Ted) Kennedy served until the day his liver failed, Wash DC Mayor Marion Barry caught with hookers and smoking crack convicted, served time and was reelected by his peeps, and convicted pedophile Bwarney Fwank served for decades after admitting to molesting male House pagesin their early teens all this in addition to the aforementioned individual, Pedo Joe aka “The Big Guy” who routinely showered with his then 11-13 yr old daughter proves that.

      • drunken rapist and murderer of Mary Jo Kopekne, Edward (Ted) Kennedy served until the day his liver failed,

        Brain Cancer, Kennedy might have had a worn out liver but actual cause of death was brain cancer… Just keeping the record straight….

        • “Brain cancer” eh? Who told you that, the same media that said David DePape is “MAGA”? Lol!

        • “Brain cancer” eh? Who told you that

          Fifteen months after he was initially diagnosed with brain cancer, Kennedy succumbed to the disease on August 25, 2009, at age 77 at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

          It’s available on the internet at ALL news sites, way too many to list just type in Ted Kennedy death and enjoy.

        • Ooh “the internet” (if it’s on the ‘net it must be true) and “multiple sources” said it, all of them no doubt members/big fans of that lumbering, lecherous, slobbering drunk, sex pest, and vehicular manslaughterer I mean the Kennedy Clan would never lie right?

          If Teddy had a brain it would”ve been diseased, destroyed by syphilis just like his election stealing brother Jack’s (John’s) was. We all know Tedward didn’t die of heart disease/heart attack, leaving that campaign floozy to drown proves he didn’t have one.

        • Ooh “the internet” (if it’s on the ‘net it must be true) and “multiple sources” said it,

          Unfortunately, since not everyone can be everywhere to witness every event all the time we must rely on “sources”. I try to find what I consider the most reliably valid sources and after checking numerous reports from all sources available found them all to be consistent. I have no love for the fucking guy but really don’t see what difference it makes how he died; dead is dead. If you have a copy of the coroner’s report listing cause of death OR you were standing next to him when he died and know for a fact that he died of liver disease, then your input is welcome, if not then STFU and move on, I already have.

  6. They are both too self-important to just go away, two losers that were “robbed” because eight people thought they were really, really smart and had the bestest ideas ever but for some unexplained reason failed to cast a ballot… (forgot, overslept, dog ate their ballot, couldn’t find their car keys)

  7. Wow , No Jerky advertisement taking up my whole ph screen?
    Oh when I first scanned the article I read , Stacy’s Abrams Anti Tank Lies.
    What a disappoint. I was hoping for a tutorial on the myths of stopping an Abrams tank.

  8. It is NOT necessary to post Mammy Abrams ugly mug on this site. Just post the rear of the demtard donkey. Less offensive.

  9. I was just reminded of how entrenched some people are earlier in the fantasy world of Leftism. Literally just this morning, at work, not long ago, I was told that Trump’s rise to power was reminiscent of Hitler’s due to his telling the gullible public that they’re great. Then Germany was lauded for being afraid of nationalism currently. Aside from being flabbergasted that this was a declarative statement, and not wanting to start a big thing at work because she’s an orientee, my only response was “How’s that working out for them?”

    These people are still out there folks, and they’re proud.

    • Update, overall this person doesn’t seem like a bad person either. They really don’t. And they’re not crazy, they seem reasonable for what we’re doing. And I’m going to do my best to teach them and contribute to their hopefully successful career. Amazing, the shades of gray we encounter in life huh?

      • She believes what she’s being told, even if it’s by known liars. She’s naive. There’s a reason the dems get the young vote. They actually think being woke is a good thing.

        • The siren song of advancement without having to work for it, a form of affirmative action. Most of the siren myths include something like how the siren would die if a human was able to escape their song. If we can laugh at a leftist, and walk away, and he loses his power over us.

    • They’re manipulated by Big Tech and the MSM. If the Right had that, they would never lose. All the Left has is lies. We’re approaching the election and the Puppet went on air to basically make the Orange Man Bad argument. I think people who were fooled by that two years ago are looking for something else, like stopping the bleed. Everything the dems have touched has gone to shit.

    • I was told that Trump’s rise to power was reminiscent of Hitler’s

      They only know what they are told, hopefully her job will not require critical thinking or snap decision making.

      • @Maxx. No such luck amigo. Lot’s of planning ahead, quick decision making, and extrapolation of next steps based on basic information… Maybe that’s their only blind spot? Fingers crossed.

  10. Prepare for 1 million extra votes to appear in Atlanta for Abrams and Warnock… but its fair right??… prepare for the steal!

  11. I’m staying out of this one because any input on my part would be highly inflammatory, bigoted, racially insensitive and counter-productive to positive cultural relations.

    I’ll let all you nice folks imagination run with that thought.

  12. Stupid bitch on the VIEW says WHITE women voting for REPUBLICANS is like ROACHES voting for RAID, how fucking stupid can THEY get… I LOVE the smell of FEAR…

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