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The cognitively imparied dynamic duo. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
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Amazingly, Joe Biden campaigned Saturday in Pennsylvania for tragic stroke victim John Fetterman. It was at least the second time one cognitively compromised man turned out to support another in as many weeks.

The memes practically wrote themselves, between our superannuated President’s incoherent, dementia-addled speech patterns paired with with those of noted word salad chef Fetterman.

During the event, Biden babbled this: “John Fetterman will veto — with your votes, John Fetterman will be in the Senate and be able to help me add one more thing — what I got done when I was a senator: ban assault weapons.”

Grandpa Joe…America’s voice of clarity. (Fair warning, not responsible for your device if you’re sipping a beverage while watching this…)

Fetterman recently dazzled Pennsylvania voters with a bang-up debate performance.

One thing is for sure. If John Fetterman is elected, he — or his wife — will be a reliable vote vote to ban America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 and the standard capacity magazines that feed it.

Breitbart has the details . . .

President Joe Biden used a speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday to urge voters to support John Fetterman (D), pledging the U.S. Senate candidate would help him secure an “assault weapons” ban.

Biden said, “But here’s the deal: Public safety is why John got into public service in the first place. Oz won’t do a thing about guns. But John Fetterman will veto — with your votes, John Fetterman will be in the Senate and be able to help me add one more thing — what I got done when I was a senator: ban assault weapons.”

He continued, “Ban them! Ban them. Ban them. They have no place in America.”

President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign rally for Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Meanwhile the Fetterman campaign has been, well, entertaining of late.

Despite Fetterman’s impairment, the race couldn’t be closer.

Courtesy Real Clear Politics

Have you #gunvoted?

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  1. “the biden administration has brought us safety. it has brought us economic prosperity. it has empowered the next generation.”

    it has. most certainly. no lie.

    all you have to understand is realize who is meant by “us”. because that “us” does NOT include you – but it does refer to someone. once you realize who the “us, just us, only us” is, then it all comes clear.

  2. In the articles heading picture.
    Why is everyone staring at that guys butt?
    Well we will find out tomorrow how the cow ate the cabbage.

  3. “Biden babbled this: ‘John Fetterman will veto — with your votes, John Fetterman will be in the Senate and be able to help me add one more thing — what I got done when I was a senator: ban assault weapons.’ ”

    Once again Joe, you did not ban ‘assault weapons’ when you were a senator. You and several others wrote a bill that passed that banned ‘certain features’ on a semi-auto firearm using technology ‘methods’ that is over a century old packaged in a cosmetic manner to look similar to a military rifle that is an actual ‘assault weapon’. Manufacturers removed/changed the banned ‘certain features’ and continued manufacturing, stores went on selling, people went on buying, that semi-auto rifle plus the ones that existed before this ban of ‘certain features’ were still able to be sold, as were the magazines.

    You didn’t ban ‘assault weapons’. Additionally; The semi-auto rifles with the ‘certain features’ that were banned were not and still are not today ‘assault weapons’. The semi-auto rifles of today packaged in a cosmetic manner to look similar to a military rifle still use technology ‘methods’ that is over a century old and are not ‘assault weapons’.

    The “assault weapon” term as anti-gun and you apply it, Biden, is a deliberate disparaging political label intended to demonize a semi-auto firearm. The term was invented by Josh Sugarmann, a media-lionized gun control advocate, as a political tool to demonize semi-automatic firearms that frequently have a military appearance, but are not, strictly speaking, military weapons.

    Josh Sugarman, a rabid and unhinged gun control fanatic, in his 1988 book – Assault Weapons and Accessories in America – used the military term ‘assault weapon’ and applied it to normal civilian owned semi-auto firearms. He wrote this:

    “Assault weapons-just like armor-piercing bullets, machine guns, and plastic firearms-are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons-anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun-can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.”

    In other words Sugarman lied and created the term ‘assault weapon’ as applied to normal civilian owned firearms as a means to deceive the public. Anti-gun fanatics, and later you, seized upon this deceiving and false mis-application of the term ‘assault weapon’.

    No Biden, you did not ban ‘assault weapons’ when you were a senator and you are still lying about it and the term ‘assault weapon’ to continue to deceive the public.

      • Gunny I doubt Biden reads anything beyond a teleprompter. He even fails to do that well. Some lackey will get the letter and send a Presidential photo in return thanking him for his support.

      • Biden probably doesn’t read this forum or even the site, but someone in the White House does on a routine basis as they do all sites like this and at times have even cited various sites comments/articles.

  4. Stupid should hurt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to hurt the stupids. It only hurts those of us who have to watch them being stupid.

    • don’t you mean they have corpses voting for them ??remember the Mario Brothers movie ??
      fetterwoman is the tall Dino goon

      • Got there at 9:15 walked in got my ballot finished by 9:30. There was a steady stream of people in and out of the building (high school gym) but with 8 people doing the ID/ballot thing and 25 voting stations it was moving smoothly. Expect lines later in the day under a hurrican watch and possibly heavy rain.

  5. The PA senate race is a train wreck – thanks PA for making us look good here in Buckeye land! The PA GOP really tried to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory here, they could’ve picked a random Keystone state citizen from the phone book and beat Fetterman. Hopefully Dr Oz manages to scrape up a win here, not that he’s a box of chocolates (other than in the Forest Gump way – you never know what you’re going to get inside) but he’s better than fake bro-dude Fetterman.

  6. I read an article yesterday about the rally for Fetterman where Obama gave a speech, The headline said it was Fetterman at an Obama rally.

  7. Just read an article out of Sioux City, Iowa. A Poll worker has been caught giving out false information about Public Measure 1 on the Iowa ballot adding the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to the Iowa constitution. It is a violation of Iowa law for any poll worker to offer information about any candidate or Issue on the Ballot. So the cheating begins.
    Iowa Firearms Coalition alleges voting wrongdoing in Woodbury County

    • Seriously? You give them too much credit AND insulted “Looney Tunes” (my favorite cartoons as a kid) all in the same sentence…

  8. This is on Trump, he pushed idiotic candidates and his extreme unpopularity outside of small circles negatively affected Republicans. I hope primary voters are smart enough to NOT give Trump the change to flush the party down the tubes any further. He threw away the GA senate races two years ago with his idiotic attempt to lie to the American public about the election. Now he cost us the chance to get the senate away from Democrat control.


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