Coulter: Democrats’ Zero Bail and Decarceration Policies Have Brought ‘Death Wish’ Back to the Big Apple

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For nearly two years, every morning I’d wake up thinking, I’ve got to get back to New York. Well, I’m back, and this isn’t what I meant at all. I wanted to be in the city that never sleeps, where I could walk around carefree, even at night, take the subway, and live within a few blocks of every possible convenience.

Instead, this happened. Two years after the shutdowns began — restaurants closed; then open with social distancing, masking and a 10 p.m. curfew; then closed again, except outside in the middle of winter; then open, with masking and a vaccine card — Covid’s finally gone! Hurray! (It was gone in Florida two years ago. That governor is a miracle-worker!)

But the New York I’ve come back to is Death Wish New York. Thank you, Democrats! In 2019, for the first time since World War Two — except one year, 1964 — Democrats won total control of state government. And the number one item on their “To Do” list was to pass a no-jail law, requiring the immediate release of suspects arrested for basically anything short of intentional murder.

The no-jail law went into effect in January 2020.

For the first six months, the no-jail law worked great! Of course, it’s freezing from January through March and then the entire city was shut down for Covid. Apparently, street crime disappears when there’s no one on the street. But then, on May 25, a fentanyl addict was killed by police in Minneapolis, unleashing a bacchanal of violence in Democratic-controlled towns across the land.

It had taken twenty years for New York mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg to round up the criminals. It took only one year for Democrats to release them.

In a total surprise to the party in power, criminals continued to commit crimes. But this time, they knew that, even if they got arrested, they’d be right back on the street in about an hour.

Despite the city being virtually crime-free for the first half of 2020, by the end of the year murders were up 44 percent, shootings up 97 percent, car thefts up 67 percent and burglaries up 42 percent.

— Ann Coulter in My New York Nightmare 

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      • RE: “It had taken twenty years for New York mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg to round up the criminals. It took only one year for Democrats to release them.”

        Both of the above mayors were Gun Control fanatics and one remains the biggest Gun Control fanatic ever. Their Gun Control insanity left happy go lucky ny democRat citizens unarmed and criminals armed so doing the math is easy peasy.

        As for blundering Ann C…She was a diehard romney supporter and now that everyone knows what a pos romney is Ann should clear the air around herself before complaining about the fearless criminals in ny being in charge of pathetic defenseless democRats…Mainly because of Gun Control and the power it gives to criminals, tyrants, etc.

      • Spreading out to the smaller cities (not Rochester Syracuse or Buffalo) since bail reform kicked in.

  1. Despite the city being virtually crime-free for the first half of 2020, by the end of the year murders were up 44 percent, shootings up 97 percent, car thefts up 67 percent and burglaries up 42 percent.”

    And what happened in the middle of 2020? It wasn’t just about the weather. Democrats have blood on their hands for using the Floyd incident to push for their cultural revolution.

    • BlackLootersMurder. Wasn’t just The Big Apple. That’s Trump’s biggest failure(and banning bumpstocks & musing about red flags). Not cracking down on them & Antifools. My town slid into being dangerous(not really Dim either). Leftard dims will dim…

      • I think his biggest failure (and it’s a doozy) was going along with the stupid Covid spending spree. Second (or maybe first) would be not firing Fauci. The only reason the Dems aren’t berating him over that is because they wanted to spend even more. Dealing with the riots was more of a local problem and failure. He should have used his influence to talk about it more and crack down on the federal crimes, which he finally did toward the end. There wasn’t much he could do to influence the primarily blue areas where they allowed and encouraged the riots.

      • Not so fast paleface…Either it was bump stocks by EO or it was bump stocks and binary triggers and a list of other items demanded by a knee jerk congress…your choice.
        Furthermore…POTUS DJT offered assistance to cities and states being burned and looted and the cities and states refused.
        Reguritating childish rhetoric does nothing but take attention off mountains of democRat filth and puts a pleasing sht grin on their faces. Take a bow.

  2. “🚨WANTED🚨for a Robbery in front of 353 East 151 Street #melrose #bronx On 8/15/22 @ 2:37 AM Reward up to $3500 Seen them? Know who they are? Call 1-800-577-TIPS or DM us! Calls are CONFIDENTIAL! #yourcityyourcall”

    yeah, I know who they are NYPD and you do too. They are the 2 street thugs that have committed more than 10 such crimes a week since they were 14 years old, they are the 2 thugs you have had in and out of your ‘detention’ facilities probably more times than you can count, they are the 2 thugs you let go free, they are the 2 thugs preying upon society because you facilitated it. That’s who they are.

    • A damn shame the mugging victim was prevented from taking care of the problem himself with something tucked into his pocket…

  3. They say the right wants to take the country back to the 50’s.
    Well, I’ll take the 50’s over the 70’s any day.

  4. A city wide no parking zone, rude people, traffic jams, people using the streets and the subway for a latrine, everything expensive as can be, homeless people everywhere, whole city stinks. I ❤️NYC.

    • It sounds like NYC has the same “ambience” as Paris. At least Paris has, or did have, open air public toilets, le pissoir.

  5. “But then, on May 25, a fentanyl addict was killed by police in Minneapolis, unleashing a bacchanal of violence in Democratic-controlled towns across the land.”

    … a fentanyl addict overdosed while interacting with police in Minneapolis …”

    Fixed it for you, Ann.

  6. If only Death Wish had come back to NY. Where is a concerned citizen willing to solve the problem anonymously, when you need him?

    • Little known fact : when the director of Death Wish pitched the role to Charles Bronson (after Henry Fonda turned it down),
      Bronson responded ” I’d LIKE to do it.” The director said , great , you’d like to take on the role, and Bronson responded ” ….. Well,
      actually, I’d like to shoot muggers. “

      • “…Bronson responded ” ….. Well, actually, I’d like to shoot muggers.”

        Bronson was a WW2 combat vet…

  7. The Big Apple has returned to it’s “Fun City” days you gotta give credit to the socialist-democrats for making it happen in record time.
    But unlike before there is Mayor Rudy coming to rescue the City, instead Clown Eric Adams is there to play dress up and attend parties while complaining about the cost of illegal aliens.

    If you missed out on visiting New York City before 2014, just take it off your Bucket List, its not worth the inconvenience or stench to go there.

    • “The Big Apple has returned to it’s “Fun City” days…”

      It will take St.Thomas bitch-slapping them into compliance with ‘Bruen’, but when he finally does, things will settle down.

      Until then, unfortunately :

  8. Need to have vigilantes set up “targets” and then jump the thugs with bats and sledge hammers…break their feet then hang em from a street lamp…LOL

    Remember when Bernie took down the three thugs on the subway…and crime dropped for weeks in NY Subway?

      • NY is all Fredo Cuomo and Michael Rapaport mental illness.

        The stereotype has turned to caricature and settling into morons LARPing a dead identity.

      • Moved to Florida hence Florida man. Joking aside there are a bunch of them but they got smarter in conflict avoidance as the cost of survival is absurd.

    • Damn going way back on our history drama. I would have gone with Corning but yeah the Dutch did start many of our issues.

  9. Anyone that would take anything Ann Coulter said is as ignorant as she is.

    Its the guns stupid!!!!

    I have been to some very rough towns in East Europe where there is a high poverty rate and where the population density was higher than some big American Cities. There was no comparison because the East European cities were way safer because the chance of you being shot and killed were astronomically lower than being in the U.S.

    The Far Right ignore the people that are accidentally shot in cross fire gun battles and often because Far Right Fanatics were refusing to give up a wallet with only a few pennies in it.

    Crime went up during the pandemic in all places in the U.S. including the crazed gun touting states like Texas. What is Coulter’s excuse for that fact? Of course she has none because she is as usual wrong again.

    And if all those guns being carried made Texans safer how then did the crime rate soar?

    And if more guns made us safer why are their more violent deaths in the U.S. than any other industrialized country?? Could it just be we have more guns on the street than any other industrialized nation?

    One teacher put it quite well and he said “I have a problem with a student that keeps hitting the other students with a hammer. I cannot take his hammer away because that would violate his right to own a hammer. So If I give all the other students hammers that will solve the problem. More hammers in circulation will solve everything.”

    By the way the only difference between kids and adults is that the adults have wrinkles—Dacian 2022.

    • Those “towns in East Europe” do not that ethnic demographic that while only 5% of the population is responsible for over 50% of the violent crime in the United States. In NYC that demographic is responsible for over 75% of the violent crime and “gun crime”.

  10. No question about it: New York (and especially New York City) failing to incarcerate criminals is very sad and tragic for local residents.

    There is a very tiny “silver lining” to New York’s “cloud”. We can point to New York as a sterling example of how governments can and do FAIL spectacularly to “protect” their citizens. And we can even highlight the fact that New York intentionally failed to “protect” their citizens.

    That last point is important. Historically self-defense advocates would tout that they want effective self-defense tools to ensure that they can defend themselves when government failed to protect them. Of course gun-grabbers would shout back that government only failed due to incompetence or lack of resources which they can fix, so disarm and hand-over more tax money to fix the incompetence / lack of resources. Now that New York INTENTIONALLY failed to protect its citizens, gun-grabbers can no longer dismiss our justification for demanding the ability to carry effective self-defense tools (typically firearms).

  11. So… if she’s saying “Death Wish” is back… Ms. Coulter didn’t actually see the movie, did she?

    Charles Bronson is probably rolling in his grave over that comment.

    • “Ms. Coulter didn’t actually see the movie, did she?”

      The ‘Death Wish’ I saw had a lot of dead thugs in it.

      When the good people of NYC can finally exercise their 2A rights, NYC might turn into a tolerable place to live.

      Something tells me Thomas is interested in releasing the ‘Kraken’ :

  12. I like Ann Coulter. But she’s making a glaring omission. The Libertarians totally supported emptying the jails and prisons. Because the Libertarians have complained that the United States has too many people locked up. And the Libertarians have always supported “bail reform”.

    • What libertarians exist in any relevant way in NY? Nah bud this is party line Democrat all the way

      • I think you are very wrong about that. There are plenty of Libertarians in NY State. And they have been working very hard on your behalf. On the most important issue to the civiian population in the empire state.

        Drug legalization.

        All your problems will go away. All the crime will just go away. You were promised that.

        So there is no need for you to have firearms. Because “all the crime will just go away” now.

        “NY inches closer to recreational marijuana sales” video 2 min long

        I have noticed that every state that legalized drugs, also has massive amounts of gun control getting passed.

        • Bullshit. Libertarians, by definition, are aggressively pro gun. Anyone who supports gun control while claiming to be libertarian is analogous to a self proclaimed vegan who openly consumes meat every day. One of those things inherently precludes the other

        • Chris about a dozen people are the majority of the libertarian party of my county. It doesn’t exist in any meaningful way in my or any other county and most of them are at best indifferent to the drug issue if not hostile towards it. The constitutionalist party vastly outnumbers libertarians and they are barely relevant. You are blaming ghosts for this state and our policies are entirely Democrat and working party(socialist/communist)

  13. Ann Coulter only cares about Ann Coulter!
    She was Bill Mahr’s Main Squeeze for some time. She supported Chris Cristy, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and Donald Trump who evidently despises him now. Don’t trust her!

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