Dick's Sporting Goods guns 125 stores
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CBS News ran a story on their CBS Sunday Morning program titled, “Corporations and guns: How companies are reshaping the gun control debate.” It should have been titled, “Get woke, go broke.”

After all, Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack admits his company’s unilateral anti-gun positions have cost his company dearly. Stack admits to destroying $5 million worth of America’s favorite rifles, the AR-15 and others like it, “to keep them off the street.”

Photo by John Boch.

Not only that, but policies like discriminating against under 21s for gun and ammo sales have cost the company right about $250 million.

He apparently relishes the decisions which have reportedly cost his company a quarter billion dollars.

From CBS News:

As Dick’s grew, it became one of the biggest sellers of firearms. Until, that is, 2012, when a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Dick’s became one of the biggest sellers of firearms? Now that’s a whopper.

“All we were going to do was just take it off the shelf and not say anything,” said Stack.

The “it” he’s talking about is the AR-15, a lightweight semi-automatic modern sporting rifle similar to the one used in the Sandy Hook massacre. He ordered all of them be removed from every Dick’s Sporting Goods store across the country.

“We probably get a little bit of a backlash, but we didn’t expect to get what we got,” he said. “All this about, you know, how we were anti-Second Amendment, you know, ‘we don’t believe in the Constitution,’ and none of that could be further from the truth. We just didn’t want to sell the assault-style weapons that could inflict that kind of damage.”

Of course, we all know that Dicks resumed selling modern sporting rifles eventually. But they pulled them down again after the Parkland, Florida school massacre when they found out that the Parkland killer bought a shotgun at a Dick’s store.

“We found out that we sold this kid a shotgun,” Stack said. “That’s when I said, ‘We’re done.'”

That “kid” was an adult at the time.

The experience moved Stack’s stand again guns one step further. He announced he would no longer sell any firearm to anyone under the age of 21 – a move many inside the company warned would surely drive off sales. And it did.

Cowan asked, “How much did you think you were going to lose?”

“A quarter of a billion dollars,” Stack replied.

“And how much did you actually lose?”

“About a quarter of a billion! Pretty close.”

On top of that, the assault-style rifles he still had in stock – about $5 million worth of inventory – he turned into scrap metal.

“I said, ‘You know what? If we really think these things should be off the street, we need to destroy them,'” he said.

It looks like his decision has led to continued bleeding from Dick’s. After all, at their stockholder’s meeting back in March, Stack claimed his company had only lost $150 million.  Only $150 million.

Now, that figure has risen to $250 million.

But originally, The Hill reported that Dick’s stock price has risen “after new gun rules don’t affect sales.

Our anecdotal experiences look different. Given the empty stores we’ve found the handful of times we’ve stopped by to see how Dick’s and their Field & Stream stores were doing.

Photo by John Boch.

Stack’s company has also suffered additional “challenges,” including a number of high-profile gun makers like Springfield Armory, Mossberg, Inland, and Hi-Point refusing to sell their products to Dick’s. Not only that, but the National Shooting Sports Foundation industry group kicked Dick’s to the curb as well.

Of course, Stack closes with the world-famous “if it saves just one life…” tripe to CBS News:

“So many people say to me, you know, ‘If we do what you want to do, it’s not going to stop these mass shootings,'” said Stack. “And my response is, ‘You’re probably right, it won’t. But if we do these things and it saves one life, don’t you think it’s worth it?'”

As if the lives Stephen Williford saved in a small-town in Texas with an AR-15 are somehow worth less.

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  1. They can say what they want to its their company.
    But they killed themselves off alienating one of their largest number of customers.
    Dumb business decision for sure.
    A few years from now and the sooner the better.
    They will be closing their doors and not missed by anyone.
    Not one iota.

    • Yes, yes, and yes.

      It’s their company, and I fully support their freedom to sell what they choose to sell. After all, such decisions allow for customers (POTG) to exercise their own purchasing decisions in response. Free market principles and all that good stuff.

      That being said, I went into our local Dick’s years ago, soon after the location opened, to check it out. Saw that it was mostly a “golf and baseball” store catering to Soccer Moms putting Johnny into after school sports…no archery or guns/ammo.

      Never went back again. Again, free market principles. A sale is simply a “meeting of the minds”, in which someone wants my cash more than their product, and I want their product more than the cash. If I don’t want their stuff, then the commerce doesn’t happen.

      • Years ago I went to one In Ventura County and they didn’t even sell ARs, come to think if it same with a Wal-Mart.

      • I bought some new and fairly expensive hiking boots recently. Guess where I didn’t buy them? Guess where I didn’t buy them, even though it was literally a dozen steps away in the mall, and my other option was a 15 minute drive away? Yeah. Exactly.

      • I agree you can sell whatever you want. …BUT, when you refuse to sell because of Politics, that’s a different ball game. Accept the Constitution of this Country or Leave.

    • NO actually that is not true. The head Dickhead owns the majority of the stock (barely) but the rest is owned by others. Thus fraud. In this era of activist shareholder groups the SOB should have already had his ass sued off.

      You will note that Vanguard wons 10% of Dickless. There CERTAINLY are many on this forum that own Vanguard shares. So Head Dick has/is defrauding YOU. Have you contacted Vanguard to demand they sue the SOB?

      “On top of that, the assault-style rifles he still had in stock – about $5 million worth of inventory – he turned into scrap metal.” I want to see testimony but reliable witnesses (no Fed employees) that this actually occurred. Should be noted in their financials as a one time.

      • Yeah, I don’t believe for one second that he destroyed thousands of weapons; I’d be willing to bet he sold them in Mexico or provided them to the muslime training camps in the US (and doubled his money).

        What I think is interesting is how he will stop selling ARs because of a false flag op like Sandy Hook, but continue to sell all kinds of handguns, for decades, when that’s what is used to kill thousands every year in cities like Detroit and Shitcago.

        • Ya really need to let go of the “false flag” there Jake. You lose all credibility when you talk like that.

      • More than anything I am curious about the destruction also. I’ve heard that a lot. I’d like to see how they put that in their financials. Normally you can write off a business loss for product that needs to be destroyed. However, voluntarily destroying product that is viable, has no legitimate health or safety concerns, not past expiration dates, could have been returned to the manufacturer, etc.

        Anyway, I doubt the company could legally write off intentionally just destroying perfectly good merchandise. It would likely be a non-tax deductible loss. So a double whammy.

        Even if he is the head and majority (barely) shareholder, he is obviously not operating in the best fiduciary interests of the company/shareholder. I am not big on virtue signaling in general, but whatever. However, intentionally burning money in the case of destroying merchandise for no reason other than your feels is acting against the best interests of the shareholders. How he isn’t getting canned as the CEO, I don’t know (or at least a shareholder lawsuit).

    • I really never bought guns stuff at Dick’s. But over the years I bought a ton of fishing gear. They lost all of that business. I bought kayak gear. They lost all that business. And every place online I go to read and talk about fishing or kayak fishing I post about what Dicks did and why anyone who cares about their gun rights shouldn’t shop there. The response is usually good. People that don’t even own a gun and don’t plan to, but are into some other outdoor sport, have stopped shopping there to support us.

  2. Well if deporting all illegals saves just 1 American life……Wouldn’t that be worth it!!!!!

    • But there’s like over 10 million of them. How could we possibly do that? Now confiscating legally owned rifles, well that’s easy!

      • Well, Kamala Harris *did* recently say she would be able to get 10 million assault weapons off our streets with her program, so I’m sure 10 million illegals can be rounded up.

        (disclaimer…if you’re reading this in any of the metro jurisdictions now slapping fines and/or jail time for the use of prohibited words and terms such as “illegal alien”, you may stay within the green zone by substituting “future Democrat voter”.)

  3. Hope to hear this wonderful news every quarter.

    Also: “…Springfield Armory, Mossberg, Inland, and Hi-Point refusing to sell their products to Dick’s.”

    A quick check of their site shows plenty of Mossbergs and Mavericks for sale. Still trying to get rid of old stock?

      • That’s one reason their prices are always higher than anywhere else; at least that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve only been in a Dick’s store once, and that was for a grand opening – I wasn’t impressed!

  4. I still struggle to find the relevance of Dick’s in general which is why I doubt that this kind of thing will seriously affect their bottom line over the long term.

    Dick’s is a general sporting goods/outdoors store and it’s not even a good one. It’s bread-and-butter is selling overpriced stuff from brands with name recognition. To soccer moms who don’t know better.

    Just price hockey sticks at Dick’s and most local stores. The “mom and pop” hockey shop usually beats the price at Dick’s by like $10 on something like a Sher-Wood 5030, which is insane when you think about the volume difference between the stores.

    • “Sell to soccer moms who don’t know better”
      Unless their husbands tell them to get the same thing for less at Academy instead, just like they told their wives to vote for Trump instead of Hillary. 😉

    • The Dick’s in the Chicago area are where you go to get your kids cheap soccer and baseball stuff. The one’s near schools never sold guns or even ear muffs and eye protection. Their market is soccer moms. I was one. I never thought of going there to buy any gun stuff. (tho they did have a super sale on shotgun shells for $4.49 a box)

      • I went to a Dicks in Tinley Park about 10 years ago to buy some Hoppes. I couldn’t find anything remotely related to firearms. Never to return.

    • Dicks runs what is literally the largest youth sports organizing program website in the world. something like 5,000 to 10,000 different local recreational leagues soccer and other local rec sports use it. They have gobbled up all the bricks and mortar competition for youth sports.
      I get that the writer of the article wants to assert anecdote but no question that their sales and bricks and mortar sporting good market share is up — not down.
      Dicks problem is not about it selling or not selling firearms, or hunting and archery gear, but about it’s Long term problems in online spacecompared to amazon.
      That is why if you have been going to dicks the past ten years what you really see changed is a huge increase in space for sports clothing especially those oriented to women. The pricing competition on guns is strong, and on ammo, which is a COMMODITY it is murderous pricing competition : loss leader. dicks probably makes ten times more profit on $200 worth of yoga outfits than $200 of ammo.
      What they needed from gun department was people who came in for $8 boxes of 9mm to occasionally buy a high markup rifle scope, rangefinder etc. and also walk by and possible try and later try an exercise bike.

      Lots of women want to try on the yoga pants or jogging jacket. They can’t do that on amazon.dicks probably buys it’s $50’retail “on sale” for $40 yoga pants for $12. That is their future.

      I don’t care that dicks is dropping guns and ammo. That would not affect my patronizing them. But I do very much care that they are a) giving money to gun control lobbyists, b) advocting more restrictions on ALL buyers and sellers, c) and that Stack is flogging his new book with virtue signaling that includes whopper falsehoods about current firearms law and shootings.

      So I am with all the commenters saying “fck them.” But I don’t think their firearms and ammo decisions hurt them . You have to remember the US media will abet and support their BS spin and make them a darling for virtue signaling on guns and this is probably with a billion in free positive media/PR.

      • Are you just STUPID or what? It has already hurt them! They have taken huge losses in profits and their stocks, that is already documented. The question is, “Will they recover?” Possibly, but you need to realize that they are taking other losses that are not part of this reason, but because of many people who have stopped buying other products that Dick’s sells, such as NFL, and now NBA products, Nike products, etc. because of their showing hatred of America by supporting the “kneelers” and supporting China against the “freedom fighters”.

        Secondly, you’re not only stupid but you’re a hypocrite. You say: “I don’t care that dicks is dropping guns and ammo. That would not affect my patronizing them. But I do very much care that they are a) giving money to gun control lobbyists, b) advocting (sic) more restrictions on ALL buyers and sellers, c) and that Stack is flogging his new book with virtue signaling that includes whopper falsehoods about current firearms law and shootings.” If you actually do very much care that they are a) giving money to gun control lobbyists, b) advocating more restrictions on ALL buyers and sellers then you would not patronize them, because you’re helping to fund it! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of dumbasses just like you!

        • Look at their market share in their business sector. It is UP. So are their stock prices the last two years. I doubt it is hurting them at all.
          They’re getting a huge benefit in free media.
          You obviously have not seen their numbers

  5. So he found out that they sold a shotgun to a shooter and so they stopped selling ARs

    yup that’s some great logic there

    • They can’t. He owns more than 50% of the shares, and thus has effective veto power.The only thing shareholders can do is sell their stock–before it is too late.

      • OR sue the SOB. A controlling interest has a responsibility to minority owners. The losses the twit caused to minority shareholders likely are sufficient to reduce his ownership to below 50%.

  6. What about that one life that could have been saved if a young woman had a gun to defend herself?

  7. Holy crap! I’m listening to this asshole virtue signal on NPR as I read this. I think the host just feels so bad for him losing that $250 million. But fuck the shareholders, right?

  8. Dicks just opened a new store in Kennewick, WA this past week. I went in during their “grand opening week”. It was a ghost town. Huge store, maybe 20 people milling around. No guns or ammo at all. Theres also a Sportsmans Warehouse less than a mile away – with lots of customers. I think I can see the writing on the wall.

  9. Dick’s is marching down the same road as K Mart, Shopko and Sears. They all alienated half of their customer base by focusing on the women and children’s market share. Leaving men out of the equation. No company and absorb 250 million dollars in lost sales and stay viable in any market place. The local Dick’s in my town rarely has more than 10 cars in their lot. Of which some must be employees. I anxiously await the going out of business sign on the facade.

    • They’re trying to turn into another store, maybe another REI. The problem is, people who shop at those places already shop at those places and don’t want to go to Dicks.

    • First off, I hate dicks. I never shop there. But considering there revenue increased from 7.27B to 8.43B from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2019 I would argue that they are still growing. Further net income increased from 2.18B to 2.44B over the same time frame. The asshole at Dicks has determined that selling $30 under armor shirts to moms that cost $5 is more profitable than selling $300 rifles that cost $285 to guys like you and me. I don’t agree with their tactics, but the guy that owns the majority shares gets to make that decision. Simply buy from your LGS or online. There are plenty of great online retailers that absolutely deserve your business. GrabAGun, Palmetto, Joe Bob and plenty of others. The article above talking about 250M in lost revenue over 7 years is a joke. Not a drop in the bucket to these guys especially when taking into account the profit margin on firearms and ammo compared to sporting goods made in China. Again, I hate Dicks in every since of the word….. except my own, it is wonderful.

      P.S. I know I am going to take some heat for this comment, specially since their stock price is down, but I would urge all readers to look at the stock price of any brick and mortar retailer. Amazon is killing the brick and mortar guys.

      • I said net income when I meant gross profit. Net income went from 330M to 319M over that timeframe. It would take some further analysis to determine the cause of the decrease in Net income. It was up in fiscal 2018 to 323M. EPS did increase from 2016 to 2019 from 2.87 to 3.27 per share.

        • What it says is that they were losing money on their firearms business. I bet the decision to get out of the firearms business was made before Parkland and when it happened it allowed the company to buy some good will with its non firearms customers

        • I don’t care enough to look at their reporting, but you’ll probably see something like more stores opened with lower sales per store. The gross revenue would be up, but with the higher overhead from more rent, utilities, and employees. To get earnings up, you need to drop expenses, and the easiest way to do that is cutting staff, which doesn’t need to be as big with traffic dropping. They’re an elephant that needs to consume a lot of resources to survive. This kind of growth is a bubble, and once it reaches the point where it can’t continue to grow, everything collapses and it turns into a death spiral. They’ll have to close stores because they can’t meet expenses, and now they have fewer stores with less revenue, so more stores have to go and the cycle continues. Their cost structure isn’t set for discount pricing because the lower margin lowers revenue without affecting cost. They’d need an increase in traffic so the lower profit per item offsets the fixed costs of rent and payroll. Pissing off a significant portion of their potential customer base is the antithesis of this.
          They’re also benefiting from their brick and mortar competitors disappearing, but they’re not immune to market forces that nuked the competitors. They’re just the last national buggy whip manufacturer. Discount sporting goods, like Big 5, littler specialty store, like local gun, bike, skate, and ski stores, and full price vertical outfitters, like Bass Pro/Cabela’s, will be the future, and the latter might not be there either. You can’t get maintenance and repair online, discount stores give immediate satisfaction at a small premium over online, and vertical outfitters have quality products with great customer service and large selection to offset their large prices.

        • @Anymouse
          “..last national buggy whip manufacturer”. I like that. I am definitely going to have to steal that phrase from you.

  10. When these sporting goods companies all of a sudden go politically correct and turn their back on customers that supported them what would they expect.To the majority of people in our country the second amendment is sacred.Stores like dicks that have turned against us suffer from boycotts.

  11. Privileged old man risking the livelihood of all those employees so he can virtue signal to his rich old lefty peers.
    Its so easy to kill jobs and shred the rights of the plebes when you’re sitting on 9 figures in the bank. He’s sooooooo braaaave.

    • Better to be a part of the revolution, or in a more favorable position after the revolution, than to be one of the victims.

      • “…than to be one of the victims.”

        If you aren’t an architect of the revolution, you will be a victim one way or another. If the leftists get the power they crave, many people will discover that the Inner Party will be a vanishingly small percentage of those who thought they would be Inner Party.

    • More than 3,000 per year and climbing. Given that rifles accounted for 297 homicides in 2018 per the FBI, bikes are definitely more dangerous.

  12. Now if we the People could give all Democrats the same cold shoulder. And support Trump in 2020, and demand Constitutional Carry in Every state.

  13. The day the head Dick of Dicks announces the shuttering of their doors for good,I will pull a cork in celebration of what woke virtue signaling will do for the economic health of a company comprised of dicks.

  14. Gillette did the same thing: Alienated their primary audience. Their last writedown was $8 billion in losses. I work on game consoles for a living, the last thing I would want to do is make fun of gamers. Not just because I am a gamer but because they’re the ones paying my bills. It’s really not that difficult.

  15. I’ve worked with them in the past – before all of this – mostly on branding. At one point I had to state directly and openly “Your logo is a Dick and a bunch of balls”. Somehow it reflected the leadership. It is a quickly failing concept that will sooner or later follow the recent trend. Too bad, but not so sad.

  16. It’s a publicly traded company on the stock exchange. Has a board of directors and stockholders. At some point of losing massive amounts of money the BoD and the stockholders could raise some fuss. Problem is the company remains profitable, so it is an expense on their balance sheet, represents lost sales and lost profits. That’s not as big a deal as it would be if the company were in the red. Unless and until it is in the red, seems unlikely that the BoD or shareholders will be bothered enough to raise that fuss.

  17. They are not shaping anything but their reputation and their own worth as a company. If they think they are shaping the gun control debate……well, all I can do is laugh.

    You can’t make money on merchandise you destroyed.

    I bought very little from them to start with but I absolutely refuse to walk through their doors after all this. Walmart isn’t much different. There simply are too many other places out there that actually appreciates doing business with me.

  18. Come up with your own catch phrase silly boomer, don’t steal them from talented youtubers. This website is full of sad fudd boomer cringe lol. Like Mitt Romney but pro gun. Boomers are the best lol cows, Dunning Kruger incarnate.

    • as far as gun owners go…these people are history…best to put them behind us and move on…the competition will fill the void….

  19. Dick’s crossed the line with age discrimination. That is de facto gun control. They do not believe in the constitution of gun ownership. All they did was endanger the public by creating artificial barriers to life saving tools.They have no respect for the American flag or combat sports and are the type to limit football gear with pushing lacrosse supplies.

    Plus they only hire LGTB employees and sell fashion sports clothes with no practical use for sports. Clothes don’t fit and are too tight limiting freedom of movement for sports and preventing muscular growth. They are unjust SJW’s.

    I will build a sports store for men who like men sports. You are welcome.

    • There is nothing woke about lgbt. It is designed to be antiblack and antimacho. They call it being anti toxic masculinity but it really is a bunch of gay agenda that acts ALL masculinity. They are trying to make Americas masculinity go by the wayside just like Europes. Thats what they call the NWO. Dress men like women and it changes their behavior, they start acting timid and easy to control like a kept woman.

      It is causality. Dress like a woman and you can not play sports. NO sports no macho muscles or testosterone. No testosterone no competitive spirit or the will to say no to people oppressing you. No muscles then no confidence to attract girls. No dating girls then you become desperate to date other girl-less men as your only choice. No muscles no masculine physique. You will look like a gay model wearing gay clothes like a ken doll. Like an Abercromie model from the 90’s. They exclude not only gun owners but heterosexuals as well. That is sexual discrimination against straight people. They force gay values onto their customers as the new universal values.

      You will not be able to: Dress right, look right, feel right, think right, act right, date right, or defend yourself. You will be helpless as simply shopping there leads to becoming weak in at least 7 parameters. It will ruin your life.

      I am against becoming feminized or that thing where women turn their boyfriends into crossdressers and humiliate them. But I am also guilty of sleeping with cucked mens wives. I thought I was being macho by stealing other guys girls. It was the way I competed for mating partners. But getting girls from guys who are not competition because they are beta or gammas doesn’t really make me feel like an alpha. It is like the alpha who is better than betas but not other alphas. Because society wants to play these games it is not my fault. All is fair in love and war so I do not feel dirty banging your girl but seriously this is a warning. If you are not competitive someone is going to sleep with your wife. This is how bad Dicks and lgbt is even though I personally benefit from it. How ironic.

      • Joseph Malone: Sir, what you published to the world in your comment above leaves me speechless. Well, almost. Sir, you are a jerk!

  20. The oft used phrase that if a law saves just one life then it is worth it, begs the following question … If that same law cost one life, is it still worth it?

  21. Hunting season is here and I need some new gear. A Pricks is about a mile away and Cabelas is 15 miles away. I won’t darken the door of the Pricks.
    I bought several guns, ammo, hunting clothes, fishing gear, sneakers, etc etc over 15 years from Pricks and since they demonized guns and treated people like children who are 20 years old I haven’t bought a thing from them.

    Looking forward to the going out of business sale. I’ll take inventory off their hands below their cost at that point.

  22. Being publicly traded, it has a board of directors with fiduciary duty to their shareholders. If the board chooses not to act on his statements, then they should be replaced. That’s how you stop this woke/broke nonsense.

  23. I was never a Dick’s customer.certainly will not become one now. That said, if Dick’s stockholders retain Stack in his position, they deserve the poor management decisions and losses his antics will likely bring them.

  24. If you own stock in this Communist company then it is time to sue the CEO for causing these losses.

  25. As the father of two athletic boys I was always on the lookout for gear as they outgrow it way before they wear it out. It only took a couple visits to Dick’s to realize you were paying for a whole bunch of “atmosphere”. Plus the staff were merely stockers that didn’t know nothing from nothing, Dick’s got very little revenue of me. After they got woke I started watching their parking lots as I drove around, if there was an Academy within 5 miles, Dick’s lots were sparsely occupied. In my travels I’m able to monitor 4 different Dick’s, 2 almost always have huge SALE signs over the door and very little obvious traffic. Both of those are near an Academy. The other 2 don’t appear to be doing much better. Before some commenters go ballistic, I don’t own Academy stock nor work there, I shop at Academy for stuff when I’m not concerned about quality just quantity, lures, line tackle, bug spray etc. For real gear it’s Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cabela’s or Bass Pro. I’m an avid camper and a Scoutmaster(no cheap shots, please) and used to frequent REI, but when they got woke as well I went into the location where I’ve spent $$$$’s, cancelled my membership and cut up my card in front of the manager that knows me well. Told him why too. In the grand scheme it didn’t hurt them one bit. But I’ve told everyone I know and some have followed suit, eventually it WILL hurt. Posting on sites like this is preaching to the choir, take a stand and TELL your friends, and get them to TELL others. Eventually someone will get the message or founder.

    • If it saves one life we should ban or take away from citizens
      Cell phones
      Over the and prescription counter pain medicine
      Air planes
      Kitchen knives
      Baseball bats

      ….every thing and all people should live in a bubble hooked up to the matrix.

  26. Wal-Mart says they will stop selling ammo for evil guns after they’ve depleted their current inventory. This demonstrates their policy changes have nothing to do with safety, just virtue signaling and pandering to the Demanding Moms. If they were really concerned about safety they would stop selling that awful stuff immediately.

    By contrast, Dick’s Sporting Goods claimed they would destroy the evil guns in their inventory, to keep them off the street. If true, they deserve applause, and sincere credit for their principled consistency. But was there ever any follow-up? Have we seen photos of the boxcars full of evil guns pulling into the destruction site? Have we seen videos or photos of the ATF-compliant oxy/acetylene torches in action? Have we seen the list forwarded to the ATF of the make / model / serial / caliber / color of each firearm destroyed?


  27. His logic is horrible, what the hell is wrong with him???

    >Stack admits to destroying $5 million worth of America’s favorite rifles, the AR-15 and others like it, “to keep them off the street.”

    That’s the same as buying a carton of cigarettes then destroying them and thinking that’s one less carton of cigarettes a kid could smoke. Uh no it isn’t, the company has already been paid, they’ll just make more.

    >“We found out that we sold this kid a shotgun,” Stack said. “That’s when I said, ‘We’re done.’”

    So what? He bought a lot of things from a lot of stores. Should the food store that sold him his meals meals that kept him alive to commit the crimes stop selling food to everyone?

    • “the company has already been paid, they’ll just make more.”

      Exactly. Like that commercial for chips, the gunmakers say, “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more!”
      Or, “Crush all you want, we’ll make more!”
      Or, “Cut up all you want, we’ll make more!”

  28. OK, lets make a distinction here between losing money (that you had) and losing the ability to generate sales (money). If Ed Stack says he lost a billion dollars from not selling guns then he could make that claim for not selling cars or anything else they don’t sell.
    He may be leaving money on the table because his decision to not sell guns but by no means is his multi-billion dollar corporation losing money from this. Go into any Dick’s and you will see their inventory dominated by (female) clothing, a most lucrative business. This is and always will be the focus of Dick’s financial stability.

  29. Last time I was in a Dick’s store in New Jersey, they had removed all the CROSSBOWS from the shelves, too!
    I’m guessing that since New Jersey had already banned everything else as an “assault weapon” (including air guns), the only way that the Dick’s in New Jersey could do “virtue-signalling” (meaning infringing on people’s rights) is by removing the only thing left that the People’s Republic of New Jersey does not consider a firearm.

    Since then, I’ve been avoiding Dick’s (and dicks, and the dicks at Dick’s. Sorry, couldn’t resist).

  30. Mr. Stack was, is and will forever remain a double talking POS that the owners, the shareholders of Dick’s should long since kicked to the curb.

  31. My local Dicks abolished not only guns but any thing having to do with hunting. Can’t even buy hunting clothes their any more. They used to have it all, I bought many tree stands and other hunting supplies there over the years. They obviously don’t want “our kind” in their stores. I will never step foot in a Dicks again. GO WOKE, GO BROKE!!

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