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First Springfield Armory. Then, when MKS Supply announced the termination of their business relationship with Dick’s Sporting Goods, we wondered which gun maker would be next. The answer, only one day later, is O.F. Mossberg & Sons. Here’s their press release.

Mossberg® Terminates Relationship with Dick’s Sporting Goods

NORTH HAVEN, CT – O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., a leading American firearms manufacturer, announced today its decision to discontinue selling products to Dick’s Sporting Goods, and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, in response to their hiring of gun control lobbyists in April 2018.

Effective immediately, O.F. Mossberg & Sons will not accept any future orders from Dick’s Sporting Goods or Field & Stream, and is in the process of evaluating current contractual agreements.

“It has come to our attention that Dick’s Sporting Goods recently hired lobbyists on Capitol Hill to promote additional gun control.” said Iver Mossberg, Chief Executive Officer of O.F. Mossberg & Sons. “Make no mistake, Mossberg is a staunch supporter of the U.S. Constitution and our Second Amendment rights, and we fully disagree with Dick’s Sporting Goods’ recent anti-Second Amendment actions.”

Consumers are urged to visit one of the thousands of pro-Second Amendment firearm retailers to make their purchases of Mossberg and Maverick® firearms. Firearm retailers can be found through the Mossberg Dealer Locator by visiting

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  1. That’s gonna hurt. Mossberg is probably the best selling shotgun in America. Now that big green is self destructing.

    • Yeah, was thinking that myself. Mossberg is a big enough OE to actually have some impact on Dick-Streams.

    • I like that Dealer Locator link – I just did a search of Texas and was happy (but not surprised) to see the map was absolutely THICK with still-listed dealers.
      Now I’m wanting a 20ga Shockwave even more…

      • I thought the shockwave was a stupid gun for the longest time. But I was recently asked what would make the best truck gun and couldn’t think of anything I’d rather have than a 20 gauge shockwave. #8, 00, slug repeat. Easier to stash than a true long gun and more powerful (certainly more versatile) than almost any pistol. You could deal with an angry goose, a 2 footed predator, or even a charging moose with that gun.

    • Mossberg also has some of the better bolt actions that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. While the previous three companies were pretty hollow gestures, Mossberg’s dropping them actually has teeth because they have products Dick-Steam actually sells.

        • The more the better.

          Savage would probably be up to any new owners though. While it would help in the long term I can’t see Vista cutting a revenue source while wanting to sell in the shorter term. Vista could maybe stop selling them ammo/scopes?

          Ruger uses distributors so at best can only strongly suggest outside of contract negotiations.

          Marlin is a Remington Outdoor Company subsidiary so may be issues with bankruptcy.

          Looking at what Dicks sells firearms wise online, the next best/likely thing would be an ammo manufacturer dropping them. Fingers crossed.

        • I believe that all gun manufactures will stop selling guns to Dicks… they do not need Dicks, Dick’s needs them.. Dicks apparently has too much money with buying Gun Control people.

  2. Well that puts a damper on their business. Soon they’ll only be left with Remingtons, Berettas, FNs, and Ruger bolt-actions…

    • Tiger addressed this a couple of days ago on social media. They stated that while they don’t sell directly to Dick(less) and instead sell to two big distributors there was an implied message that no more of their products would be going to Dick(less).

        • I was thinking you meant tiger woods.
          Then I thought it was cool that he was into guns.

        • “Dang spell check.”

          For a second, I thought you meant Tiger Direct, a *big* Asian import house that deals primarily in computer components like motherboards, power supplies, and cases (and other stuff)…

    • Remington is part of the group that cut Dick’s off yesterday. Really wanting to see Glock join the list.

      • Id be surprised to see Glock drop Dick-Stream. Glock seams to sell guns to whoever has money to buy. They just have to stay neutral, and they’ll continue to make money hand over fist. Glock is the #1 gun for criminals and cops, pro-gun and anti-gun people (when they want a gun to protect them), terrorists and counter terrorists, etc.

        • Was a cop for 31 years. I’ve never even fired a Glock let alone owned one, and my department never purchased any. I’ve always preferred American made weapons, although I’ve made exceptions for my Sigs and certain shotguns.

      • Glock is not your friend. The contribute to anti-gun politicians so they can sell to LEOs. They gouge private buyers so they can sell to governments on tbe cheap. They would gladly trade your business for a monopoly on government sales.

    • Ruger pulling products would hurt Dick’s. S&W, Glock, and Kimber would hurt them more. But Mossberg hurts them a lot as pump action shotties are becoming one of the few guns that libs are OK with.

    • Remington may not have control over a decision like this right now. They’re still under bankruptcy court protection.

      I’m no attorney, but the creditors committee likely won’t be happy about cutting revenue from a large customer while they’re already having to take a haircut on the outstanding debt. Plus, a decision like that may require the bankruptcy judge’s approval. Again, I’m no bankruptcy expert, so take it FWIW.

  3. This one will hurt Dicks. I have a friend who works in their hunting and fishing department and he says that most of the guns they sell are to first time buyers, people looking for shotguns for self defense purposes. Mossberg is the main one they sell because of its low price and reasonable quality.

    • …and Mossberg’s are extremely versatile. You can modify them to the gills. I have one with 18.5″ barrel, pistol grip and chainsaw grip on the action. Her name is Black Betty. She is one more bad ass momma.
      “Wo-oh, Black Betty! Ram-a-lam!!”

  4. Hopefully hoping all of Dick heads suppliers follow suit. Close their assets down permanently. Good riddance Dick’s & field & stream !! See ya in hell. Ra

    • I wonder how much of an effect this really has.

      As far as I understand it, retailers buy from giant wholesalers like Davidson’s, not directly from Mossberg or anyone else — so if the wholesaler still sells to DickStream, Mossberg’s words are empty.

    • I bought my first gun, a Mossberg 930, 7 years ago. It is the only gun I still have from that time period, everything else was traded up eventually as the addiction grew… I don’t know if that helps your decision but it’s a great gun 🙂

    • Go for it squire. I bought a JM 930 pro cheap and decided I would not clean it until I have had two failures in a row (either failure to feed, eject, or fire). I have shot buckshot, bird shot, and slugs. Steel shot and lead, high velocity, standard, and reduced recoil. Fast and slow fire. Fired shell 775 last night and I am still waiting on the first failure. Great gun and I am sure whatever flavor of 930 you get it will run. And I am saying this as someone whose first shotgun was a 870. This was my first mossberg and have been impressed enough that I am looking for a mossberg 20 for my kids.

      • “I bought a JM 930 pro cheap and decided I would not clean it until I have had two failures in a row…

        Check the bore for rust…

    • I’ve got a 930 Spx, and it eats the crappiest bird shot I can find without any issues. Relatively easy to disassemble and clean, and super reliable, good looking, fairly lightweight guns. You won’t be disappointed.

  5. I’m happy to see this is starting to pick up some steam. Any way TTAG could put up a list of email addresses for the major manufacturers? It would be nice to get a large group of people reaching out to all of them and requesting they follow the lead of SA and Mossberg.

    • Just checked their website. Here are the mfgrs that they show selling:







      I’d hope that Hornaday and Henry (and maybe Ruger) will be the next ones to step up. Federal doing so would be a major coup, but I’m not holding my breath.

      If someone buys Savage, they could do worse than announcing that they won’t sell to Dick’s.

      Remy/Marlin, Bennelli/Stoeger, Beretta, and Winchester and won’t do jack.

      • Beretta could. They packed up and left Maryland for Tennessee over liberal infringements.

  6. Dick’s has to make a move… especially if one more major supplier drops out. They’ll either have to backpedal (unlikely), or close out their hunting and shooting sports business.

    Personally I think it won’t be long befor they have to sell or spin off the F&S brand, and get out of shooting sports. They’ll focus their efforts on what they’re good at — ball sports, running, fitness, and water sports. They should start selling SeaDoos or something…

    Suffice to say their leadership is killing a major sales market.

    • I spend a lot more on water sports than shooting and a great deal of it has been at Dicks in the past. They won’t be getting another dime from me for anything.

      • Same… now that there’s a new bridge near me, Academy is just as close….

      • i’m open to water sports but i couldn’t justify any fees, and it certainly wouldn’t involve dicks.

    • See, that’s just it Bryan… it isn’t the fact that guns and ammo make up a small percentage of Dick’s profits (and no wonder – markup on guns is almost universally small), it’s the fact t that guns were the product that draws the customers in who then spend their money on other things: shoes, clothing, accessories, etc… the stuff that DOES have money-making margins.
      Take away what draws the loyal customers in and sales of everything else will drop.

      • but here is the rub. these stores operate on a very small profit margin. hence the term black friday… the day of the year these stores typically get out of the red and into the black.
        so a 1% cut in sales (such as ticking off NRA members) can actually be a 15 to 20% cut in profits. so yes, boycotts do work

  7. Put it this way: Whichever firearm manufacturer does not withdraw from Dick’s Sporting Goods is on my red list for any firearm shopping. Manufacturers who show their true face and shine like Mossberg will always have my hard earned dollars spent on their firearms.

    • That’s too bad… I’m a big fan of getting guns in to as many (legal) hands as possible. If an apolitical person, who isn’t paying attention to whats up with Dick-Stream, walks in to a Dick-Stream to buy a gun, then I hope he can buy one thus supporting the industry as a whole. Dick-Stream is going to take a hit from people like us, but apolitical people buying guns from apolitical gun manufatures (even its from Dick-Stream) helps our cause…… unless they’re FUDDS. Screw those guys.

      • Except that you are helping dicks pay their lobbyist and show that retailers don’t need to support your rights.

  8. The Maverick88 was one of the few guns I considered getting at Dick’s. Until Sandy Hook when they quit selling AR’s…Mossberg is major. Glad I got a Maverick at my LGS. Look for no guns at all at Dick’s. And a BK😄

    • Now I am compelled to reward Mossberg for this bold action and purchase another firearm. The hard part: deciding which Mossberg firearm to purchase!

      I am seriously considering the in Mossberg Shockwave chambered in .410 because it would be light, extremely maneuverable in tight spaces, easy to transport, and recoil would be next to nothing.

  9. another nail in the coffin. other businesses need to pay attention, this shit will not be tolerated.

  10. If liberals didn’t learn with the Starbuck’s debacle, this might get through to them. Conservatives can deliver a solid jab to the face too, and make it hurt. #GoMossberg!!

  11. If more gun manufacturers would stick together like this and stand strong against anti gun positions we would have a very strong lever on our side and they would have a strong sales future.
    However, I would be naive to believe that many manufactures are loving the fact that SA and Moss pulled out and that their sales will spike because of the void left.

  12. Now THAT’S gonna leave a mark. Ouch. Now we have to see Remington and Federal follow suit. Dick’s has been neutered.

  13. Our local Dick’s is now like a ghost town. There’s an Academy Sports about .5 mile away that is doing a booming (pun intended) business.

  14. I want to buy another Mossberg from a small LGS now! Good for them and I hope even more follow. Dicks will probably abandon all gun related products soon and just be more of a Sport Chalet type of sporting store.

    • That’s gonna be tough for field and stream, though. Gotta get some of the ammo companies to follow suit.

  15. You know they sell waaaay more stuff than rifles, handguns and ammo, right? Stuff for fishing, camping, biking and pretty much every sport out there. Dicks wouldn’t stop selling something that makes them tons of money and Mossberg wouldn’t stop providing to a major money maker. Its just poliitical and won’t make any noticeable impact for either side.

    Keurig didn’t go out of biz either when we started taking a baseball bat to em.

    • Have you seen what passes for a Keurig these days? Exponentially cheaper plastic, shoddy fit with the hinges and noisy as hell and this at the same price point. I have been through 3 in one year.

  16. Field and Stream will have to put up TVs to distract people from where the long arms used to be.

  17. Good. Springfield was a slap but Mossberg with the 500 among others should be a blow. They sell lots of things but if more Firearm manufacturers follow they’ll lose clothing and camping gear too (Browning Buckmark, S&W/Ruger branded etc).

    Associates will have to push the yoga pants hard to cover it.

  18. Well, I’m buying a Hi Point, just because. And now I’m buying a mossy shotgun too. Never shopped at Sickles but I can support the fuck you Dickless manufacturers

  19. Mossberg is a company with bona fide teeth. Springfield, because of the Illinois snafu, and hi point, because, well, they are hi point, didn’t have quite the impact.

    I’d say Mossberg is a 2A friendly household name – they make shotguns, and that makes them a heavy pipe swinging mother (Of course I know they make other guns). If you’re anti-AR-15, then shotguns are okay, because, well, you only defend your home or duck hunt, and that’s less icky and vapor inflicting.

  20. Now if the ATF would revoke their FFL for refusing to sell firearms to those legally permitted to purchase, that would be the icing on the cake!
    OH! And Walmart’s FFL while they’re at it.

      • Probably for limiting sales to 21+.

        Also trying to reclaim the business decision to discontinue MSR/tactical sales as an anti-gun stance on Twitter after Parkland like aholes.

  21. Dicks are banking on only losing the OFWG and taking a small hit on guns & ammo. As things stand we won’t know until Feb/Mar 2019 how it will hit.

    I’m willing to bet they will lose some hunters/sportsmen/outdoor types who may not have purchased a gun from them in 10 years but will be looking to buy everything from a 50c tent stake to a 4k outboard motor through summer/next few hunting seasons.

    Or the relative who used to buy the cleaning kit, gift set, clothing etc at Christmas who’s now under orders not to shop for them at Dicks.

    Oh or the OFWG who promised he’d get in shape at New Year and will have the funds to buy the latest and greatest home gym equipment before getting bored in March (and repeating yearly).

    They can’t magic up extra kayak/tent/sports bra sales to cover as Academy, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Dunhams and many more still exist. (Unless they take huge hits on them).

  22. Bought my Shockwave last week from Mossberg! This makes me feel even happier than firing that bird-head gripped beauty!! Body blow, Body blow!!! Let’s see if any other manufacturers follow suit!! Go Mossberg!!

  23. The very first gun I ever bought was a Mossberg 590 from a Dicks Sporting Goods in 2009. What a shame.

    • Ya, but that was back when you thought you liked dicks. It’s okay….. Its natural. Now that you know you don’t like dicks, well,… you can move on with your life. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. I see this happen all the time.

  24. I thought the post yesterday of Hi-point dumping them was the pits in their lives

    I mean really hi-point not selling to you, is like a hooker telling you that she is TOO good for you and no amount of money helps!

  25. Send thanks to Mossberg, Hi Point, Springfield et Al, and send requests to all the others. Let’s get some steam behind this!

  26. Springfield, Inland, and hi-point is one thing. Mossberg is actually hitting them where it hurts. Budget shotguns like that probably comprise the majority of their gun sales.

  27. I’m starting a list, any manufacturer that drops dicks will have a new firearm purchases by me, one at a time until the list is complete, then I may start the list over. any company that puts the potg above a paycheck from tyrants is getting my business, still owe ruger a buy at the moment.

  28. It will certainly hurt Dicks and may have a big impact on F&S. But Dicks will survive since it’s mostly a shoe store/baseball bat/ fishing store. At least here in Florida anyways.

    I wish more fishermen were people of the gun.

  29. Hopefully Savage will follow them. Not only are they one of the remaining entry-level bolt actions, but they also import the Stevens 320. With them gone there will only be Howa’s bolt actions (which I’ve never seen one in a physical gun shop though I never look too hard at bolt actions), Interstate Arms Chinese import Hawk (also never seen in a physical shop, but also never looked for it) and Remington’s rusted garbage.

  30. Well, if I owned a gun manufacturing outfit, I wouldn’t want to be the only one hanging out with Dick’s when they virtue signal they’re getting out of the gun business. I sure wouldn’t be giving Dick’s a line of credit at this point.

  31. Federal/CCI/Speer and others are owned by Vista Outdoors. Vista does a lot of business with retailers like Dick’s with their other product lines. Doubtful we will see Federal pulled out.

  32. This is fantastic! I hope more and more manufacturers jump on this train.

  33. What’s really awful is the executives at Dick’s have sacrificed the well-being of their employees for what they consider to be a principled decision. The multimillionaire at the top can’t lose. The guy running the register or the golf section may lose everything. It’s really amazing that the media lets the execs get away with sacrificing the employees (ok, not really amazing, the media is a joke).

    A few years back i did some extensive work on my house. A building inspector shut the project down for weeks over a 6 x 12 flat piece of concrete landing that was 2 inches closer to the center of the street then allowed by code. Was it annoying to me? Sure. Was the builder pissed? Yes. But the guys who really suffered were the hourly workers who couldn’t earn a living until we got it resolved. (And lest you say “you could have cut it back” they would have dinged me for not making what was considered a step big enough under the code). Seems like the little guy always get nailed.

  34. Mossberg is a principal firearm supplier to Dick’s, behind only Remington and ahead of Savage. This is big news.

    However, there’s this thing called The Law of Unintended Consequences. In this case, I think that Dick’s has just been given an excuse to quit the gun business and turn Dick’s into a half-assed Kohl’s.

    You know that a Democrat oligarch POS like Ed Stack is looking for a reason to get out of the gun biz so he can hold his head up high among his Dem oligarch buddies. I think he just got it.

  35. Dick’s would be better off getting rid of their hunting section. It’ll give them more room for Spandex cycling shorts.

  36. Hmm, appears as though the shit just got real. As others have said, a Shockwave is in my (very) near future. Thank you, Iver Mossberg!

  37. Oooh, that’s gotta hurt. I chortled at the “scary black gun” makers who announced that they wouldn’t sell to Dicks, because Dicks wasn’t buying anyway- but this is a different story.

    Mossberg sells the kind of guns that your average Dicks customer (that it has left) actually buys.

  38. I really hope someone buys out field and stream, real nice store and nice knowledagle employees around me, sad the dicks at Dicks are ruining the field and stream brand

  39. Good for Mossberg. Too bad for the seriously knowledgeable salesmen at my local Dick’s gun bar. Was planning on buying a turkey/waterfowl combo from Dick’s in the very near future. Someone else, take my money! I think I still have $20 in Dick’s cash. Guess I could go there, pick up 100 rounds of #5, high-brass, 12 gauge, and let the manager know why that will be my last purchase from them.

  40. If dropped by all gun makers, Does this mean they will have to change their name to just “Stream”?

  41. I move that all future article involving these Fudd-puds have headlines phrased as double-entenderes

  42. First time caller, long time listener… wait, am I doing this right??

    Anyway I think y’all have the wrong approach. Dicks/F&S makes their gravy on sporting and camping goods and associated products (like fishing). The gun stuff for them is just gravy. They could do without their hunting department and still be fine.

    But someone touches those other departments? That’s where it’s gonna hurt them…. I’m just saying. Shot placement matters.

  43. That’s gonna Hurt!!!!! First Springfield and Now Mossberg. This is not good news for Dicks. See ya Libtard sports!!

  44. I wouldn’t buy a shoestring from Dick’s. No self respecting gun owner should set foot in that place and every gun manufacturer or importer working within the USA should severe all ties with them. Hopefully Mossberg will start an avalanche that will bury them.

  45. As of today, the short interest on Dick’s stock (symbol: DKS) is 18.5% of all outstanding shares. That’s a huge bet that Dick’s stock price will go down before it goes up.

  46. Every gun maker, get away from Dick’s!!!!
    Please, let them fall on the fat part of their left face!!!!

  47. Vista should drop Dick’s from ALL their brands. One of their big brands is Federal, no gun no need for ammo. Who needs a spotting scope if you don’t have a long range rifle or ammo. Dicks was in a hurry to get rid of the one time purchases like the mags and the rifle (MSRs specifically), but they were more than happy to keep the ammo revenue steam.

  48. I did own several shares of stock in dick’s but got a bad feeling about gun manufacturers and sold mine a few months ago, and man I am glad I did!I have already closed several accounts with banks that turned their backs on the NRA ,First bank card center of Omaha , Life lock, bank of america and will continue to refuse to do business with any company that undermines our constitution .It is far passed time for the silent majority to speak out and let these companies know which side of their bread is buttered on!! I personally would love to see some of these anti gun companies have to file chapter eleven bankruptcy.

    • You are setting an awesome example for other brave people to follow.
      Yes, if more people would do and follow your path things would change for better.

  49. This is meaningless since Dicks also owns “Field and Stream” stores. Mossberg hasn’t committed to pulling out of there so in a sense this “gesture” is meaningless!

  50. Great for Springfield & Mossberg. I never shopped at Dicks anyway cause everyone at the Dicks I had been to acted like a DICK. I hope Dicks & Field & Stream goes broke in the future. Same thing with Yeti.

  51. No loss to Dick’s. Mossberg makes lousy firearms. I had two shotguns of theirs that gave me constant trouble, and a neighbor had one that blew up on him. I’d never buy Mossberg again from any company, they’re junk.

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