What Will Dick’s Do With Those Rifles and Magazines They Won’t Sell? They’re Destroying Them.

Getty images photo via http://www.scarymommy.com/dicks-sporting-goods-stops-selling-assault-style-weapons/

Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced plans to destroy the modern sporting rifles, magazines and accessories they pulled from their shelves in recent weeks. That’s the word from a corporate spokesperson asked about pallets of inventory removed from displays nationwide. The sporting goods dealer’s mouthpiece said the firearms would be destroyed at regional distribution centers and the parts sent to a salvage yard for recycling.

Dick’s made the arbitrary policy change, deciding against selling America’s favorite rifle along with standard capacity magazines and other accessories amid a frenzy of post-Parkland corporate virtue signaling. The beleaguered company‘s CEO, Ed Stack, also decided the company would also arbitrarily discriminate against 18-20-year-old (now former) customers wishing to purchase firearms or ammunition.

In fact, he went further than that. He urged politicos to pass more gun control restrictions, too. Here’s an excerpt of his long-winded corporate suicide note as reprinted in USA Today.

Beginning today, DICK’S Sporting Goods is committed to the following:

We will no longer sell assault-style rifles, also referred to as modern sporting rifles. We had already removed them from all DICK’S stores after the Sandy Hook massacre, but we will now remove them from sale at all 35 Field & Stream stores.

We will no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 years of age. We will no longer sell high capacity magazines. We never have and never will sell bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly.

At the same time, we implore our elected officials to enact common sense gun reform and pass the following regulations:

Ban assault-style firearms

Raise the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21

Ban high capacity magazines and bump stocks

Require universal background checks that include relevant mental health information and previous interactions with the law

Ensure a complete universal database of those banned from buying firearms

Close the private sale and gun show loophole that waives the necessity of background checks

We ran a story on the troubles Dick’s stores (and their Field & Stream outlets) are having had filling all that freshly-vacant shelf space.

Ed Stack clearly doesn’t like guns. Or gun owners.  He seems bent on driving Dick’s into the dirt as he panders to America’s gun control industry.

Stack seems determined to keep up appearances in order to rub elbows with other gun control luminaries like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and their ilk. Toward that end, Stack found some spare change in his couch and dropped $300,000 of his own cash on a Democrat “House Majority PAC” in 2016. George Soros dropped a cool million on the group the same year.

In other words, Ed Stack doesn’t need Dick’s in order to live well.

However, plenty of his employees rely on the financial viability of Dick’s to pay their bills. With leadership like Stack’s, Dick’s workers have cause to worry.

Dick’s sales are headed south. The stock price isn’t far above its five-year low and lost 5.52% on Friday the 13th alone.  Those drawing a paycheck from Stack’s ailing company might want to find new employment quickly, before the SS Dick’s sinks below the waves to join Gander Mountain, MC Sports, Sports Authority.


  1. avatar Ted says:

    Breach of fiduciary duty to the shareholders of a publicly traded company?

    1. avatar DDay says:

      Dick stack’s sister is Kim Myers who ran as a democrat for congress in NY in 2016. So he’s a liberal just like his sister.

    2. avatar Rad Man says:

      That was my first thought too. Destroy millions in inventory? Brilliant!

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        It exposes the lie that all they want is ‘common sense’…

    3. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      I an half surprised the board hasn’t dismissed him or sued him. Even if he is majority stock holder, minority holders have rights, and unless he personally purchased the entire stock, he has no right to destroy company assets.

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:

        They are now chasing a different demographic.

        The FUDD market.

        But this market typically buys one gun per lifetime and no more than 1 box (20 rounds) per year.

        1. avatar Flinch says:

          I can get a decade out of a box of ammo. One shot each fall to make sure the gun’s still sighted in and one shot to take down my annual deer.

          Got three full boxes plus a partial. That should keep me in the game for the rest of my life.

        2. avatar CarlosT says:

          Each range trip for me is usually four or more boxes of ammo. When I had time, I used to go every other week, but it’s really dropped off recently.

        3. avatar JBS says:

          Losing the firearms business won’t hurt Dick’s much. Look at one of their stores. Its primarily a clothing store. Clothes have a higher margin than firearms. To hurt Dick’s, avoid the place completely. Discourage your womenfolk from going there.

    4. avatar William B says:

      Is it time to short that stock? In any case, this is surely good news for Bass Pro Shops.

    5. avatar Nigel the expat says:

      I made a sarcastic joke about this the other day. About what was Dick/Streams going to do with all the inventory. Return for credit or sell to another vendor where it would just get sold.

      Never thought I would see a publicly traded company destroy perfectly good inventory worth millions as a virtue-signaling stunt. Wow.

  2. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Nice to see a public execution every now and then.
    A good corporate example here.
    They as a store are sure dead to me.

  3. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Brilliant !!

    The most efficient way to stop revenue loss is to destroy inventory.

    The CEO of Dick’s is likely receiving innumerable offers from other failing companies looking for a fast exit from business.

  4. avatar KenW says:

    Let’s hope they do not find a way to write off the destruction. But the odds are they will be able to and at inflated price too.

  5. avatar nativeson says:

    They should go ahead and destroy the rest of their inventory as well since there business is headed down the tube. They had a right to shoot themselves in the foot. Now they need to own their decision.

    1. avatar Springfield Armory sucks says:

      Death of this company will take time. They are still claiming profitability for the year and plan to expand their store count this year. Just tell your friends not to shop at Dicks or Field and Stream stores. Word of mouth about this jackass company will be the most effective strategy.

      1. avatar California Richard says:

        ….soooo what you’re saying is that they are doing the typical democrat/liberal thing? I.e. doubling down on bad policy and reinforcing failure?….. that sounds about right.

      2. avatar JBS says:

        Losing the firearms business won’t hurt Dick’s much. Look at one of their stores. Its primarily a clothing store. Clothes have a higher margin than firearms. To hurt Dick’s, avoid the place completely. Discourage your womenfolk from going there.

  6. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    Tyrants assault upon freedom.

    1. The burning of books….
    2. The burning of religious iconography, relics, and Scrolls….
    3. ….Goes along with the taking of arms, and there destruction…

  7. avatar Rickster A-15 says:

    Stack Dick on top of the heap. Or Dicks , Stack at the top of the heap. He obviously dislikes guns , employees rights to an income , and our constitution. I pray he finds himself in the position he is putting his employees in , though not likely. He , Stack . is obviously wealthy enough that he needn’t worry about his future , but what about faithful employees ? He could care less. He is just another puppet of the leftist regime. Ignorance is bliss. And Stack should not have owned a sporting goods chain in the first place. Maybe he should own a toy store. Well good riddance Stack. While I feel for your employees , I think you are Dispicable. Reap what you sow. Fasciast 🐖

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Employees do not have a “right” to a pay check. They have a right to receive an agreed upon wage for work performed, and if there is no more work, then there is no “right” to be paid. They are, almost entirely, at will employees who can be terminated with or without cause.

  8. avatar Frank says:

    Ann: “Gunfire! We’re under attack! What do we do?”
    Bob: “Hurry! Take all our guns and destroy them!”
    Ann: “Great idea!”
    Bob: “It’s done. All our guns are gone. We’re safe now!”
    Ann: “I still hear gunfire. It’s getting closer!”
    Ann and Bob: “Ahhgg! How is this happening?!”

  9. avatar tdiinva says:

    I cut them some slack after Sandy Hook because Dick’s sells more than guns and I could see a reason to cater to the soccer mom crowd. But their Field and Stream brand caters to the outdoor crowd and once they kicked those people in the teeth I gave them the finger. I can buy my golf balls and workout gear elsewhere.

    Go woke, go broke, especially when you are already on the edge.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      There is NEVER a reason to cater to idiotic soccer moms.

      1. avatar Studly Beefcake says:

        Hey, easy there. That’s my side hustle you’re talkin about.

      2. avatar Mark N. says:

        Really? Soccer moms are the ones out buying all the sporting gear for their kids. In my experience (from having kids), that is a pretty big market that is always being repopulated. Meanwhile, states are enacting programs to encourage young people to become hunters as the number of hunters in this country continues to decline.

        1. avatar Chris says:

          Soccer moms are a fickle demograph, they have no brand loyalty and they don’t spend a whole lot of money on anything except for what they need. They’re also known for holding onto their finances until a sale comes up. Not a crowd of people I’d depend on for my income. Most of them don’t even work, they use the money that somebody else earned.

    2. avatar JBS says:

      Losing the firearms business won’t hurt Dick’s much. Look at one of their stores. Its primarily a clothing store. Clothes have a higher margin than firearms. To hurt Dick’s, avoid the place completely. Discourage your womenfolk from going there.

      1. avatar enoughalready says:

        Are you going to copy/paste this comment to every post? We get it, already.

    3. avatar Floyd Hurd says:

      Looks to me that we the people need to Have a hanging party,and rid the country. Of traitors .

  10. avatar No one of consequence says:

    I wonder how many of those evil black rifles and magazines will “fall off” the conveyor belt on the way to the shredder. I have to wonder also whether they asked the OEMs.to take the rifles back and were told no, or if this is being done in a vacuum.

    There are two Dick’s in Albuquerque. With Cabela’s now in town, and several great independent gun shops (Hi ABQ Guns!), my go-to-the-big-city days need not be clouded by visiting them.

    1. avatar tdiinva says:

      Good point. I bet the OEMs told them to pound sand on refunds and they are just trying to make it look like this a voluntary action. And I don’t think they can right this off as a loss since the inventory is a voluntary action.

      1. avatar No one of consequence says:

        Unless they were made illegal and therefore had to be destroyed … which is one reason, perhaps, the CEO would like to see an MSR ban.

        I tell you, this whole thing makes me want to go out and buy another AK. Maybe in 5.45, as I’m told they’re eviler, but both the guns and ammo are getting harder to find these days.

    2. avatar Defens says:

      We will soon see all those rifles at fire sale prices on the CDNN or similar websites.

  11. avatar Fred Lead says:

    Destroy all MSRs and accessories? That will be easy for Dicks since they never had any. Five years ago I couldn’t even find a decent pump shotgun at Dicks.

  12. avatar BLAMMO says:


  13. avatar foobar says:

    How has their board NOT fired this idiot yet?

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Your mutual fund may well hold stock in Dickless in which case you have a complaint. Where are the class action shysters?


      Annual meetings apparently are in June.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Apparently Stack owns 60.11% of the company so he can do any dumbass thing he wants to do. But he is also screwing over common stockholders so they certainly have grounds to complain/sue.


        Largest outside investors are
        BlackRock Inc.
        Vanguard Group
        T. Rowe Price
        Many Americans own part of these 3.

        1. avatar Mark N. says:

          Having a piece of T. Rowe Price, Vanguard or Black Rock is a lot different than having a say in which companies these funds invest. Black Rock, for one, has made noises sounding like it may go full retard. And other funds are subject to the whims of their huge public investment groups, like CalPers or the NY public retirement system, entities that control billions of dollars in investments. Just as was the case with apartheid, these public entities are being lobbied to boycott all gun companies and related investment opportunities, and if they go that route, these mutuals will be dumping their shares in gun manufacturers and retailers.

        2. avatar Dave M says:

          Used to work for Dick’s, own a lot of their stock. Ed Stack though is a fucking idiot; always was and evidently always will be. When the company went public (issued stock) it went to hell overnight. This jackass is loosing me money. Ed Stack needs replaced ASAP.

  14. avatar neiowa says:

    Interesting that the local Dickless store has (among diddly squat in their overpriced inventory) a couple Ruger Precision Rifles. That’s some pretty bad (ass) shooting iron. AND can take accept a 25round Magpul.

  15. avatar TFred says:

    Don’t forget there is litigation under way regarding the age discrimination suffered by those who are 18-20 years old, who are legally entitled to purchase long firearms, but being arbitrarily denied this right by these activist businesses.

    We need to follow along with these efforts.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Those suits are all in states that have state law protections for the 18-20 year old crowd, such as Oregon. The feds have no such protection, so these suits will be of limited impact.

    2. avatar Ralph says:

      By the time those cases are ready for litigation, the cases will be moot since the plaintiffs will be over 21.

      1. avatar RMS1911 says:

        Doesn’t matter what matters is the age at the time.

    3. avatar Banzai says:

      But the government can send them into a war zone? WTF

  16. avatar former water walker says:

    Destroy your evil black rifles…that’ll learn us! Well my granddaughter’s all play soccer and my son is a fudd soooo I think they’ll stay business for the time being. Too bad…Dick’s sux

  17. avatar Rick Bunn says:

    This should help the bottom line. The CEO needs to be fired, but that is up to the share holders. In the DC area we had a long time hardware store chain called Hechingers (I think that’s how it was spelled). For years that was the place to go for hardware, but when the son took over the company he spent a bunch of money on anti-gun efforts. The chain went out of business.

  18. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

    It’s awfully funny to me that Field and Stream (Dicks) is building a brand new store in Wesley Chapel Fl. Pasco county is staunchly pro-2A.

    Good luck.

  19. avatar Imayeti says:

    Whomever named them was so right!

  20. avatar JD says:

    They are building a new store in St. Petersburg FL. Plenty of liberals here and one of the reasons we sold our house of 30 years and moved to a much redder spot in N. FL. Enough room to have a nice range out to 500 yards and very few neighbors. I doubt Dicks lasts another year.

  21. avatar MLee says:

    I Implore everyone to enact common sense shopping reforms and pass a resolution to never spend money or set foot inside a Dicks Sporting Goods Store.

    1. avatar JBS says:

      Right on!

      Losing the firearms business won’t hurt Dick’s much. Look at one of their stores. Its primarily a clothing store. Clothes have a higher margin than firearms. To hurt Dick’s, avoid the place completely. Discourage your womenfolk from going there.

      1. avatar Kendall Neberman says:

        JBS, your dad should’ve just pulled out!

  22. avatar rt66paul says:

    Why is it that I am the only one here that thinks that the taxpayer will ultimately reimburse Dick’s for the evil weapons of Satan that were destroyed by the Angels?


  23. avatar NarcoosseeFLUSA says:

    Do they get to write off the destroyed inventory on their taxes? If so, that means the taxpayers are contributing to this.

    1. avatar Craig in IA says:

      Not if they choose to destroy inventory that is perfectly functional and legal. If they own them, let them do what ever they want with them. I just finished up the weekend at our local gun show, there are probably around 1 MSR per attending person for sale there. Not like there’s a shortage. Mags as well… Why anyone would’ve considered buying any firearm, accessory or ammo at Dick’s prior to the Parkland event is beyond me- better deals about anywhere else.

      1. avatar JBS says:

        Now there is no reason to buy anything at Dick’s.

        Losing the firearms business won’t hurt Dick’s much. Look at one of their stores. Its primarily a clothing store. Clothes have a higher margin than firearms. To hurt Dick’s, avoid the place completely. Discourage your womenfolk from going there.

        1. avatar Kendall Neberman says:

          JB, why do you keep posting the same thing over and over again? Is something wrong with you? You had one thought that seemed like it some some validity, and that’s all you can come up with?

  24. avatar Sir Tri says:

    Honestly, I see this as a preamble to running this company into the ground and raking the investors & stock holders for all of their worth. It is no secret that Dick’s as a retail outlet has been floundering due to mismanagement and lousy sales & service. Their firearms or “lodge” offerings were what separated them for any other online retail stores. I’ve only been a firearms enthusiast for a few years and I outgrew what Dick’s had to offer within a year. Mark this event because they will use it as an excuse for when they start shuttering stores and betraying their employees and stock holders. Good luck Dick’s on surviving the online arena let alone be competitive.

  25. avatar SAMUEL LEE says:

    I know it and Dick’s Sporting Goods knows it ,they would never last in my neck of the woods ..they would never even have a competitive ability to start a business where I live… let alone keep it profitable.. they choose to be a small blue State player then they definitely have painted themselves into their own corner

  26. avatar TruthTellers says:

    I can understand dropping AR’s and raising the age limit to 21 for a business to look good, but to willingly destroy millions of dollars worth of inventory is beyond stupid for a business practice.

    My guess is that Bloomberg and other 1% anti’s are going to be sending checks to Dick’s to make up for the losses.

  27. avatar GunGal says:

    Stupid seems to be breaking out in epidemic proportions. CDC needs to fund work on a vaccine.
    Oh wait, you can’t fix stupid!
    Beer:30 might be early today

  28. avatar Steve says:

    Feeling bad for their employees is understandable but, the only time I was ever in one, it seemed to be staffed by high school kids who had no clue what they were selling or how to sell it. I bought several flats of Gun Clubs that they had on sale and the young woman at the checkout first questioned my need for so much ammo then made me open every flat as she scanned each box separately. At that point, I was all done and I’ve never gone back.



    1. avatar TxRabbit47 says:

      Steve re: “Feeling bad for their employees is understandable but, the only time I was ever in one, it seemed to be staffed by high school kids who had no clue what they were selling or how to sell it.”
      Well, I see from your comment that my experience was not an exception; had a couple that were the same as yours. HOWEVER, that was BEFORE I cancelled my Rewards membership, told ’em so, wrote every contact about the horrendous decision they made (betcha our commentary never reached the CEO critter) and wiped out the directions to get me to all Dick’s stores in our neck of the woods! HOWEVER, I did get one reply from Dick’s asking me to reconsider my writing ’em off as a source for firearms, ammo and related accessories to which I replied, “No, will not reconsider now or ever. Period.”
      Have a good day.

      1. avatar JBS says:

        Just avoid Dick’s completely.

        Losing the firearms business won’t hurt Dick’s much. Look at one of their stores. Its primarily a clothing store. Clothes have a higher margin than firearms. To hurt Dick’s, avoid the place completely. Discourage your womenfolk from going there.

  29. avatar Springfield Armory sucks says:

    What do their creditors think about the destruction of inventory that is pledged as collateral for lines of credit? If I was their lender and saw how executive management is behaving, I would be reducing my loan exposure to them, which in turn will constrain their growth. Then again, maybe they will get replacement loans from commie Wells Fargo or Citibank.

  30. avatar Swarf says:

    Whoopty shit.

  31. avatar Hannibal says:

    Oh yeah, stockholders should LOVE that. I mean, not the ones from Dicks, but the ones from companies that manufacture new merchandise that will profit more from supply diminishing for artificial reasons.

    I think they imagined this would somehow be a big deal and make them the sporting goods store for all the 40 year old moms and 17 year old brainwashed anti-gunners. The problem is that the former buy one yoga mat every 10 years and the latter don’t want to go to a place called “Dick’s” because it’s triggering.

  32. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    When companies operate under party controlled ministries of commerce, manufacturing, communication, & etc. a “CEO’s” fiduciary responsibility requires him to play along. It’s not the market that’ll crush you, its those guys.

    Sadly, Dick’s — er, head dick in charge has to navigate a hybrid system, with actual customers now getting less willing to abandon their own interests. Stuck in the middle can be great fun while everybody’s getting along…

    See “oligarchy”, “mercantilism”, “fascism”, “the military-industrial complex”, “regulatory capture”, and as examples, Soviet Russia, Mussolini’s Italy, pre-WWII Germany (excluding their racial, nationalist, pagan elements), and the a/b comparisons that are N/S Kores, E/W Germany, and current / before Venezuela.

    But he got his, so…

  33. avatar Darkman says:

    There is a Dick’s in the town I live in. It’s been there for about 2 years now. In that time the customer base has never been that large. Especially in the sporting goods market. The selection is very small and high priced. They mostly sell clothes/shoes. The parking lot is usually empty unless there is some kind of sale going on. We Have a Farm King store that takes most of the firearms/hunting business because of their selection and reasonable prices. Dick’s will die the same slow death that all brick and mortar stores die of when they alienate customers. 4/19/1775 Remember Why…

  34. avatar Gutshot says:

    Who the hell needs Dicks, when you have companies like Sons Of Liberty Gunworks out there. And no, I am not affiliated with them at all, just a bit of a fanboy.

  35. avatar Alec Johnson says:

    My and my boys hunt with ARs..

    And oh by the way.. they both play football, swim, and compete in multiple other sports..

    Guess who will NOT be providing us with Under Armour/ Nike sports shirts, arm bands, cleats, socks, Exo-Grid bats, and all the other gear they are always buying..

    Good bye… Dick(s)

  36. avatar Paul m says:

    Destroy your inventory. That’s a great way to make a profit. Went into one, looked around and left. They’re not long for this world. In Tallahassee they built a B.J.’s in front of a Dick’s. Who do you suppose thought of that? It’s the joke of the town. Whoever he was, I bet he’s walking around with a resume’ today.

  37. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced plans to destroy the modern sporting rifles, magazines and accessories they pulled from their shelves in recent weeks.
    You go boy! And just keep on going…off the cliff. Maybe he is doing us all a favor.

  38. avatar Frodo says:

    Had the shareholders of Gander Mountain been a little bit sharper and willing to price their goods to sell not sit on shelves they would still be open and rolling in dough right now and Dick’s & Field & Stream would be history.

    1. avatar Craig in IA says:

      Gander seems to be reopening in some locations as Gander Outdoors. Stopped at the one in Lakeville, MN on the way through. Lots of MSRs, a display of suppressors and the stuff to get you started, plenty of ammo, etc. Gun prices seemed to be fine for big box place and a good inventory of firearmsn. Also a larger space of Overton’s stuff for boating.

      Looks like they’ve dropped their own branded line of clothing and gear. The store in Bemidji, MN is going to reopen soon as well, not sure about other locales.

      FWIW: http://www.ganderoutdoors.com I have no connection with them.

  39. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    Perhaps they need to do like Sports authority did…do away with guns and ammo altogether…
    Prices are only good during sales, anyway.
    Have Academy and Wal-Mart and Bass Pro here in Florida…plus plenty of local gun stores and pawn shops…and the internet, of course…GunBroker is awesome.

  40. avatar cisco kid says:

    Of course gun owner people will not boycott Dicks like they should because many of them agree with Dicks until of course Dicks bans even more weapons in the future. What is next? Why of course all semi-auto pistols and their magazines and the later all semi auto and pump shotguns too. I am not being facetious one bit.

  41. avatar cisco kid says:

    By the way nothing about his is new. Our local Wal-Mart banned guns for sale years ago. I am surprised they still sell knives.

  42. avatar doesky2 says:

    1) I’m betting they will be able to write off the loss.

    2) I’m also betting that their inventory was pretty small and this was just some stanky virtue signalling.

    3) Seems like it helps the gun manufacturers by having to supply the demand that would have been met by these trashed guns.

  43. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    Let the company immolate itself. There are executives who are just stupid. They got rich by having others protect them from their self destructive actions in the past.

    The investors need to be more careful who they give their money to.

  44. avatar Adam says:

    You know damn well that Dick’s isn’t destroying anything. They’re just going to sell the existing stock to someone else under the table.

  45. avatar skiff says:

    I can’t ever recall modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines ever being sold at Dick’s in legal Rhode Island.

  46. avatar Nanashi says:

    Buy something and destroy it because you hate the people who like it. Basically what Disney is letting Kathleen Kennedy and Jar Jar Abrams do to Star Wars.

  47. avatar Gun Owning American says:

    Dustbin of history.

  48. avatar Connie says:

    I’m calling bull hockey on this. Dick’s is claiming they are going to destroy all of these items to continue their virtue signaling charade, but I doubt they really will. My guys is that they will sell these to another company under the guise that this company will “destroy” them, and that company will turn around and sell them for a decent profit.


  49. avatar John in AK says:

    Considering that Dick’s has already paid for, or will HAVE to pay for, any stock that they have ordered and already received or that is en route to them with a valid purchase order, they should be ENCOURAGED to destroy those rifles, accessories, and ammunition.
    As I understand business tax law, if they are VOLUNTARILY taking a loss due to their choice to destroy salable inventory, the product not being destroyed by accident or natural disaster, they cannot write off said loss. They will also have to pay local and state inventory tax on the merchandise; They might also be taxed punitively for the loss incurred by the Government in income and sales taxes that would have accrued to it had the products been sold at a normal profit instead of being willingly destroyed.
    Every rifle that they destroy was not going to be sold to an end user, anyway; Every rifle that they do destroy is a rifle that is in demand by an end user, who will thus go to a manufacturer’s retailer to purchase a different rifle–just not one that Dick’s destroyed, and wouldn’t have sold them anyway. So, manufacturer makes money, jobber makes money, dealer/retailer makes money.
    Dick’s likewise gets no additional income from prospective buyers who would have come to their stores to buy an EBR and most likely make other purchases, but instead do not come to shop at all, and thus spend nothing.
    So, except in ‘public relations,’ ‘feel-good’ moral masturbation, and ‘blue sky’ from people who probably don’t buy ‘sporting goods’ at all besides running shoes and baggy nylon shorts, Dick’s loses in every regard.
    What is the down-side?

  50. avatar Frank M. says:

    I might be in the minority here but I don’t really care if they destroy the guns as long as they pay their debts to the companies that made them. We can make more ARs.

    Also I’d be careful in complaining too much about Soros considering the amount of money the Koch brothers pump into supporting their dystopian ideology.

  51. avatar Lurker says:

    “Driving Dicks into the dirt”

    Too funny.

  52. avatar Craig in IA says:

    Seriously, it’d be fun to have some AR lower maker (either stripped, or better yet, 80%) offer one engraved with “Dick’s Sporting Goods Commemorative Edition”. Perhaps scuffed up a bit like the Glocks I’m seeing on the shows. I have an engraver pal and a couple unfinished lowers, might see if I can con him into doing one for the fun of it.

    Years ago I thought about getting some of those cheap-o Chinese knives that are prolific at flea markets and low-end gun shows and having some “O J Simpson Commemoratives” made up. Maybe include a leather glove or something. After the Waco/Koresch fiasco we made up and sold something like 160 dozen “BATF Tactical Unit, Waco TX” baseball caps at local gun shows. Complete with bullet holes in the front. Cops were our biggest customers.

  53. avatar myron says:

    I guess I will do all my shopping at Turners in Victorville Ca.

  54. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    It’s not like these kind of big box stores are under siege from e-tailers.

  55. avatar Jon says:

    This seems more like an economic move and reach for liberal political gain more than anything else. Everyone knows firearms and magazines are selling at all time low prices with razor thin profit margins. Since Dicks already wasn’t selling assault weapons, it was a good excuse to pull them out of Field and Stream and destroy them while writing off an inflated loss that probably netted them more than the discounted sales prices would have been. This calculated move will likely do nothing to hurt them financially as a company while both financially and liberal politically strengthening them in the financial world. Bad politics for gun rights but smart move as a CEO looking at profit margins and liberal political future. Not a new story, just the next chapter in the existing one.

    1. avatar Scott Wardwell says:

      You cannot write-off more than the actual cost to acquire the product. The profit margin does not figure into that calculation. There is no such thing as “inflated loss”. But then I didn’t go a liberal accounting school, so I may be wrong, but I don’t think so.
      Every time firearms ownership comes under assault, sales perk-up with prices bouncing back to levels not seen since Obama.
      So Dicks destoying their inventory is just simple-minded political pandering at the expense of the company, employees, vendors, stockholders and customers. Just so Stack can be center of attention at his next cocktail party.

  56. avatar Mike says:

    Morons, I only hope they go out soon. They don’t deserve to be in business. A misguided company lead by truly idiotic management. It’s down parascope for Dick’s. Too bad their shareholders are getting Dicked!

  57. avatar George Venable says:

    Do hope they go under – feel for the folks that lose paychecks. You’d think they woulda held the guns and turned ’em in at gun “buy backs” ! lol. They’ll probably be able to claim a loss some crooked way on their taxes !

  58. avatar Scott Wardwell says:

    Its sad that two of the four anchor stores (Macys and Sears) recently closed at my local mall leaving Pennys and Dicks. Now I think Dicks will be next after this stnut. The ironic thing is that greatest draw for traffic to the mall today is the only Chick Fil-A in the state.

  59. avatar jimmy says:

    fuck dicks

  60. avatar Docduracoat says:

    Dicks business model seems to be the same as that of Gander Mountain.
    Full MSRP on everything in the store .
    The only reason to go there is to handle an item before you buy it on the Internet.
    Every single item in the store can be bought for less elsewhere

  61. avatar Jim Macklin says:

    A multi million dollar theft from stock holders and the brand new guns destroyed.
    I presume DICK’S has paid the invoice so the makers now have their money and they can make new guns to fill the void.
    If I had any stock in DICK’S I’d seek to have this yoyo canned. But if I had stock in Daniels DEfense, Ruger or any other arms maker I’d be sure I got paid and be sure I was ready to fill orders from reliable companies.

  62. avatar Ken says:

    I was in Dicks gun department today in Lakewood NJ they had AR 15 style air soft guns on the shelves for sale and M4 style one as well. If it’s so important that this type of rifle be destroyed from the face of the earth, why are they selling them to teens? Who they say they are trying to protect them from!

  63. avatar zebra dun says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. Even during prohibition Alcohol was destroyed rather than sold. Good way to go out of business.

  64. avatar GS650G says:

    I’ll never set foot in one again and I spend a lot on hunting, ammo and clothes.

  65. avatar Ricky Cutie says:

    Don’t really care the dicks in Hattiesburg, Ms has not sold handguns or ARs or the like for years and I stopped shopping there because of it years ago. They did however sell airsoft guns of all types, shapes and sizes which to me seems quite hypocritical. Dicks can go suck a ??? Straw and will be out of business soon anyway

  66. avatar ERNIE says:


  67. avatar natemg says:

    Seems silly. If you really want to get rid of them, I’m sure there are many police departments that you could donate them to, and in return write them off. I think we all know it is a publicity stunt. I have never really considered buying any firearms at a big box store, although I have bought plenty of ammo from them.

    These days I either try to buy from and support my local gun stores / ranges. No real benefit from buying from a big box store from an employee that has a good chance of not even having any knowledge of the product they are selling. Sure before I buy virtually anything higher dollar I do my research, but I do appreciate a salesman weighing in a bit.

    The only negative of Dick’s not selling, would be less competition resulting in higher prices. As we should have the right to own firearms they should have the right to not sell what they don’t want to sell. My guess is they make more money from the sale of ammo vs the guns themselves. Ammo also takes up very little shelf space, has potential to be sold to the same person multiple times a year and just requires them to look at your age on your ID.

    To me they are hypocrites. Why not remove all firearms and ammo from inventory if you feel so strongly on an issue? It’s America, and a store has the right to sell what they want to (as long as it is legal).

    Again all of this seems to look like a publicity / proactive PR stunt. They don’t wan’t the chance that the next nut job gets their firearm from Dicks, gets it traced back to them and people protesting / boycotting their store. As many have pointed out as consumers we have the right to boycott them, and I’m sure they are well aware of that fact. They probably have run the numbers and believe the loss of revenue from people like us as customers is small in comparison to the loss of revenue from their other customers.

    Yes it’s a boneheaded move at least from our perspective but in the grand scheme of things I don’t believe it’s that big of a deal unless everyone makes a big deal out of it. It’s actually good for independent gun shops. If Dick’s started to donate to causes to take away our rights, I would have a lot more of an issue.

  68. avatar Dave says:

    When is Soros going to die? Get his ass out of the picture and maybe common sense will return.

  69. avatar Blue says:

    I hope the ATF scrutinizes the heck out of Stack’s disposal of these firearms to make sure he doesn’t pull a Leland Yee.

  70. avatar Bigus Dickus says:

    Never thought of Dick’s as a place to buy a firearm. But then I don’t think of Dick’s for buying anything at all.

  71. avatar Adam says:

    I don’t think you should be aloud to call yourself a sporting goods store any longer, seems like false advertising.

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