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Dick’s sporting goods has let it be known, in no uncertain terms, that they’re no supporters of gun owners or the Second Amendment. First they dumped all of their ARs and related gear and put a 21-and-over gun sales policy into place. As if that didn’t rile up America’s gun owners enough, they then hired a group of lobbyists to press Congress to enact still more gun control laws.

That last move was more than Springfield Armory could stomach. The Illinois-based gun maker announced this afternoon that they’ll no longer do business with Dick’s. Here’s their press release . . .

GENESEO, IL – Springfield Armory is severing ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, in response to their hiring a group for anti-Second Amendment lobbying.

This latest action follows Dick’s Sporting Goods’ decision to remove and destroy all modern sporting rifles (MSR) from their inventory. In addition, they have denied Second Amendment rights to Americans under the age of 21. We at Springfield Armory believe that all law abiding American citizens of adult age are guaranteed this sacred right under our Constitution.

It is clear where Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, stand on the Second Amendment, and we want to be clear about our message in response. Their position runs counter to what we stand for as a company. At Springfield Armory, we believe in the right and principles fought for and secured by American patriots and our founding forefathers, without question. We will not accept Dick’s Sporting Goods’ continued attempts to deny Second Amendment freedoms to our fellow Americans.

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    • I sure did!
      Surprised that it took that long, and that more havent also done so!

      As far as I am concerned, it’s a non sporting goods store!
      Hell, it’s not even a store for anything that I might want.

      I used to patronize them regulary, but these past few years, very little.
      Now it’s a “nothing” store!

    • With the Saint series, Springfield has begun marketing ARs to the general public. So, Dick’s stance against ARs is a direct attack on Springfield.

      • With Springfield’s attack on everyone else [especially all IL lgs] and support of only licensing “big-box” gun stores (like former [less like a dick] Dick’s). I’d say this is a step in the same-direction as their licensing move.

    • Exactly my thoughts when I saw the headline. Maybe Springfield is trying to get back in good graces with POG.

      • Zactly. It’s called making amends. Sound business decision (even if you don’t believe it’s sincere).

      • Regardless of your feelings toward Springfield Armory and their past this is a solid move and we need more of it from all facets of the gun industry. Any business that understands the true meaning of the 2A should get on board too. The time for playing nice is over. Loud and Proud should be the order of the day.

  1. Somebody needs to check in depth if Dick’s Sporting Goods isn’t run by Russian spies who want to destroy the USA from within. No true American would ever try to destroy everything that its forefathers spilled their blood for.

  2. How oxymoronic.
    Springfield is working hard to dig themselves out the hole they dug last year.
    Kinda weird in a way… like watching something perverse.
    Well, SA has spunk!

    • Perhaps, indeed, this is an atonement on the part of SA for their misjudgment last year but, by golly, it’s a good start. Methinks that other firearms makers should follow suit. Strength in numbers will make a larger impact and other companies contemplating making a move like Dickhead’s will most assuredly take note.

      • Not just firearm manufacturers, all companies that manufacture shooting and hunting goods i.e vests, holsters, gun cases, optics and etc.

      • As for Springfield, I may forgive them, but I will *never* forget.

        Firearm sales at Dick’s have likely disappeared in the last couple months, and so from SA’s perspective, this is a hollow gesture. You can hurt sales by pulling back from a place that’s not selling any in the first place.

        I hope they both go bankrupt.

  3. So Springfield is denouncing Dick’s for attempting to lobby government to limit the gun rights of law abiding citizens. Hmmm, isn’t that what Springfield did when they attempted to lobby the state government in Illinois to limit the rights of law abiding citizens in Illinois? I will not be purchasing anything from Dick’s going forward but it will be a cold day in hell before I buy another new firearm from Springdale. If I ever buy another Springfielld firearm it will be used so that Springfield doesn’t get one red cent!

    • The bill in Illinois was a state licensing law for FFLs and manufacturers, which effected the costs of business, but otherwise has no effect on the rights of gun buyers.

  4. eh, I like S.A. been looking at the emp carry contour 9mm. feels very nice in the hand, but I’ll be looking for used in hopes for a non-insane price.

  5. Gee how special of you Springfield…this Illinois resident will never do business with YOU or Dick’s. Virtue signaling at it’s finest😏

  6. You go, Springfield. Now let’s get everyone else to follow suit.

    This is the kind of thing we’ve been screaming for for decades, and it is finally happening. Hornady cut off anti-2A New York, and now Springfield is cutting off anti-2A Dick’s.

    It’s like the industry finally pulled their head out and realized that they have to act. Better late than never.

    • They’d really get the message if S&W and Glock dropped them. Remington and Sigs corporate overlords will not do that.

      • Start a twitter war with ’em and maybe they will. One aspiring browncoat nazi Hogg was able to get half of Laura Ingraham’s sponsors to drop her show with a tweet.

        Why aren’t Dana Loesch and Colion Noir tweeting exactly that to Smith and Ruger et al? Where are the NRA TV commentators in at least pointing out that Dick’s has declared itself an enemy to the POTG?

        I don’t care what they sell or don’t sell, that’s a business choice and they have the freedom to make that choice. But when they hire lobbyists to strip us of our rights, then they’ve gone too far and those in social media should be fighting back.

    • I have a fantasy, of a new Dick’s, in which the only products on display are branded Yeti and Under Armour.

    • Dick’s, from their webpage, doesn’t appear to carry any pistols at all. And of course they won’t be carrying any MSRs these days.

      However, Dick’s website does indicate they carry magazines for Springfield’s XDs and XDm lines, as well as a Springfield-branded 1911 magazine.

        • Not ALL brick and mortar Dick’s sell handguns…I live in the SE Corner of Alabama and the Dick’s here(did I just make a pun?) Have NEVER sold handguns…I have made my last footprint inside ANY DICKS STORE!….NEVER BEEN A BIG FAN OF Hornady ammo or reloading components….But I did just “Load up” with the new FBI APPROVED/ADOPTED 135g CRITICAL DEfense ammo that is hard to get your hands on….I’m sticking up on the bad a$$ ammo for the ballistics and multiple successful penetration Results of multiple fabric clothing layers/glass widows/typical wall contraction…..

          Hundreds of years ago,when the country was in it’s infancy….The weapons we’re for “protecting their families from the natives and the Imperial British empire”….”Providing food and clothing materials for for the village”….

          I write all the above to say this…The afore mentioned situations was basically the BackBone of the 2cnd Amendment Foundation was adopted for EVERYONE ….Even future Democrats 😎…..But NOW , as the Great JFK proclaimed….The United States of America is to Powerful and Strong to be defeated by someone of “Foreign Soil”…But “Someone from within America”…and I Paraphrase his speech…..
          But look around Ladies and Gentleman….All of the constant shootings in our churches , elementary school children to College universities , music concerts , random executions of law enforcement officer sitting in their patrol cars , bombings at sporting events ,random shootings in restaurants ,night clubs….American shooting Americans…and for what reason…..
          It seems as though the AMERICAN Patriots are being shot by “people in America”…They might even be citizens….BUT….They Are Not AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!….It’s almost like battling the Red Coats again….Trying to take away what our Forefather’s fought and died for!!!!…..
          Is this not a perfect example of why our Forefather’s gave Every American citizen the “Right to Bear Arms”….The situation why the 2cnd Amendment was adopted…
          This internal insurrection by people trying to get attention to themselves ,these people that think the world owes them a living or to be taken care….I’ve worked hard since I was 12yrs old to obtain what little bit of “things” and meager finances to support our family in a respective way…I’m in my mid 60’s and am pissed Everytime I turn on the news and See reports of another shooting at an eduction facility….Read about a 90 year widow who hired a person in need to do some chores around her house…She is found later stabbed to death…teenagers being abducted and sold into sex slavery….And I have two young daughters that have just moved to atlanta ,ga…One a college graduate that has been living there for a few months starting her career…The younger finishing her education to prepare for a career in professional hair styling ,skincare ,theatrical makeup,etc,etc….So I have a vested interest of protection for our girls….They will be going thru self defense training and fire arm training before I arm them with a weather….
          Now Mrs Pelosi , Hillary Clinton and the rest of you bleeding heat liberals….If you have a problem…Do you want you neighbor to come help you carrying s sling shot or a knife???….Would be just like a Democrat to bring a knife to a gun fight….All you people wanting gun control.. Move to Australia ,move to England ,etc,etc……
          Our forefathers had extraordinary wisdom ,that the English ruling power brokers had over us…To make sure we had protection..One way or another……One of the Wisest ,Respected and Successful Presidents even foresaw “The , not probable , but possibility of America to destroy itself….Yet..ANOTHER EXAMPLE of why the Second Amendment is CRITICAL , in Biblical proportions , for this country to protect itself….From Within!!!

          We Have the Right To Bear Arms….We Have the Right to protect OUR HOMELAND , We have the right to PROTECT OUR FAMILIES…. We’ve had the right for Almost 240yrs….
          I’ll Die defending her and I’ll die defend my family….Sooo…You want my firearms ,you want my rights as an American…..Come take it…Might want to bring your lunch…Just sayin

          God Bless my family and God Bless America

    • Field & Stream had M1As and XDs. Not sure if they had any Saints as I haven’t been to a Field & Stream in 3 years.

    • Dicks moved most of it’s gun inventory to Field and Stream stores. Field and Stream was created to save suburban soccer moms from potentially seeing a firearm and being scared off. The last time I was in a Dicks store was about six years ago and they didn’t have much more than a few turkey guns.

      I did pop by a Field and Stream and they are hurting. The associate pointed out to me how far they had to space their guns to make it seem like they had something to show after getting rid of modern sport rifles. He told me they sent all the stock “back to the factory”, but that might mean the distributor. I’m fairly certain Dicks saying they will destroy all MSRs and accessories they had was a massive misrepresentation, since Dicks has no inventory of those items. Field and Stream is just returning their stock, and I’m sure the factory or distributors would not destroy their own stock. So not only does Dicks blatantly attack the rights of people they don’t like they lie to those they expect to buy from them.

  7. Dicks has been recording your permit information on every ammunition sale in CT for several years now, even though it isn’t required by law. Why? Not for any good reasons.

    • I’m stocking up on ammo. Remember wallmart refusing to sell 22 cal. They will start with our guns and proceed directly to all ammunition. To hell with Dick’s Springfield and their kind. No one is taking my guns , nor are they going to trample on my rights guaranteed by our forefathers. 5 gallon buckets burrowed in the yard are a good start !! When the shit hits the fan & it will unless we stand up to these grabbers, I suggest we get prepared.

  8. Well, if we were mad when they did wrong then we ought to give them credit for doing right. It isn’t enough by itself, but you gotta start somewhere. Fair’s fair.

    Besides, if we don’t give gun makers a chance at earning redemption after they screw up we’ll end up disarming ourselves out of spite.

    • Agreed. Being happy with what they did doesn’t mean they are done atoning, or that we need to actively support them with our money yet.

      But the flip side of holding them accountable when they screw up is acknowledging when they do well.

      Just like training an employee.

  9. Interesting business strategy. Even the playing field. “If we dont sell ARs, lets make sure no one can sell them”.

  10. Hmm… Springfield cuts off Dick. Where have I heard this before? Seem like deja vu.

  11. Johnny Come Lately there. The carve outs that they sponsored would have given Dicks a huge advantage against local gun stores in Illinois. The funniest thing is those big box stores would kneecap Springfield Armory to return the favor!

    • Fake news. Springfield didn’t sponsor the licensing bill, their lobbyist agreed not to fight it and in turn got a manufacturer exception to the requirements of the bill (which Springfield then fired the lobbyist after it came out). Quite a big difference and you’re spreading misinformation by quoting otherwise.

  12. Meh. There’s no comparison between what SA did in Illinois and what Dick’s has/is doing. Anyone who says there is a comparison is a fool, a liar, a hater, some combination or all of the above.

    That’s not to say that SA didn’t fuck up, they did, but there are levels of tomfuckery and SA’s doesn’t even begin to approach the level Dick’s is at right now.

    • Um … speaking as someone who would buy you a beer should we ever meet … you do realize you just compared them, right?

    • Tell that to the people in Illinois that would have been able to only buy guns at places like Dicks if they’d have run the local places out of business. Which was the goal. Then all they have to do is get the stores who don’t really make the majority of their money on guns to only sell certain kinds. A local, gun focused store is far far less likely to cave to that sort of pressure.

  13. Normally I would commend such an action. But coming from Springfield, it just comes off as a laughable attempt to regain credibility after last year’s fiasco.

  14. As far as Springfield is concerned, I accept their apology. Perhaps I’m just not good enough at holding grudges, but I appreciate SA supporting the 2nd Amendment at a time when it is under serious attack. Right now, anyone standing up to corporations who bow down to spoiled children is fine in my book.

    • You said it. We need to protect the 2nd at any and all cost. If it means forgiving Springfield , so be it. Not to say we should forget the past. We should not. But we do need every American who is OTG and for the constitution , to see our rights clearly !! Lest they loose their rights under the same. If they manage to shred the 2nd , the 1st will follow. Than they will all have to shut the hell up and bow to their dictators.

  15. So the guy at Springfield who wanted to kill gun stores in Illinois has cut his dick off? Does that make him transgender now?

  16. I hope this inspires Hornady to cut off Dick’s. Losing ammo sales will hurt Dick’s and Hornady can make up lost sales elsewhere.

    • THIS!

      I don’t use that stain on humanity (social media) but those who do should bombard Hornady with requests to do exactly that. Let’s start a movement!

  17. Lol, totally meaningless PR move by SA. Dicks is going to continue to thrive in the markets they exist in.

  18. So a lobbyist with Democratic connections goes neutral on the Illinois bill, then (1) SA and Rock River fire that lobbyist, and (2) SA and Rock River come out in aggressive opposition to the bill, and you guys despise SA and Rock River? Since you geniuses know so much about corporate strategy please share with us how passage of that bill would benefit SA and Rock River? What would it be, the part about driving small guns shops out of business? So, having fewer guns shops selling SA and RR products is a good corporate move? There is so much ignorance floating around about that whole episode it’s mind boggling.

  19. Springfield Armory, to their credit, is pouring a lot of money and energy into lobbying for gun rights in Illinois now. They’ve given big bucks to the Illinois State Rifle Association and that money has paid for the outstanding Eddie Sullivan to lobby on our behalf.

    This move on Springfield’s part was largely symbolic as Dick’s doesn’t sell pistols and Springfield doesn’t make many FUDD guns. But I give them their props for taking a stand. It took some guts.

    Yes, Guns Save Life’s check from Springfield must have gotten lost in the mail. And T&E samples of new products as well. That’s okay. Springfield’s no longer cutting deals in back rooms to sell out gun owners and that’s what is important.

    So, nice job Dennis. Keep up the good work.

    Am I gonna buy a Springfield product anytime soon? Probably not. However, if they keep this up, I might start once again recommending a couple of their better products to students and fellow gun owners.


  20. As an illinois resident, though not for much longer, and a former SA fanboy, yes i admit it, i honestly dont care. I sold all my SA firearms, cause looking at them made me sick after that crap they tried to pull.
    The xdm and 1911 i had were great guns to.
    I will never own another.
    And as for dicks, not a fan. Way too expensive. Honestly i went in the store once. After recovering from sticker shock i left.

  21. I cut Dicks off in 2012,post Newtown after they pulled a similar stunt of not supporting civil rights and forever became DickHeads.

  22. Good for Springfield Armory. The company made a mistake, pissed us off and paid for it. Now it’s back into the fold.

    Of course, the haters have never, ever screwed up, because they’re perfect.

  23. dick’s stock pricing is getting limp……yuk yuk…but i’m sure their stock holders are not yucking it up….

  24. I had some interest in buying a Saint, but then I got a LWRC for less. Springfield isn’t too competitive on price or performance.

  25. There’s about 650 Dicks and Field and Stream stores. For those saying this is symbolic, consider: if each store sold only 1 Springfield pistol and 1 Springfield rifle a week, that would be about 68,000 guns per year. We’re talking $30-35 million in revenue. And it would seem they are selling more than 2 Springfield firearms per week in their stores. Cut that in half and it’s still $15+ million in revenue. This is not symbolic. Hopefully SA makes it up with other retailers. SA has pushed loudly for gun rights in the past year since the licensing fiasco, and now this; they are ok in my book (I recently bought an XD mod 2 tactical in 9mm).

  26. I live right next door to dicks, the selection has always sucked, I’m 30 years old and I’ve known for the past 22 years that dicks are for the gays


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