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Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine (AP Photo/Kantele Franko)
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Just as at the federal level, time works to the benefit of gun rights advocates. That and continued pressure from pro-gun groups that reminds politicians how many votes America’s gun owners bring to the table.

Now, more than two months later, DeWine has revealed the details of the draft legislation he wants lawmakers (including skeptical Republicans) to pass. And they’re less strict than what the governor originally proposed.

Instead of near-universal background checks, the governor is now looking to create a voluntary state-level background check process for gun sales between private sellers. Rather than a “red-flag” system allowing judges to order the seizure of guns from people deemed a threat to themselves or others, DeWine is now seeking to expand the state’s existing “pink-slip” law to allow authorities to send people with drug or alcohol problems to a psychiatric hospital, where they cannot legally have access to guns.

DeWine, a Greene County Republican, said Monday he revised his earlier gun plan because of concerns it wouldn’t pass the GOP-dominated Ohio General Assembly. But he said his new plan would “get the job done” and predicted it would pass the legislature, though he said he neither asked for nor received any assurances from legislative leaders that they would approve it.

“Frankly, I think this is a much stronger bill,” the governor said. “I think it’s going to be much more effective.”

– Jeremy Pelzer in Gov. Mike DeWine retreats on ‘red-flag’ law, universal background checks on guns

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  1. Where in the bills do criminals get locked up instead of plea bargained back out? Where are mandatory lengthy sentences for committing crimes with guns? do criminals have any thing to fear from these laws or just the ordinary folks just living their lives?

    They need to start confronting the large voting bloc and constituency which causes most of the problems and deciding do they want the support of victims and law abiding people or the other side. Because gun control laws fall on law abiding people not prohibited persons.

    • A violent crime is a violent crime. The criminal’s methodology should make no difference in his treatment by the judicial system. Someone shot to death isn’t more dead than someone beaten, stabbed, strangled, etc. Don’t buy into the notion that a crime committed with a gun is more heinous than an equally violent crime committed some other way.

      • I agree completely. Why do gun owners push for special (harsher) treatment for criminals who used firearms in commission of their crimes? Gun doesn’t make a violent crime any worse or better than if other tool was used.

        • A gun isn’t the only tool to commit violence, but it is a more effective tool than most. 2A isn’t just about guns, and nobody is saying “Go ahead and ban my guns. I can do just as well with my Buck knife.”

  2. I agree, it is likely to be much more effective at allowing him to save face. Since the Democrat Socialist bunch are now focused on Trump Watch Impeachment Titillation Syndrome (TWITS) in Congress their gun control religious fervor is on the back burner. I expect the House Democrats to make such a hash of this that they kill any chance Warren might have had, and they might even lose control of the House.

    • “Trump Watch Impeachment Titillation Syndrome (TWITS)”

      Excellent. I shall borrow that acronym, methinks.

  3. I informed Ohio’s legislature that support for Dewine’s red flag proposals would force me to withdraw my affiliation and support for Ohio’s Republican party.

    If you think they’re not listening, you’re wrong.

  4. How cute.

    “We’re not going to push for a Red Flag now. A Pink Slip will do nicely.”

    I guess pink is the new red.

    • Yeah, I picked up on that, too. It’s “voluntary”, until it’s not and TPTB decide to ramp it up to mandatory confiscation. Just like New Zealand.

  5. Apparently raising a stink will have an impact. Good work Ohio voters, now just don’t back off. Keep up the pressure.

  6. Don’t drink DeWine…. it’s EXACTLY like the Kool-Aid! Call or write YOUR legislators to tell them they are WAY OFF and need to start punishing CRIMINALS instead of innocents. Start demanding SERIOUS jail time in REAL prisons…. where people work HARD 6 days a week, WITHOUT “monetary compensation” to PAY their debt to Society for the crimes they committed. Jail should be a place you NEVER want to see the inside of again! Extra punishment for those who abuse guns makes no sense, the severity of the crime DOES. Put hanging back on the list and pre-empt programming in prisons to televise it to the general population. It’s NOT accidental that as punishments got “softer” crimes increased by leaps and bounds. Ask CA, they’re being over run.

  7. I actually give the guy credit for looking into this and passing what I see as constructive legislation on this issue while still respecting 2A rights. Before one panics about reading the “expanded pink slips”, you need to read the detail that these folks have already been diagnosed with severe mental health issues AND due process in the courts would have been followed (protecting their 5A rights). What I don’t understand is why they made the bill overly complicated with the part on private sales. Since getting a CCW permit requires a background check anyway, why not just require a private sale buyer to have and produce a CCW card at the time of sale. Background check issue solved. And before any folks start whining about “my 2A rights being trampled”, part of well-regulated (from the state) includes training. If one truly believes that the small additional amount of training required by getting a CCW permit is “way too much effort”, I question if you advocate no training all in the handling (and care) of a weapon that can easily become dangerous if improperly handled.

    • Does Ohio hand out CCW permits for free? If someone only cares about getting a bolt action or shotgun for hunting, what good does the expense of a CCW course and permit do them? Don’t they need a hunter safety course to get game licenses in Ohio?

      That being said, since the proposed check would be optional anyway, it seems like producing CCW would alleviate a private party’s concerns. I believe the bill should be ammended so a CCW bypasses any bg check or waiting period from a FFL that Ohio might have.

    • ” small additional amount of training required by getting a CCW permit ”

      No problem with training, I highly recommend it. However, if the state is going to mandate it, it is the responsibility of the state to provide it and pay for it. Beyond paying my taxes and serving on a jury, the state has no right to tell me where I have to spend my money and my time.

  8. Inch=miles, time and again these laws grow from meager to downright Infringing. These red flag laws are a rocky slope. You come to Joe blows how’s to release him of his property he might decide enough is enough and LEO are the ones caught in the fire not the politicians who have the boys in blue as the last thing on there mind

  9. He thinks he’s doing something and he is. He’s forgotten how to read. Either that or I can’t read. I’ve copied by hand the Constitution and the 21 Amendment’s a couple thousand times as an eighth grader even tho that was around 62 years ago I don’t recall the second or any of the others mentioning anything about mental health.
    Why and how do these illiterate people keep getting elected. And what makes violations of just a few people’s rights okay? Violate one person’s rights and you just trampled on everyone’s and what makes it so onerous is these politicians swore an oath to protect the Constitution not change it all willy nilly just to suit an uninformed block of voters. If you don’t like the Constitution and the freedom it provides, then by all means getthe hell out of this country and find one more suitable. You won’t be missed.

  10. “Instead of near-universal background checks, the governor is now looking to create a voluntary state-level background check process for gun sales between private sellers…”

    This is a perfectly fine idea except that it will probably cost a fair amount of money and might just duplicate what is already possible via an FFL. But if it’s a simple and secure online program it’s not a bad idea.

    As to incarcerating people for being drunks or druggies… no, I’m pretty sure that runs heavily afoul of other parts of the Constitution up until they commit a crime. So if you catch someone with meth, fine. But someone who drinks too many beers? No.

  11. This is the bill to ease future introduction of what he really wants. This bill is to get the “slippery slope” started. This is the camel’s nose under the tent flap.

    Yet another immoral politician – pardon me, I meant CRIMINAL – who does not understand what “shall not be infringed means”, or does not care about violating inherent human rights in his POWER GRAB, and has no clue that criminals don’t obey laws, and laws like this only affect the law abiding.

  12. Quote: “…create a voluntary state-level background check process for gun sales between private sellers.” Everyone should realize that we have a “voluntary” federal income tax system. It is so voluntary that if you do not volunteer, the government will garnishee your wages, pensions, even your Social Security check. Don’t volunteer and the government will place liens on your property. If you fail to volunteer long enough or for big money, the government will put you in prison – and unless you are well connected we are not talking Club Med minimum security prison.


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