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Lori Lightfoot has done a lot for the city of Chicago. She’s presided over a 74% decline in arrests, a police department so understaffed that it couldn’t respond to over 50% of the highest priority 911 calls last year, and Murder City, USA has achieved over 555 homicides so far this year…with almost three months remaining.

Crime continues to spiral out of control and companies and residents are fleeing.

So what does Her Honor do about the declining quality of life in her city, aside from promoting more failed gun control plans and anti-gun programs?  In a city where her fellow African-Americans are overwhelmingly the victims of the violent crime (78.5% of homicides) she’s enabled and made more endemic?

Lightfoot doesn’t really seem to worry about violent crime. She doesn’t have to. She has her own 90-person protective detail. That’s more officers than are employed by most municipalities in the state.

Instead of tackling the crime, cultural, and economic issues facing the city, Lightfoot and her inner circle spent time composing, choreographing, practicing and recording a TikTok video of her singing and dancing, ostensibly to tout the charms and attractions of Sweet Home Chicago.

Fair warning, this is scary . . .

Mogadishu on Lake Michigan has racked up more homicides in 2022 than 37 entire states and the District of Columbia tallied in all of of 2020. Meanwhile the mayor urges people not to use guns to protect themselves and their families, but to instead call the city’s overwhelmed 911 system.

But when it takes twenty (20) minutes for officers to respond to a triple homicide (surveillance video below), does any sober Chicagoan think police be there to rescue them from an attacker, a robber, or rapist in their midst?

It’s clear that Lightfoot isn’t even trying at this point. She’s not even trying to look like she cares. Smarter residents are tooling up. The smartest ones are getting carry licenses.

Meanwhile a CPD officer was nearly killed recently after a (naked) woman nearly ran him over – with his own squad car.

Video very very NSFW . . .


The Mayor has an election coming up next spring. We’ll see, once again, if Chicago residents have had enough crime and economic misery or if they’re content to vote for more of the same for four more years.





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  1. In Reality it is the prostitutes of the NRA the Republicans that are responsible for our major cities having so many illegal guns on the street. Republicans have blocked Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws. Two Chicago studies as well as numerous police tracings have proved that there is indeed an “Iron Pipeline” that funnels in tens of thousands of second hand guns into our major cities to be sold to the underworld, no paperwork and no questions asked.

    All this proves that states with tough gun laws have their laws rendered meaningless with all the illegal second hand guns flooding into their big cities.

    • All this story really proves is that the democrats in Chicago want to commit murder and they will get the guns no matter. It has nothing to do with gun laws. They get drugs and alcohol whenever they want, also. Regardless of laws.

    • Strange, considering that we’ve had penicillin for like 90 years.

      If it burns when you fiddle, see a doctor. Looking at you, Hunter.

    • I’m surprised I haven’t seen this comparison posted yet. At least the real Groot is funny and cute:

    • Ancient Rome provided “bread and circuses” for the masses. And thousands of years later the leadership in the city of Chiraq, does the same thing. The people there are quite content. The mayor has the correct skin color for the voters who supported her. And she is married to the correct person, for the people who voted for her as well.

      Issues that are substantive aren’t important. Only the distractions are important for the leadership and their supporters, the voters. The states governor is the same. He has provided the “bread and circuses” as well. Legalized recreational weed.

      As the great Milton Friedman used to say. And I don’t say that as a joke because I like Milton Friedman. He Use to say, “you are free to choose”. And the people in Chiraq have chosen.

  2. Suggested campaign slogan for GOP candidate for Chicago mayor:

    “90 Years Of Democrats Is Enough.”

  3. It’s no wonder the dwarf wonder spends pretty much every weekend in Michigan with her wife. And her police chief flies back to Dallas every weekend too.

      • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot allegedly told counsel of the Chicago Park District, “I have the biggest dick in Chicago,” according to a lawsuit reported on by The Chicago Tribune on Thursday.

  4. Dunno if Lightfoot will get re-immaculated. But a Dim will win irregardless. Bet on it…I”m hoping it’s Dr. Willie “here’s a 100 dollars”Wilson🙄

  5. This seems like the new thing. When shit’s burning down around you and it’s your job to fix it, fuck that, TikTok stardom awaits!

    I get it with teens. Adult sized children should know better.

  6. [Something kinda like singing}

    “C’mon, baby don’t you wanna go…”

    Not with you, witch… 🙁

  7. chicago is the titanic:
    lori lightfoot was the iceberg
    chicagos reputation as a world class city is captain smith
    the 30 percent of the people that vote conservative are the guys in the crows nest that have been saying “iceberg – dead ahead” for decades
    taxes on pop and legalizing pot and black lives matter and no cash bail are the deck chairs
    tyson foods and all the other companies and rich people leaving are the first class passengers who get lifeboats
    all the poor people in chicago are the passengers in steerage who wil be freezing to death in the water waiting to be rescued
    the illinois republican party will be the rms carpathia

  8. And there uhlll be dancing in the streets.
    Boom boom boom boom boom boom
    Ohh look another Catapliler bulldozer is leaving Chicago, that makes 8 in ten minutes. What’s going on, somebody moving.
    – – -Highway To Hell- – –
    Run out and get me some chicken, I’ll make us dinner.
    Tyson????? He retired years ago , what are you talking Tyson?
    There uhl be Dancing in The Streets
    I dont
    Want no oo oo
    Reeea lationship
    With your brake ass bitch
    Call it what you want to.

      • What a life. No mortgage, just a burrow in a ditch, no grocery bills, as long as a supermarket dumpster is nearby, just hanging out and commenting on TTAG.

        I wish I was a marsupial… 🙁

        • You were at one time, then your ancestors decided they’d rather climb the primate tree. And then Lucy just wasn’t jazzed on the view so she cut down it down and put up a parking lot.

  9. “We’ll see, once again, if Chicago residents have had enough crime and economic misery or if they’re content to vote for more of the same for four more years.”

    You know what will happen. She will be reelected by a wide margin.

    Chicago has one of the highest crime rates in the country and one of the lowest collective IQs.

  10. When are people going to learn, to not elect these totally pathetic, incompetent,narcistic,delusional, left=wing nut=job mayors, like l.lightweight, that always blames someone else,for the murders in her city,but does nothing, but whine it’s the guns. No stupid it’s the people behind the guns, u keep letting out of jail,to do it again. Vote this loser out.

  11. “3 dead, 1 injured after a driver appears to intentionally strike a group of men in the street near 71st and Jeffery in #Chicago around 5 a.m. Sunday.”

    Well, that was a bit ‘triggering’.

    No surprise 3 died, considering what I was like after flying a far shorter distance… 🙁

  12. Seriously who cares? Oh shocking a liberal yankee state is a cesspool. Why is this news or in anyway interesting?

  13. They’re electing her again because that’s the environment they want, its not misery to them. They don’t want it to change.

  14. This is what happens when all the glue sniffing morons who emulated the MTV gangsta’ rap lifestyle of the 80’s and 90’s end up in positions of power.

    They always wanted to LARP as straight-thuggin homies now the regular people who live in these areas have to pay the price.

  15. I doubt any amount of voting will change anything. Chicago is so corrupt that they will stuff the ballot boxes to keep her there.

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