Lori Lightfoot
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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Chicago’s woefully overmatched, underperforming Mayor Lori Lightfoot is taking her weekly blame game for the increased shootings and the crowded morgue in her city up a notch. Like her predecessor, she repeatedly blames neighboring states with more lax gun laws like Indiana for the burgeoning “gun violence” in the Windy City (without ever bothering to explain why the Hoosier State has much lower crime rates).

Now Lightfoot is spreading the alleged responsibility for her city’s problems farther afield geographically.

After this past weekend’s carnage (a relatively average 5 dead, 46 wounded), she told MSNBC that now Mississippi should also share in some of the blame. That didn’t go over well with the Magnolia State’s Governor, Tate Reeves.

From yallpolitics.com:

“This ridiculous conspiracy theory from the Chicago mayor—that Mississippians are to blame for the violence in her own city—is bizarre and pathetic,” Governor Reeves said. “No serious person could think that murders are out of control and people are burning police cars in Chicago because of Mississippi’s commitment to the constitution.”

Oh and don’t forget the feds. They share some of the blame, too.

Lightfoot in her interview went on to say federal leadership was needed to clamp down on “military grade weapons,” advocating for increased gun control from Congress and saying President Donald Trump “refuses to engage” on these issues.

Never mind that well over 90% of the shootings that happen every week in Chicago are carried out with handguns, not “military grade weapons” whatever that means. And Heronner apparently has a mighty short memory regarding federal help. Just last month — and again last week — President Trump offered federal assistance in reducing the continuing carnage in the Second City.

Lightfoot, however, didn’t react well to Trump’s proffer.

Mayor Lightfoot no doubt has her own prescription for the rampant gun-related crimes in Chicago…one we’ve heard from politicians for decades. More gun control laws. That would be a novel approach.

The problem is, no matter how much you clamp down on law-abiding citizens, piling more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms never works. And Lightfoot knows it.

But throwing darts at a map and naming other states is a convenient dodge, a handy excuse to toss out when the press asks her each week why she can’t seem to do anything about the inconveniently high body counts.

In other words, it’s just more of the same. And now it’s become embarrassing, when she starts trying to lay the blame on states that are more than 700 miles away. Which ones will it be next week? Utah? Idaho? Alaska?

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  1. Yeah, and I’m sure the fact that they have a revolving-door criminal justice system in Chicago has nothing to do with it either. It’s just a very interesting theory is that all of the criminals buy guns in free states all over the country, then drive all the way to Chicago to commit crimes, isn’t it? I mean, that’s a very weird phenomenon she’s identified there.

    • Yep, Mississippi has a pretty high murder rate as I recall, but even Jackson isn’t in the same league as Chicago.

      • FYI Jackson would be a suburb of Chicago, not exactly what I would ever call a city. The whole metro area is what, half a million?

    • Gary Montez Martin conviction for domestic violence in MISSISSIPPI was not entered into national records which permitted the purchase of the firearms used in the 2019 Aurora IL shooting from a FFL. Yes Gary’s FOID card was revoked when he tried to get a CCW and a more extensive background check was run. However, firearms are NOT registered in Illinois an the state police have NO legal justification to presume the ownership of firearms, even ones from a FFL, after a FOID card is revoked. Any arguments about the 2nd withstanding, Illinois at least tries to respect the 4th.

      • It does not take a conviction of domestic violence to be denied your rights. After putting all gun buyers under the microscope thanks to real domestic abusers all it takes is a long ago minor squabble to get a record and that record can stick for the rest of your life. I’ve seen law abiding individuals who had not even a parking ticket in 40 years go to purchase and up pops something insignificant that happened in their youth and surprise they get screwed. Trying to get unscrewed can be impossible when you are blackballed.

        This whole entire background check scheme needs to go in the crapper. Not being able to purchase a gun store firearm by individuals intent on mayhem has rarely stopped mayhem, etc. Strict laws regarding the criminal misuse of firearms, etc. with swift certain punishment is the remedy for violent crime.

        Some people think having others jump through big government hoops like silly circus animals is the solution. Some deranged people want gun confiscation like racists and nazis of days gone by. Most everyone else would agree denying gun rights should require much more than what amounts to an ancient immature pillow fight, shouting match and pissing contest.

      • Yeah miss kinda is a law on itself… I mean you sound like an anti-gunner either you are dangerous and need to be shot or in jail or you aren’t… it’s that simple.. period

  2. Funny we have a lot more guns where I live than they do in Chicago. For some reason these guns do not go on shooting sprees. Could it be the democrats have a problem? Maybe BLM?

    • Exactly. I know hundreds (and hundreds) of people with decent gun collections. Before the Covid19, the meme at work was to have at least 20,000 rounds of ammo (and hundreds of people did/still do). Yet, the neighborhoods they live in are safe. In fact, one gentrified and I could list off the owners of several thousand guns in a neighborhood the gangs now fear to tread. Peaceful. The issues I hear about are which neighbor isn’t keeping up a fence; a neighborhood that was one of LA’s worst in 1992. Hmmm… Something about *law abiding* gun owners? Not my neighborhood, but one that turned around thanks to guns: Lawndale CA. Oh, still higher than one would want, but OMG, recall what that neighborhood was like in 1992… And yes, Hawthorne and El Segundo cause ‘spill over’ crime. I personally know the guy who convinced everyone to start buying guns near the city library and that… made a difference.

  3. Apparently, the method Indianna and Mississippi use to keep their crime rates lower than Lightfoot’s is ship not only their guns, but their criminals as well, to Chicago.

    • As a leftist, I’m sure Lightfoot would say there are no criminals, only victims of a cruel and unjust society. Whether she would actually believe it or not herself would be another question.

  4. Whenever you point a finger to blame someone, you always have at least 3 pointing back at the actual problem.

  5. She is attacking a Constitutional carry state. So I assume she is against black Mississippi residence being able to get guns, without the knowledge and permission of white people? And be able to carry them without the permission of white people.

    • Oh,she’s a racist and belongs to the party that originated the KKK and Jim Crow and carry it on even today.

        • The Reverend Jerry Falwell a man who I disagreed with on many things. However he was correct about the “alphabet conspiracy” going back to the 1980s.

          Yes I spoke his name and my tongue did not catch fire. But now your head will explode.


  6. I’m sorry. I know this is petty of me, but whenever I see her I can’t help but wonder if she is the tragic result of a human/goldfish breeding program

  7. “This ridiculous conspiracy theory from the Chicago mayor Beetlejuice,is do the fact that her city and the state coddle criminals and punish the law abiding.”

    Fixed It For Them and it’s factual .

  8. It’s Chicago, Who in the real world cares, let the animals kill each other. We used to call it a NHI homicide, (no human involvement). Sounds harsh, but I live in the real world.

      • I always called it misdemeanor homicide. One pos killed another pos. If we caught POS #2 it was a twofer. We didn’t look for him too hard though. He was doing the good work.

    • But she is losing too many community organizers before the election.

      How are the people going to know how to vote without a community organizer, the pistol obviously tucked into the waistband, looking over their shoulder?

  9. It’s physically impossible for one person to be that stupid, and still be able to walk and breath simultaneously! It’s gotta be part of a script.

    • Darn right. Reminds me of an Upton Sinclair quote I saw the other day: “It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

      She gets paid very well not to understand this problem.

    • Jesus Christ, that was painful. Couldn’t take but 45 seconds of it.

      I swear, neither of them even look human in that video. We’ve seen the Uncanny Valley before, but now we’ve finally heard it speak its mind (such as it is).

    • Jesus, if that’s supposed to be an interview how come the chick never shuts up? Jokin’ Joe looks like he can’t figure out what hit him.

    • This bitch has been a problem for years. She picked a stupid hill to die on. She must be a Jew. I don’t consider her black. The filth coming out of her mouth is called slave rap. She sides with my oppressor. I can’t ignore her rhetoric anymore. Shes in the same boat as Terry Crews now. Nothing can save her. She just destroyed her career. Cooning is not going to help her. She is a piece of shit. She doesn’t care about Black people. For a very long time she has been going out of her way to provoke me. She wanted my attention she has it now. I feel so lucid. Cardi B is in the same doomsday cult as Nick ” let me be a sacrifice” Cannon. He DID say that! Since they are sooo desperate to die for ordinary reason and cite it as a cause then I am not going to stop that from happening. They are not family. Persona non grata.

      In a perfect world Biden and Trump die. A curse on both their houses.

      Common logic makes clear he is pandering and she is just mocking the Black race for bloodmoney from her handlers. Honestly I think she does it for free. Shes a true hater.

      These are evil people telling beautiful lies to make people blind. I can not let their lies and crimes go unpunished.

      I want them arrested, tried, and hanged. They are traitors. What’s the point of civil debate if they do not have an interest in truth and are speaking in code to mock me? How am I supposed to change my stance when it doesn’t serve my ultimate purpose and they won’t provide a platform for it? What the fuck are they doing?????

      Okay so I hate Cardi B now and do not want to give her sex or money. I want her and Offset financially ruined. I want their daughter taken away from these horrible people and put somewhere safe so she does not have to suffer because of her parents mistakes. Cardi hardly considered the repercussions or Kulture when siding with backstabbing vultures. She didn’t even think of her fucking kid. She is a horrible mother.

  10. Chicago murder rate is higher than other places- it must be the fault of the other places?
    Chicago murder rate is skyrocketing THIS YEAR- it must be the fault of… other years?

    Seriously, the mental gymnastics are astounding. It the kind of thing an addict comes up with to excuse their choices. And I guess that’s basically Chicago. They’re addicted to the democratic party machine.

  11. Being a Democrat means never having to accept blame for anything ever. Very childish. And the only way to fix a problem is to accept responsibility and then get on with a solution.

  12. I loved how just last week this little creature was trying to guilt shame her fellow socialist-democrat prosecutors and judges in Cook County to dispense punitive justice upon the Miracle Mile looters.

  13. Chicago has had an “Assault Weapons Ban” for 40 years. Does Mayor Lightfoot know this? I live in Illinois and our county’s murder rate is about one twentieth that of Chicago’s rate. And we have solved every murder since 1990 except the last one which was due to blunt force trauma.

  14. Sadly they will re elect her once again.

    I’m surprised she wasn’t on Joe’s short list. She checks more boxes than Side Piece.

  15. Its a lack of access to arms for law abiding citizens in Chicago and similar ares, that is the problem. The criminals didn’t comply with the unenforceable edicts of the powers that be. Hence the criminals can commit their acts of violence with little fear of being opposed.

    Look at places with less restrictions there are far less incidents of violent crime.

  16. Trust me Beetlejuice, as a Mississippi resident, I have no desire to ever visit Chiraq or Illinois for that matter. And Im saying that as someone who has several friends stuck in your $#ithole state.

  17. Well I hate to break it to y’all but there is a kernel of truth to the Mississippi & Indiana. But only a tiny %. There are gun runners looking to make a tidy profit. The Black Looters Murder are just local SCUM. With some 100000 or more gangbangers it’s no problem finding thieving thugs who take what they want with little opposition(and a Kim Foxx cheering section!)

  18. I am going to suggest that everyone might want to donate to Illinois State Rifle Association and GunsSaveLife organization. I believe Gun owners are in for a rough legislative session this year in the state of Illinois. I am moving to Missouri soon so I will be fine. I will however, continue to donate to Illinois gun groups because they are truly on the front line of stopping infringement on the 2nd Amendment. If you live in or near a state that is hostile to the 2nd Amendment donate to that state’s gun rights group. Don’t wait for it to come to your state to fight.

    • Thank you for the suggestion! I completely agree. We have a rough time all the time in ILLinois. I’m keeping what I got no matter what…good luck in Missouri. We’re hoping to move east to Indiana. I already spend most of my $ there…

  19. Mayor Lightfoot,

    Previous to your administration there were a few things that maybe you were not aware of. There was an effort to eradicate the Chicago gangs by arresting the gang leadership. Once the leaders were off the street, many tried to replace them and many of those gangs fractured and split into smaller gangs. To gain “respect ” many used violence to control their gangs and turf. Once the projects were torn down the gang members relocated and kept thier gang ways and increased size in new neighborhoods.

    Drugs are a major cash source, and those supply lines are protected by people who do not care for you or others lives. Money brings power and respect is kept thru intimidation.

    When social media became popular, gang membership showed off thier firearms , money and women. When someone disrespected them, they used violence to even it.

    This is the culture of the gangs. A culture that was allowed to grow because of many things such as the drug war, awarding money for having children, being allowed to get a government check and still make money on the black markets.

    Firearms are not the problem. And when you place the blame on firearms you ignore the real problems and allow them to continue. This has been done for generations. Look at the violence statistics of when Chicago had an outright ban on firearm possession and look at the rates of death. Then look at what happened after that prohibition was removed and the lessening of the violence.

    You are a elected official, the Mayor of Chicago. There are hard actions that need to be taken and you are falling in the same rut as those who preceded you.

    Do better.

  20. WOW, if this woman was the best of the candidates Illinois had to offer, the State is in more trouble than we know. The voters need to take a serious look at their priorities and select accordingly, starting at a local level. Leaders can not “lead” if they are surrounded by liberal idiots.

  21. The purported source of the the guns used in Chicago is malarky: there are background checks and some degree of gun control exerted in every state on every legal gun sale. Based on their own (most likely BS) data, over a third of guns recovered after crimes come from stores in suburban Cook County. More than a tithe came from just two local shops. I’d imagine the only reason crooks are going out of state for guns is because the local sources are tapped out.

    Furthermore, the purported source of the the guns used in Chicago is irrelevant. The brute fact is that a batch of truly horrible people in Chicago are running roughshod on the people unfortunate enough to live both among those animals AND this imbecilic mayor’s governance. Look at California: despite being situated adjacent to Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon, they don’t have the problems Chicago’s having with crimes committed using guns.

    It’s up to Mayor Lightfoot to get a handle on the criminal element of her city, not Mississippi or any other locale. She’s just a worthless hack, making excuses and blaming others for her own failure. I like our Mississippi laws the way they are; she can go sit on a lilypad and catch flies.

  22. Hahaha. I’m pretty sure CHICAGO is the problem.

    The most dangerous city in Indiana is Gary, which is Right across the border from Chicago. The rest of it is quite peaceful, and frankly most of the cities are incredibly boring to visit.

    If you travel to Indiana on business, expect work-related phone calls in the evening, because your coworkers KNOW you have nothing else to do.

    It’s ironic. Most places where it is legal to carry, you are not likely to actually need to use it. There are a lot of idyllic small towns where everyone knows everybody, but everyone also has a gun in their purse, under the register, in their waistband, in the console of their car, or a combination thereof.

    Most places where guns are very hard to get, the criminals seem to have an easy enough time getting them. Obtaining a gun legally in ANY of the Latin American countries is like pulling teeth, yet the cartels are practically their own military.

    There was one cartel in Mexico that actually shot down a policia helicopter with a rocket launcher. Also, politicians have been caught trafficking arms to criminals, in order to manufacture the problem. Look at Leland Yee and Eric Holder.

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  25. As always with the Democrats lay the blame on others Lightfoot with the attention span of a Housefly blames Mississippi for her own blundering


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