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Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd: People have a right to be safe in their homes… I highly recommend, if a looter enters your home, you grab your gun and you shoot him, you shoot him so he looks like grated cheese.

— Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd at press conference.


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  1. The answer to this is so very simple. It’s almost too simple.


    Keep your grubby mitts to yourself!

    • Meanwhile in ILLANNOY we got the purge law coming. Gunz n ammo sales are already brisk(although I rarely buy either in the Land of Lincoln). I luv this guy🙄

    • “to Kraft an effective defense!”

      *Applause*. Nicely done!

      Also nicely done, ‘El Presidente’ Joe Biden just pardoned millions with simple possession of marijuana convictions (as a political stunt), making them now eligible to own guns! :

      • El Presidente’ Joe Biden just pardoned millions with simple possession of marijuana convictions

        The Braindead “pardon” is only extended to persons with a Federal conviction for “simple possession”… Caveat: Feds don’t handle simple possession cases, If you are in Federal Prison for possession of Marijuana it is for big weight and probably includes distribution or intent to distribute charges as well. Brandon can’t pardon state convictions…

  2. How about an AR-15 in 410 loaded with #4 buckshot. Equiped with a Franklin armory trigger. This would be an outstanding “cheese Grater”.

  3. And this is exactly why every responsible U.S. Citizen should have a AR-15 with high capacity magazines. Also a Ruger 10/22 with bx-25 mags. Many think .22 caliber firearms are to small a caliber, however probably every large game in America through the last 100 years has been taken by a .22 rimfire.

    • 30 round mags for the AR-15 are not high capacity. They are standard capacity. Hope this clarifies your obvious confusion. States that require magazines of less than than 30 rounds for rifles. Are simply requiring less than standard capacity magazines for rifles and pistols specifically designed for larger capacity magazines.

  4. Last year, when several cities experienced riots, Judd warned that peaceful protests were legal but rioting and looting were not. He encouraged homeowners to keep their guns loaded and to shoot invaders.

  5. It’s all good but today is my birthday so I’m strapping on the 10mm, pulling the Harley out and heading over to Cedar Key for dinner…

    • It’s not any different than anything else. Nobody pays attention or gets it right until they get the crap smacked out of them or have pain inflicted.

      Looting is all fun….until they get their asses shot. It’s not so fun then.

      Kids that don’t mind that learn from an early age that a tantrum gets their way and no means yes if they act like a total ass h—, well the prisons are full of them.

      • we could WISH the prisons were full of them, but they’re not. Most have been processed through the “catch and release to repeat” programme.

  6. Damn, that really rains on my parade. I was thinking about going there and swiping me some free shit but you know, getting shot to grated cheese sort of puts a damper on that plan.

  7. Just don’t see that Katrina moment where some LE were looting firearms from law abiding civilians leaving people victims from roving gangs. Wait a minute, who were the roving gangs?

  8. Of course what other news media would be so warped as to promote the rantings of a nut case far right sheriff.

    Imagine a group of psychopaths with their own version of reality. This is exactly what you get in the Fox News Zone.

    • “Imagine a group of psychopaths with their own version of reality.”

      No need to imagine, just look at the Democrat party.

      (Yeah, ‘dacian’ really is that fucking stupid…. 🙂 )

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      I begin to see a glimmer of your “mindset” (an inadequate word, as you have no mind) – you are apparently dimly aware that your OWN worthless life is not worthy of defending, and somehow you translate that into “no one should have the right to self-defense”.

      For one, we agree on one aspect of that – you miserable life is not worth defending. My life is worth defending. If you disagree, you are welcome to contest the point with me – you pick the fight; I’ll pick the rules.

      You have stolen entirely too much oxygen, dacian the demented, it’s time for you to shuffle off this mortal coil.

      • o the Demented Lamp that went out in his head.

        So now you have become so demented you are threatening people online. Well Law Enforcement will be happy to take your guns, put you in the slammer and strip you forever of your right to own deadly weapons.

        And by the way Lamp the Demented murdering people over property rights is not classed as self-defense. I am not familiar with Florida’s laws but in many other states its grounds for prosecution for murder despite the rantings of a far right nut case Sherriff that puts a half used tube of toothpaste over human life.

        • . I am not familiar with Florida’s laws

          That’s obvious, so yeah it is unlawful to defend your home and property in Chicago but when it’s gangbangers killing each other AND the occasional innocent child it’s just “boys will be boys”. Sure I get it, in Florida you break into my home or attempt to jack my car I shoot your dumb ass and I get a medal. Since you obviously WANT to be a victim you would be advised to stay away from FL and should probably check up on ALL the states that have “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground” laws that you probably want to avoid as well.

        • to Mad Mann Maxx

          As usual you complete distort what I said which is true. Shooting people stealing property in many states will get you a indictment for murder. In Ohio if someone would be stealing your car and you are not in it and you shoot them its classed as murder especially if they are unarmed. The same is true in many states. You could see someone exiting your house as you pulled up in the drive and even if he had your goods in his hands again shooting him will get you a murder indictment if he was not shooting at you or threatening you and was unarmed..

          The Far Right are stingy , cheap, selfish and vicious homicidal maniacs who believe that property is more important than human life. They are truly the lowest level of humanity.

          I might also add all of the civilized industrialized nations outlaw shooting people over property. It only happens in some vicious Far Right States in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable and money is always more important than life. Absolutely depraved.

        • dacian the Dunderhead, So tell us? How did Lamp “threaten: you? Seems to me he pointed out the obvious. You have not a sliver of a brain in your head.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, Sorry Ole boy, but you are wrong again. or is that still. You twisted what MADDMAXX said. He specifically said if some one car jacked you (that means you are in the car). If someone is coming out of your house as you approach, and you attempt to stop the perp, and he resists with force, you may not be able to shoot but you sure as hell can use the amount of force necessary to stop the prep. but Maxx did not say that. He was referring to both you and the perp being in the home. Again, you twisted to fit your anti-Gun agenda. New York State is not a “far right state” and you can shoot a burglar who is in your home as long as the perp is facing you as he is a threat. Any burglar who enters a home, is subject to the appropriate use of force to stop the theft. I remind you, “burglary is entering and remaining ‘UNLAWFULLY with the intent of committing a crime there in.(right from the statute). That crime doe snot have to be a theft.” And a burglar in my home at night especially is a threat to me and my family. I suggest you read NYS PL Art 35 which while not a “castle doctrine” per se is pretty damn close. I cite PL Sec 35.20 sub 3 ” 3. A person in possession or control of, or licensed or privileged to be in, a dwelling or an occupied building, who reasonably believes that another person is committing or attempting to commit a burglary of such dwelling or building, may use deadly physical force upon such other person when he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to prevent or terminate the commission or attempted commission of such burglary.”

        • Where the FUCK is Capitalvania? Okay you say I’m stingy, cheap, selfish and a vicious homicidal maniac and I believe that property is more important than human life and that I am the lowest level of humanity. Stingy and cheap? two waitresses this weekend are $40.00 to the good each on two different dinners (for two) running a tad over $100.00 each, I don’t buy cheap shit, I have a monthly donation set up with Wounded Warriors for about five years now, I always stuff a $20.00 in the Salvation Army Kettles (several every year) Do I believe property is more important than human life? Goddamn right I do, if some idiot presents himself as believing my property should be HIS You fucking well better bet I’m going dispute his claim with whatever force is required up to and including taking his worthless life, if that makes me a vicious, homicidal maniac then so be it, if you think defending ones property makes them the lowest level of humanity then what you are really saying is you have nothing and you have no life which was already rather obvious… I reiterate GFY moron.

        • Two things you might want to drop intoyour crenium and attempt to process with what few cells lurk up there:

          first, MANY states specifically state that one can introduce lethal force into a situation to protect PROPERTY.

          second, nearly every state specifically allows the use of lethal force when some uninvited person enters your home or occupied vehicle against your wishes. ANYONE caught inside ANY residence or remains of any residence can be shot on sight because that invader has entered a home without permission. Cars, slightly different. You have to be IN your car when the dirtbag breaks in or attempts to do so.

          Question for you Dackie Boy: WHY do you so consistently come down on the side lf lawbreakers depriving hardworking innocents of the fruit of our labours. yet never utter a word to speak against those stealing, looitng, destroying, etc, uncludung the theft of public resources by those who have violated the Supreme Law of the Land here and entered our country contrarily to existing laws?
          This sort of thing could be considered an invasion by foreign operatives, and thus anyone supporting, aiding, abetting, protecting,them is guilty of treason.. the making of war on the people.

    • From the one who is in favor of his antifa troop looting property after liberating the owners from their lives. It is called redistributing reparations.

      But you don’t touch the “Special Commissar”‘s stuff. That is theft of state property with an immediate death sentence.

    • I’m guessing you didn’t get invited to Braindeads fund raiser hosted by the Murdochs… That’s where FAUX News is…

  9. I’ve been thinking about moving to Polk for some time, partly due to geography. Nice to know their sheriff is better than the one my county has (or has had in the last 30 years).

  10. I’ve shot and shot and shot and never got them to look like swiss cheese. After about two weeks of laying in the sun they will give limburger a run for its money, Aged meat, that’s good eaten.


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