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No need to reconcile those two things. You just don’t get it because you’re bitter clingers.


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      • I’ve heard the new recruits are being told if they want body armor, they have to provide it themselves. Russian scalpers are getting stupid money for it.

        And *something* tells me they will be lacking cold-weather gear, as fall turns into winter. Cold soldiers are likely to surrender, just to keep warm.

        Sucks to be Commie Scum ™… 🙂

        • They don’t even have socks, saw a video this morning of some Russian shmuck wrapping his feet in towels and trying to stuff them into a pair of boots that obviously didn’t fit… Where’s that baddass Spetsnaz folks were extolling on here, surely they had more than the 200 that Trump blew up in Syria.

        • “…saw a video this morning of some Russian shmuck wrapping his feet in towels and trying to stuff them into a pair of boots that obviously didn’t fit…”

          There’s historical precedent for that, if you can believe it :

          “They have been standard issue since the days of Peter the Great. But, finally, portyanki have reached the end of the road”

        • Not only body armor but even uniforms too. 1.5 million sets of uniforms are missing

          Be a quartermaster is the most lucrative position in the Russian Army. You can steal anything and everything and either sell it to the recruits or on their equivalent of eBay.

      • I did see a video recently of new Russian recruits being issued extremely rusty AKs. Enough rust that the whole gun seemed brittle.

        • The looks on those sad sack poor bastard conscripts faces…

          Most looked like they might’ve spent a good deal of time lying in water, strangely didn’t even seem to have been properly coated in cosmoline, as per norms.

          If that’s winning, I don’t even want to see what losing looks like.

    • The cognitive dissonance necessary to support such a line of reasoning is truly mind-melting to attempt to comprehend.

      And yet, they actually manage to accomplish it… 😉

      • We’ve got our share of folk here on the right with equally incredible cognitive dissonance (I.e. Back the Blue/Come and Take it), so unfortunately it’s not just the left

    • They are no more ‘starry eyed’ than our idiot manchild up in the queens (kings?) colonies. They’re just pandering, lying grifters in cheap real estate suits. They should get some fashion tips from LaPierre.

    • The wealthy Leftist Scum ™ that hire such folks to maintain their 5,000+ square-foot homes simply wouldn’t allow it.

      Conservative-owned businesses that rely on workers willing to work ‘under-the-table’ won’t allow it.

      Result – Nothing substantial changes… 🙁

      • “The wealthy Leftist Scum ™ that hire such folks… “

        You mean wealthy leftist scum like Donald Trump?

        “President Trump “doesn’t want undocumented people in the country,” said one worker, Jorge Castro, a 55-year-old immigrant from Ecuador without legal status who left the company in April after nine years. “But at his properties, he still has them.”
        Story continues below advertisement

        Castro said he worked on seven Trump properties, most recently Trump’s golf club in Northern Virginia. He provided The Washington Post with several years of his pay stubs from Trump’s construction company, Mobile Payroll Construction LLC, as well as photos of him and his colleagues on Trump courses and text messages he exchanged with his boss, including one in January dispatching him to “Bedminster,” Trump’s New Jersey golf course.
        Another immigrant who worked for the Trump construction crew, Edmundo Morocho, said he was told by a Trump supervisor to buy fake identity documents on a New York street corner. He said he once hid in the woods of a Trump golf course to avoid being seen by visiting labor union officials.“

        • Oh, how quaint!!! A Washington Post story presented as “evidence”. If you possessed half a brain, you would probably find that funny. Since you are brainless, the humor goes right over your head.

          I am fairly certain that MOST businesses – right wing, left wing, chicken wing – employ illegal aliens. With WELL over 25 million of them in the US, you’ve got almost a 10% chance every time you hire someone.

          Now do efforts to pass meaningful legislation to STOP the inflow of illegal immigrants.

          Pro Tip, MajorStupidity – “But TRUUUMMMMPPP!!” is as yesterday as “Racist!”. If you have an actual argument to advance, try stating it. If not? ESS the EFF YOU.

          You are welcome. Try not to be such a douchebag. You won’t succeed, but you might improve.

    • My understanding is that at present, the fine is $ 750 max for hiring or harboring an illegal. Maybe 10 yrs. in prison and ten grand would be a good deterrent.

      • Nah, 10’s a pittance. Square it up at $100k with a proportional increase commensurate to the offending parties personal wealth.

        Have to make it hurt pretty bad to end the problem. Feeling the financial pinch for longer than the jail sentence should be fairly convincing.

    • to Jethro the Janitor

      You live in your own fantasy world. Most businessmen are Republicans and they have been luring illegals here for over 100 years to be used as slave labor. There is no way in hell your lord god Republican’s are going to cut their own greed monger profits and pass such a law. You would think at your advanced age you would have learned something about the world you vegetate in.

      • dacian the demented dips***,

        So, the Dimocrat Party opposes ANY meaningful immigration reform, ANY efforts to close the border, ANY efforts to deport illegal CRIMINAL aliens improperly present in our country, and your lie is that it’s the Republicans who are exploiting illegal immigrants.

        Thank you for once again proving that you are too f***ing stupid to insult, and too useless to be allowed to steal oxygen.

        • to The Demented Lamp that went out in his head

          Illegal Aliens come here because they can get jobs and the people who hire them as fast as they get here are Republican Businessmen who pretend and rant to the uneducated hillbillies (yourself) that they are against illegal immigration.

          If you look up the definition of pure stupidity you will find your picture next to it in Webster’s Dictionary.

        • dacian the demented dips***,

          If you had enough money to own a property with a substantial yard, you’d probably have an illegal alien gardener, like most bullshit-spouting suburban liberals do (look at recent voting patterns, brainless). MOST illegal aliens do not go to work for large corporations (which are ALSO not “Republican”, you lying turd). Your lies, your fantasies, your propaganda, your idiocy, all blend together in your empty head to form the perfect smoothie of stupid.

      • Most businessmen are Republicans

        I want to know what you are smoking, Ever heard of Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Coca Cola, CNN, MSDNC, Disney, George Soros, Amazon, Heinz, Murdochs, Intel, Starbucks, Too many to list, look it up yourself….

        • He’s saying what his corporate masters pay him to say. The left does not exist anymore. It was bought out by billionaire capitalists.

          dacian serves the new fascism in America.

        • billionaire capitalists.

          They must know where “Capitalvania” is, maybe I need to ask one of THEM since dacyboy won’t give up the info.

        • to Mad Man Max

          The fruit and vegetable markets and the meat packing factories are filled with illegal aliens. In my state we have slave farms where illegals pick the produce and we have 3 meat packing plants that are staffed predominately by illegal aliens. Even the government knows they are there but does nothing about it. I would imagine the current shortage of laborers make the government look the other way. Again refuting the Far Right nonsense that illegals take away jobs from lazy Americans who will not work at such jobs.

        • The fruit and vegetable markets and the meat packing factories are filled with illegal aliens.

          How does that validate your false statement that most businessmen are Republicans… No one is disputing the fact that illegals generally wind up working shit jobs for shit wages it’s the nature of the beast and if they are unhappy, they can pack their shit and turn themselves in to the nearest border patrol officer for a free ride back home. You should just STFU and quit while….. well I was going to say “while your stupidity still dwells in the shadow of doubt” but that would be a false statement, there is no doubt that you are dumb as a rock and enjoy the intellectual capacity of a small soap dish. I am actually somewhat embarrassed to be taking advantage of an unarmed individual in a battle of wits (not really). You just make this toooooo easy.

      • So all you have to do, dacian, to hurt those evil republican business men is to cut off the flow of slave laborers. By supporting open borders you’re supporting slavery.

        You fascists are too stupid to breath without directions.

        • I used to wonder why there were instructions on simple things, like pizza boxes that say open box before eating. The dacian has an given the answer.

    • An easier approach is to use the most feared agency, the IRS, and they have 87000 new agents to do it. Either the employers are evading taxes and not paying FICA and income tax withholding, or it’s being done with a fraudulent SSN. The IRS has the records and can match payments for the same SSN in different cities and states. E-Verify can either be made mandatory, or it can remain voluntary and anyone who doesn’t gets an in person visit.

  1. It makes sense to me that confiscating guns is easier. The guns have documentation. The illegals do not.

  2. Dacian with his “Caravan of Death” hopes to reduce the population by at least that number.

  3. I’ve been making this point for years. They don’t care. They aren’t sincere people. The leaders are ruthless liars. The followers are ignorant and/or highly partisan. Logic doesn’t enter into the equation.

  4. There is no logic in their cause at all. They want what they want and total obedience by the masses. Make no mistake, when they come down on the scofflaws(like the BLM they are now courting), they will come down hard and the people will welcome the respite.

  5. I’ll take “Things that get people shot in the face before their children die in mysterious a fire” for $2000, Alex.

    (I put that through the ouija board, in case you were wondering. But I must be on the right track since what came back was A…T…F…)

  6. “We are going ban all private gun ownership and go door to door to confiscate all guns and kill all 150 million gun owners”.

    There, I fixed it for you.

  7. They could start by cutting off their assistance checks and round them up when they go into complain. It shouldn’t be so hard since just about every state is issuing them a driver’s license.

  8. why do you dumb mf not get it? they want you to disappear your weapons for them by having all sorts of ‘accidents’ (hiding them).

    They want privite weapons ownership to seem like a fringe concept only done by paranoids, socital outcasts, and thoes on the outer fringe of society.

  9. We could solve the illegal immigration problem with a national ID card. One would be needed to get a job or license a business, open a bank account or get a credit card, enroll in school, get medical treatment beyond emergency stabilization after which, if you weren’t legal, you would be deported. I doubt most native born Americans would accept this. As a naturalized citizen, I had to tolerate it while I was a resident alien.

  10. We could solve the illegal immigration problem with a national ID card.

    Nothing like MORE tracking and regulation, hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • We already have a sort of national ID card. It’s your social security card. The problem with it is that it’s too easy to counterfeit and use as stolen ID. As soon as I had my naturalization papers, I applied for my passport. It’s much harder and more expensive to fake. If someone objects to my presence, I can tell them to complain to the US Department of State for issuing it to me.

  11. A libertarian follows that up with one asking republicans about gun control and the 5A right to the property of marijuana and cocaine.

    Oh, duh. You’re only a Constitution hating traitor when citizens are threatened with being jailed for exercising rights, not when they are actually being jailed for doing so.

    • “Leave our back door gun control policy in place! We’re still getting rich off Harry’s policies – just LOOK at those prison stats!” – Mitch McConnell (probably)

      “The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” ~ Harry J. Anslinger

  12. Every Country, except a few will have an issue with illegal immigration. People flee many things, including responsibility for their actions in their home Countries.

    I had a friend, may his soul rest in peace, who came from Cuba in the 70’s. He learned English, got a job, and earned citizenship. He was proud to be an American. His younger brother a few years later made it to the US. His brother did not want to learn English, did not want a job, nor did he want to get out on his own. My friend after a year of this had enough. He dropped the sponsorship of his brother and he was removed from the US. Harsh? Not according to him. He said a man must earn his way, and if he refuses, he should not benefit from others.

    We need more immigrants like my departed friend. He was an outstanding American, lived the dream and was proud about his love for this Country.

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