Texas School Shooting
This image from video released by the City of Uvalde, Texas shows Texas Department of Public Safety trooper Crimson Elizondo responding to a shooting at Robb Elementary School, on May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. The former Texas state trooper under investigation for the law enforcement response to the deadly school shooting in Uvalde had been hired by the school district as a campus police officer. (City of Uvalde via AP)
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If, like most of America, you’ve moved on and haven’t been paying attention to the continued fallout from the manifold failures at Robb Elementary School that made the Uvalde school shooting far worse than it should have been, developments there continue to unfold, surprising even the most cynical among us.

Yesterday, the Uvalde School District police department fired one if its new hires. After the district police force hired former Texas State Trooper Crimson Elizondo, CNN reported that she was not only one of the 91 DPS cops on the scene the day of the shooting, but she was one of the first to arrive. In other words, she’s among those who stood around the longest, failing to act as children and teachers were being shot and the wounded bled out.

The Uvalde school police had hired an officer who was one of seven DPS cops currently under investigation for their conspicuous lack of action on the day of the massacre.

As CNN reported . . .

Following this CNN report, the school district issued a statement announcing her termination effective Thursday.

“We are deeply distressed by the information that was disclosed yesterday evening concerning one of our recently hired employees, Crimson Elizondo,” the statement from the district said. “We sincerely apologize to the victim’s families and the greater Uvalde community for the pain that this revelation has caused. Ms. Elizondo’s statement in the audio is not consistent with the District’s expectations.”

“Regarding the remaining UCISD Police Department employees, we continue to make personnel decisions based on verifiable information. An independent investigation is underway to evaluate the actions of the current officers on May 24, 2022. Additionally, we are awaiting results of a management and organizational review of the UCISD Police Department that will aid the district in taking informed actions to further ensure the safety and security of our schools,” the statement added.

Just to be clear about what the Uvalde school police did, they hired someone to protect the district’s children who was likely one of those most at fault for her unwillingness to act and protect those children in May. That kind of decision-making was apparently all district officials needed to know about what’s left of its police force after earlier firing its now-former chief.

Today, the district put the top two remaining officers on paid leave and reassigned the rest of the district’s police force. In effect, they’ve dissolved the entire Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District police department.

Parents and family members hold signs at a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

From the Texas Tribune . . .

Those concerns no doubt included the utterly clueless decision-making process that led to its hiring one of the very people thought to be most at fault for her unwillingness to act as 19 students and two teachers were being murdered.

The Uvalde school district obviously still has a very long way to go. But remember, the killer’s gun was the real culprit here.

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  1. I still cannot believe that not a single officer told their superiors to GFT when told to stand by while children were being slaughtered, NOT ONE. Regardless of the fallout, or personal risk to their own lives, or their jobs, someone should have had the balls to go in and end the shooter, and the situation. I believe everyone out there with a shred of morality just shakes their heads every time we read, or watch a story on this shooting.

    • These proud, upstanding ‘officers of the law’ are, however, the very same ones who will happily kick in your/our/my doors at zero dark thirty with vastly superior numbers and tax funded equipment to confiscate our firearms and property when those who desire a monopoly on ownership of the same give them the word. After all, they would just be “doing their job”, right?

      • And if we should dare to resist they would, happily, snuff out our lives in a second with high fives and chest bumps over beverages later while regaling each other with accounts of their heroic exploits. I’m somehow coming to the conclusion that we could very much do without their serving and protecting.

      • his comment was dead on for far too many LEOs. Everyone involved should have been tarred, feathered and rode out of town on a rail.

    • “I still cannot believe that not a single officer told their superiors to GFT when told to stand by while children were being slaughtered, NOT ONE.”

      Those cops got home safe that night… 🙁

    • If I understand the (now more clearly reported) situation of that horrible day, there were some LEOs wanting to charge in, but were being held back by other LEOs. Multiple layers of supervisors, multiple departments/agencies, and multiple attitudes of how to respond. A real first class mess-up.

      The Border Patrol agent (whose own child was among those locked within the school) eventually arrived on scene, assembled a few other courageous men, and somehow made his way past the blue line and into the school, purportedly against orders. He and those with him actually did something.

      • If you have seen the video of her, she says as she is milling around with the other officers outside the school “my kid is not in this school. If my kid was inside I would be in there right now”. This video is the reason she was fired.

    • Everything begins with gullible parents who left their kids in the hands of the security incompetents running the school. In other words the police are not at the front of the line.

  2. There is no moral or rational reason for the Uvalda Community to have an armed government Police Department. But they can keep their Police Department. And it’s only primary Duties are to identify and process the dead bodies of criminals. Shot by the Law Abiding Citizens. All law-abiding citizens in the community should be deputized and organized into a police force itself. Their government police department should be completely disarmed. Issued nightsticks and the training to use them. The only people authorized to carry weapons in the city are the law-abiding civilians who live there.

    And they can shoot on sight any criminal they catch stealing, robbing, raping, murdering breaking into, or vandalizing private property. And if someone becomes a general nuisance and refuses to change their behavior, they can shoot them dead on sight too. No questions asked.

    If they still want to have an armed police force. They should fire every officer that they still have. And hire a completely new staff.

    • You’re close WHY does the SCHOOL DISTRICT have an Police Dept? ARMED. As do many Tx Schools. This a Tx thing? STILL is beyond moronic. They can’t just subcontract the local mall cops?

      • Where I live in Texas, the local police force has assigned school resource officer(s). They are not controlled by the school. They have been doing active shooter drills at each and every school in the county. If you want something screwed up, have a school control it. Best thing, home school !

      • The local junior college started out with meter maids. Women who went around ticketing students who parked in reserved staff parking spots. Somehow that morphed into men riding in patrols cars. Now mind you, this is a junior college completely surrounded by the local city. Our average response time for the local PD city-wide is 16 minute. Not great but certainly not too bad either.

        Back to the junior college which is now calling itself something else, somehow the meter maids have morphed into a full blown PD with a CoP and I don’t know how many “safety” members which means that they can retire at age 50 instead of 67 like the rest of the country; they can accumulate sick leave, overtime and vacation pay in their last three years to eventually get more retirement pay than they earned when actually “working”. Any heart condition is automatically and unchallengeable as job related even if they are grossly overweight and smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish all their life. If somehow they manage to injure themselves while writing a parking ticket they get full pay rather than reduced pay from workers’ comp, unlike the hoi polloi who get reduced pay.

        Oh, and a couple of years ago when there was a stabbing between two of our gang member “students” they called the city cops for back up.

        And, the college district is habitually putting bond issues on the ballot for more money. Of course the college district could save a ton of money if the college personnel had to arrive a few minutes before the starting gong to find their own parking spaces just as the students who are paying the money for the staff’s jobs.

        So, a keystone kop force for Uvalde School District doesn’t surprise me. Texas doesn’t have a lock on ridiculous public employee jobs.

  3. If there was a shred of decency in any responder from the school district they would have resigned in shame. They should suicide themselves.

  4. A Wahmen cop couldnt do something other than writing tickets or posting on tiktok!? Fake news! She was only fired because she was new hire and the lower hanging fruit. That whole department should be canned.

    • I’d be interested to know where they were reassigned. hopefully scrubbing the nastiest parts in the sewage treatment plant.

  5. I am confused. Why did the School District, as opposed to the town of Uvalde, have its own police force. And if it had its own police force, why was it not trained on the appropriate response to active shooters in schools?

    As an aside, there was at least one officer who was willing and able to go in, but he was actively restrained by other officers on the orders of the scene commander. He was the man whose wife was killed, and who died shortly after the funerals of a heart attack. I think other officers simply followed orders from superiors to stay outside until better equipment arrived. Shades of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

    • The school district police department there was one of those positions where someone heard the ‘do nothing, get paid and benefits’ gravy train was in town and they showed up with a spoon and biscuit. Basically ‘place holder’ positions so the district can claim they have it.

      • Functionally the equivalent of the PD “Resource Officer”. Assignment for the chicks/etc quota bodies that are, in reality, useless overhead.

        • You and .40 seem to understand this situation.

          When the district needed to “do something” they chose to do PR, not hire people willing or qualified to actually “do something”.

        • Strych9, do they? MarkN has a good question: why the separate school district police force? After another half dozen of these bizarre and peculiar incidents (who the hell goes to a random school and starts shooting children without some sort of motive… or coercion?) will everybody (will you?) still be saying how horrified they were at the police incompetence? My guess is yeah, they prob still will be, even after fully another dozen all play out the same way. Again. Still. And again. And still. I got five bucks, US even, that in the next election Kamala ‘the Hyena’ Harris is proclaimed the newest Most Popular President Ever™ with over 100,000,000 votes, half of them being found in a mail delivery truck at 4am on the last day of counting and just outside the counting station. Or maybe it’ll be Newscum or Beta. You watch. They just haven’t dared to go so far as outfit the shooter with a MAGA plate carrier. Yet.

    • she said… if her kid had been in there she would not have been outside. She is implying she would not enter the school to save other kids, in other words, basically, she indicates she would not save the other kids which is what she did that day which was nothing to help save the victims.

  6. “But remember, the killer’s gun was the real culprit here.”

    Yeah, I know the spirit of sarcasm in which that is intended, but…


  7. I’d burn that school to ashes if I was a parent that had my child killed there. Then I’d go after the cops involved until they killed me too.
    Every morning waking up after being used to getting Johnny and Mary ready for school to look into their bedrooms knowing that you’ll never see them again would just be to much for this possum to bear.
    I’d want me some payback and I dont mean money.

  8. It’s hilarious and depressing that this shitshow is what got Glover on FedGov’s radar as a potential extremist.

  9. Once again, I ask why a school district has it’s own “police force”. Just dissolve this sad joke of a “police department”, hire one or six of those “resource officers”, and be done with it. A cop in a school has some problem that he can’t handle, he calls the real police, and THEY TAKE OVER WHEN THEY ARRIVE!!! That prevents any confusion over chain of command, seniority, authority, or jurisdiction.

    I might be even happier if the sheriff department took overall command responsibility.

    Even better if the State Police arrive on scene, and take charge.

    In Uvalde, we saw school police, city police, I think there were sheriff’s deputies, there were DPS troopers (most states would call them State Police, just a different structure in Texas) and didn’t I see an FBI or six on scene? Too damned many people on scene, and everyone deferring to an idiot “school district police” until the Border Patrol arrived, and they didn’t defer to any damned one.

    • @Paul

      “Once again, I ask why a school district has it’s own ‘police force’.”

      Apparently because they can… > https://www.texastribune.org/2022/06/15/uvalde-school-officers-texas-shootings/

      “Today, there are 309 school districts with their own internal police departments in Texas, according to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Since 2017, 99 of the 192 law enforcement agencies that have been created in Texas are school police departments, according to Michael Antu, deputy chief of the commission.

      Most research has shown that the presence of police in schools doesn’t improve safety and can lead to an increase in disciplinary actions such as suspensions, expulsions and arrests of students — especially for students with disabilities, students of color or those who are part of the LGBTQ community, said Craven, with IDRA.

      ‘Consistently, it does not show that safety increases,’ she said. ‘There’s some research that shows that there’s a neutral effect, and then there’s some research that shows that concerns about safety actually increase with the presence of school-based police officers.’

      One study of school shootings from 1999 to 2018 found that the type of gun used by a shooter and their age could impact the severity of the incident, but the presence of a school resource officer did not lead to ‘significant differences.’ Another study of federal grants for police in Texas schools from 1999 to 2008 found that such grants could be associated with an increased rate of disciplinary actions for middle school students and lower graduation rates for high school students.’

      Seems its common in Texas for a school district to have its own police force.

      (read the linked article)

  10. Well, the next time some assh0le tries to shoot up a school, just call the IRS on the bastard and tell them he’s a tax evader.

    • Ehhhhhhh huhuhuhuhuh hahaaa.
      Fck that laugh out loud shit,that’s was funny,,…
      Sometimes the truth hurts so hard you’ve just gotta l and laugh.

  11. Most people don’t have a f-ing clue. Active shooter training teaches NIMS ICS. Command, Control.and Communications ate to be established IMMEDIATELY. As the police officer who was teaching my active shooter class stated “cops suck.at incident command while firefighters use it as a normal function.” Every officer trained in an active shooter response had the authority to assume command once they realized the Uvalde ISD chief FAILED to do his job.

    Sad thing is though….most municipalities are not really concerned about well trained officers since they minimize training and want officers running on bullshit calls. A large majority of what police are dispatched on should have been intercepted at dispatch “This isn’t an.emergency, you can take your lazy ass to a police station and file that.” Here in Texas we have WAY too many police agencies and they don’t train nearly enough even though the individual officers are generally well intentioned. i read recently told by an officer that in 18 years they had less than 2 hours of forcible entry training which is why they call firefighters to open locked doors so often. Government has NO interest in fixing any of this….we have to vote the same old douche nozzles out and get people in who have the balls to change things. The cops aren’t the problem, they are a symptom of sick government. Policing should be an honorable profession that makes a difference.

    • They told us to form an orderly line.
      Do not trip over the one in front of you .
      And hand sanitizer will be available.
      – We got to the water cooler, milled around about, waiting on orders, some guys started playing dice to pass the time, and Bill ordered a pepperoni pizza with anchovies.. 3 hands into the five card draw and we heard the gunfire stop. Figured he’d either ran out of ammo, kids to shoot or was reloading. The pizza place said twenty minute time delivery but it was more like 65. After we finished the pizza a guy with a bunch of scrambled eggs on his hat came buy and said we could go.
      David, you know David, well anyway he sees this mezkin beetch trying to get over the fence, looks like she might have an assualt riffle(wink , wink), LOL ole Dave really ruffed her up. THen he cuffed her up. I was a little concerned the department might have to pay for her dress the way he ripped it off, it took three of is to drag him off. Them BATF n E guys might look like plushies but they’re like cee Eye eye killers n sht. He had CV his bayonet out and was going to jam it up her _______ but we drug him off and blew it off cause we knew he was waving a Waco flashback. theBiden dropped by to tell us “Howdy ” but hit his head on the bottom of the ice cream machine and had to be dusted off.
      There were some real hero fake police somewhere .

  12. As far as I’m concerned, any Officer that stood around and jerked off while kids were dying should be in the Unemployment Line and have their LEO credentials revoked, period.

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