Streamlight Wedge XT flashlight
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I own a Streamlight Wedge flashlight. It’s a relatively slim, very pocketable rechargeable light that’s easy to slip into a pocket and carry every day. The only knock against the Wedge, though, is it isn’t small.

Streamlight Wedge flashlight
The full-size Streamlight Wedge (Dan Z. for TTAG)

The Wedge is almost 5.5 inches long. Now Streamlight has come out with a smaller, even more carryable version of the Wedge, the new Wedge XT. It’s only 4.25 inches long. And instead of the two-position switch on the side of the Wedge, the Wedge XT has a programmable and lockable tail switch that puts out either 50 or 500 lumens. And it will crank out 500 lumens for up to two hours on a full charge.

Here’s Streamlight’s press release . . .

Streamlight, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, launched the USB-C rechargeable Wedge XT, the latest in its line of high-performance everyday carry (EDC) lights. Delivering up to 500 lumens for two hours on high, and measuring just 4.25 inches, the new light features a flat, low-profile design that allows for concealed carry in either pocket, and a tactical push-button tail switch for easy, one-handed use.

“Like the popular Wedge EDC light, the unique, ergonomic design of the Wedge XT makes it the perfect concealed carry light for patrol duty, tactical maneuvers, and automotive, industrial, or DIY uses,” said Michael F. Dineen, Streamight’s Chief Revenue Officer. “It’s also perfect for outdoor uses, including hunting, camping, boating, or just about any activity where you need a dependable light on hand for instant, bright illumination.”

The new light features an intuitive tail switch that provides tactile control over the light’s momentary or constant-on operation. A Five-Tap lockout feature of the switch also prevents the light from turning on inside a pocket or bag. A handy deep-pocket clip secures the light to any pocket or other places for easy access.

The Wedge XT uses power LED technology to provide two output levels: On High, it offers 500 lumens, 1,900 candela, an 87-meter beam distance and a run time of two hours. The Low setting provides 50 lumens, 200 candela, a 28-meter beam distance and a run time of 11 hours. A TEN-TAP® programmable switch allows users to select from two different programs: high/low or low/high.


The Wedge XT features an integrated 950 mAh lithium polymer cell battery that can be conveniently recharged in the light by plugging the included USB-C cord into the waterproof USB port. The battery fully recharges in six hours; red and green indicator LEDs above the charge port provide charge status.

Made from rugged anodized aluminum and featuring a polycarbonate lens, the Wedge XT balances durability with performance. Measuring 4.25 inches long and 1 inch high, it weighs 2.62 ounces with the battery. It is IPX7-rated for waterproof operation to one meter; it also is impact-resistance tested to one meter.

Available in black and coyote, the Wedge XT has an MSRP of $155.00 and comes with Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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    • I never really ‘got’ the idea behind those stick lights. It seems so limiting. No ability to pop in a new battery?

      • Depending on the design some let you plug your phone in to charge for those under 40 with such addictions.

    • Street price should be around $125. Not cheap but a bunch of “boutique flashlight co would be more expensive/less quality.

      Streamlight – doesn’t get any better than that for quality and warranty (can drive over a with a fire truck and they will replace it).

  1. The Streamlight I carry is large but fits in my cargo pocket. It is a bit heavy, but not uncomfortably so. I like that I can swap out the CR132’S rather than wait for a recharge. At high power it shines at a blinding 132 billion trillion lumens, so that compensates for its size and weight. Usually, I run it on low.

    Oh, and the bezel at the light end is tactically beveled for use in self-defense.

    I purchased it 4 years ago for $79.

    • LOL…even if you’re fibbin’, ribbin’ or $#itin’.

      Thanks for the “light” hearted stab in the dark on a hot, smokey Thursday.

    • It sounds like Luis Wu’s flashlight laser from RINGWORLD.

      I’d rather have the twin barrel Slaver digging tool that suppresses the charges of Protons simultaneously with suppressing the charges of electrons.

      • When armor penetration was a concern slightly before body disposal and crime scene cleanup.

  2. “Getting better…but still not more better enough!” – Grimlock
    They’re moving in the right direction on size, but not on price.

  3. I’m sure most of us folks that love to read the TTAG articles are feeling the squeeze financially. It stuns me that TTAG never seems to feature more affordable options with their write ups. 155 dollar flashlight ??? I mean c’mon man !!! TTAG is constantly featuring products that are way up on the price point. Holey moley , can we start seeing some reasonably priced stuff for awhile ??? When these articles come around the first thing I do is scroll down to the price to see if I should even bother to continue reading. 19 out of 20 times I just close on out.

  4. I gotta say, as a handyman, I use a flashlight a lot. a lot more than my knife. I currently have Stilettos (2 in rotation) because I like the form factor and they easily clip to the brim of a ball cap. 50-500 isn’t great though, I’d ideally like 2 more positions, say, 50,125,250,500 for my application. (Stiletto doesn’t have this either btw). I would 100% buy this at $150 though if I liked it. I’d need to see it in person first.

  5. Love it how they mention the length a bunch then don’t even put the full dimensions in. Like they don’t want you to think that’s a chunky boi.

    My EDC is 3.7″X1.1″ diameter and it’s not small. I also carry one i with a larger diameter head pretty often, more like 1.5.

    If I want to be happy with how small my flashlight is I’m probably getting a Stylus Pro at a fraction of the price and being totally delighted with it.

  6. I love my Streamlight Wedge, and this looks like a real improvement. I’ve had some issues with the length, and a shorter version would be appreciated. Tailcap is probably also a net improvement (especially for use with a pistol), but not the biggest deal.

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