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With each passing day, the continued unfolding of l’affair Trayvon Martin shows that no matter how frenzied and surreal the situation may already seem, there’s always room for more. Now that the President has weighed in and Michael Bloomberg is getting a castle doctrine law oppo research operation launched, it should be obvious that anyone with even the most tangential interest in crime policy, race hustling, gun control or RTKBA is in full spin and response mode. There’s just too much at stake here in terms of future policy – not to mention future revenue – for the interested groups to sit this one out. So as a reader service, here’s a not quite one-stop compendium of some of the more noteworthy coverage of this zeitgeist grabbing event from TTAG and other sources. . .

Original Police Report

Concealed Carry and the Mob Mentality

Profile of George Zimmerman

Martin was Shot Only Once

Hundreds Join the Million Hoodie March

Does Holding a Gun Make You Think Others Are Too?

Trayvon Martin Case is the New Bonfire of the Vanities

Rev. Al Rallies for Trayvon Martin

Bradys: Right to Carry Means More Trayvon Martin Cases

Sanford PD Chief Gets No Confidence Vote, Steps Down Temporarily

Jessie Jackson Sez Blacks are Under Attack

VPC Prez: Martin’s Just One More Concealed Carry Victim

Obama Vows to Get to the Bottom of the Martin Case

Congressional Staffers Organize ‘Hoodies on the Hill’ Event

New Black Pather Party offers $10,000 for “Capture” of George Zimmerman

Shooting Could Mean More Aggressive Hate Crime Investigations


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  1. Here is the statement of the Sanford City Manager:

    Everyone should read it before making judgements.

    Fellow Citizens:

    There has been a lot of media attention to the recent incident where George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. This is indeed a tragic situation and has caused a flood of questions and strong emotions from within our community, the region and nation. On behalf of the employees of the City of Sanford, Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the family and friends of Trayvon Martin. As a father, I can only image the pain Trayvon’s family must be going though. In an effort to continue to be as responsive as possible to the public seeking information on the incident, I have asked Chief Lee to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this matter. Below are his responses. Please understand that since this is still an ongoing investigation, the Police Department is limited in what information it can publicly release.

    The City of Sanford is committed to insuring that justice is served and, therefore, the City of Sanford has contacted the United States Attorney General’s Office for assistance in this matter.

    The men and women of the Sanford Police Department extend our heartfelt sympathies to the Martin family. This is indeed a tragic situation. The death of anyone due to violence, especially a 17 year old young man, is morally appalling. As this incident has generated a lot of media attention, we wanted to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Why was George Zimmerman not arrested the night of the shooting?

    When the Sanford Police Department arrived at the scene of the incident, Mr. Zimmerman provided a statement claiming he acted in self defense which at the time was supported by physical evidence and testimony. By Florida Statute, law enforcement was PROHIBITED from making an arrest based on the facts and circumstances they had at the time. Additionally, when any police officer makes an arrest for any reason, the officer MUST swear and affirm that he/she is making the arrest in good faith and with probable cause. If the arrest is done maliciously and in bad faith, the officer and the City may be held liable.

    According to Florida Statute 776.032 : 776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—

    (1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.

    (2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.

    Why weren’t the 911 tapes initially released?

    There are exemptions to the public records laws for active criminal intelligence and for ongoing investigations. In this instance, the 911 calls made by neighbors in the subdivision, and the non- emergency call made by Mr. Zimmerman are all key to the investigation by Sanford Police Department. In consultation with the Office of the State Attorney, the Sanford police department had decided not to release the audio recordings of the 911 calls due to the ongoing investigation. Many times, specific information is contained in those recordings which is vital to the integrity of the investigation. At the time, it was determined that if revealed, the information may compromise the integrity of the investigation prior to its completion. The 911 tapes have since been released.

    Why did Mr. Zimmerman have a firearm in his possession while acting in the role of a neighborhood watch member?

    Mr. Zimmerman holds a concealed weapon permit issued from the State of Florida. He is authorized to carry the weapon in a concealed manner wherever Florida Statute dictates. Neighborhood Watch programs are designed for members of a neighborhood to be “eyes and ears” for police and to watch out for their neighbors. They are not members of the Police Department nor are they vigilantes. Training provided by law enforcement agencies to Neighborhood Watch organizations stresses non-contact surveillance of suspicious situations and notifying police of those situations so that law enforcement can respond and take control of the situation.

    Mr. Zimmerman was not acting outside the legal boundaries of Florida Statute by carrying his weapon when this incident occurred. He was in fact on a personal errand in his vehicle when he observed Mr. Martin in the community and called the Sanford Police Department.

    If Zimmerman was told not to continue to follow Trayvon, can that be considered in this investigation?

    Yes it will; however, the telecommunications call taker asked Zimmerman “are you following him”. Zimmerman replied, “yes”. The call taker stated “you don’t need to do that”. The call taker’s suggestion is not a lawful order that Mr. Zimmerman would be required to follow. Zimmerman’s statement was that he had lost sight of Trayvon and was returning to his truck to meet the police officer when he says he was attacked by Trayvon.

    Why was George Zimmerman labeled as “squeaky clean” when in fact he has a prior arrest history?

    In one of the initial meetings with the father of the victim the investigator related to him the account that Mr. Zimmerman provided of the incident. At that time the investigator said that Mr. Zimmerman portrayed himself to be “squeaky clean”. We are aware of the background information regarding both individuals involved in this event. We believe Mr. Martin may have misconstrued this information. What about media reenactments of the shooting incident? Any media reenactments of the shooting incident are purely speculation. To date the Sanford Police Department has not released any rendition of the events of the evening to anyone other than the Office of the State Attorney. The renditions we have seen are not consistent with the evidence in this case.

    The Sanford Police Department has conducted a complete and fair investigation of this incident. We have provided the results of our investigation to the Office of the State Attorney for their review and consideration for possible criminal prosecution.

    Although the Police Department is the target of the troubling questions, let me assure you we too feel the pain of this senseless tragedy that has dramatically affected our community. Therefore, as we move forward and strive to answer the questions that are a point of controversy in the community, we ask for your patience, understanding and assistance in getting the correct information to the community.

    Thank you,

    Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., ICMA-CM City Manager March 19, 2012

    • +1
      Good post. If more of the people waving bloody hoodies read this, and actually cared about the facts of the issue instead of whether their son looks like Trayvon, Zimmerman might have a chance at a fair trial if it is determined that it should come to that.

    • Wow. I finally get to read a statement by a government official that seems rational, calm, methodical, fair, and honors the law.

  2. Today it has been revealed that there was a ‘Witness’ to this event, and he confirms that Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him. When the police arrived, Zimmermans face was bloodie, and the’Back’ of his shirt was grass stained, and wet. All of this information has been forwarded to the State Attorney.

  3. At this point the situation is long beyond the point of factual basis. When the Obama administration takes sides before the facts are revealed its a sign the hype machine has reached escape velocity. In all honesty it was simply a matter of time before the anti-RKBA lobby found a cause worthy of turning into a situation of public angst. They didn’t find it in the Giffords incident, or in the Virginia Tech shooting late last year.Thanks to two men in Florida, the anti-rights lobby finally has a cause to celebrate and a different direction to attack gun owners.

    If guns or ownership thereof cannot be barred-or its too expensive to establish the agencies needed to execute such a goal- the same goal of civil disarmament will be done via punishing the owner in the horrid event it needs to be used. Obama and his kind wont need gun confiscation & expensive registration of arms;simply make using a firearm in self defense an automatic crime and add garlic. If using a shotgun to shoot a burglar in self defense carries a 20 year prison sentence , such as the situation in the UK with Tony Martin, many folks would just as soon not own a gun at all to avoid the risk.

    • I strongly disagree. You see a broad political objective, but the reality is we are seeing what happens when a gun owner doesn’t live up to their higher standard of responsibilities, followed by a lazy, sloppy police investigation that didn’t address all of the unanswered questions that the family had.
      Lets assume two things here: Treyvon and George were both perfectly normal, non-violent types, who none of us would worry about having as neighbors. All evidence about both guy’s lives seems to point to this.
      What caused the confrontation? What led to Mr. Martin’s death.
      Bad decisions, with the great weight of them being made by Mr. Zimmerman before the encounter even occurred.
      Even if Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman hitting him, there is still an uncertainty as to Trayvon’s motive… was he scared and defending himself against a perceived aggressor? I think thats reasonable. Or maybe he was being a hothead and beating up the nerdy fat kid who chased him down and asked a busybody question… Less likely, but possible. Or maybe it was something in between… maybe Trayvon didn’t feel like his life was threatened but was nervous.. and then got angry when asked aggressive questions by someone he didn’t know.
      All of it points to one thing… an armed citizen has no business acting like the police and following, and questioning other citizens. We need to remember that Zimmerman’s questionable judgement has already been proven in the chain of events leading up to the encounter… There is no evidence whatsoever that the kid made any questionable judgement.
      Whatever this was… its not self-defense under Stand Your Ground.
      Just because Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc take one side of an issue doesn’t mean we have to take the other side. Wrong people can still be right.

      • How do you know how this went down? For all we know, Zimmerman politely approached Martin and asked him what was his business here after which Martin told him “F-off spic” jumped him and started beating the snot out of him. There are any number of ways this could have gone down and until some credible witness comes forward to fill in the time between when Zimmerman got of his car, Martin got off the phone and the fatal struggle witness by the homeowner on his front lawn took place, all we have is Martin on top of Zimmerman; Zimmerman’s call for help and the fatal shot. Had this gone down in New York’s Central Park Zimmerman would only have been charged with illegal weapons possession and not a murder charge.

        Any of you pudknockers out there who “know” what really happened should be on their way to Sanford right now to give your statement to the police.

        • When the hell did I say I “know” what went down. Re-read my post and notice the stated assumptions. All I’m saying is… give the dead kid a bit more benefit of the doubt. Zimmerman already got plenty, considering the complete lack of common sense and good judgement he’s shown with the actions we’ve all confirmed he did BEFORE engaging Martin.
          And please, lets not call folks pudknockers.. it makes you sound like an old, angry flightline Chief.

          • I am old but not angry, have spent time around Navy flight lines and submarine piers in my day but I didn’t work for living.

            While I do speculate about what went down I am content to let the investigative process work its way out. With the information currently in the public domain all indications are that a trial will end up with a hung jury or a not guilty verdict. I would hate to be the prosecutor because a competent defense attorney will eat him alive.

          • Josh, by reading your comments, it seems to be obvious which way you lean on this matter.
            “we are seeing what happens when a gun owner doesn’t live up to their higher standard of responsibilities, followed by a lazy, sloppy police investigation that didn’t address all of the unanswered questions that the family had.”

            You do know what they say about making assumptions, don’t you?

      • George Zimmerman had every right in the world to follow someone in his neighborhood that felt was up to no-good. Also Zimmerman says that he was on his way back to his vehicle when he was attacked by Trayvon Martin. And I have no reason to believe otherwise.

        I have personally caught thieves in the act on three occasions in my neighborhood, and just days ago I found two guys prowling around my neighbors yard. I have been able to do this, because I frequently go outside in the middle of the night to investigate, if I think there is good reason to do so. And my point is, its my neighborhood, and I will go outside of my house any time I feel like doing so, and confront anyone I think is doing something they shouldn’t be doing. And if I get attacked, I will defend myself accordingly. It isn’t anyone’s place to be telling me not to look into someone’s suspicious activity in my neighborhood, and that includes a police dispatcher.

        And just for the record. Last year my neighbor caught a thief in his driveway, the thief attacked him, and the thief died. Thankfully no charges were pressed against the homeowner.

  4. my understaanding is the trevor was a 6″3″ high school football player , not the 8th grader shown in the picture the media is running.
    that is a little dishonest on the medias part.

    in eigth grade my son was 140 lbs and 5’6, he is now a 6’1″ 240 lb high school football player. I think it would be a lot easier to sort the facts of this case out without that kind of deliberate fanning the flames by the media.
    all the known facts should be presented, but our media isn’t about facts, its about agendas.

  5. Let’s be honest, if Zimmerman were black there would be no outcry.
    If Martin were a white outsider there would be no outcry regardless of the race of the insider neighborhood watch guy. It is only a national issue because the race hustlers were under the mistaken impression that because his name was Zimmerman the survivor of the confrontation must be white.

    Cross racial crime and violence is rare in the United States as this article from PJ Media demonstrates. (Bruce Kraft will eat this up).

    There is no there, there in this incident. It was most likely the outcome of bilateral misperception by Trayvon Martin and Jorge Zimmerman.

    • There is never any outcry when the victim is white.

      Here are some recent news stories that don’t even get coverage, let alone a Presidential oratory:
      19yr old black home invader shoots old man in face, then rapes and beats old woman to death.
      Black man shoots and kills white boy washing his car, for no discernable reason.
      Two black teens follow disabled white student home, pour gas on him, and light him on fire saying, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”

      Where’s the outrage? Where’s the hand-wringing? The weeping and gnashing of teeth?

      The fact of the matter is this: If the black population didn’t commit such an overwhelming, clear majority of all violent crime in this country (despite being a tiny slice of the overall population), then maybe an “innocent” teenager could walk down the sidewalk in a gated community wearing a hoodie and baggy pants without being a suspect.

      The “African-American Community” needs to take a long, hard look at itself before it starts pointing the finger at whites or at the criminal justice system. What about their literacy rate, or their overall abysmal performance on any and all educational assessment tests? The glorification of thug culture? The out-of-control illegitimacy rates?

      I say that the diseased, cancerous black “culture” is as responsible for TMs death as much as Zimmerman himself is.

      • You just had all those links ready to go huh? Dig those up on Stormfront? Zimmerman is probably not a racist, FLAME DELETED
        Personally, I don’t think about violence in racial terms… its about individuals making individual decisions. Just reading your comment… you sound angry. Anger and other emotions are the enemy of reason. You aren’t thinking clearly.
        I can just imagine some guy in Japan writing the same thing about white people and how inferior their culture is. You’d probably have a come back for that wouldn’t you? Some new links ready to paste?
        To each his own I guess.

        • Josh, before you make such a reply to James about linking to Stormfront or imply another such source, please click through and see (as I did) where he found those links. James appears to have gone out of his way to cite sources and studies.

        • Some people watch sports. Me? I read news.

          I’m sure your “Stormfront” screed is a convenient way for you to stick your head in the sand and deny the existence of facts, but it doesn’t change reality.

          Go read the current UCR yourself, unless you think the FBI is just another racist front.

          • I’m familiar with the statistics. I attribute crime to cultures of poverty before I look at skin color. Most violent, scary place I’ve been to? Chechnya. Filled with blue-eyed folk who’ll happily rob you and cut your throat. Lots of poor, fatherless families there and in other poor, blighted parts of Eastern Europe and Russia.
            I’ve also been to some pretty scary trailer parks in West Virginia (where my father’s side is from) that are pretty scary places too.
            To me, its all about poverty and broken homes which poor blacks have in spades, along with poor whites.
            I don’t think the FBI is a racist front.. but lets not forget that they wiretapped Martin Luther King under J Edgar.
            Bottom line, if you go and hunt for incidents of blacks killing whites… you’ll find tons and tons of stories. You can do the same with men killing women. Does that mean I deserve to die? Because I could be a rapist/murderer based on my gender? I can cherry pick a bunch of facts and paint any picture… but step back and look at the individuals here outside of the race context.
            Its not fair for you to tie all the crimes any black man has committed around Mr. Martin? He had no criminal record.. he was just a kid.
            And when I hear you using words like diseased and cancerous to describe “black culture”… it all gives me a gut feeling that you have some deep anger and antipathy towards black folk. Just a hunch.

            • Have all the hunches you want. I have facts. Refute the facts, or go blow all this, “I’m not going to just say you’re racist, but something about the way you seem to know your crime stats shows that maybe you might just be a little angry about something,” out your ass.

              I’ll make the same offer to you I make to all those who say color is not a factor in crime or criminality.

              Come to Detroit. Live in an apartment of my choosing in a neighborhood of my choosing, completely at my expense, for one month.

              I will pay one month’s rent, and the necessary utility bills.

              If, at the end of that month (assuming you live that long), you remain convinced that the color of your skin nor the color of anyone else’s skin has anything to do with anything at all, I will give you $2,000.00. Two thousand dollars and zero cents.

              There are other stipulations, though, but that’s the gist of it.

    • bilateral misperception

      We might know “the truth” in time — right now we don’t even know the facts, much less the truth — but I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be the ultimate truth.

  6. Holy Schnikies… those comments… they hurt to read.

    I’ve never seen myself as an intellectual or elitist, but after reading so many comments and saying “What a f*$%ing moron.” so many times, I might just be one.

    For anyone with blood pressure problems or who already has little faith in humanity, I beg you, do not read the comments on the first link.

  7. This whole thing is a SNAFU. I think mistakes were made on both parts, an unfortunate lapse of judgement lead to an unfortunate event. Should it be investigated more. Possibly. Should Zimmerman be crucified in front of the nation? Hell no. As stated before, this is a situation where both racial and anti gun crowds are joining forces to make a statement

    • It seems that possibly valid race-based grievances are being exploited by racial arsonists and the wingnuts. Same as it ever was.

  8. I keep seeing references to an eye-witness interviewed on the night of the incident by the Sanford PD’s responding Officers whose testimony supports supports George Zimmerman’s claim that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin (hence the bloody nose and cut on the back of Zimmerman’s head), but even after reading the Police Report, I still have not seen the actual Statement given by said eye witness. The report of the responding Officers states that they took statements from several witnesses and it appears several are listed in the report (with names and other ID prudently blacked-out), but no actual recounting of what they said. I suppose this information is being held-back as key evidence in the possible (probable) event of a formal Judge/Jury Trial and to insure the Witnesses are protected. Obviously, the credibility of any such Witness and the accuracy of their account of what they saw would make the difference if George Zimmerman acted within the law or not, which really is now the only key question in this Firestorm.

    As I write this, CNN is broadcasting a Florida Legislator (who claims to have opposed the current Florida “Stand Your Ground” law) and this person is now flatly-stating that the Florida STG law “needs to be repealed”…and was ramrodded by the NRA. He further characterized it as “a solution in search of a problem..”.
    As “Excrementum percusserit in Fan” it will be interesting to see how far and wide the poo flies.

    What is also interesting, from an analytical point of view, is how each of the many News Media Comments seems to be commenting from an entirely different understanding of the event. The point being that there is now so much disinformation about what is alleged to have happened that it makes most of the comments being made entirely irrelevant and misinformed.

    While the conversations here on TTAG have gotten pretty heated, I feel like I have gotten a more complete picture of this matter for following it on TTAG (while comparing to what the News Media is reporting) and THAT underscores the great value of this Site.

    • Florida Democrats will try to repeal SYG, and the people of Florida will have to determine whether they wish to contiue being people or revert to being sheeple. Since I don’t live there, I really don’t care.

      I had a home in Miami at one time, and I clearly recollect the pre-1987 period when the crime rate in South Florida rivalled that of present-day Honduras. It will be interesting to see whether current Florida voters have as good a memory as I do, or if they will find contentment being herded about by their rulers.

      • Yeah. I was thinking about the high crime rate in Miami back in the 80’s, too. Never lived there, but I recall hearing how bad it was.
        I just hope the fight over SYG coming to Florida doesn’t spill over into other States, but I am betting the anti’s will try their best to get that to happen. The NRA is getting castigated for backing SYG laws in general in the PM News, so that’s probably a first step towards trying to create a national outcry.

    • Oops! My bad…missed a “typo”.
      “the Florida STG law “needs to be repealed”.”
      should read
      “the Florida SYG law “needs to be repealed”.”


    Here’s a link to a story mentioned above by Mr. Curran, supporting Zimmerman’s self-defense. There’s a good possibility that neither race nor “stand-your-ground” had anything to do with what actually happened. Of course everyone already knew that, except certain politicians and the racial grievance industry. Who, as things happen, will turn out to be fellow travelers. Anyway, they need their narrative to outrun the facts, though the facts may soon be catching up.

    • Thanks for this link. This story does set a new light on why the Sanford. Fla Police did not hold Zimmerman that night. Also, I noted in some other reports that when the 911tapes were released, Martin’s Father stated the cries for help were NOT his son’s, but later his Mother said they were Trayvon’s cries and the Father (sitting right next to her) did not disagree with her. Interesting.

  10. Its the whole Jared Lee Loughner thing all over again. At first he was a radical right winger who was a gun nut. As time progressed we saw a completely different picture and the media dropped it entirely. I suspect that as we uncover more about Trayvon Martin lifestyle it will be shown he was an entirely different person that is being portrayed by the media matters news outlets.

  11. Either way you look at it, Zimmerman is responsible for the death of an innocent teen. Whether a court finds him guilty or not won’t change that fact. Doesn’t matter who’s black, white, whatever. An armed man made a poor decision and now a teen is dead. I can’yt be any more unbiased than that. And those that are crying about reverse racism and what the media reports need to grow a set. This is about a kid taken away from his family way too early. Not a “black” kid or a ” kid that looks like my son”, but a kid, plain and simple. Can you look past your own agendas and see this tragedy for what it is? I know some of you fantasize about killing minorities and are hoping that Zimmerman gets off. Kill yourself. But to the rest, you need to quit lying to yourselves.

    • >>I know some of you fantasize about killing …. Kill yourself.

      You’re projecting your own feelings on others.

    • Agreed, until you got to the killing selves part… that’s out of line.

      I actually am getting depressed reading this comment section and realizing that alot of folks still think in primarily racial terms… like its “us and them”… Its like they can’t possibly identify with Martin or his family.. Like they want more than anything for Zimmerman to have been justified and in the right. I don’t want that guy to be in the wrong, but I know he made bad decisions that night.

      • Somebody surely made bad decisions, but I’m not sure refusing to be beaten is one of them. If that’s what happened….

    • Aaron,

      Actually either way you look at it, a teen attacked a guy with a gun and got himself shot.
      And the last part of what you said just shows you’re a nut.

      • So its his fault that this idiot shot him? A kid that only wanted to grab some snacks before the all-star game came on? What about Trayvon’s right to stand his ground? He was the one trying to avoid the confrontation! You damn right I’m a nut! I can’t believe we are here arguing about something that we should be unified about. That’s why people in general don’t support gun rights. Its not necessarily the rights but the people that push for them that turn the majority off. No sympathy for the victim or his family, just jump on the defensive pushing your own political agendas. This blog should be called “The Truth About Americans”. Some of these people are no different than the evil media or liberals that they demonize. Two sides of the same coin.

        • I’m guessing you haven’t heard all the 911 calls and read the police report. There is not a shred of evidence that Zimmerman confronted Martin. Everything points to Zimmerman being attacked on his way back to his car after losing sight of Martin. There are witnesses that seen Zimmerman on the ground screaming for help and getting pummeled. So as far as I’m concerned Zimmerman is the victim.

          And the calling you a nut may have been inappropriate. But the comment that, some of us fantasizing about killing minorities, is absolutely reprehensible

          • I heard the call where Zimmerman says “These fucking coons”. I also heard Zimmerman say that Martin was RUNNING AWAY! And dont get me started on the police report. Like they’re the Holiest of all people and everything they say and do is righteous. There are also witnesses sayin that Trayvon was screaming for help. If Zimmerman didn’t follow him, then how did he end up shooting him? You can clearly hear him get out of the car. If I had shot someone, I would claim self defense even if I knew I was wrong. He’s lying to cover his ass, like on one’s ever done that before.

  12. Either way you look at it, Zimmerman is responsible for the death of an innocent teen. Whether a court finds him guilty or not won’t change that fact. Doesn’t matter who’s black, white, whatever. An armed man made a poor decision and now a teen is dead. I can’t be any more unbiased than that. And those that are crying about reverse racism and what the media reports need to grow a set. This is about a kid taken away from his family way too early. Not a “black” kid or a ” kid that looks like my son”, but a kid, plain and simple. Can you look past your own agendas and see this tragedy for what it is? I know some of you fantasize about killing minorities and are hoping that Zimmerman gets off. Kill yourself. But to the rest, you need to quit lying to yourselves.

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