George Zimmerman Shot Trayvon Martin Once

The fallout surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin continues apace, with protestors judging the shooting a homicide rather a defensive gun use. The teen’s death has become a cause celebre. “A host of celebrities — including filmmaker Spike Lee, music mogul Russell Simmons and actress Gabrielle Union — are joining an ever-growing chorus calling for justice in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford,” reports, somehow forgetting to mention Al Sharpton’s support . . .

The stars have used Twitter to spread word of Trayvon’s death, and some celebrities are bringing attention to a petition on calling for charges against shooter George Zimmerman. By lunchtime Tuesday, that petition garnered more than 557,000 signatures.

Yes, well, the offers a salient fact that puts the shooting in a new light:

The handgun that killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, was fired once — not twice — by a neighborhood crime watch volunteer . . .

Police found a single shell casing at the scene, and when they seized George Zimmerman’s handgun, a Kel Tel [sic] 9 mm, its magazine was full, according to a source close to the investigation. The only bullet missing was the one in the chamber, the source said.

For readers unfamiliar with the way of the gun, a full magazine would indicate that Zimmerman kept an “extra” bullet in the Kel Tec’s chamber.

In other words, Zimmerman loaded the gun, racked the slide to put a round in the chamber (reducing the number of bullets in the magazine by one), removed the magazine, put another round in the magazine, then replaced the magazine in the gun. If Zimmerman had fired two shots, the magazine would have one less cartridge/bullet than its full capacity.

That contradicts the graphic interpretation that lawyers for the victim’s family made Friday night after listening to 911 calls from neighbors who heard or saw a fight between Zimmerman and Trayvon.

Lawyers Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump insisted then that they could hear two shots on one 911 call, a warning shot and a kill shot, and that that proved Zimmerman was a murderer.

“You hear a shot, a clear shot then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life then you hear a second shot,” Jackson said.

Them’s what you call inflammatory remarks right there. No surprise, there. As usual, the ambulance chasers and professional agitators are working an all-too-sympathetic media to promote their own “self-defense” agenda. The idea that “something must be done” to protect people from themselves and each other.

Personal responsibility is only an issue when it suits their agenda. Otherwise and anyway, government intervention is the order of the day. To wit:

Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, appeared Monday on NBC’s “Today” show and said her son was mild mannered, never got agitated and was followed by Zimmerman because of “the color of his skin.”

“I just don’t understand why the situation got out of control,” she said.

Sanford officials had hoped to sit down Tuesday with an official of the U.S. Department of Justice, an agency with a civil rights division and a record of taking on race-charged criminal cases.

The fact that the mainstream media allows race-motivated players to control the spin surrounding this tragic event is as regrettable as it is expectable. But one way or another, the truth will out. Martin’s autopsy will tell the tale. Or at least part of it.