President Obama Vows to “Get to the Bottom of Trayvon Martin Shooting”

The AP reports that President Barack Obama has answered Ralph’s call and spoken-out about the controversial shooting of Trayvon Martin by Florida concealed carry permit holder George Zimmerman. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” the Prez pronounced, turning his back on the possibility of transcending race in an already incendiary cause celebre. Or is that me being racist, ’cause Obama was actually playing the “it could of been my child” card? After all, the CIC also said “I think [Trayvon’s family] are right to expect that all of us as Americans take this with the seriousness that it deserves, and we’re going to get to the bottom of what happened . . .  Every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this and everybody pulls together, federal state and local, to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened.” Talk about federal over-reach. Anyway, check out the sign on the left.