Las Vegas Police Release Bodycam Video of Breach of Mandalay Bay Shooter’s Suite

“Las Vegas police have finally released partial footage from police body cameras that showed officers nearing the hotel room where gunman Stephen Paddock unleashed a hail of gunfire on concert-goers last October.” Not that it reveals much of anything not previously known about the Mandalay Bay concert shooting. Everyone in any position of power in Las […]

New York Times Combines Video, Audio Evidence Into Timeline of Las Vegas Shooting [VIDEO

Four New York Times journalists have compiled dozens of bits of video and audio evidence captured during the Mandalay Bay shooting. They’ve matched time stamps and even audio signatures to assemble an impressive timeline of Stephen Paddock’s attack on the concert crowd below. The video doesn’t address questions that remain about when hotel security and […]

Is Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo Covering-Up for the Mandalay Bay Hotel?

Even as Dan and I were recording our first podcast, recounting the mystery that has become the Mandalay Bay hotel shooting, the Las Vegas Sheriff’s department revised the crime’s timeline. Again. Las Vegas police said Friday that the gunman who opened fire on a country-music festival far below his hotel suite did not shoot a security […]

EXCLUSIVE: Mandalay Bay Hotel Active Shooter Policy Left Spree Killer Unchallenged

“Jesus Campos, a security guard at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (above), was shot by Paddock six minutes before he began shooting into a crowd of 22,000 people enjoying the country music festival down below, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joe Lombardo said in a news conference Monday evening.” The report radically […]

Clark County Sheriff Changes Timeline: Stephen Paddock Shot Security Guard Before Opening Fire On Crowd

The narrative since last week’s Manadaly Bay mass murder has been that Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd at a country music festival below, then stopped when his room was approached by an unarmed hotel security guard. The security response was reportedly prompted when the gunfire in Paddock’s room tripped a smoke detector. Now, […]