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Las Vegas police change the timeline of the Mandalay Bay shooting. courtesy

The narrative since last week’s Manadaly Bay mass murder has been that Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd at a country music festival below, then stopped when his room was approached by an unarmed hotel security guard. The security response was reportedly prompted when the gunfire in Paddock’s room tripped a smoke detector. Now, however, the story has changed.

The gunman who attacked a country music concert in Las Vegas shot a security guard in the hotel before beginning his assault on the concertgoers, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Monday, a significant change to the timeline of the massacre that officials had previously given to the public.

That’s a pretty significant change, to be sure. And it leaves an even more significant question. If the guard’s approach happened before Paddock began firing on the crowd, what made him stop shooting and commit suicide when he did?

“Mr. Campos (the security guard) was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world,” Lombardo said at a Monday news conference.

Police officers who started searching the hotel after the shooting began didn’t know a hotel security guard had been shot “until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator,” Lombardo said.

Charles “Sid” Heal, a retired Los Angeles County sheriff’s commander and tactical expert, said the new timeline “changes the whole perspective of the shooting.”

That’s an understatement. And it won’t do anything to calm the rampant speculation about Paddock’s motive or the burgeoning industry in conspiracy theories that has grown since the shooting, either. The question now is, what other “facts” about the shooting that we knew to be true…aren’t?

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  1. At this point I have to wonder if they can get any details about this terrible event correct. Will they be revising weapon counts and types next? Are these the Keystone investigators?

    And why was hotel security at the room before the shooting even started?

    • Stereodude, from what I understand the guard was investigating a different room that was nearby. Apparently the door on the room he was sent to investigate had been left open for an extended period and that caused an alarm to go off in the place where they manage the security for the entire building.

    • There was an open door alarm the hotel security agent was investigating according to the news reports. This investigation doesn’t seem all that professional. That’s a big gaping hole they just opened.

    • Maybe Paddock didn’t intend to go that night and was still prepping his hideaway. After being spooked most of plan versus none of a plan made him act before he was ready. I haven’t seen anything about when he was supposed to check out. Today also mentioned he had been drilling a hole near the door.

    • Last official count had it at 47 total, I believe… unless I seen an old source…. before that I heard between home and hotel it had been over 60.

  2. What about the fact that the shooter checked into the hotel days before the FBI said he did and that hasn’t been revised? There’s a lot of holes in the timelime the authorities are putting out there and after a week, they still don’t have or will not reveal the motive.

    • The “officials” are saying he was in parking on the 25th but not in the room until the 28th. More big question marks.

      • Maybe he checked in on the 25th, and was in the hotel parking lot, but never actually occupied the room till the 28th.

        • Pure speculation: maybe he was staying in a different room until he was comped an upgraded suite?

        • The room service receipts have his name, that specific room number, mention two guests, and are dated the 27th.

  3. These are not hard facts to get:
    1. When did the guy in room 135 check in? (Should take 5 minutes)
    2. Dude, you got shot in the leg, when did that happen?!!!

    I will be the first to say it, The Las Vegas police totally screwed the pooch on this one, they took forever to breach the room, and they are bungling the investigation.

    The real lesson here is that when 2000 people call 911 at the same time, the system descends into chaos

      • Actually: think about it: ten minutes to get there ten minutes to get your shit together ten minutes to figure out where he is and a plan ten minutes to get up there. Another ten minutes dealing with blocked doors and imaginary explosives…..

        When seconds count police are many minutes away

  4. Was the security guard killed? Or, is he still alive to lend any credibility to these new facts?

    If he was killed, I find it hard to believe they could pinpoint his time of death that accurately, especially since the whole event lasted barely more than an hour..

    There’s got to be a lot more details that haven’t been made public.

    • The guard survived, if I recall correctly. Which of course means the shooter’s location would have been known pretty much instantly.

    • To be fair.

      After 10 minutes there was no more shooting, and the main impetus to immediately breach the room gave way to a safer approach.

  5. The next thing that they will correct is that he had 2 bump stocks…. no scratch that 12 bump stocks…. oh wait, it was actually 1 bump stock.

    I seriously doubt 12 bump stocks, everybody that has one, bought exactly one, for amusement, and would not put them on our real guns.

  6. Good Lord! How incompetent do you have to be to bungle this badly!? In all this rush to get something out to the public these guys have royally screwed the pooch. So now we have to know why in the hell did it take so long to breech and find the room I’m gonna guess the security guard was on radio or on his phone soon after he was shot to call for a medic or have his boss call for a medic. Dear LVPD and Clarke County Sheriff’s Department: From now on please keep your damn mouth shut until you know the statement about to come out of it is true and has been verified by the evidence.
    What’s next he didn’t unlock the bump stocks and instead illegally modified the weapons for full auto or maybe he did both?

    • A true full auto machine gun with a bump stock on it? It’s amazing he didn’t kill everyone within a 2 mile radius with that kind of firepower!

      -Anti’s Logic

  7. I disagree about having the cops keep their mouth shut, these are not hard facts to confirm after 8 days, this is just plain old incompetence. Dont forget about the leaked photos of inside the room, these guys cant manage jack squat

    • And if it took them an hour to breach the room, they can’t protect the public even after a clear threat has been identified.

      Yet all local police department’s get all that taxpayer money to do very little, but look so brave when they all walk around in large groups for these press briefings.

      • Way more than an hour, you have to bump, no pun intended, up detection and shot #1 by something like 15 or 20 minutes.

  8. Not to be a conspiracy nutcase…but lets say you know of some single well todo guy with a lot of firearms. You could use him as a patsy pretty easily if you wanted to. There are a lot of very odd things about this incident.

    • This Patsy theory is pretty interesting. If true, it could go a long way toward explaining a lot of things that are currently unexplainable.

      Date car was parked v/s date room was occupied?

      Motive of some seemingly normal guy?

      Plus, why in the world would an experienced shooter ever think he’d need that many guns, if he was truly acting alone?

      • He could have parked the car early with the guns in it and waited to see if he was being watched. He could have rented the room across the hall to store the weapons in while he arranged to be a high roller and get the comp suite he actually wanted. Would explain why the door was open if he was moving weapons into the other room.

        He had bump-fires to simulate full-auto fire and he had surefire mags to reduce reloads, but they would heat up the ARs pretty quick, or jam, so he did New York reloads.

        Let’s not get too far into the weeds here. At some point all the facts will boil down and unless it was space aliens escaped from Area 51 controlling his mind we will get the best possible answer to these questions.

  9. Wether there’s a wider conspiracy or not, this is bad. It’s like adding jet fuel to a napalm fire of conspiracy theories.

  10. This is EXACTLY what happens in the 24/7/365 news cycle and internet blogs. The knee jerk release of “facts” combined with endless speculation causes half truths to become truth. I speculate by the time the local police and FBI review all the hotel video, interview all the players, and build an accurate account of the shooters final days, we will be enthralled with the President’s next crazy tweet and no one will care.

  11. A Conspiracy needs a purpose, and the only thing the gun grabbers will get out of 59 dead is a ban on bump stocks. Thats a huge price to pay for an insignifant agenda accomplishment. Most of on this website have more than 40 firearms, or will have that many before we retire.

    • Off-hand, I don’t see any sentence you wrote that doesn’t contain at least one major assumption.

      • Dude, I am posting anonymously on an Internet forum, of course my posts are full of assumptions….

        If I were only posting about FACTS, I would get a job as a spokesman…

  12. So the guard takes a round in the leg on the 32nd floor, did he not have a radio to call this in? a cell phone? This is just embarrassing.

  13. In light of this, I’m rather disinclined to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign for Vegas Metro PD.

  14. It’s always hard to defend government agencies in times of crisis; Their incompetence usually shines brightest when they are under pressure.
    That said, given the known incompetence of government agencies in crises, how in the world could anyone expect them to give accurate timelines and facts?!
    Part of the problem is US. The constant demands from the parasitical press, eager to give immediate ‘facts’ to the ghoulish, demanding-to-be-titillated public that PAYS the parasitical press, drive the less-than-competent government agencies to instantly produce ‘spokespeople’ who have no experience in PR and, in the case of a Sheriff or Undersheriff, have no real experience in much of anything related to real law enforcement or emergency operations save how to get elected.
    I would personally prefer that there BE no ‘spokespersons’ immediately post-incident until the REAL facts are known, the timelines are completely verified, all witnesses are interviewed, and the things reported at press conferences are all verified fact.
    Eventually, all that can be known will be known. Until that happens, nothing that any government official or ‘esteemed journalist’ reports should be taken seriously.

  15. We’re thru the looking glass people. Black is white. White is black.

    Black Bump-Fire’s Matter (and also FDE).

    Thank God we have people in-charge, who can figure sh_t out, hunh?

    When did the evil POS (D) pull the four other shooters from the grassy knoll (a/k/a: the roof of that nearby bldg…)?

    • Wrong place Wrong time. If the above posts are to be believed he was checking on an open door alarm. I’ve never seen a motel or resort that has one but hey I guess it makes sense… kinda sorta… We have a similar system on our keypad locks at work but that’s mostly just a guard against a resident wandering off into the night on their electric scooter.

  16. Yeah we don’t know sh#t. Barely any coverage of Harvey Weinstein either. He mumbled something about going after the NRA too. I’m not much on conspiracy but THIS Vegas crap sucks. Resembling Newtown? We’ll never get the whole truth😫

  17. Security guard allegedly shot once in leg when Paddock fired 200 rounds into the hallway. Police speculation is that he saw the guard on one of his self-installed surveillance cameras.

    Police report that they waited an hour to breach the door because the shooting stopped after a ten minute period of fire and they no longer thought there was an ongoing threat that needed attacking.

    Sounds like the Pulse Nightclub. Everyone stops immediate action when Command believes you’ve gone from active shooter to barricaded suspect.

    I’m not wanting to armchair QB the police response – I have enough trouble clearing the cat out of the spare bedroom, much less an armed crazy. But just from a procedural viewpoint I’ll sure be interested to see how this plays out.

  18. So why did he stop shooting and kill himself then if the guard incident was before he even started shooting from the windows? Wasn’t there still ammo left unfired in the room?

    Unless every gun was hopelessly jammed and/or he was out of ammo, with no immediate thread at the door why off yourself?

  19. Now I think I know why he had an AR-10 or AR-15 (can’t tell which from the low quality pictures) by the door. He had a gun there because he was trying to drill a “murder hole” to fire on the fuel tanks when he was inside the suite. To me, this closes down the possibility of a 2nd would be shooter as everything was setup for one man to run to 3 firing stations.

    This new press conference adds a new question. If the security guard was actually shot at 9:59pm, why was the shooter firing into the hotel at 10:09pm? Who would be in the hallway at 10:09pm? Did the service worker draw fire? It wasn’t the cops, they didn’t come until 10:17.

    Also, why did he even get to open fire at 10:14pm if the security guard was shot at 9:59pm!? I would be on the radio yelling to initiate active shooter protocols, then pull the fire alarm.

    • It reminds me of the scene from “The Patriot” where he runs to different spots to fire on his targets. I am not saying this terrorist was a patriot, just that you can confuse people to think there is more shooters than there really is by having different firing stations.

    • Why would you call for an active shooter alert and then pull the fire alarm and get hundreds if not thousands of people in the hallways where they would be an easy pick. Glad your not in charge of security.

      • Because I am on the same floor with the shooter — he’s locked in his room. I can warn the people on the same floor to stay in their rooms. The other floors will evacuate without me having to hobble to each floor and knock on every door. The police, fire and hotel will know that the alarm was pulled on the 32nd floor. If I die they won’t have to go floor to floor searching (like it seems the police did on the 31st floor). The security guard didn’t leave that floor. The police didn’t know what floor until about 10:12pm and they didn’t get there until 10:15-10:17pm. Then again they could have a different alert system for this particular situation, at least they should.

        If I was in charge of security I wouldn’t have unarmed guards and I would have specific active shooter alarm system.

  20. Clearly the security guard was in on it and was shooting from the second window. They had an argument and he killed Paddock, then fired 200 rounds through the door, then shot himself in the leg then crawled down the hallway. He got his story mixed up.

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  22. He fired 200 rounds through the door and not one other hotel guest on that floor called the front desk?

    This entire story is bullshit.

    • I agree. If he fired 200 rounds through the door, how could he only hit the guard in the leg, and after 200 rounds penetrate the door, why would the SWAT team even need to breech it? I would think there would be some rather large holes in the door.

      • Your right on that one. It was reported there were holes in the door big enough to throw a basketball through which meant a stun grenade or a tear gas grenade or an old fashioned fragmentation grenade would have all that would have been needed. After all the cops seems to have all this military hardware they constantly parade around in to show everyone how big their penises are, then why in the heck did they not use them. I really do not think the public will ever know what went on for quite some time if ever.

  23. So, the second shooter would be the SG that self inflicted his wound – AFTER – suiciding his complicit partner and CONVENIENTLY is found in the hallway by the cops as they are prepping to storm the room….

  24. I would not be a bit surprised that the lying cops are trying to change the story to make themselves look less than the absolute fools they were during the whole debacle of lax security and taking an hour and 15 minutes just to storm the room. The news releases with the cops bragging every minute what a great job they did was so sickening it made me puke. Even an average shot with nothing more than a bolt action rifle with a scope could have poured enough accurate rifle fire in Paddocks window to make it almost impossible for him to continue shooting without he himself being shot.

    I will wait to see what the security guard himself says about it as to when he tried to get into the room as I would not trust the cops version any farther than I can spit and that is not very far. Its getting so anymore when you see a cops mouth moving its telling a lie.

  25. The one thing we glean from this is that the LVPD is investigating this in the most incompetent manner possible.

    Which matches their incompetence at responding to a shooting from a high floor by clearing all the floors BELOW it before responding to the actual shooter.

    Morons, at best.


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