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Four New York Times journalists have compiled dozens of bits of video and audio evidence captured during the Mandalay Bay shooting. They’ve matched time stamps and even audio signatures to assemble an impressive timeline of Stephen Paddock’s attack on the concert crowd below.

The video doesn’t address questions that remain about when hotel security and Las Vegas police were notified of the shooting. And the audio signatures make it apparent the Paddock fired down the hallway at security guard Jesus Campos — and eventually Stephen Schuck, as well — at least two separate times.

While it can’t begin to divine Paddock’s motivation for committing mass murder, the video production provides a impressive and at times horrific look at the 10-minute attack that resulted in 59 dead and over 500 injured.

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    • Lord, can we please stop talking about this conspiracy theory bullcrap? Every single instance of attempting to debunk the conspiracy is met with claims that that’s what the conspirators want you to think. It’s a no-win game and the only winning move is to ignore the tin foil wearers. In that sense I guess I lost. Are there certain things amiss about the Mandelay Bay shooting? Yeah, but it’s pretty clear to see that the large majority of them have a financial motive for the casinos, or simply a lack of clarity given the chaos of the situation.

      • Something is definitely being covered up. I don’t think it’s a second shooter or anything like that, but MGM may be desperately avoiding negative PR, and perhaps liability, that would come from a 16 minute wait before calling 911.

      • Can you explain why in not one video is a muzzle flash seen coming from the 32nd floor in the middle of the night. And if you say he used a “flash hider” than you clearly don’t know anything. “Flash hiders” don’t hide the flash from the view of others it is simply a device to shield the shooters eyes in low light conditions so he can stay on target in a fire fight. Oh and this

      • Yes, I mean what good does it do to talk about facts – and the apparent contradiction thereof.

        Better to just drool in front of the tube and listen to CNN repeat the same “official story” over and over again so that it is deeply embedded in the population right?

        Critical thinking need not apply here…freaking yikes…

        • True but I like to think that he didn’t want to get shot by cops so Obama could say “if I had a son…” or BLM to protest.

        • “But you don’t KNOW that he shot himself…….”

          If he didn’t shoot himself, and the cops didn’t shoot him, then he’s a victim and the count is correct, no?

    • It’s “gun violence”, so of course NYT is going to count dead felons and suicides.
      At least they used the accurate “59 dead” instead of the inaccurate “59 victims killed”.

    • I’m still fantasizing about an active shooter attacking an NRA convention so y’all can mistake each other for the active shooter and shoot the shit out of each other, and shoot by-standers, and hide under the table shitting yourself without even drawing your weapon, and freak out and shoot yourself in the leg drawing etc… youll see its not like pretending youre Charles Bronson at the shooting range with all day to hit nothing but a stationary piece of stationery, I hope y’all kill more than the shooter does : D

  1. THEY are telling all of the facts, if you think you can trust THEY you’re insane. You have to trust THEM, THEM are the ones with all of the answers.


    Seriously, with the noodle heads, there is no amount of logic that anyone can tell them that will convince them that obvious is obvious. To them its much more likely that Hillary and Bloomberg have created a shadow conspiracy that set this all up as a false flag. Because they’re so supremely competent, the evidence of the conspiracy is the lack of evidence of the conspiracy. So the more logical, the more info, that reassures them that their view of being the only ones seeing the “truth”.

    You can’t win, because you can’t disprove the impossible narrative. There’s a 99% certainty, so your saying there’s a chance. No, not really, a teeny tiny itty bitty eensy weensy chance, so yeah, lets go with that

      • What are you talking about, Hillary is an incompetent shrill, why do you people keep giving the Anti’s superpowers? Clearly your al dente.

        • Well thank you! According to Wikipedia al dente means ” is neither too hard nor too soft.” and “to the tooth”. So I’m sorry if I don’t drink the Kool-Aid you softies do and I would fight it tooth and nail.

    • So they had time to cut into the guy’s brain, but nothing to prove he actually fired anything. Everything put out by the investigation we just have to trust. How about pictures of powder residue on his wrists? How about video of him going up the elevator? One piece of independently verifiable information that shows he did it?

      Let’s give no weight to multiple witnesses that heard multiple shooters. They must all be wrong. There is video (crappy cell phone video) of the area where the shooter would be in the Mandalay. I don’t see any windows out, although that is hard to tell. I hear what sounds a lot like rapid gunfire, and no muzzle flashes from the area of the room.

      This is like a typical government supplied narrative. Saddam has WMDs, we got to take him out. Just keep repeating the narrative (although it makes no sense) and shout down anyone that questions it.

      I’m not saying it’s a big conspiracy, but there seems to be a lot of little things that don’t fit “the narrative”. But y’all just keep buying what they’re selling.

  2. No way was this done by anyone else, nor was he forced to do it!

    Because it was so bungled as to prove it was a total amateur in the planning and carrying out of the operation!

    First off, he was stupid for equiping 12 of the guns with bump stocks. Not only are they a problem in accuracy at distance, but a jamming problem with said amateur running them. His “fix” was to bring 12, if one jammed, toss it aside and grab another!

    No military or terriorist would have EVER have used such a “non productive” set up!
    There would have been almost a total “turn around”, in the stats, close to 500 hundred killed and 60 wounded, if the guy kad known what he was doing and left the bump stocks in the store!

    • I believe he was actually smarter than most people. He did a lot of things that other people wouldn’t have. He had cameras, he screwed shut doors, he had different houses, he went to different places to acquire his gear, stayed off line, etc.

      I think his motive was to use everything anti gun people demonize in order to create a perfect event for them to use to repeal the 2nd amendment or switch the balance from Republican to heavily Democrat. I think his favorite brother knew what was going to happen; he might have even helped him before or after the fact.

      Look at what gun laws people want, then look at what the shooter did. Look at the things people want banned, then look at what the shooter bought in his planning phase. Look at what places the shooter reconned, then look at which he settled on. If you keep going, it looks quite obvious what the most likely motive is. The government will play dumb about it because it doesn’t benefit their end goals.

  3. Ok, a couple conspiracy questions I have:
    How many cops walked out of Paddock’s room versus how many walked in? Was there, perhaps, one MORE cop exiting the room than entered with the strike team?

    Where was officer JD Tippit during the Kennedy shooting? Was he, perhaps, the “Badge Man” on the grassy knoll and was meeting Oswald to eliminate the “Patsy”?

    Why, if we really went to the moon, would they choose a man whose name spelled backwards is, “Gnorts, Mr. Alien!” to be the first to set foot on the surface?

    Hmm? Answer me those… if you can.

    • All I can say is that it looks like (from the video footage) Kennedy was shot in the forehead, but the government claims the shooter was behind him.

      • You think a small, round wound to the back of the head and a large, ragged hole with ejecta in the forehead looks like a hit from the front? Have you ever seen a gunshot wound?
        If you want to claim a cover up, the most reasonable one I’ve read is that the head wound was an unintentional discharge of an AR-15 by a Secret Service agent as the following car accelerated. In that scenario, Oswald fired the rest of the shots, including the “magic” bullet, which is only magic if you don’t use the actual seating configuration of the limo.

        • I am no expert at bullets entering a human’s cranium. I have seen people get shot in the head. It was very similar to what I have seen. My initial thought is it looks like it was a strike from the left front based on the splatter and the way the flesh tore. Autopsy photos would clear everything up.

          I never truely investigated the JFK assassination. I don’t know what all the theories are. I don’t know where this “grassy knoll” is located. What I know is what I seen on video evidence, as I only wanted to see is actual evidence not theory.

        • Here is a story about how a bullet entered the back of the head, but didn’t hit the brain. Since it didn’t hit the brain the bullet could travel through like it does in other areas of the body. If it would have hit the brain it could have opened the cranium like a watermelon being shot.

  4. I had my own time line that is very similar, maybe 30-60 seconds difference. At the point in time were some people claim there was 2 shooters, I point out that it was him firing into the hotel (at what we thought was the security guard). I also point out what sounds to be the revolver shot that killed him. All the evidence I have seen only indicates one shooter and contradicts the current story being put out by the government.

    The only conspiracy that appears to happened isn’t a government assassin team using Paddock to setup their operation to use him as the fall guy or some super smart ISIS secret agents setting up some straw purchases and deciding to commit a terror attack instead, it’s that the government and Mandalay Bay are covering up the truth about what they did wrong by suppressing info about what actually went down that day and why Paddock did it.

    • Your video is unavailable. Do you know what’s up with that?

      To the TTAG crew. This comment system is terrible. It’s still not filling in info, and notifications of comments isn’t working for me either. I’ve checked the spam filters. If those thing worked as they should, it still would be a sub par system.

      • I think the video was removed by Youtube because it violates their violence restriction. It was the video from the GoPro that records the very first shots, the shots the police ignore with every timeline they put out.

        This NYT video uses some of the videos I have seen/linked. It’s a pretty good breakdown, they don’t include the audio of the revolver shot/s that killed the shooter. There is no way an individual could post an uncensored video like this on Youtube because they will take it down and ruin your channel.

        • Those first shots may have been attempts to ignite the fuel tanks, as suggested, or they may have been to compromise the tempered glass windows and make them easier to break out.

          Anyone who was a pro or being coached by pros would have known that even tracer rounds would not have ignited that jet fuel. JP4, diesel, even gasoline needs to be mixed with air as a vapor in a certain ratio before it will ignite.

    • That’s a conspiracy I can get behind, divert attention on the lack of personal security you get from run of the mill cops, security etc at hotels, events, which is kind of a big deal in Vegas. Keep that sweet sweet green flowing in Vegas baby.

      • I have said several times and I will keep repeating it – any high government official would have been covered by counter sniper teams. I don’t expect that level of protection for ever concert in the park with a thousand people, but this one had 22 thousand people. When does the public get effective and comprehensive protection?

        I get many excuses about why that wouldn’t have been effective, but the fact is that the entry team did not go near the windows, because by the time they breached, they knew there were snipers out there.They didn’t want to get shot.

        Paddock should have been taking return fire inside of two minutes.

        • Patrol with AR-15s where there in time to stop a lot of the killings. I don’t know if they had ACOGs or any other magnification on their rifles at all and whether these guys can even use a rifle at 300m.

          If you are going to be issued an AR in Vegas for such attacks, you should have an ACOG or a flip out magnifier for your red dot. You know there is a lot of tall buildings and being shot from them isn’t a new thing.

  5. How do bump fire stocks work when also using a bipod? These seem to be parts that don’t play well together.

    • I wondered about this as well. Too bad YouTube has banned bump-fire videos or someone might have shown how it could work.

      My speculation: it is the movement of the recoil that does the trick. In theory you push the fore-end forward while the rifle recoils into the bump stock. It seem likely that if you hold the fore-end stable while actively pulling back on the receiver you might be able to get the same effect. Maybe.

      • No, I have a slide stock. It’s simply impossible to use it from any kind of support. You can attach a bipod and then use it like a foregrip, but you can’t actually rest it on anything. If the rifle can’t reciprocate into the stock, which you must rigidly hold to your shoulder like an ordinary stock, the gun will fire only once. Unless you somehow had a way to make your entire body plus the stock reciprocate away from the rifle I guess, but such a device would be so large and impractical you’d be better off just putting a motorized cam on the trigger.

        But that’s irrelevant because I’ve seen a photo of the bipod-equipped rifles at the scene, and they didn’t have slide stocks. They were illegal machine guns, and for some reason LVMP and the FBI won’t admit it.

    • I don’t think the bump fire guns were on bipods. The only pictures we’ve really seen have what I think are 5.56 rifles with 60 or 100 round magazines and verticle grips on the front. The rifle(s) on the bipod have a shorter mag, and I think they are .308.

    • They can work fine actually. One YT channel (I want to say Forgotten Weapons but may not have been) had a bumpfire demo video where the shooter gripped one of the bipod’s legs to provide the forward impetus. The shooter said he preferred that to using a regular handguard.

  6. Shooting 1000 rounds in 10 minutes is very tiring. Anybody who has tried it knows this. Maybe he just got fatigued, gave up any visions of escape, was looking at smoking rifles, and just decided to end it. I wonder if any video picked up a single revolver round getting fired… We still don’t know when he offed himself (if he did…)

    • If the police statements and radio recordings are accurate, these shots could be from the revolver. However, they could be the 2 shots fired at the fuel tanks, but it doesn’t sound like it.

      • CZJay,

        I doubt those two shots were from the attacker’s revolver taking his own life, unless he missed (almost impossible) with the first shot.

        I like your hypothesis that those two shots were the attacker shooting at the aviation fuel tank.

        • We don’t know if this sicko fired at the fuel tanks. We do know there were hits on the fuel tank.
          The two do not necessarily mean the shots that hit the tanks were fired by sicko.
          When (if) bullets are recovered that hit the tanks, they can be, at best, linked to the types of guns used by the sicko, but that’s it. To think that sicko is the only person who ever fired shots in Las Vegas is pure fantasy. Like any city, gunshots are (unfortunately) not uncommon. To think that every bullet is recovered from such shootings, or that every target is even known, is pure fantasy.
          While it remains within the realm of possibility, we simply do not know sicko shot at the fuel tanks. We only know they were hit, but we do not know when that happened.

          What we do know is that this comment system still sucks. Follow-up notification of comments is broken, evidently beyond the ability of being fixed. Cookies are still being used, but for no reason I can see.

  7. I’m sick of Paddock, Mandalay Bay, LV cops, conspiracy theories. It’s all bullshit to me. Arguing over which lie has the most validity. …. I want go back to the America that had rednecks beating me up for my long hair

    • A land where queers and weirdos got beat up, they hid in the closet, where it’s sposed to be, a land where you honored the Flag, some pride in America. Is our leadership to blame, liers, cheats, n thrives? What a mess….. ( Lol, I’m on a rant, just got off the phone with my 84 year old mother, I’m glad her and JoeR don’t get together. LOL)

      • Youve got it with Trump, hes the most ignorant bully weve ever had, he inspires all kinds of assholes like you. Look at his rallies with his acolytes attacking protestors. Look at the guys in Boston who pissed on and beat with a pipe a homeless guy cuz they heard him speaking Spanish and wrongly presumed he was an illegal immigrant. Look at Trump endlessly bullying folks online and in his administration. What more can you ask for!?

        • Um wasn’t there something a few years back when some people speaking foreign language did something at one of their marathons? I think they only beat him because of the stupid firearms laws. Also WHYTF was a bilingual guy homeless and and unemployed? that’s a special kind of F’d up if your economy is so bad that a guy like that cant get a job especially in such a liberal area where you do need a Spanish speaker just to navigate all the “sanctuary” seekers.

    • I hate the NYT, but have to admit that on the occasions when they’re actually after the truth — as in facts and objective information — they do a very good job of getting it.

      • Yeah, they appear to have dedicated some logic and time to just the audio/video bits. Maybe they can call the Vegas Sheriff guy up and give him some pointers, his folks full time jobs for weeks have done less to de-conflict the message.

      • Yes, apparently so. This blending of the many existing videos doesn’t align with any of the prior 3 timelines in terms of him shooting into the hotel at the security guard / maintenance worker vs. out the window into the crowd (but seems far more credible). I’m guessing another official timeline revision or two is still forthcoming.

  8. At CZJay: How many people have you seen actually shot in the head and how did you come across these images? Do you look for head shots on the internet for fun or are you a medical examiner? Just curious. I’ve seen a lot of head shots too, but most were fake in action movies: “You shot Marvin!”

  9. Amazing to see so many professional expert witnesses who were ALL apparently there spreading more BS

    Google Clinton Body count

  10. You should not have put NYT in the title. I have learned that most things they report are either bald faced lies or filled with half truths that point to some leftist conclusion. They have been discredited so many times, I do not even waste my time with them anymore.. It may have been an interesting video though.

  11. It is breathtakingly striking to me that the two very credible acoustic forensic analyses positing multiple shooters that have been available for over ten days (when YouTube is not actively obstructing their viewership) are not mentioned in the article nor in even one comment here. Likewise, the dozen videos and eyewitness accounts by active duty and retired military all stating they heard an m240 (not found in the shooter’s room) do not appear in the article or comments.

    Just gets curiouser and curiouser. And the new FB and YT algorithms add more curiousity, not less.

    More than one shooter, using weapons not found. Maybe those are not being discussed by the NYT because they don’t fit any continuously changing narrative.

    • The forensic audio analysis doesn’t prove there were two shooters at different distances unless we know definitively that all the rounds fired were of the same caliber/cartridge fired with equivalent muzzle velocities. Since there’s no complete list of all the weapons found in the room that’s a open point. I saw reports that one of the photos from the room showed a .308 Win/7.62×51 AR style rifle. It’s unknown if it was used or not.

      Is the rate of fire in the videos correct for a M240? The analysis I’ve seen puts it too slow for a M240. Is there evidence that people were shot mainly with 7.62×51?

      Your conspiracy theory has as many holes as the door to the suite in the Mandalay Bay. At the same time, the shifting timeline and other details don’t inspire a lot of confidence in either.

      • There are two acoustic forensic analyses, using two different eyewitness videos of different segments of the fish barrel massacre but coming to the same conclusion. You should watch or rewatch both.

        As for the m240, vets interviewed on TV at the scene at 2:30 am, four hours after the shooting, were the first I’m aware of to state what they heard was an m240. That was confirmed by at least four videos I’ve seen of gun “enthusiasts”, all also vets, demonstrating by live fire that is then compared to event videos, that convince them (and me) that an m240 was one weapon used but not recovered. Don’t know how many of these videos are still up but you should be able to find them.

        Ironic your reference re: number of holes in the suite doors. Will leave that at that.

        Finally, since you seem to think that those of us who are following the ever-shifting time lines, missing and dead witnesses, etc, etc, ad nauseum are conspiracy theorists, perhaps you can explain to me the difference between a conspiracy and a long range business plan.

        So glad we both agree that the introduction of a fourth time line, one that neither the MB nor the LVMPD accept, is troublesome. But hey, someone must think it’s good for business.

        PS: Interesting that I appear to be one of the few (if not the only one) to use my real name here. Hope that doesn’t end up biting my “business” in the butt.

        • Again, the audio analysis doesn’t conclusively prove there were two shooters at different distances. That is one possible explanation. However, there is more than one possible explanation for the difference in the lag time between the report of the gunshots and the impacts recorded in the audio tracks of some of the videos. Another is that one shooter from a single location used rounds/weapons with different muzzle velocities.

          Even if we accept the ear-witnesses that it’s a M240, we don’t know if there was a M240 in the room or not. We don’t have a complete list of all the weapons recovered from the room. Further, who would go to the trouble to use a belt fed M240 and shoot in 12 separate bursts with significant gaps between the bursts? If someone wanted maximum carnage they’d string all their belts/ammo together so their fire could be sustained continuously until the ammo ran out or the gun malfunctioned.

          Look, I don’t know if the official story is correct or not. Presuming the NYT audio/video mashup is correct, the latest (3rd) official timeline definitely appears to be off. I’m just saying that your “proof” discrediting the basic official story of one shooter from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay is not anywhere near definitive or conclusive.

          • We do have a complete inventory of what was in the room, though you may not have seen it. There was no m240 in the room. I’m going to double-check (I’m on the road now) but I do believe there were only 30 round banana clips found there. (Again, need to double check that. If you have other documentation at your disposal, please post here.)

            Our ad hoc research group (5 states, 3 foreign countries, multiple disciplines) will publish our conclusions late this week based on available data, much of which we fortunately captured before it was blocked or disappeared. That is what we will base our conclusions on.

            The NYT puff piece was just that. And, to be clear, they introduced a fourth timeline (not third — we are keeping track), one that is at variance with both the competing and completely inconsistent timelines already proffered by MGM and LVMPD.

            Of course, we could all end this endless speculation, conjecture and/or slavish acceptance of the “lone wolf with magic bullets” fairy tale by going to the tape. The surveillance tape. Of the 32nd floor. But oh yeah, I forgot (not). In the most heavily surveilled city on the planet, we have none.

            More evidence to support debunking
            the “lone wolf” merde. In this case, less is indeed more … evidence that something (else) happened in Las Vegas besides the “good for giving people the business” fantasy.

            We all need to keep asking questions and demanding answers. Glad we both agree on that.

  12. The audio evidence may prove that the Police as usual are lying between their teeth as far as the time line is concerned. Their constant bellowing about how great a job they did made one throw up just listening to their bullshit. They FKed up from the beginning to the very end. They did not have adequate security at the concert, were slow to react when the shooting started and did not return fire at the windows and then once in the building they cowered down in the hallway for an hour and fifteen minutes and did nothing in all that time before finally getting around to storming the room. What a bunch of incompetent Morons. If they had not been there at all the results would have been the same as the shooter killed himself because of the security guard and his partner being in the hall outside his room.

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