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Las Vegas police have finally released partial footage from police body cameras that showed officers nearing the hotel room where gunman Stephen Paddock unleashed a hail of gunfire on concert-goers last October.” Not that it reveals much of anything not previously known about the Mandalay Bay concert shooting.

Everyone in any position of power in Las Vegas law enforcement has been fighting tooth and nail against the release of any information that might shed some light on Stephen Paddock, who he was or why he opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers in October.

Take, for example, Sheriff Joe Lombardo, he of the many, varied and changing timelines:

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said at a news conference on Tuesday the footage “in no way changes the facts” presented immediately after the shooting and in the months long investigation.

Las Vegas police had been trying to stall the release of the records for months while locked in a court battle with a consortium of news organizations demanding their release. Through a series of appeals, the case eventually snaked its way up to Nevada’s Supreme Court, which on Friday denied a bid to continue delaying the release.

They were fighting the release to the public of even innocuous footage like the video above, which shows virtually nothing that anyone with any knowledge of police tactics didn’t already assume took place.

The department’s sheriff, Joseph Lombardo, says the ongoing investigation and concerns about the footage traumatizing the victims and their families have gotten in the way of releasing it, even claiming that doing so would cost police and the public “several hundred thousand dollars in manpower, time and equipment.

“At no point was the LVMPD trying to be uncooperative with the media or the public,” he told reporters Tuesday, even though the department was notoriously tight-lipped in the wake of the attack as many have demanded more information.

Uh huh. As one of the victims’ attorneys noted,

“The clients have always wanted answers — to know more about what happened and to have a bigger picture about everything about that night and the days and hours leading up to it,” she said on Wednesday. “It seems like we have gotten piecemeal information.

“It’s interesting because this is still the most severe mass shooting in U.S. history, the numbers of people who were injured and killed were still the highest and most severe… and yet this story has fallen silent,” she added.

It’s enough to make even the most level-headed and conspiracy theory-averse among us reach for the Reynolds Wrap.

The clock is also counting down on the FBI’s promised timeline to release a report on the attack that will focus on the biggest question left unanswered – why gunman Stephen Paddock did what he did.

Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, who is leading the bureau’s Las Vegas office, said in December that their report won’t be made public until sometime before the shooting’s first anniversary, 152 days from Wednesday.

Lombardo, meanwhile, said the release of additional 911 recordings, videos and documents will be provided on a “rolling” basis with the next batch slated to come in around two weeks.

We’ll be waiting. Still.

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  1. I won’t even bother to watch that.

    The stench involving that investigation is thicker than sniveling Leftists yammering about how much they hate Trump.

    We are *never* going to find out what really happened with that loon…

    • I fear what we know might be all there is to know.
      An unheard of nobody with lots of money decides for no apparent reason to kill lots of people before killing himself.
      No explanation. No long winded manifest declaring his motives. No way to spot the next one – even if the authorities had the wherewithal to look.
      In a way, that’s even more frightening.

        • Convenient pu$$y, you mean. They keep covering up and people keep forgetting the fact that he was a pu$$y hat-wearing Women’s Marcher. “Unhinged Leftist shoots a bunch of people” is such an old headline, and goes against the MSM’s narrative.

          • Either way, “they” have a narrative problem. That’s why they’re holding out.

      • If that’s all it was, then why wouldn’t he fly one of his two planes into the crowd? Why all the neatly stacked magazines and identically equipped rifles in the rooms? No. None of what happened makes sense to a sane or disturbed person. There is definitely more to this one.

        • Why wouldn’t he fly one of his two planes ?

          This is going to sound really sick, but my guess is not as much fun. Also from what I read, he has set up the attack before and aborted. Not that easy to about from a plane. Also small planes honestly do not cause that much carnage. Kind of like smashing a truck into a crowd, but unlike the truck the plane will not keep going.

    • You were right not to waste the time watching it. Edited to nothing. Stalling Eric Holder style no doubt.

  2. I’m unmoved by the changing timeline. In the confusion of the aftermath, it’s easy to get things screwed-up.

    I AM concerned by the lack of any information whatsoever from the FBI or LV cops. Maybe we will just have to live with not knowing any more than we know now; but, my confidence in the integrity of the FBI is flagging at the moment.

    For those of the tin-hat persuasion, go to and look for a couple of articles claiming that there is an ISIS+Mexican connection. Is it conceivable that the FBI isn’t saying anything because they know more than they would like to reveal?

    After a long time we learned that the Pulse nightclub killer’s father was on the FBI’s payroll. I imagine that they were not eager to reveal that info.

    There is a dilemma here.

    – Did the FBI, CIA, NSA know something before the fact?
    – Were the FBI, CIA, NSA all completely blind-sided?

    Pick whichever suspician appeals to you.

    • “– Did the FBI, CIA, NSA know something before the fact?
      “– Were the FBI, CIA, NSA all completely blind-sided?”

      Yes and no.

  3. I am reaching for my Reynolds Wrap as we speak. The video here, as well as the original source video on the Fox news website, suddenly “unavailable““

    • yep agree. the whole thing stinks of high level corruption. some of the gunfire from early independent sources was definitely not bump stock 5.56 but more like belt fed 7.62. yes there was some that was definitely 5.56 but not all of it. personally as with port arthur here i would not put it past any of the alphabet agencies to have staged it and framed paddock for it. port arthur there is no way in hell the guy the blamed could have masterminded what happened that day being his IQ was only about 60, and the way that the bodies were laid out suggested to top ranking and highly decorated military officers with high level marksman qualifications that it was a professional who had done it. someone with even higher quals in that area than they had even, and even suggesting a black ops officer gone rogue or told to do it by gov somewhere

          • what meds? sorry but what i said about port arthur (here in australia) is actual fact. as for some of the shootings in the US i am just trying to read between the lines of what i have seen and what is reported. i am in no way being heartless to the actual victims of these crimes. i just want to see the real perpetrators brought to justice even if government had some hand in the process. in many of them there are just a few too many coincidences to add up especially in the port arthur shooting.

  4. Gee I saw it on the news…I am not big on conspiracy theories but damn this BS is crowding into Dallas 1963 territory!!! Liability is a bitch…

  5. Sorry, But the DEEP STATE is available for comment at this time…Were still waiting for WETA studios to sign NDA with .GOV….Then will start making that Docudrama….I mean accurate assessment on this dreaded incident…Attention : US citizens, Please cover eyes and ears with tinfoil hats….There’s nothing to be had here—-yet….

  6. The video shows just how relaxed the heroes were when they entered the demon’s lair. I guess the shooter’s ghost was lurking in the other room, which is why SWAT opened fire in a room without humans.

    I suspect the government doesn’t want to release information because they know the shooter’s motive was to create a catalyst for local and federal government to easily infringe on the human right of self preservation and ultimately build a road to repeal the 2nd Amendment. We have seen how the FBI handled the lead up to the Parkland shooting. How the FBI handled the surveillance of the Pulse Nightclub shooter is also dubious. Then the fact that a FBI director helped Hillary avoid criminals charges and worked hard to stoke the flames for Trump’s impeachment.

  7. Watched the video and listened for previously reported SWAT negligent discharge, and couldn’t hear it. Am I missing something?

  8. The take home is if you have credible info about a violent attack, don’t bother with the FBI; you’d get better results informing the Cub Scouts.

  9. The only thing I can honestly is clear about the hole thing from the video is the video from the body cam and the face of the person the body cam is on.

  10. Paddock is alive and well, sipping high dollar scotch and smoking Cuban cigars. He got what he wanted, and “they” got what they wanted( the eventual banning of semi automatic rifles) I Am Not a paranoid conspiratorial, I wear an ANSI certified Tin Foil Hat , you don’t get those without connections, man.

  11. I bet they find Jimmy Hoffas body before they come up with a better cover story for the Vegas Massacre…..

  12. These guys don’t appear to have any sense of urgency. Like its a training scenario instead of people outside dying.

  13. I still say the key to proving this was a staged setup in order to ban the AR platform of rifles and bump stocks was the mass quantity of rifles strewn about and the fact that the two major things shared between them was nearly ALL of them had bump stocks and NO SIGHTS.
    Enough planning went into a camera system and ventilation but no way to sight up a rifle while shooting hundreds of yards away….

    This has poorly staged government coverup written all over it.

    • USS Maine, The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, The USS Liberty, both Waco massacres, any of those cover-ups ring a bell?

  14. If there is anything to learn from this particular shooting , it is this .
    1. To change protocol on how a incident such as this is handled strategically at all future concert events such as this one . a). Do Not shine all the flood lights onto the exit or exits and herd everyone there to become illuminated targets in a video game .
    b). If you have large , high intensity , maneuverable spot lights at the event , i.e. aviation spotlights , which should now be mandatory , cover their faces with high grade poly-carbonate and point them at the shooters estimated location .
    c). If you can the see the location of the shooter , return suppressive fire back onto the target while the intended victims can determine a safe route of escape .

    • If you can the see the location of the shooter , return suppressive fire back onto the target while the intended victims can determine a safe route of escape .

      In this case the shooter is at a higher elevation at an unknown distance. Unlikely to have an appropriate weapon (rifle) to reach the shooter. Rifle not sighted in to that distance, elevation.

      Shooting at a hotel with innocent people is not a good idea/illegal.

      Shooter near at hand, engage if you can. This situation not so much.

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