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Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock courtesy

When an act of evil on the scale of the Mandalay Bay massacre happens, the first impulse (immediately following politicians and advocates attempting to benefit) is to try to divine the killer’s purpose. Sometimes the reason is terrorism (Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando). Sometimes it’s madness (Gabby Giffords, Sandy Hook, Aurora). But in the week since Stephen Paddock killed more than 50 and injured 500, no clear motive has yet been determined.

It’s certainly still early in the investigation. Paddock didn’t leave a note and had an atypically small social media footprint. So the lack of a clear reason so far for what he did hasn’t stopped — and may even be fueling even more — speculation about what prompted him to commit carefully premeditated mass murder.

We’ve heard blame placed on everything from America’s gun culture, toxic masculinity and white privilege to President Trump and, yes, Islamic terrorism.

Do some of those seem like a stretch? Attempts to bend a horrific event to fit a certain political narrative? You betcha.

But hold onto your hats, because without an easy answer to explain Paddock’s murder spree, just as after the Kennedy assassination, all kinds of, um, interesting theories are cropping up to fill the vacuum.

Conservative commentator Mark Steyn — no tin foil hat wearer, he — notes one theory proposed by “a gentleman at a London think tank whose job is to focus on ‘the analysis of economic and political issues and outcomes.'” You can read the entire thing here. But to sum it up, Steyn’s correspondent is proposing that Paddock did what he did — carefully planned his attack, opened fire on 20,000 people and then committed suicide — in order “to telegraph to America in graphic form the hard irrefutable evidence that guns and gun ownership and the ease of gun purchase in America are an evil and must be controlled.”

First – While killing a very large number of innocent people is an horrendous crime it is nonetheless entirely justifiable – in moral terms – if it causes a restriction on guns. Because such a restriction would – it is widely held – save innumerable lives in the long run. There is no evidence for this but it is still a widely and passionately held belief.

Second – Since the people he is shooting are actively or passively defenders of guns and an obstacle to gun control they are by definition responsible in part for all the people who have been and continue to be killed by guns.

According to this, Paddock wasn’t a religious zealot and he wasn’t crazy. He was just the most radical gun control advocate…ever.

Steyn expresses the requisite skepticism.

So our London analyst is arguing that this was an act of mass murder to protest the ease with which Americans can commit mass murder. I’m reminded of the entirely idiotic Liam Neeson movie from a year or two back, Non-Stop, in which he battles terrorists who’ve hijacked a plane to protest the ease with which terrorists can hijack a plane. At the key moment in the bad-guy monologue, my kids and I burst out laughing. But presumably Universal Pictures found it credible enough to greenlight the project – and, as I recall, most people in the movie theater seemed to be taking it seriously.

At one level, it’s a ludicrous explanation – and yet it has the ruthless logic of a psychopath, of a man who, like a good screenwriter, subordinates all other considerations to the internal logic of an absurd proposition. It’s also a rare explanation that explains everything: the guns in the hotel, the explosive material in the car, the guns in his house, and in his other house, and doubtless in his other other house. To reprise my reader’s joke: He was smuggling suitcases.

Make of all that what you will. And if you think that theory is crazy, there are a lot more where that one came from.

But the larger question remains…given the amount of preparation and planning that went into this atrocity and what we know (or don’t) about him, what’s the likely reason for what Stephen Paddock did?


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    • He is dead. 15 minutes of infamy are worthless to him. Better the media report than to allow the government to shove stuff down the memory hole.

        • It is curious that he thought he actually could escape (if he did). cameras to monitor potential approach of police seem to indicate he knew he couldn’t get out, and wanted warning about when his time would be up.

          Another puzzling thing…many of these mass murderers seem to bring “an arsenel” with them, as if they expect they will have time to use it all. Or is it that the extra equipment is not designed to increase the carnage, but somehow make the shooter feel stronger, invulnerable?

    • And this, the press, is something which society can do something about!

      Let’s suppose that this theory pans out. Under that supposition, we are confronted with the task of describing the “root cause”. One argument is that gun-ownership is being demonized by Progressives and their demonization is popularized by the press.

      Imagine if some group – progressive or regressive – began a hate campaign complaining about some demographic. What a threat Swedish choir members are. Yes, it’s true, we have a list of murderers who were members of the choir and were of Swedish extraction. (Don’t like my example? Pick your own). This group beats the drum and the press amplifies it.

      Now, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone with a screw loose is inspired to pursue a witch-hunt against the designated target. Pro-Rights people argue that this is what happens when Pro-Life groups demonize abortion providers. Some not assassinates a doctor.

      Could that be what happened in LV? Could it be that divisive rhetoric by hoplophobes or statists inspired this nut? If so, does society want to encourage such demonizing rhetoric?

      Should this theory pan out, I think we ought to pursue the foregoing line of reasoning in the public square.

      • Government Alphabet Agency asset of some sort who either went rogue and/or was set-up.

        One does not “make” $5 Million in 2015 playing video poker.

        The answer to this riddle belongs with his two planes. Notice how all reporting of his dual plane ownership has stopped?

        • FBI was interviewing the brother over the weekend. Guy is a real weirdo, can’t stop babbling to every camera shoved in his face. But still suspiciously vague about where all that money came from.

          They need to check tax returns for the mother, the brother and the perp. There is something seriously strange about that much money fountaining around this apparently otherwise unemployed family.

        • South Florida and Vega. Two havens for ill gotten gains. A organized scam (non governmental) in the US the majority of the time it originates in one or the other location.

  1. Finding “the reason”, or “the motive” is a puzzling obsession. Who cares why? What will change if the answer was clear-cut in every instance? Will the dead be less dead? Will the dead express gratitude for our quest and success at arriving at “the reason”?

    There is a near psychotic need for humans to find “the reason”. To what end? Murder is murder, is it not? Murder is illegal, is it not? What lesson do people believe can be applied to society to control, or eliminate a specific “reason” for a specific act of murder?

    Who cares what “the motive” is? The comparison between these singular incidents, and the on-going carnage attributable to vehicles and average, everyday slaughter in the major inner cities proves that the risk of death from vehicles is magnitudes greater, yet we are satisfied to absorb 33,000 dead people resulting from vehicle accidents…….but people killed by guns are somehow more important than your everyday corpse.

    • If you understand the reason in one instance you have at least a fighting chance of preventing another instance.

      Not rocket science.

      • That and it is our nature to try to make sense of the senseless. Humans have been doing that since day 1 with varying degrees of success.

  2. And LHO killed JFK. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for you. Can you say fall guy?

    • I believe that Oswald killed Kennedy. It’s not especially remarkable when you give it a moderate review.

      I suppose you can argue about his motivation, but the fact he did it is very clear cut, imo.

      • I never gave the Kennedy conspiracy much credit either, until I learned about the gun. The gun Oswald used was a *serious* POS. Not just his personal gun, but that whole line of guns. The gun literally could not be zeroed due to the way the barrel was manufactured. To make not just one, but two hits on the head, at 200 yards, on a moving target, I just don’t see it as possible. Not even Vassily Zietsev could do that.

        • I owned a Carcano att one time, I tried to get the shots off as fast as Oswald did and had no luck, also at 100 yrds it was only pie plate accurate. But Oswald was a Marine,,,. The only thing I find strange is 3 months before JFK the South Nam president went down in a CIA sanctioned coup.

  3. Very well thought out and I comoletely agree. I think the media thrives on these situations. The constant reporting of the same minutiae over a period of days. Drawing in viewers and “experts ” without any real answers. Its insanity. If you watched the first two days nothing much else has happened that will help reach an answer, so all the “experts” and politicians are brought in. The media is really sad. Not any positive reporting at all lately.

      • Possibly. He certainly had at least one. That would explain the groaning and shouting his girlfriend said he did in his sleep.

        As a side, the ‘intellectuals’ in our society tell us that there’s such things as dark matter and dark energy, but scoff at the idea of dark spirits. They need the former two to make their mathematics work, but there’s a lot of enigmas that could be explained with the latter.

        • The difference being that the former is needed to make the math (the apparent mass of the universe not explained by visible sources) while demons are not. People have no difficulty doing “evil” things without them, or with demons that are purely the making of their own minds, a treatable (temporarily anyway) psychiatric condition.

        • The noises he made per his girlfriend may have been either nightmares or migraine headaches.

        • “Night terrors” is not such a rare psychiatric diagnosis. “A study done about night terrors in adults showed that other psychiatric symptoms were prevalent in most patients experiencing night terrors hinting at the comorbidity of the two.”

          I’m not arguing that NT’s is the correct diagnosis, only that it is know in adults to often be accompanied by other mental illness. This guy clearly had other mental illness.

          I wrote, three days ago in a prominent British journal that of course this could have been terrorism, for there is nothing ISIS and other enemies would like than for the effective weapons to be confiscated in the US. It is what “the analyst” offers, but with the benefit attributed not to future lives saved, but future lives made more vulnerable. We can hope an answer eventually is determined.

        • ‘People have no difficulty doing “evil” things without them…’ – How do you know that the people you’re referring to didn’t have a demon?

          ‘The noises he made per his girlfriend may have been either nightmares or migraine headaches.’ – Ever heard of an incubus?

          ‘This guy clearly had other mental illness.’ – Or as fww pointed out, other demons.

    • Agreed. Wading into discussions about the spiritual realm is a can of worms most fearsome and dangerous and sticky, but you cannot hope to understand the actions of a man unless you understand the spirit of that man. I don’t claim to know Mr. Paddock’s spirit, but it was troubled.

      An old sage once told me “People do the things they do because of what they FEEL. If you don’t understand what a person is doing, you don’t understand what they’re feeling.”

  4. Well the MSM story isn’t adding up and people can smell a rat, especially in the internet age.

    – Video showing muzzle flashes from the ~4th floor. Multiple videos, if YouTube hasn’t censored them yet.
    – Hotel Receipt showing room service large enough for at least two people.
    – Multiple videos where at least two different sets of gunfire can be heard simultaneously
    – Video of crisis actors at the hospital in Vegas. Obviously fake wounds and no blood. Youtube already pulled it.
    – Multiple reports of gunmen and gunfire in other hotels. There’s video from the Bellagio and the people report that the front lobby doors were shot up. The hotel went into lockdown. Don’t think YT censored that yet…maybe.
    – Video from Tropicana I believe or some other hotel showing a bunch of dudes that look like cops escorting a guy out. Pointing guns at the people on the floor and telling them to put their hands up as they head out the front.

    Of course theories are going to abound! The yarn being spun from the mainstream and the police officials is obviously bogus or at best seriously lacking. Where’s the true investigative journalism? Definitely not on Fox or CNN or NBC or any of the others…

    The talking heads just tell us and we all accept and believe. Straight out of 1984…

    • Video showing muzzle flashes from the ~4th floor.

      So someone just shot through the glass without breaking it?


      • Hey. Haven’t you ever seen those window cranks that let you set the window frame 90 degrees to the hotel room? Haven’t you seen those sash type windows you just unlock and move up and down? And he probably needed those bi-tripods to get a position above the room air conditioner (and avoid the usual vibrations from the condenser going on and off). So, shots from the 4th floor? It could happen.


    • Before you do any primary research you just want to troll? Fine but it’s already been established that there are service windows that do indeed open and close freely that a shooter could’ve used.

      Watch the videos as well, be my guest. But no, this is the Simpsons and Family Guy generation so it’s easier to just snicker, scoff and bob your head to the MSM reports like good robots.

      • Evidence points to only one active shooter.

        I don’t know why Paddock fired two shots out of his revolver if he only needed one.

        If you watch Alex Jones, you will think there was a bunch of shooters. The coverage on Alex Jones’ channel is fake news. They are making up stories and ignoring evidence. They use “anonymous sources” to perpetrate an Antifa/ISIS narrative. They make up stuff to sensationalize the attack and turn it into a government conspiracy. At the same time they say the FBI is hiding the truth, they don’t give Trump any flack for this “inside job/government conspiracy.”

  5. The crazy-about-gun-control reason is as plausible as any. But I’m not all that interested in whatever this monster’s mundane motives may have been.

    I’m more interested in what happens after the fact. This guy’s motive, if it ever becomes clear, isn’t going to change the climate of fear and hysteria being fomented and exploited by groups with something to gain (as inevitably happens).

    Where do we go from here? How far will America let fear and hysteria carry it before reason takes hold again? That’s what worries me.

  6. Wouldn’t a news “blackout” make more sense? Prohibit all but very limited and restricted coverage of mass murders.

    • Something along these lines. Like not publicizing the shooter’s name for several months until the frenzy calms down. Not publicizing the precise number of killed or wounded. We don’t want to provide the data needed for a nut to plan how to win the next “Gold” medal for most killed; nor “Silver” for placing second.

      There is some statistical value in knowing the numbers. However, statisticians would have to tell us whether they get much value in knowing whether the number was precisely 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 etc. vs. knowing that it was in the range of 5 to 10 vs. in the range of 10 to 15 vs. 15 to 20.

      If our society expects the press to suppress the names of rape victims then society can express its expectations about the wisdom of publishing the names and scores of mass killers.

      • Contrary to TV, movies, books, journalism schools, and the beliefs of snowflakes, “the press” is in the entertainment business, period. All of it is designed to make money from advertisers. The published “content” is targeted at getting you to stand still long enough to read/see the advertisements. Therefore, the more you can entertain the public, the greater the chance you will see the advertisements, and the higher the prices that can be charged for them. No one in the entertainment business wants to suppress anything that will drive revenues.

        • –or to click often enough. And, are you offering up the alternative motivation theory, that Paddock was sacrificing himself to save a failing family-owned TV station? Make the NYT profitable again? Bring clicks back to Yahoo! News?

          Could be….

  7. Well, this massacre pretty obviously included several specific items known to PotG not known otherwise, like bump stocks and tannerite. It would have been more likely a better choice for hus plan to illegally modify the gun for actual fully automatic fire. Also the number of guns seems like an obvious attempt to make a point.

    If I recall there was a school shooting in WA that was cut short by the campus police officer by a kid that was vehemently anti gun, done to make a case for gun control.

    Combine that with the side effects of Valium (diazepam ):
    “Call your doctor at once if you have:

    confusion, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior;
    unusual risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger;
    depressed mood, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself;
    hyperactivity, agitation, aggression, hostility;”

    From another site, though this is about anti anxiety meds generally:

    “Can cause paranoid or suicidal ideation and impair memory, judgment, and coordination. Combining with other substances, particularly alcohol, can slow breathing and possibly lead to death.”

    Seems like enough to apply occam’s razor until more info comes in.

    • Valium is a very weak answer. Those side effects are generally reported by persons recently prescribed the drug. And it is prescribed not solely for anxiety caused by stress, but also as a muscle relaxant for people with nerve compression issues in the back and neck. Until someone demonstrates this dosage and the level of his use, this is a red herring.

  8. Why did Mengele do what he did?

    By the way, underreported is that for several years Paddock was a US Postal worker. Remember the term “going postal”? It was coined after mass killings in the 80s or so caused by US Postal workers. They came into work and shot coworkers. A Congressional study found that US Postal employees constituted 1% of the federal workforce and were responsible for 13% of all workplace violence.

    Paddock had nothing in his life. And, he was a mean person who disliked others.

  9. When investigating any murder (or group of murders), investigators use victimology to create a profile of those targeted. Then by identifying the targets’ profile, they can build the framework of a profile of the assailant.

    This event shouldn’t be any different. In doing so, one could infer he was a hard-left-leaning anti-gun anti-conservative using guns in an effort to vilify them at the same time targeting those he ideologically opposes. See Christopher Dorner’s motive for an example.

    • “In doing so, one could infer he was a hard-left-leaning anti-gun anti-conservative using guns in an effort to vilify them at the same time targeting those he ideologically opposes.”

      Which facilitates what preventative action? And how does it do so?

      • A legitimate question. Yet, one useful answer is that it serves to discount approaches that would fail to address the shooter’s profile.

        E.g., suppose that someone were to propose to vet prospective gun buyers to see if they were registered Republicans. Seems – superficially – like it might be marginally useful. Yet, if the evidence pointed to Democrats this would be good to know. Then, you could more easily conclude that trying to identify Republicans wouldn’t have been useful in this particular case.

    • That is a ridiculously weak inference with no substance to support it. He shot up this concert because it was attended by country music fans? What makes you think that country music fans are a) conservatives/Republicans, b) Trump supporters, c) gun rights supporters? There is no necessary connection between one and the other. And what disproves it is that, according to police reports, he scouted out other locations, including locations in Chicago and Boston–not exactly strongholds of the Republican Party. This latter evidence supports a strong inference that he was looking for the right place that offered the right vantage point for his long planned attack.

      • Maybe he was constrained by all those anti-gun states; couldn’t get his weaponry safely into other states, so chose to set-up in Nevada. Solved a thorny logistics problem.

      • Maybe during his recon he didn’t find the right target, thus he didn’t commit the attack.

        The “Life is Beautiful Festival” is not the kind of people who tend to be Republican leaning. It appears that would have been a great opportunity, yet he chose to stand down and wait a week for a better target.

  10. Everybody wants to put him in their own round hole but he is the ultimate square peg. Let’s face it. He wsn’t a loner, had successful career, and was rich. He fits in no paradigm. He is a posterboy for why gun control is ultimately futile. As a one percenter who gambled in Vegas he would have had the contacts and the money to buy what ever he needed on the black market and he colud have done it under the UK’s draconian gum laws.

  11. That is such a stretch I can’t believe any sane person would consider it. If that was his motive why not plaster notes and letters all over the place. Where are any previous writings, rantings or protests about guns?
    Just as plausible and not talked about are the fuel tanks. Maybe that was the primary target and when they didn’t explode he turned on the people.
    The FBI cannot be trusted to tell the truth about this because they’ve blown all credibility in the past.
    Came to the conclusion about ISIS way too quick.

    • You don’t plaster your motive all over the place if it’s politically driven. Doing so well just point out what kind of response you want people to take, which will defeat your efforts as people will not cave in to what you wanted to accomplish.

      Tell a rebellious child not to do a specific thing or vice versa. Guess what they will do?

      Government says they want to get rid of long guns. What is the response? People buy more long guns.

  12. I theorized such a motive. He did almost everything gun confiscation groups use to argue for removing human rights. He missed out on the suppressor and tracer rounds, but we know he tried to get the tracers.

    “Was he an evil genius? Some kind of Army of One? A maniacal man who wanted to spark a political frenzy in a divided country as his last major success?

    Buy a lot of 100 round Surefire mags, a dozen bump fire stocks for “full auto,” bipods, red dots, scopes, flash hiders, muzzle brakes, numerous scary black rifles, pounds of tannerite, thousands of rounds, etc. He forgot the suppressor — maybe he didn’t have the time to wait for the paper work. He already had 40 something guns yet he bought one more black rifle the day he checked into the hotel. He also left 50 pounds of tannerite in his car.” –Link to comment

    • “The people he chose to kill supports the hypothesis on ‘guns’. Country and Western fans are virtually guaranteed to own or at least to defend the ownership of guns. By a certain logic this provides the gunman with two sound moral positions (because it is not beyond possibility he has a conscience)” –Theory of the Case

      From what I gather, he didn’t intentionally fire on cops. He had easy targets sitting behind their patrol cars. However, he did not engage them and when he saw the police in the hallway he killed himself.

      Also, he didn’t fire on passing cars and people who didn’t attend the event. He went after that particular group. He probably would have committed such an attack in Texas if he couldn’t find the right target in Vegas, hence the house there. Why would a Californian attack Texans with AR-15s?

  13. If the theory is sound, there should be a record of his affiliations or internet searches and access to anti-gun web sites, none of which has been reported.

    • Not everyone is politically active. Corporate media is anti-gun.

      They could find a lot of stuff on his computers if he didn’t wipe them before he went off to commit his crime. I think he is smart enough to cover his tracks. He had to look up a bunch of stuff to give him the ideas and info to commit such an attack, which is why the police suspect a helper.

      Maybe he had two houses so he can plan his attack in one and live in the other. You don’t want your GF learning of your plans or see you bringing a bunch of suspicious stuff home.

  14. It’s MHO that most of this is done by people who feel they have little to nothing to live for, are unstable and believe, somewhat correctly, that pulling a mass shooting is their ticket to immortality.

    Which, thanks to the media, it kind of is. Quick, no search engine, name two mass shooters from the last 10 years. Now, who was responsible for the Bath School Disaster of 1927? See the difference?

    Why did the Pharaohs build crazy tombs and pyramids? Immortality. You can say “It doesn’t matter because they’re dead” but they don’t see it that way when they’re alive. They see it as an everlasting monument to their own existence.

    No one knew or gave a shit who Stephen Paddock was until last week. Now his name is on the lips of a majority of the nation. When you’re fucked in the head that has a certain allure to it.

    • Generally, there is personal and political. The school shooter type are doing it for the personal. The night club shooter is doing it for the political.

      Paddock’s attack stinks of political… If it was personal, he would have felt the need to say so at some point.

      • I’m fairly confident the night club shooter did it because of a religiously motivated hatred for homosexuals and for what he saw as the greater glory of Allah. He basically said as much.

        As for how he might have felt about making a statement, I have no idea how he felt but I would point out that it’s entirely possible he felt the shooting was the statement. The Pharaohs felt no need to leave notes about why they built the monuments to themselves that they did. They figured it was understood, you know what with them being Gods on Earth and whatnot.

        • Islam is an ideology, not just a religion. There is Islamic law written and countries follow it. If you break the law they will punish you. Fundamentalist Muslims will enforce that law throughout the world.

  15. I’m hoping there’s enough left of his brain for a decent autopsy, I suspect he was having a shrinking of his frontal lobes, something that’s not uncommon in your 60’s, it would have been slow, he wouldn’t think clearly and he’d be even more volatile using the Valium.

  16. He did it, because he could. These actions cannot be prevented. Laws mean nothing to a determined individual.

  17. I believe that this is a valid theory, and one that is not without precedent. It has not been unheard of over the years for those on the left to falsify just the types of acts that they say the right is inclined to do, but somehow don’t. There was a spate of them after Trumps election. People have spray painted racial epitaphs on their own walls, made up stories about attacks that never happened etc. This may well be a grandiose version of that. If it was, it was well played.

  18. Left wing terrorist amasses large collection of AR-15’s with bump fire stocks and tannerite and all the things they want banned, then shoots up a group of predominately right leaning country music fans while a bill to loosen restrictions on silencers sits in congress in order to further his political agenda…not out of the realm of possibility at all.

  19. I could Care Less. Evil needs no reason. As I said in a previous post. All we will ever get is the conjecture of the so-called experts and Fake News Schmucks.

  20. Definitely something that doesn’t advance the media’s agenda. Anyone else and they’d have been broadcasting the most trivial of information non-stop. I really doubt with the way they’ve been handling Trump they suddenly decided not to give these people attention. The silence is suspicious.

  21. “Paddock wasn’t a religious zealot and he wasn’t crazy. He was just the most radical gun control advocate…ever.”
    I COMPLETELY agree. This is exactly why he did it.

  22. Any citizen of the United States could have perpetrated the crime that Paddock committed…..with that extra $100K they have in their cookie jar.

    • I think he started his mission once he left Florida for Vegas. I think he bought houses in different places to have a stash of guns for an attack once he found his target. He bought rifles in states that are strong defenders of the human right to self preservation with modern tools.

      Once he settled on Vegas, he gambled extensively to fund his operation and had a second house that his GF rarely went to. It looks like once he finished his planning he: moved most of his stuff out of one house into his other one, sent his GF to the Philippines and gave her $100,000 to live a good life without him.

      In other words, he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for his operation. It was a lot more than $100,000, that was just for the gear. He went on recon trips and bought houses.

      I wonder if he went to Muslim countries to get some training so he wouldn’t have to go to his local ranges (which have stated he didn’t go to) or display to people that he has a lot of stuff and is practicing. You don’t want anyone to think you are some crazy gun fanatic training out in the desert by yourself.

      I still think his brother is a liar. The FBI needs to sit this guy down in a room and start asking trapping questions. He is dubious.

  23. ooh ooh i got an idea

    what if we wait a little bit before we just haphazardly trade away some stuff in an ill conceived and misguided attempt to save other stuff until we at least figure out WHY he did what hes accused of doing

    some of us would end up looking an awful lot like the consummate simpletons they continually portray us as if it ended up being we prematurely gave up a bunch of stuff like bump stocks thousands of rounds of ammo dozens of rifles ultra high capacity magazines and tannerite and then found out he was just a lefty who done what he done only to get all that stuff banned


    now theyre saying the security guard got shot BEFORE the guy shot at the crowd

    remember how just a few days ago they were saying he was a heros hero for going to that room with just a radio and a flashlight charging headlong right into the very jaws of death itself with reckless abandon and nary a thought or concern for his own safety

    yeah that was all a lie…

    what else is…

    • Where did you hear this new info about the security guard?

      Evidence shows shots can be heard at 10:04pm. At 10:05pm is when he opened fire with the 100 round Surefire mag, bump fire stock, AR-15.

      Based off the videos, he shot at the security guard at ~10:09:34pm with a burst of about 50 rounds through the door. The police arrived on the 31st floor at ~10:12pm, they went up to the 32nd floor 5 minutes later and found the shot guard and they got the master key card from him.

      They said the security guard went up there to check why the alarm went off, he had no idea there was a shooting going on, he thought someone left the door open.

  24. The BLAZE is reporting that Police have concluded that Paddock had an “untreated mental illness”:

    that’s the “Official Story” and the Po-Po are sticking to it (for now). There you have it…another secretly crazy guy who bought guns legally and converted semi-automatic rifles to fire at very high rates with a readily available legal device. Perfect storm. Pat answer. No stated motive. Sh*t happens.

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  26. Waiting for the autopsy results to be released.

    But, I hear “Professional Gambler” and immediately think compulsive gambler. He seemed successful at it, but who knows? Compulsive gambler is usually treated as a mental illness, but only when the winning stops, and the person has lost everything.

    It’s been a long time since I went to Vegas. Drinks still free while one is at the tables? It has been said that he could play the slots for fourteen hours at a time. Don’t know/don’t care if that’s true. As I said, I’m waiting on autopsy to find out if his liver was pickled. Alcoholism also treated as a mental disease.

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