2020 Democrat Candidates Try to Convince Rural Voters to Ignore Their Stance on Guns

Can dedicated anti-gunners like Spartacus, Fauxcahontas, Creepy Uncle Joe, Kama Sutra Harris, Crazy Bernie and Tracy Flick convince middle-of-America deplorables to vote for them? There’s no consensus on whether rural success for Democrats is about policy or personality or some combination. Some winners establish a personal brand at odds with the national party — West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin […]

Millennials Aren’t Any More Anti-Gun Than Earlier Generations…David Hogg Hardest Hit

“As far as the Democrats are relevant to the US political debate these days, they have largely focused on relatively “fringe” issues that many millennials don’t care much about. For example, millennials seem much less concerned about Russian meddling in US elections than the rest of the Democratic party elite. Even the newest golden issue, […]