HE’S BACK: Trump Announces He’s Running For President Again in 2024

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Ladies and gentlemen, love him or hate him, he’s back. Officially. On Tuesday evening, Donald Trump announced his run for a second term as President of the United States by saying, “America’s comeback starts right now.”

One of the most polarizing figures in American politics ever, Trump has a legion of supporters and almost as many people who hate him with a white-hot passion. His entry into the 2024 race for POTUS will likely keep some until-now marginally unprofitable news outlets afloat as they return to a virtually all-Trump, all the time format.

The Hill has more on the announcement . . .

Trump made the announcement during a much-anticipated event at Mar-a-Lago, his private estate and club in Palm Beach, Fla., just a week after a lackluster midterm election performance denied Republicans the “red wave” they had long anticipated and led to days of finger-pointing within the party. 

Flanked by a dozen American flags in a gilded ballroom, Trump delivered a winding speech in which he boasted about — and often exaggerated — his record in the Oval Office and defended his party’s midterm performance, claiming that Republicans had “taken over Congress” and “fired Nancy Pelosi,” the Democratic speaker of the House. 

Of other Republican midterm failures, Trump claimed that Americans had “not yet realized the full extent and gravity of the pain our nation is going through.”

“We always have known that this was not the end. It was only the beginning of our fight to rescue the American Dream,” Trump said. “In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.”

Donald Trump certainly has a mixed record as far as gun rights are concerned. He showed little regard for due process, saying “confiscate the guns and go through due process second.” He also used the ATF to reclassify bump stocks as machine guns and effectively outlaw them following the Las Vegas shooting.

His Supreme Court and lower court nominations, however, unquestionably laid the groundwork for the landmark Bruen decision which will likely be the basis for overturning a range of unconstitutional restrictions on gun rights across the nation.

Whatever you think of him, the next two years are unlikely to be boring.

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  1. in light of the past several years, I wouldn’t mind if things were a little “boring,” or even “uneventful,” for a while.

      • minor49iq below…You being the democRat useful idiot you are you are too blind to realize things don’t bode well for you.

        Being as POTUS DJT was once a contributor to democRats he did not had time to shake off years of accumulated Rat Poo. However after all the slander and libel he received I think he and most Americans see clearly what the Rat Party is all about. Too bad morons like you remain stuck on stupid.

        Come hell and high water I will proudly cast my vote again for DJT.

        • “The New York Post relegated Donald Trump’s declaration of his candidacy for president on Tuesday night to page 26 of this morning’s edition of the paper, hinting at the announcement on the front page with the demeaning teaser “Florida Man Makes Announcement.”

          “With just 720 days to go before the next election, a Florida retiree made the surprise announcement that he was running for president. In a move no political pundit saw coming, avid golfer Donald J. Trump kicked things off at Mar-a-Lago, his resort and classified-documents library. Trump, famous for gold-plated lobbies and for firing people on realtity television, will be 78 in 2024. If elected, Trump would tie Joe Biden as the oldest president to take office. His cholesterol levels are unknown, but his favorite food is a charred steak with ketchup. He has stated that his qualifications for office include being a “stable genius.” Trump also served as the 45th president.“


      • Captan Chaos delivers. He’s my “hero forever” for delivering us from Hillary, but I’ll support anyone (whoever) that opposes the marxists.

        • Reminds me of a conversation with a neighbor the day after Trump got elected:

          Neighbor: What the fuck happened, anway?!?

          Me: Hey, at least we didn’t get Hillary.

          Neighbor: Yeah, there is that.

    • No. Trump 2024.

      GOP needs to play the rules dems are playing. That means ballot harvesting. Busing, etc. If trump gets the popular vote, he automatically wins several blue states that have enacted legislation to give their electoral votes to the popular vote winner.

      • Yes, there is a groundswell of opposition to the election results, tens of people are turning out to voice their displeasure

        “A small but vocal group of election deniers rallied outside the state capitol in Arizona to protest Kari Lake’s loss in the gubernatorial race against Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs.

        The governor’s race was called on Monday night, with Ms Hobbs taking leading the contest by about 20,000 votes and a 50.4 per cent majority to Ms Lake’s 49.6 per cent.

        Approximately 15 people gathered at the Arizona state capitol on Tuesday, with some waving flags emblazoned with pro-Trump messages and “SOS”.


  2. Thanks to Trump’s support of red flag laws and “take the guns first and worrying about due process later” may attract liberal voters for trump.

    There will be many who will support Trump, but the failure of most of his endorsed candidates in the midterms does not bode well for Trump’s own efforts in 2024.

    And what role did trumps “massive dumps” play in the midterms, were 10-15 flushes not adequate for the midterms?

    It seems that imitating Trump works for some men like Desantis but not women like Lake. It’s almost like MAGA doesn’t think women are really equal to men.

    And I’m wondering, were the same Italian satellites used in 2020, employed again in 2022 to steal the election?

    • Mama Mia. Por favori, don’t make fun of the massive Italian space force. We gotta rockets and heat seeking moisture missiles flying all over da place. We gotta underground space launch facilities no one can see from a da spy satellites.

      • They can afford to fund the trolls with the anti Trump donations now. FTX collapsing probably hit a few of the farms pretty hard and look how bad mainstream media was doing the last year or so. You would think they would update the script but guess they are still running off of 30-50’s era tactics.

        • Mama Mia I fucked up-o. You are a smart-a man. I sincerely apologize for calling Chris da Turd a stupid-o fuck face-o. I been up all night-o working on the new rocket, the Ragu-5. It’sa fueled by recycled olive oil and refurbished Fiat engines.

    • @Miner49er

      Finally an article at TTAG about Trump, your favorite bad guy that in your fevered imagination is involved in everything from the dawn of time, where you can say something actually relevant to discussion and still we get your standard…


      • When early POTUS DJT sounded democRat like with Red Flag Laws you would expect praise from democRats. Instead sneaky democRats trying to appear helpful run to forums like this to berate their own beloved Red Flag BS with hopes Trump supporters will fixate on Trump while blindly allowing what is democRat hypocrisy to skate by.

        Sadly it works on far too many politically inept knee jerk Gun Owners who allow the Rat Party to set the pace.

      • “RANTTTT SCREECH drool spit drool TRUMP RANT RANT”

        I have heard those noises, they seem to be coming from Karen Lake in Arizona, she managed to turn out a massive crowd of 15 people to the Arizona Statehouse to protest the ‘unfair’ election.

        She was endorsed by Trump, who held rallies in Arizona and claimed Karen is the best governor for Arizona.

        Apparently, the Trump endorsement was the political kiss of death for her as Doug Mastriani and Tudor Dixon learned.


    • Haha, the almost-extinct true liberals will realize how unconstitutional most of the “risk-protection” laws are when they start snatching cell phones and Teslas.

      The currently ubiquitous Commiecrats, of course, approve of anything that enables tyranny.

  3. It was an interesting experiment but I don’t think we need Trump back in office.
    Remember he was the one who banned bump stocks and mentioned banning suppressors .
    He’s not the gun lover people thought.
    Now… if he specifically talks about nationwide constitutional carry and repeal/modification of the NFA then there might be interest on my part.
    But at this point he betrayed gun owners while in office.

    • Trump in ’24, he rolls Desantis into the administration in ’26 (after the FL Governor term), Desantis runs for president in ’28, with a 2nd term in ’32.
      Trump has a proven track record as POTUS, Desantis is an unknown as to his abilities in Washington.


      • Hey a man can dream. Why not? I’d like to see Trump win for the simple fact that it would piss off the left and right establishment as well as the deep state. The establishment is trying to purge the populist movement because it threatens their power.

        • I would like to see what he could do with just normal opposition – as opposed to stories in nyt about people stealing papers from his desk so he couldn’t sign them, etc, etc, etc, dossier, etc, etc, etc, cognition tests (oh the irony), etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…

        • Well yeah we cant have the people acting in their own interests it would upset the natural order. Now quick make up some drama between Trump and Desantis and magnify it to be the only story and try to get them to make any comment about it at all to take out of context and create the appearance of infighting…………maybe I should switch to decaf

        • I would vote for him again but I seriously think more than half the country hates him so much that he is unelectable. Aside from the fact that he is so thin skinned he can’t stop attacking fellow GOP members.

        • “I’d like to see Trump win for the simple fact that it would piss off the left and right establishment as well as the deep state“

          How sad, your priority isn’t good government or better healthcare, it’s all about “pissing off” those you don’t agree with.

          Motivated strictly by emotional ego gratification, it’s all about the ‘feelz’.

          That’s what passes for ‘patriotism’ with the MAGA crowd, sad.

        • Yeah that’s it Miner. I’m never for better governing. Is this your first day here or are you being your disingenuous self because you couldn’t come up with anything worthwhile to talk about? That’s a rhetorical question. We know the answer.

          Let me spell it out for you since you’re having a difficult time following the conversation. Pissing off the establishment and the deep state would be the icing on the cake because they’re the worst of the worst. Obviously I’ll take any GOP nominee over the Puppet & Co. but a Trump win would be extra sweet for those reasons. Get it?

  4. My TTAG archive is filled with (+) things about the 2A that Donald Trump did while he was President. Using his limited powers as the executive. It’s too bad he never got legislation out of the congress he could sign into law.
    Like when he did get legislation to sign, in 2018, that made industrial cannabis legal.

    • By banning bump stocks and possibly all semi auto rifles in the process? You must be high again, Trump rolled gun rights back worse than the Obama Administration. That’s a pretty low bar.

      • The gun community has never supported the wide spread ownership of machine guns. Nor have they supported making it easier to own an machine gun. You are either dishonest or you are just delusional.

        I was a bumpstock owner who lost mine in a boating accident.

        • WTF do bumpstocks have to do with machine guns? I could so care less about what you or any gun owner thinks of machine guns. Either you are dishonest or delusional. Stick to the topic at hand Trump rolled gun rights back not expanded them, you just can’t seem to wrap your brain around the long term damage he did to gun rights. Obama was also a POS but at least he did not mess with guns. BTW my handle came from all the BS you and a lot of other clowns spout on this forum.

        • Trump did nothing to expand our rights, in fact he publicly stated that the government should just take guns away from citizens without due process.

          Contrast it with Obama/Biden, who expanded Americans gun rights to millions of acres of taxpayer-owned lands.

          No Republican president has ever done anything to return to American citizens the right to bear arms on publicly owned lands… Until the Democrats under the Obama/Biden administration signed legislation into law restoring these constitutional freedoms.

          “The policy was enhanced in 1983 to prohibit possessing, carrying, or using a firearm outside of certain approved areas and hunting seasons, with an exception for firearms kept in a car or mobile home “when such implements are rendered inoperable or packed, cased or stored in a manner that will prevent their ready use.” The revision effectively mandated that visitors store their guns, unloaded, in a car trunk or equivalent while in a national park. After four months of public comment, President Ronald Reagan approved it.”



        • to TheBSonTTAG

          “WTF do bumpstocks have to do with machine guns?”

          Ok I’ll play your silly game. Trump didn’t ban guns he banned an accessory. So why are you so up set about this???

  5. I find it extraordinary that people will blame Trump for others falling short in the midterms while ignoring the failed Republican leadership and establishment performance. Note that it’s the establishment pushing that narrative alongside their buddies on the left.

    denied Republicans the “red wave” they had long anticipated
    Fake news. Go back a just a few weeks. People weren’t calling for a wave election. It was always going to be a tight map. There’s also the issue that conservative voters moved out of blue states due to Covid tyranny. It was only right before the election that the polls began to change in favor of Republicans. People have such short memories.

    • Well yes how else can one keep the commoners in line, short attention spans and dependency on guidance are a must for any authoritarian regime.

    • McConnell and Trump have the same flaw — they’re their own number one priority. They chose candidates who were personally loyal to them over what’s best for the party. McConnell’s PAC spend $9M in the Alaska race between 2 Republicans because one said she wouldn’t support him, but he didn’t support Masters in AZ and could have spent in close races. He’d rather be minority leader than be part of the majority.

      Trump cheered the loss of O’Dea and Buldoc because they wouldn’t support him in ’24. Trump didn’t even have the courtesy to wait until the GA runoff was over to give Walker the primacy for fund raising and media attention.

      I’ll vote for Trump if he gets the nomination, but he won’t get it during the primary. He treats 2A like the Dems treat minorities. They give lip service during the campaign and take their donations, but they don’t care and do nothing for them once elected. He and McConnell getting 3 SC Justices greatly helped 2A rights, but it wasn’t the reason they did it.

    • Democrats count on their constituents having a short memory along with repeating a short easy to remember sound bite that charges their emotions. Threat to Democracy! Repeated ad nauseam by the dems and every fucking news outlet along with THEY WON’T LET YOU MURDER YOUR BABY! You can also thank McConnell for withholding funds and that mensa Graham for talking abortion limitations during the run up to the midterms like a freaking dumbass.

  6. if he gets the nomination people better get behind and support him. it’s always the lesser of two evils and whoever the dem is will for sure be an evil pos. deciding not to vote because mean tweets or bump stocks is stupid and basically gives the win to the enemy.
    get a grip, nut up and do what this country needs and letting the dems win ain’t it.

    • This. Regardless of despising the man and being secure in the knowledge he is a poison pill… If he makes it past the primary, I’ll pinch my nose and pull that lever, if nothing else to stave off the greater evil.

      But, I am hoping like hell I won’t have to. Not that I wouldn’t like to stick it to the (D)ipshits as hard as is possible, but it feels like cutting off one’s nose to spite the face.

    • The problem is voting for the lesser of two evils has gotten us the likes of McTurtle and Cheney etc. The time is now to start beating the drum about the gunvote and making politicians realize what happened this election will happen again if they don’t start listening to what we want and working to get it done. Start letting the state party’s know the donations aren’t going to happen unless they start putting up real pro 2a candidates like Lauren Boebert and Winsome Sears.

      Use your memberships in organizations like GOA and SAF to amplify this position. Trump may not be willing to listen to you or I but by god lets make sure he realizes he better answer the phone if Eric Pratt calls him.

  7. Doesn’t matter. It does not matter who the republican candidate there will literally never be a Republican president ever again. Just like they were literally never be a senate majority of her again and Republicans will never really have a decent house majority either ever again. If they ever have one ever again.

    We are in a post-election society. Elections don’t matter and Democrats will always win. The republicans are going to be a minor party.

    • Democrats don’t even have to campaign. They hide and get elected. Voters are apparently begging for loose voting regulations and a disorganized election process.

    • Shawn

      Yep, l am wondering how long it will be before they inform us the dems got the House, too. Later this week or early next, I guess.

  8. He’ll be the Ross Perot, Ron Paul or Tulsi Gabbard of 2024.
    The uniparty won’t have any of it.

    It’s nothing but globalists, WEF and ESG from this point forward.

      • The more things change the more they stay the same:

        The main theme of the platform was an attack on what he perceived as the domination of politics by business interests, which allegedly controlled both established parties.

  9. bbott Invokes ‘Invasion Clauses’, Wants Gun Boats And More Border Wall > https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/abbott-invokes-invasion-clauses-wants-gun-boats-and-more-border-wall/ar-AA148WiW?OCID=ansmsnnews11

    “Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking a stronger stance against border security a week after securing his reelection as leader of the Lone Star State. …

    Abbott made border security a central theme of his reelection campaign and easily ousted Democrat Beta O’Rourke during the November 8 midterm elections. In the months leading up to the election, Abbott took a staunch stance against illegal immigrants by authorizing the Texas National Guard and the state’s Department of Public Safety to return apprehended migrants back to the Mexico border.

    On Monday, Abbott issued a letter to county judges along the Texas-Mexico border criticizing the Biden administration’s efforts and outlining his plan to secure the border. Texas taxpayers have already spent $4 billion for the state’s border protection efforts, according to the letter.

    ‘Sent a letter assuring county judges that the State of Texas will continue taking unprecedented action to address Pres. Biden’s border crisis,’ the governor’s Twitter page tweeted Monday. ‘Until the federal government does its job & secures the border, Texas will forcefully respond to this crisis..

    Sent a letter assuring county judges that the State of Texas will continue taking unprecedented action to address Pres. Biden’s border crisis.

    Until the federal government does its job & secures the border, Texas will forcefully respond to this crisis. https://t.co/l4TxjJbDtN
    — Gov. Greg Abbott (@GovAbbott) November 14, 2022

    Abbott’s letter said the governor invoked the Invasion Clauses, which authorizes the Lone Star State to ‘take unprecedented measures to fight back against the invasion at our border.’ The Invasion Clauses allow for a National Guard deployment along the border. The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) also will be deployed to arrest illegal immigrants and return them to the border.”

    • Texas should create a surtax of $1.00 / Gallon on all petroleum product sales to Blue States to pay for democrat negligence in securing our border. Oil, Gasoline & Natural Gas.

      • “Texas should create a surtax of $1.00 / Gallon on all petroleum product sales to Blue States to pay for democrat negligence….”

        $1.00/gallon surtax?
        More like shut down the pipelines out of Texas and propose a $10 surtax/gallon. Texas can negotiate the terms of reopening the pipelines from there.
        Gov Abbott can spin it that he’s helping the Hair Sniffer in Chief achieve his ‘green’ agenda goals.
        It would allow the greenies to take a hard look at their ‘Utopia’ too. 🤪

  10. Trump’s got to be using the announcement of his intent to run again for President for selfish and or legal reasons or both.

    For instance, I understand that the Justice Dept. is reluctant to press charges and try those who have obviously committed crimes, even federal crimes, if those folks are publicly running for a national office…like the presidency.

    And, he’ll now register a PAC and take in millions dollars in donations to his “campaign”. So, the costs of his charade of running for president will not be borne by him. As a consequence he can without cost to him run all over the country as he sees fit.

    He’s a con.

    I’m a conservative republican voter, lifelong. I’m also a Marine veteran.

    But the raid on the capital which he engineered / encouraged didn’t sit well for me. I can’t bear the thought of him in the White House again.

    • Not that you’re a sincere person, but that’s a joke. Trump made his money in the private sector. His wealth decreased as a result of being president. He gave away his presidential salary. Your buddy Joe made his money by being in public office longer than I’ve been alive. The Clintons and Obamas became multimillionaires by leveraging their position in politics.

    • I never got the chance to be in the military although I have held positions in my life that gave me the chance to swear to protect this country from all enemies etc.

      But I’m more of a Patriot than you’ll ever be.

      • Our friend David is correct, his observations are directly on point:

        “And, he’ll now register a PAC and take in millions dollars in donations to his “campaign”. So, the costs of his charade of running for president will not be borne by him. As a consequence he can without cost to him run all over the country as he sees fit.“

        Please, send Donald Trump your money, mortgage the house, sell your guns, stop tithing in church and send the money directly to Donald Trump.

        He and those 2 Corinthians really need the money.

  11. David, you know there’s more security at the capital than that. You know that was a show put on by the fbi. Our election was bullshit, we only have the illusion of 1 man 1 vote. You know good and well most people look around and aren’t happy with the democrats. It’s getting closer and closer to the end. JESUS is LORD

    • “You know that was a show put on by the fbi“

      Please, share your evidence with the right wing insurrectionists who have been sentenced to years in prison, their defense team could sure use the help.

      • Your misdirection was weak a year ago and the number of known fed plants in the incident has grown exponentially. Have fun explaining it away when we start connecting several of them already being inside the capital prior to the unauthorized tour.

    • They didn’t think they had to. Big Tech pretty much behaved like libertarians before Trump won. It was a wake up call to change everything.

      • Spot on!

        They were sure they would win the debate on the comment boards that were a feature on the major media sites, too. Then they discovered that the truth is not on their side, and that matters…

        So they shut them all down.

      • Big Tech once acted like libertarians *in public*. Behind the scenes, they were *very* obedient to the Unaparty’s national-security-state.

        • Libertarians supported the multibillion-dollar private tech companies when they banned the president of the United States for being able to communicate with the American citizens.

          Libertarians also supported the tech companies when they banned American business owners, for being able to communicate with their customers or financial institutions. Libertarians supported the tech companies when they worked to prevent Kyle Rittenhouse from being able to raise enough money to pay for his lawyers, when he was charged with murder.

          Libertarians support “free” condoms, “free” abortions, “free” sex change operations, “free” crystal meth to shoot up to improve their sexual experience. All paid for with “free” government money.

          Now they do support making all drugs legal and legalizing prostitution. But they do not support concept of private property ownership in the United States.

          Most people in the Tech world call themselves Libertarians.

        • Libertarians are a bunch of assholes, except for the making all drugs legal and legalizing prostitution.

        • Be proud Mr Libertarian. He supports groomers, the welfare state for single mothers, and he repealed preemption laws in the State.

          “Democrat Jared Polis: Most Libertarian Governor?” video 6 min long

  12. Best thing about this is watching leftists head explodes. But honestly I hope DeSantis is the 2024 R candidate.

    • Trump was the correctly sized wrench to throw in the spokes at the time, and I and many others voted him in as the lesser of two evils.
      He is no longer the correct sized wrench, and we don’t need the toolbox dumped out on the garage floor… the right tool for the job is gonna require a large HAMMER and not the blowtorch that Trump’s ego has turned him into.

      • And WHO would that be? Name a Conservative (or Rep) that will be able to withstand HALF the BS the MSM gave Trump and will give ANY Rep nominee? The 2024 nominee must not give as single damn what the MSM, demtards, Rep insiders thing/say/do/stab in the back.

        Name him.

        • Or HER… Kristi Noem. The left won’t throw sticks and stones since the Veep will be their candidate …. I’m already giggling in my head just thinking about THAT debate.

        • “Name him.”

          Ambassador Nikki Haley. Or Noem, but I like Haley…

        • It is interesting to see so many conservatives publicly abandoning the commands of Jesus.

          “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence”

          1 Timothy 2:12 KJV

        • Hey Minor irritant #49, did you Google that passage? I for one enjoy seeing how far one of the site’s athiests will dig to feel relevant in these conversations. Does your boyfriend also harbor your sexist bitterness toward females? Obviously, we “conservatives” don’t have your blatant biases.

        • At least he still pays attention to ” Honor thy Father and thy Mother “… mom told him if you have nothing good to say, it is better to say nothing at all. So usually after blathering on, he has said absolutely
          NOTHING at all.

      • I’d have to agree with that assessment. When Trump first announced for 2016, I thought WTF? Didn’t care for him at all, but came around and believed he was right for the job – supported him fully at the time. But even with support, I didn’t go full-MAGA, cringed at his self-aggrandizing Tweets, and opposed his anti-gun executive directives. Other than the SCOTUS and lesser appointments, he did nothing of use for gun rights.

        Past support doesn’t mean you need to go all in on Trump now. His candidacy speech was that of a narcissistic blowhard. Even though I’d hold my breath and vote for him again if he was the Republican candidate, I would hope that the party can come up with a better candidate. Despite the fact that the media has done a complete propaganda job on Jan. 6, “election deniers ™”, and other conservative issues, treated Trump extremely unfairly, and suppressed stories on Hunter Biden that may very well have tipped the election in the other direction, I am of the belief that Trump would not be a great choice now (but better than anyone the Dems can come up with.)

        • “His candidacy speech was that of a narcissistic blowhard“

          Yep, even Sean Hannity and Fox entertainment cut away from Trump in the middle of his speech because he was starting to do his unhinged ramble and false accusations.

          Fox and their talking heads are running scared because of the billion dollar defamation suits moving through the court, it will be an expression of the ultimate irony when dominion voting systems owns Fox entertainment.

  13. Trump could turn into the Harold Stassen of Republican politics. He wasn’t exactly pro-2A but changing the SCOTUS was his big thing. And whether you believe in GOD or not saving a bunch of babies from being murdered. Israel was #1. Ukraine wouldn’t happen & neither would China threatening Taiwan.Or the Afghanistan debacle. Or enormous inflation. If a Dim wins in 2024 we’re all screwed. Lock n load!

    • People seem to have forgotten how easy life was (outside of Covid) in the Pre-Puppet/Post-Obummer Era. Overturning Roe was the most consequential SC decision of my lifetime. In a couple of decades, we’ll be reading stories about lives that were possible due to that decision. Outside of fighting the Cold War and dismantling the USSR, Trump’s foreign policy was the best of my lifetime. We had peace and prosperity. Now we have misery with more misery looming. Never forget them telling us we wouldn’t have inflation, then it would be transitory but nothing to worry about, as they were trying to pass extra trillions in new spending. Liars! Who got fired over that? If they claim honesty, then they’re incompetent!

    • I would say that at this point it’s not so much about being pro- or anti-Trump as much as it is a matter of cleaning out the Unaparty among the R’s (Bitch McConnell, Romney, etc. come to mind), and for R governors and R state legislators to fortify their states’ election systems to prevent shenanigans.

      I have plenty of respect for what both Trump and De Santis did right, but De Santis may more recently have been purchased by globalist corporatists.


      In an situation, we will always have to be wary of what “mass sentiment” even among our own might lead us to.

    • “And whether you believe in GOD or not saving a bunch of babies from being murdered. Israel was #1“

      When it comes to socialized medicine, Israel is “# 1”, they perform thousands of abortions every year, as authorized under Mosaic law.

      “According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics report from 2004, in 2003, most abortion requests were granted, with 19,500 legal abortions performed and 200 requests for abortion denied. Reasons for termination went as follows: The woman was unmarried (42%), illegal circumstances (11%), health risks to the woman (about 20%), age of the woman (11%), and fetal birth defects (about 17%)”


      And what’s really interesting, the government pays for your abortion!

      “Israel will pay for abortions for women aged 20 to 33 regardless of circumstance starting next year, health officials said Monday, adding that they hope to make eligibilty for state funding universal in the future.“


      • Well then, Israel is a fucking bargain. As of year end 2020 , Minnesota alone performed
        90,000 abortions funded by taxpayers thanks to Doe v.
        Gomez, at a cost of over
        $27m. Now that we will become a regional center in the midwest for scrape jobs, that cost will skyrocket. And all because of the FACT that people refuse to be personally responsible for their actions and treating a surgical process as “reproductive rights”… put a fucking rubber on, jackasses.

  14. I’d honestly rather have Desantis. I voted for Trump 3 times. But I think it’s time for new blood. Don’t mean to sound ageist but we don’t need someone in their 80s as president and I really don’t trust him on gun control.

    • Yeah, just look at all those anti-2A judges he put on the SCOTUS……….oh wait, nevermind.

      Trump at 80 is sharper than Biden was at 30.

      • You can’t sit there and tell me his anti gun policies didn’t bother you.

        Like I said, I voted for him 3 times. Don’t mistake me for a libturd or some never trump Romney type. But it’s true there’s better candidates out there now then Trump, and I’ll even give Trump credit that’s partly thanks to him, because he showed everyone how to stand up to the leftist media.

        I honestly want someone farther to the right then Trump.

        • Is Trump the ‘ideal’ pro-2A candidate?

          I don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.
          With Trump the voters know what to expect on economy, foreign policy, energy costs, border security, drug cartels…….

          Trump is a known on these issues. An unknown candidate will open the floodgates to wild speculation by the MSM and lefturds.

        • “You can’t sit there and tell me his anti gun policies didn’t bother you.”

          Yes, that bothered me. It was far and away made up for with 3 SCotUS seats picked by us, instead the HildaBeast, because they damn sure would have reversed ‘Heller’ as soon as they could have.

          If he’s the candidate, he gets my 2024 vote. I just really hope a more politically-palatable candidate gets the nod…


  16. After all the “true conservative” types bailed on conservatives in Arizona I’ve decided that I’m gonna vote straight progressive.

    At least we can get our revenge when all those idiots in PV, Anthem and Scottsdale get taxed to death. I’m not going to shed a single year about it, they clearly wanted this.

      • You can thank the McCain boomers for that. They made it and then completely pissed off because Lake said mean things about McCain. They don’t care, as long as they get to hang out at the country club – So screw it. I’ll vote for the people that’ll cost them the most money from here on out, because I’ve got no reason to care what they think anymore.

  17. Lifelong Republican voter here. I gladly voted Trump in 16′ and held my nose voting for him in 20′. But now he’s a drag on the party. Too divisive, too egotistical, and too childish. I don’t think he directly contributed to the Jan 6th riot, but he could have quickly denounced it. But his taking classified documents was inexcusable. IF Desantis is the only other choice, then he’s the guy for me. I wish he wasn’t such a RINO, but that may be the choice.

    • The president is the one person who decides what is classified above all others. Nameless bureaucrats don’t hold that power over the top executive. It’s just another anti-Trump operation, in a long list of them, that some people are apparently falling for.

      • While the President is the highest classification authority in the govt, it is irresponsible to have highly classified information and not properly store/protect it and then say ‘I declassified it’ when caught.

        Retroactive declassification isn’t a thing. Even if Trump somehow didn’t know all the steps necessary to declassify info, there were many others that worked for him that did.

        • There is nothing responsible about ATF agents being allowed access to classified documents regardless of how they are stored. If those were actual classified documents then heads should roll at the ATF.

        • I thought the FBI raided Mar-a-Largo

          Only cleared personnel that could recognize the level of classification should have handled the docs.

          What agents do you think handled the classified that were not cleared?

        • It’s up to the agencies to decide who fills the available slots/jobs requiring a security clearance, not Trump.

          After a (sometimes painfully long) background check a security clearance is granted. No one has to get a permission slip signed by Trump.

    • Stop listening to the MSM and phoney Dept of “Justice”

      Do you actually think the President of the United States packed (or reviewed) the crap stored in his basement?

  18. While I would like his policies preserved, he is too old. If he wins, he will be older than Biden when he won(?). We need new blood, that is not beholden to any one political party, just like Trump. I really hope and pray that he runs with a qualified vice president candidate, but that is not his style.
    I am afraid all he will do is assure that a Dem wins, hopefully they will run someone who is more of a centrist.

  19. Trump’s biggest problem is that he spent half of every day in his first term in Twitter Pissing Matches with Democrat Stooge Puke Jim Acosta.
    He should have spent ALL of that time pursuing Swamp Drainage instead of wasting it.
    Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.

    • “…..he spent half of every day in his first term in Twitter Pissing Matches….”

      Half of every day?

      Trump sleeps around four hours per night AND has a lighting fast NO BS wit.

      I would bet stepping on Jim As grapes took a minute or two out of Trump’s day (probably while on the can). Nowhere near half his day (9 hours).🙄

      • “Trump sleeps around four hours per night AND has a lighting fast NO BS wit.”
        Mr Campbell has it correct or to put it another way, Trump calls a S O B a son of a bitch and that is why the left can’t stand him. He calls ’em as he sees them, wading around in the swamp.

  20. Ivanka Trump Reveals She Will Not Be ‘Involved’ In Dad Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential Run > https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/ivanka-trump-reveals-she-will-not-be-involved-in-dad-donald-trump-s-2024-presidential-run/ar-AA14blFq?OCID=ansmsnnews11

    Rupert Murdoch is not going to back Trump but going to back DeSantis if he decides to run for prez in 2024 – Ivanka doesn’t want to be involved with it (not a real big loss though, I was never clear on what she bought to his first run anyway) – lots of previous backers and participants coming out of the wood work saying they don’t want to be involved with another Trump run for prez – the republican party is trying to distance from Trump…

    Hmmm… another run for prez by Trump is going to be a steep hill to climb.

    • It could easily go either way. Much of what he do doesn’t have now that he had in 16 is no longer required or atleast not to any huge degree. He not only has experience and a record, he also has a few new weapons with which to fight.

      His biggest downfall is himself. It isn’t Pelosi. But my question is still the same as it was then. Is there anyone else that has the ability to beat Clinton? Biden? Etc.

      • Trump does have a very large following, probably enough to send him a long ways to being elected but hes probably going to need to work at it.

        The MAGA crowd is but a small part of conservative/right base. Instead of just appealing mainly to the MAGA crowd like last time he is going to need to mobilize the larger conservative/right base more fully the next time around.

  21. What has Ron DeSantis done for the Second Amendment while he has been the governor of Florida?
    I like the DeSantis. I think he would make a great president. But what has he done for the Second Amendment, since he has been the governor of Florida? What are some of the things he has said that indicate he is a supporter of the Second Amendment?

    I have the receipts for Donald Trump on the many positive statements he has made about the Second Amendment. As well as the executive orders he issued in supporting of the Second Amendment.

    Did Ron DeSantis get any second amendment legislation out of the Florida state house in order for him to sign?

    Did President Donald Trump get any pro-second Amendment legislation out of the Congress in order for him to sign into law?

    • Oh you mean like bumpstocks, national conceal carry repocity and the allowing of Russian imports again? Of wait, none of that happened, in fact exactly the opposite. Trump only likes guns when he thinks people will vote for him.

      • You have not answered my questions. Which only confirms to me that you are not a serious person. And I think you don’t understand what the process is in order to make law.

        So here is an explaination.

        “Schoolhouse Rock- How a Bill Becomes a Law” video 3 min long

      • “….Trump only likes guns when he thinks people will vote for him.”

        How many pro-2A judges did he put on the SCOTUS?

        • It’s not just about the Supreme Court. His appointments of judges to the lower courts are the ones that are enforcing the Bruin decision. President Donald Trump’s Court appointments is the new “ammunition” that we now can use for future battles, to protect our rights.

          The irrational Trump haters who really don’t believe in Liberty in the first place, will never acknowledge just how important his court appointments will be for our future.
          Their inability to use reason in their thinking will be there ultimate downfall.

  22. Trump practiced terrorism on refugees applying for asylum by deliberately stealing the children of refugees much the same as the Nazi’s did in their concentration camps in WWII, Trump ran a form of a modern-day concentration camp.

    Trump ended up INCREASING the trade deficit with China with his idiotic trade war. If the Moron had enlisted the help of our European Allies he might have pulled it off. Many of our small family farms also went out of business and many of the Lobster Fisherman went bankrupt.

    Trump caused American businessmen millions by refusing to sign on to The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) is a trade bloc agreement by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations supporting local trade and manufacturing in all ASEAN countries, and facilitating economic integration with regional and international allies. … AFTA now comprises the ten countries of ASEAN.

    Trump’s trade war with China increased Global warming because China then went to Brazil for foodstuffs and for Brazil to meet the demand they increased global warming by cutting down the rainforest to make more farmland which only lasts 2 years because of the poor jungle soil.

    Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord so the U.S. could continue to pump billions of tons of pollution into the air. Trump did away with Obama’s climate protection orders which poisoned our water and air and led to more cancer deaths in the U.S.

    Trump promoted more coal and oil usage instead of going on board with the “New Green deal” so tons more pollution were poured into the air and water. Cancer deaths actually increased under Trump.

    Trump lost the support of our WWII Allies and Britain stop sharing intelligence information with us and Britain has one of the greatest spy networks in the world.

    Trump border wall was a farce. He only repaired a small section of the existing wall and due to the meandering Rio Grande River it is impossible to put up a border wall especially clear across the U.S. It would cost trillions.

    Trump cut off Muslim immigration and all foreign immigration to the lowest level in the counties history but the Moron did not realize it is immigrants who make a country great. Example: The son of a Syrian immigrant invented the cell phone which brought billions of profit to the U.S. yet Racist Trump banned all Syrian immigration to the U.S

    Trump lied about the election being a fraud as Republica overseers were at every voting place and watched the proceedings like hawks.

    Trump took away many voting places in poor districts to implement voter suppression as well as pulling out many mail sorting machines to slow down the mail which created a catastrophe with the U.S. mail and now many seniors are having trouble getting their life saving medications.

    Trump did nothing to lower drug prices and actually increased the number of people who cannot afford a Health Care Plan by weakening the National Health Care Plan and he threw 30 million Americans off its rolls. 150,000 people died last year because of it. Trump and Mitch Mcconnell took thousands in bribes from the crooks in the drug and insurance industries to keep prices high and bankrupt the people.

    Trump because of his rabid racism did nothing about the Daca children who have been here since they were toddlers.

    Trump did nothing about the Covid19 crisis and actually tried to hide it from the American people when he first learned about it and how deadly it was and would be to the American people because he wanted to be reelected and not hurt the stock market.

    Trump passed a tax rape bill that ran up the deficit by 2 trillion dollars and let corporation like Amazon make 2 billion in profit and pay no taxes and not give their workers a livable wage or health benefits or even holidays off.

    Trump was against Universal Background Checks which would have prevented thousands of people from buying second hand guns who were crooks and nut cases.

    Trump was against safe storage laws which would prevent on average 1,300 children being killed with loaded guns laying around the house.

    Trump did not make low cost loans available or Federal educational grants available for students wanting to go to college and not go bankrupt for the rest of their lives.

    Trump did nothing to increase teachers’ salaries as they are one of the lowest paid professions in the U.S. and as a consequence our best and brightest have abandoned the teaching profession resulting in a lowering of our teaching standards.

    Trump did not follow through on infrastructure repair and our roads and bridges continue to be a hazard to the American people. The Gangster Criminal Republicans said that it would cost too much money and that people are expendable.

    Trump rose to power by playing the race card and pitting citizens against not only “legal immigrants” but pitted them against their fellow Americans. He let the Racist Nazi’s out of their sewers of hate and racism became “cool again” with racist Nazi’s openly marching at Charlottesville and Trump called them “nice people”. The racist Nazi’s openly gave him their stiff-armed salute.

    Trump did rescind Obama’s plans for Police Reform which gave bad cops “open season” on black people and the George Floyd murder took place in broad daylight within site of an entire crowd of people begging the Murderous Thug Nazi Cop to stop the murder while he glared and sneered back at them

    Trump tried to take over the Government by force when he lost the election and tried to get the election commission to declare the election corrupt.

  23. Loved Trumps court picks, loved most of his policies, hated the fact that he wouldn’t just ignore at least some of the yapping Yorkies of the press. At this point we need one of the other choices.

  24. In 2024, I’m voting for Biden in the primary and any non-traitor GOP in the election.

    If the dems actually take the House in the next few days, all of those Gridlock Loving Investors who drove the markets up last month will probably bail out and take their profits. When the democrats last got control of Congress, in 2007, it took them 9 months to commence wrecking the economy, this time, it will occur in a matter of weeks.

  25. I don’t know which is funnier about this. Watching the neo-libs blowing a gasket or watching the neo-con’s blowing a gasket.

    Trump’s got some black marks against him, sure. Especially with this ‘take the guns first’ BS. But we got three solid SCOTUS picks, no new wars, and 3 years of the best economics we’ve had in a generation. I’ll vote for him again.

    Of course voting doesn’t matter if the democrats are allowed to do mass ballot harvesting again. After all, look at what happened in Florida after they banned ballot harvesting… They turned it from a swing-state into a GOP strong-hold. If the Orange Man has any sense he’ll spend the next 2 years rolling back all of those ’emergency’ orders that allowed for mass mail in voting.

  26. I’d rather see Trump become Speaker of the House, but that isn’t likely. So, I’d like him to start playing chess with Soros. Spend his fortune on supporting conservative candidates and policies. But, his ego…

  27. WE will not make it to 2024, something has to be done now or the stinking democrats will destroy what is left of the country.

  28. You people crack me up . Lol

    No man including Donald Trump can or should be blamed or held accountable for the legal or illegal behavior of other adult humans, period. Speech is communication. If you lack self control over your emotions don’t blame the orator for your actions.

    Free will is only constrained by personal control and responsibility. If poor choices cause negative consequences, too bad suck it up buttercup!!! Stop deflecting!


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