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[T]rying to compel compliance by belatedly imposing registration requirements is also a losing bet. Gun policy is a divisive issue and people know that some politicians want to outlaw and even confiscate what is currently legal; they don’t seem inclined to make that goal easy to achieve. When Connecticut required owners of so-called “assault weapons” (really, semi-automatic rifles with a military appearance) to register their property with the state, it achieved all of 15 percent compliance; compliance in New York with a similar rule topped out at 5 percent. … 

The partisan associations of gun control proposals almost certainly sound the death knell for their prospects. The United States is a politically polarized country, in which relations between factions are defined by animosity. About 55 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats say the other party is “not just worse for politics—they are downright evil,” Louisiana State University political scientist Nathan Kalmoe reported in 2019 of relations between the major political factions. It’s unreasonable to expect that anybody would abide by restrictions they deeply oppose and that they associate with their enemies. 

In an additional reality check for advocates of restrictions, the growth in gun ownership among Democrats and some of their traditional constituencies amid loss of faith in government to keep the peace and treat people with respect makes it more likely that support for tighter gun laws will decline in their ranks than that Republicans will change their attitudes.

A majority of Americans may currently favor more restrictive laws regarding firearms, but that majority looks likely to shrink in the years to come, making policy changes less likely as the years go by. That’s just as well, since passage of such laws would leave the powers-that-be looking thoroughly ineffective given that the people who would actually be touched by them have demonstrated their unwillingness to submit to such policies.

— J.D. Tuccille in Don’t Be Surprised if Gun Owners Don’t Comply With Gun Control Laws


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  1. I will give up my guns when Joe Biden orders the military to re-aquire every peice of equipment, every weapon, and all ammunition left in Afghanistan. So I guess when hell freezes over.

    • Do you require the same of republican Richard Nixon with the billions of dollars of weapons his administration left in Vietnam, after we achieved ‘Peace with Honor’?

      How about the millions in arms provided to the Muslim fundamentalists in Afghanistan by Ronald Reagan, does all that need to be returned as well?
      Reckon what happened to those thousands of man portable, shoulder launched surface to air missile (Stingers) that his administration provided…

        • Sorry jwm,

          100% “keeping it real” truth

          I am such a snarky partisan ass-hat, that I can not acknowledge that the U.S. had between Reagan and Trump, (who were two of the greatest presidents ever), a string of failures, aka Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Sotto/Obama.

          I just like being a clown, and bringing people down.

        • “Reagan and Trump, (who were two of the greatest presidents ever)“

          Fake Miner is in favor of more restrictions on private firearms ownership, he celebrates Reagan’s signature on California’s gun control legislation, the model for the 1968 gun control act.

          And he also adores Donald Trump, who unlawfully banned bump stocks and started the process to ban pistol braces.

          Fake Miner is also the false Christian Who publicly posts his ‘love’ for Jesus as a display of his righteousness.

          Jesus himself warned of those who publicly displayed their piety, he said they were as a white painted sepulcher, “beautiful to behold, but filled with corruption within”.

        • Fake miner/real miner? Who can tell. Trying to earn 30 pieces of silver from bloomberg has corrupted you to the point you now have two personalities.

          The fascist left suffers from mental disorders. Witness dacian.

        • Ask one of the moderators, Dan Z. or Jeremy S.

          They have access to the logs and could easily tell you that I, as the original Miner49er, have never posted under any other handle.

          I have no idea who my secret admirers are, but I suspect there are many who use my moniker because, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. They all wish they could be me, they are envious of my sparkling wit and rugged good looks.

        • What day is it? – Biden

          Where am I? – Biden

          What am I doing here? – Biden

          What was I saying? – Biden

          Hello New Hampshire! (whisper) Wait – It’s vermont? -Biden

          Who gave me this note? I have something on my face under my nose? Ok, let me just eat it really quick. – Biden’s thoughts before taking action.

          All men are created equal… uh… you know the thing. – Biden

          We need to ban guns, and if you are threatened, just shoot through the door. -Biden

          Also, don’t be horses ass, I don’t represent you. – Biden

          Listen Fat! If you don’t like my ideas – we can do some pushups over this. I think I can do more pushups than you. – Biden

          Hunter Biden is really intelligent, okay. That is why he was hired. – Biden

          (On national TV) – “bring the [teleprompter] closer.” – Biden

          Corn pop was a bad dude! – Biden

          For example, one of the things we worked on early on, and I worked on with folks out in Silicon Valley, we should be able to make a weapon that, in fact, you can only, if you can buy it, can only be fired with James Bond kind of stuff, if it has your print on it. You’re the only one that can pull the trigger. – Biden

          Second Amendment exists but it does not say everyone is “entitled” to own a gun. – Biden

          You give me a nine millimeter Glock, and you have a thirty-eight revolver, I’ll kill more people quickly in here. You’d shoot as many, but I’ll kill more. – Biden

          I got a lot of — I got hairy legs that turn … blonde in the sun, And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping on my lap, And I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap. – Biden

          No mistakes were made in the Afghan exit. – Biden

          Biden is likely to accomplish nothing at all. Whatever executive order he signs, will be repealed in the next election. Whatever legislation proposed will be blocked by filibuster, and Manchin will make sure it does.

      • My message to mini mike and his Gun Control ilk…Over my dead body will any pos promoting an agenda that History confirms is rooted in racism and genocide is going to ever dictate me. There is no difference between someone raping you and raping your rights. Both bags of sht receive equal treatment because discrimination in any shape, matter or form is not in my nature.

        And whose silence helped bring Gun Control to this point are the so called defenders of the Second Amendment. Defenders who are so stupid polite that they dare to ever mention how it is the democRat Party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. What else you never hear coming from the so called defenders of The Second Amendment is any demand for the democRat Party to be held monetarily liable for its long history of race based atrocities. There is solid ground to demand the democRat Party pay up and nothing NADA is ever said…Silence is the f-n problem.

        The Party of Lincoln has become the party of slave shacks and the democRat Party has become the good guys in white hats. All done by unchecked propaganda that has led history illiterate useful idiots to believe they are keyboard warriors fighting bigotry. All such spoon fed useful idiots do is help whitewash centuries of democRat Party race based atrocities.

        If the despicable racist history of the democRat Party continues to get a pass by defenders of the Second Amendment being hush hush about it one day anyone with a gun is a bigot while the Taliban lint licking democRat Party skates by wearing white hats.

        • “The Party of Lincoln has become the party of slave shacks and the democRat Party has become the good guys in white hats“

          This wisdom is the ‘pearl of great price’, I’m glad someone on here is finally willing to speak the truth and shame the devil.

          Republican Richard Nixon was the first to use this tactic, his ‘Southern Strategy’ was the key to appealing to the racism of the white southern population.

      • Nixon wasn’t president in 1975 minor. And he sure didn’t start Vietnam. A dim did. And a Dim named Biden blocked rescue efforts in Nam. Verifiable…

        • Well, lets give credit where credit is due. A RINO Republican named John McCain also repeatedly blocked attempts to rescue POWs and get them returned, despite having been one himself.

          You know how you tell if a politician, from any party, is lying? His lips are moving.

        • “Nixon wasn’t president in 1975 minor. And he sure didn’t start Vietnam. A dim did”

          Wow, all these years I thought Dwight D Eisenhower was a Republican…

          “Though Diem proved corrupt and authoritarian, Eisenhower called him “the greatest of statesmen” and “an example for people everywhere who hate tyranny and love freedom.” More importantly, he also supplied Diem with money and weapons, sending nearly $2 billion in aid from 1955 to 1960 and increasing the number of military advisors to around 1,000.
          By the time Eisenhower left office, open fighting had broken out between Diem’s forces and the so-called Viet Cong, communist insurgents in the South who were backed by North Vietnam. Each side employed brutal tactics, including torture and political assassinations.
          The Vietnam War was now in full swing, and the United States was right in the middle of it.”

        • “Biden blocked rescue efforts in Nam. Verifiable… “

          Where do you guys get this stuff?

          “Biden’s quote in the story appears to be taken out of context. When viewed in a contemporary transcript obtained from the Gerald Ford Presidential Library, Biden was responding to a request by the Ford Administration that was primarily for additional military aid, not for evacuating refugees.

          In fact, earlier in the discussion he demonstrates that he is supportive of getting the South Vietnamese out of the Vietnam. Here is the additional quote: “We should focus on getting them [the South Vietnamese] out. Getting the Vietnamese out and military aid for the GVN [Government of Vietnam] are totally different.”

          When reviewed in its entirety, the transcript makes clear that Biden was supportive of getting the South Vietnamese out of Vietnam. But he did not support additional military aid, and wanted an estimate of the number of people to evacuate along with an estimated cost for the evacuation. A key responsibility for Congress is determining spending, so this was an unsurprising question.

          The conference report, as this was not yet a bill, was rejected by Biden as he felt that the administration had not provided adequate detail for how the funding would be spent, even though Undersecretary of State Philip Habib had promised more details that were not provided. This was quickly irrelevant—the situation in Saigon had deteriorated so rapidly, both parties rejected this request in the House.”

          It is interesting what many conservatives think the record of history shows, I bet you even think Columbus discovered America, right?

        • MinorIQ,

          Please remind me how many American soldiers Eisenhower deployed in Vietnam. I’m curious.

      • minor 49 IQ…Congressional democRats defunded Vietnam and Nixon bowed out as gracefully as possible. Nonetheless logistics cost going in and coming out…People are supposed to be treated much different? Yes or No.

        What is of great importance here is the look of horror in the faces of the Vietnamese is the exact same look of horror we see today in the faces of those left for the wolves in Afghanistan by the democRat Party.

        You being a sneaky political hack damage control pos you are have blood on your hands. And like the rest of your democRat Party brethren you should be charged with war crimes dating all the way back to the Civil War.

        • Nixon did nothing gracefully. He sold us out to the CCP and promoted divisiveness, polarizing this country. He was mean, gross, and vindictive. He was every bit as bad as LBJ. He was also a gun grabber.

        • rt66paul…I was specific about a time in history where Nixon was being as gracefully as possible…I did not say Nixon was gracefully about everything period. I added “as possible” specifically for dolts like you who see what you want to see and run with it.

          Furthermore…At least Nixon did a much better job trying than your nothing whatsoever reply to paragraphs of minor 49 IQ dribble.

          And Furthermore…My crystal ball says during Nixon you could still walk in and walk out with a firearm. US 30 Carbines, etc. were plentiful and cheap. C’Mon Man. Problem back then was Gun Control was not properly defined by its roots thus the 1968 Gun Control Act and everything since. Mostly thanks to people who would rather nitpick.

        • “Nixon bowed out as gracefully“

          so you think Richard Nixon’s treason was graceful?

          Do you realize that Nixon’s sabotage of the Paris peace talks means he is responsible for every Americans death in Vietnam from 1968 to the end of the war?

          “The Nixon campaign’s sabotage of Johnson’s peace process was successful. Nine days later, Thieu’s decision to boycott the talks headlined The New York Times and other U.S. newspapers, reminding American voters of their long-harbored mistrust of the wheeler-dealer LBJ and his “credibility gap” on Vietnam. Humphrey’s momentum faded.

          LBJ was furious. His national security adviser, Walt Rostow, urged him to unmask Nixon’s treachery. Humphrey’s aides told their boss to expose the episode and disgrace their Republican foes. But Johnson and Humphrey balked. They didn’t have proof that Nixon had personally directed her actions.

          And so Nixon won the 1968 election, and led America further into carnage in Southeast Asia.“

      • So, break it down for me, MinorIQ – how many Americans have been killed by any of the arms we left in Vietnam? You might also be aware that Stinger MANPADS require maintenance, and any we supplied to the Taliban under Reagan were non-functional years ago. In a couple years, let’s revisit what happened to the 200+ aircraft, the drones, the HMMVs, the MRAPs, the fully-automatic weapons, and the explosives left behind in Ashcanistan.

        In addition to your brainless whataboutism, do you have anything else stupid to say??? You voted for this brainless, senile pedophile, and now your best answer is “But Reagan did something similar! (which resulted in exactly zero negative consequences).”

        Does being that stupid cause you actual physical pain? I would think it would. Just STFU and take the “L” – Biden f***ed up, just as ANY intelligent person would have predicted . . . but you constantiy tout how you are “proud” to have voted for him. Yeah, we know you are . . . and yet you expect to be taken seriously, just like your senile, drooling moron of a president does.

        • “we supplied to the Taliban under Reagan“

          There it is, in black-and-white.

          And Osama bin Ladin, etc. appreciated republican Ronald Reagan’s gifts of high-tech military equipment.

        • “what happened to the 200+ aircraft, the drones, the HMMVs, the MRAPs, the fully-automatic weapons, and the explosives left behind in Ashcanistan”

          It is unfortunate that the military’s plan to destroy these assets, a plan developed under the Trump administration, was not equal to the task of denying the enemy these vital resources.

          Of course, you and many others deny the military industrial complex’s control over the American military establishment, but this war, like most of America’s wars in the last half of the 20th century up until now, have been all about forcing the taxpayers to subsidize the defense contractors and their lobbying efforts in Congress.

        • Lame ass reply Fake Miner.

          And all your lies about the stolen election are nothing but empty speech.

          The federal courts are holding you traitors accountable.

          This just in:

          “Aug. 25, 2021, 7:35 p.m. ET
          A federal judge in Michigan on Wednesday night ordered sanctions to be levied against nine pro-Trump lawyers, including Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood, ruling that a lawsuit laden with conspiracy theories that they filed last year challenging the validity of the presidential election was “a historic and profound abuse of the judicial process.”

          In her decision, Judge Linda V. Parker of the Federal District Court in Detroit ordered the lawyers to be referred to the local legal authorities in their home states for possible suspension or disbarment.

          Declaring that the lawsuit should never have been filed, Judge Parker wrote in her 110-page order that it was “one thing to take on the charge of vindicating rights associated with an allegedly fraudulent election,” but another to deceive “a federal court and the American people into believing that rights were infringed.”

          “This is what happened here,” she wrote.“

          And the hits just keep coming!

          The kraken and her merry band of pranksters were ordered to pay court costs and lawyer fees, which will be hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions, before it’s over.

          And the Arizona audit is a flop, the cyber ninjas are claiming the Covid dog ate their homework, what a bunch of fraudsters that snookered you folks.

        • In the last 2 weeks how many Tally roadblock/checkpoints have been taken under by sniper team fire? How many US provided vehicles, choppers, aircraft, bunkers, fuel tanks have been destroyed by US assault teams or mortar fire in the last week? How many Tally mucketymucks have been shot in the last week? How many Tally royals have received BJ and cash from the US state dept in the last 10days?

          US has a good $ of Bn of highly trained airborne qual troops – where is Obiden hiding them? We spend millions annually on the AirFarce and they can only put 20x C17 into Kabul per day? NO C5. The Kabul OClub and Hilton not open?

        • MinorIQ,

          Yes, the U.S. supplied arms to the Taliban under Reagan. Please show me where I ever denied that.

          I asked you a very specific question: How many Americans can you demonstrate were killed by these weapons? Are you willing to bet that, 10 years from now, no Americans will have been killed by the BILLIONS of dollars of weapons abandoned by your drooling idiot of a “President”? And you even ADMITTED that Trump had a plan to deal with the weapons (AND evacuate both Americans and Afghan allies), and you have the (tiny little peanut-like mbwebwe) BALLS to ask, “Why didn’t it work????” BECAUSE THE IMBECILE IN THE WHITE HOUSE DIDN’T EXECUTE IT, you mouth-breathing nitwit.

          STILL proud of having voted for a senile pedophile (who was demonstrably stupid BEFORE he became senile)?? Tell us again how proud you are to have voted for gun-grabber Joe, MinorMoron.

        • MinorIQ, you ignorant slut, Biden never made any attempt to EXECUTE the plan to deny the Taliban those weapons. Just like he made no attempt to evacuate Americans or Afghan allies.

          Maybe you can get away with this lame-@$$ carrying water for the Senile Pedophile on Salon or one of you other leftist/authoritarian s***hole blogs, but not here where people are actually cognizant of reality. Biden is, like his former boss Barry Soetoro, a stuttering clusterf*** of a miserable failure. Your pathetic efforts at whatababoutism and denying his senile incompetence only make you look like more of a fool than usual (and you usually look like a complete fool).

      • Miner and dacian in a battle to the death match (using pink feathers) for TTAG queen o stupid. Feelins gonna be hurt.

        Do Miner and dacian every slither into the same thread? Perhaps Soros has a noncompete.

        • Well, as amusing as it might be to see MinorSTD and Dacian in a death match (don’t forget enuf, there’s room for him, too), I don’t think that’s likely to happen. And if we could make it happen, I trust their collective idiocy to ensure that no blood resulted – they’d probably trip and fall trying to ‘wage battle’. MinorIQ needs an homonculus riding on his shoulder to remind him to breathe, and Dacian is a deranged (probably homeless) imbecile. enuf is slightly less sane than MinorIQ, and slightly less intelligent than Dacian.

          If brains were gunpowder, all three of them collectively couldn’t blow ONE of their noses.

    • You sound like a cuck.
      If that happens, it’s not time to give up your guns.
      It’s time to use them.
      I know you’re not actually a soyboy.
      Do not comply.

    • Most of that equipment will be nonfunctional within a few years because of a lack of maintenance and spare parts.

    • AP, I know you are trying to make a point that Biden already lost military grade weapons he will never get back. But don’t gamble your own self-defense on something like this, even if it seems a sure thing. Especially since we know Biden will lie, cheat, and steal to get what he wants.

  2. “About 55 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats say the other party is “not just worse for politics—they are downright evil,”

    Any action designed to turn citizens into serfs IS evil, whether concerning the RTKBA, Robin Hood-type taxes soaking some to pay for others who won’t work, taking or limiting the use of one’s property after the fact, or any other action that would turn once law-abiding people into criminals if they do not comply with the next set of “orders”.

    As for politically “pigeonholing” citizens having either gun/antigun POVs as either Republican or democrat, Tucille is likely correct in that those attitudes are likely to evolve radically in the future, especially if large metropolitan law enforcement refuses to end the burning and looting within their boundaries.

    The 2019-20 riots have had a negative affect on the people, who in the past, had little-to-no “horses in the gun race” as proven by the tremendous increase of first itme gun buyers nation-wide. I’m betting the rioting will be kept under wraps now until the results of 2022 are known. Should the more conservative side break through the enormous amount of voter fraud to win control of either the House, Senate or both, we’ll see such activity unleashed again in all its glory, celebrated and cheered on by the woke MSM. Perhaps by then there’ll be enough informed and armed Americans to make it much less profitable for them. The law-abiding can only hope so.

  3. Sounds nice but I wouldn’t be surprised to see support for gun control stay flat or even increase as diversity of ownership also increases. People too often think regs and laws they support imposing on others won’t affect them and even if they would affect them they’ll be righteous in their noncompliance. Every petty tyrant thinks they’re special be it Pelosi, Swallwell or the Karen next door.

    • There indeed may be more calls for gun control, when news stories like the one below continue, reasonable citizens will continue to look for a solution.

      “Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 9:18 AM EDT|Updated: 18 minutes ago
      KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) – A baby girl is recovering after a bullet was removed from her head.

      Lona Thomas is just a year and a half old and is in the fight for her life. Her mom and sister were also shot, all by the girls’ father, Donald Thomas, who then turned the gun on himself, according to investigators.

      It was Thursday when Tracy Miller last talked to her daughter.

      “She had gotten an apartment and paid the down payment on it and she was finally able to do this by herself with the kids and that was the last time I spoke to her,” Miller said.

      Alicia Thomas was found dead Monday with her four-year-old daughter Myra.

      Kanawha County Deputies say both had been shot. Alicia’s one year old daughter Lona was underneath her, she survived.

      “My kids are dead because she wanted to leave that is the bottom line, ” Miller said. “That is the bottom line. How do you shoot your own kids?”

      Investigators said Alicia’s husband and the girls’ dad Donald Thomas pulled the trigger before turning the gun on himself.

      “We knew he was going to kill my daughter,” Miller said. “He has been hurting her for years she had so many order of protections against him.”

      • Why wasn’t she able to shoot back? Did she listen to folks like you? Orders of protection? Seems like we need a new law against orders of protection. They did no good for her.

        This was a tragedy. But you can’t help yourself. Time to dance in the blood.

      • He could not have committed mass murder had he been imprisoned for the previous abuses he committed.

        Reasonable citizens expect those who abuse others to be punished or confined. We do not expect pieces of paper to protect us from criminal abusers.

        Controlling firearms is not the answer. Controlling criminals is the only answer in a civilized society. To believe otherwise is ignorant.

      • Hey Miner, let’s get your fat, lazy cut and paste brain up out of that rocking chair and try a little exercise. I’ll make it super easy : pick the answer that best fits the above situation. Right before the 115 grains went through her head, the last thought to pass through Lona’s mind was – A: I wish they would have printed that restraining order on thicker paper. or. – B: Fuck I wish I had a gun right now !…. take your time, I know it’s a tough one, although we all know what your real answer is.

        • That is a false dichotomy, there could’ve been many thoughts in that moment.

          “I wish his buddy hadn’t sold him that gun, he knew my husband had made many threats against me but he still just wanted the cash”

        • Because, MinorIQ, we all KNOW that there is no such thing as an illegal black market in guns (and it has been proved that the vast majority of guns used in crimes are acquired by either theft or on the black market), amirite?

          And a law is going to prevent that, right? Just like laws against drugs have eliminated the illegal drug trade, right?

          Are you REALLY as stupid as you come across on this blog, or are you just doing a parodic imitation of any idiot leftist? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • In the immortal words of Archie Bunker “Would it make you feel better, little girl, if they was all pushed out of windows instead?”

      • @Miner49er
        I know three other people besides myself who’ve been shot.
        All of us bought more bullets &gunms.
        I guess buying a gunm is a little late if your dead.

        • Could you entertain the thought that perhaps denying the firearm to the nut job in advance would save you some unwanted perforations in your hide?

          Wouldn’t it be best to get in front of the trouble before it happens, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as grandma used to say.

        • Ah grandma,

          She used to tie a steak around my neck, so the dogs would play with me.

          And told me to stop “sleeping” in the chicken coup.

        • Umm miner, he didn’t get the gun legally in the first place. He got it from a friend. The fact that he made those threats, he probably would have not been legally able to purchase a gun anyways. Now tell me, what law would have gotten out in front of him to prevent him from getting the gun? I won’t wait because you would not have an answer anytime soon. Also, btw, laws are not preventative, they are punitive. They punish after the crime was committed. It’s like a drivers license. I know kids that do not have drivers licenses, but still go out driving. How about murder. We have plenty of laws about muder and define which type of murder is which. But in the end, does that law prevent murder? Your story tells us that it doesn’t. Another example which actually is even more like what you are suggesting. Prohibition was actually not just a law, but placed in the constitution. You know what it accomplished? The creation of the mob and we still have alcohol around. Oh, I guess we can mention one positive from prohibition: NASCAR. So what makes you think that banning arms is going to be any different then prohibition… especially when you consider we now not only have the mob, but we now have the Mexican cartels. The only people gun laws affect are law abiding citizens who were not nearly as likely to break the law in the first place. But keep in mind, just like during prohibition, if enough laws are put down against something, even law abiding citizens can become criminals.

      • “reasonable citizens will continue to look for a solution”

        Wrong again whiner….

        “Reasonable citizens” will blame the person who pulled the trigger. These people understand the need for the 2nd A.

        The group YOU’RE referring to are intellectual infants. They believe inatimate objects are the root cause of events such as this.

        Just take away one of the tools and all the evil in our world will just magically disappear. Right? 🤪

      • It is positively a fact, he wrote it in his suicide note, he would have just moved on and gone away had it not been for that wretched gun speaking to him to do it.

        You are a child, and not an intelligent one.

        My apologies to any actual children offended by the comparison.

        • “he wrote it in his suicide note, he would have just moved on and gone away had it not been for that wretched gun“

          That did not happen, you are just making shit up in a lame attempt to prove your false narrative.

          You may call it sarcasm or a joke, but this tragedy is no laughing matter.

      • LOL. Waving the bloody shirt here, to the extreme degree. Purely an emotional response. Logic? No. Statistics? No.

        Just… “Look at this baby!” And waving the bloody shirt. All classic BS.

        My guns have killed zero people. No i’m not complying. At all. End of story.

  4. There is a gun registry in spite of the law requiring destruction of the ATF checks at purchase. I have no doubt that the records were kept hidden away. When they destroy the 2nd, they know where to find each and every one of us. It will be the door knock down in the night and taken into custody until we tell them where the guns are. And no, the boating accident BS story won’t matter. You WILL give up your guns or spend your life locked up, and maybe even after. Or they will just shoot you for “resisting arrest” and solve the problem permanently. Remember these people have no conscience or morals. They only care about power and control. Our country is LOST!

    • Better kick 120 million doors on the same night.

      You think we will wait to be slaughtered?

      They don’t have the numbers.

    • @Michael,

      I don’t think so. Certainly, the beginning of any confiscation will be subtle and localized, so minimize the chance of resistance. 4am door breaches, overwhelming S.W.A.T. stack teams, and of course advance compilation of info against the victims to ensure the MSM will paint them in a negative, anti-societal light. All to scare other would-be resistors into submission.

      But we all know what will happen. Guns on registries will be found and taken. Some recalcitrant individuals will be arrested, or simply smeared so as to convince their employers to fire them or banks to cancel financial accounts. But in this day and age of security camera systems, cell phones in every hand, instant streaming to a global audience, and a waiting powder keg of widespread mistrust and angst among the populace, there will be an event that will act as the spark. Whether it’s footage of another grandmother being taken down by five zealous cops, or a child being inadvertently murdered during entry, or the cute family Shih Tzu blown away, or even a decorated veteran turning the tables and successfully defending his family against such an attack…something will tip the scales and embolden the masses to physically resist. When that occurs, and any LE that choose to enforce blatantly unconstitutional actions realize they may finally be in danger, the balance will swing.

      I don’t wish for this, but it will happen.

      • An excellent rebuttal. You thought of things that didn’t occur to me. Thanks. I sincerely hope that you are right.

      • “a child being inadvertently murdered during entry“

        This happens often in poor neighborhoods, yet I have not seen the popular uprising you speak up.

      • to I Haz A Question

        I have seen better melodramas on “As the world turns” or perhaps the movie Red Dawn. They were all good fantasies.

        We are still waiting for the Aussies to rise up after they willingly gave up railroad cars full of guns. If you think the same would not happen in Capitalvania you are unaware of human nature and that is “Look out for No. 1” and let the fools argue about politics.

        • Australia doesn’t have America’s rednecks, hunters who can recite their family prowess going back generations, DIY builders, and a bedrock history of successfully kicking past tyrants off the continent.

          Aussies, Kiwis, and Brits don’t have the independent streak Americans do. Patriots are well mannered and patient…until we’re not.

        • Dacian. You CANNOT compare a mass gun seizure in the US to the 1990s gun buyback in Australia.

          Australia has less than 10% of the population despite having about 80% of the landmass of the continental USA. The rate of firearm ownership is a lot less. And the rate of ownership of self-loading rifles and handguns was also a lot less.

          The post Port Arthur buyback used the carrot and stick approach. The carrot was paying above market rates for the now prohibited firearms and also paying for spare parts and accessories, including magazines. The stick was large fines, long prison sentences, and a lifetime ban on legally owning firearms.

          The buyback was paid for by a limited period increase in the Medicare levy on each tax payer’s tax return.

          To deter people from owning firearms, the licensing requirements were tightened and the application process made more difficult.

          What happened. Yes, people handed in prohibited guns and then bought legal firearms. The licensing process became the new normal and now there are more gun owners owning more guns than we did previously. And range attendances are more frequent on average.

          Of course, the above made the anti-gun groups positively livid with rage.

          And there were unintended gaps in the firearms regulations because they were created in haste and ignorance. Gaps the market is using. Legally compliant solutions but not in “the spirit” of the intended outcome.

          Why wouldn’t this work in the USA? The USA has a much bigger population. A much higher rate of handgun and MSR ownership. A reluctance to pay more taxes to fund a compulsory purchase program at acceptable rates. And an over willingness from some law enforcement agents to conduct “shock-and-awe” type actions.

        • Don’t think for a minute that you’re going to be able to get anything through to the dole bludger “little d.” He just got done with watching Crocodile Dundee reruns in mom’s basement, so he is an expert on all things Australia. You probably can’t even locate Capitalvania on a map !!

        • Burning Cross you unknowingly proved my point. Do you not think the “carrot and the stick” would not work equally well in the U.S. To disagree with that would be admitting that the Aussies are not made of as “stern of stuff” as the Americans.

        • Constitutional carry spreading everywhere. Silencers widespread and cheaper than ever. 80% lowers in everyone’s closet. A supreme court ready to strike down any and all of your BS legislation. A judge at the ready to issue a nationwide injunction against the ATF for capricious and arbitrary re-rulings. Record breaking gun sales, year after year after year. Reloading equipment sold out… all the time.

          Your ass is losing… not winning.

    • Well I’m no snitch and I wont go to jail.
      Is a gunm worth doing for?
      No, but the Constitution and its freedoms sure are.
      I suppose there are more then just me who think this way.
      So pass your laws against Our constitutional rights, and you become the enemy .
      Beware those who own motels and convenience stores. The hidden player.

    • That will work for the first few days, but the concept breaks down fairly quickly unless they shut down the internet, cell service, and threaten all broadcast media. Even then the news will get out fairly quickly and there aren’t enough feds or jail cells. The first grandpa some jackass like Chipman kills will cause an unsustainable casualty count on both sides, and the patriots vastly outnumber the feds.

  5. The rule of law in this country is dead. The Dems pick and choose which laws they will follow, citing the laws they disagree with as unjust. Why wouldn’t conservatives do the same? Also, half of the country believes the current administration acquired their power illegitimately, and therefore any decrees enacted during their tenure also illegitimate.

  6. quote—————-A majority of Americans may currently favor more restrictive laws regarding firearms, but that majority looks likely to shrink in the years to come, making policy changes less likely as the years go by.———-quote

    History has shown the opposite as the need and desire for more gun control is not only desired by the population but desperately needed. . Violence in the U.S. has steadily increased since the country was founded.

    When in college we studied a test they did in relation to violence and the population count. It was a simple test of just abandoning a automobile and then secretly watching to see what would happen. In the country with a low population count people called in to report an abandoned car. In the suburbs people stole things off of the vehicle and in the inner city the people actually attacked the car and destroyed it.

    Mental illness also increases way out of proportion to the increase in the population. I do not at the moment recall the actual ratio’s but it was not an equal increase of population to mental illness. In other words because we now have 330 million people as opposed to the scant 3 million we had at the founding of the country (2 million whites and 1 million slaves) we now have a tremendous increase in mentally ill people and guess what? They are buying guns and committed mass murder with them.

    So in conclusion the article’s statement was diametrically in reverse of history and today’s realities. Yes we need more gun control and a lot of it if we are to keep society from total disintegration, we are not far from that catastrophe at present.

    The Article mentions low compliance with assault rifle registration but fails to realize that it is only a Federal Law that would get people to comply. When it becomes illegal to sell a gun or own one or use one in ALL the states the compliance would go cup dramatically. Right now people in say Connecticut can simply sell their guns across state lines where it is legal to own them and they can buy them there as well. Yes in many cases its against the law but it goes on and I have seen it happen over the years. Remember second hand guns are not vetted in many states making this all possible.

    Also if the laws are made draconian enough again people will comply as when the Feds made owning an illegal machine gun and being caught with one sent you to prison for 20 years and gave you a $200,000 fine and you lost your job the law proved very, very successful. Often failure to obey some state laws to register an assault rifle does not carry a high enough penalty.

    Remember too if a certain type of rifle is outlawed altogether you could never sell it or use it in a self defense situation or even fire it at a public range so what good would it be to you except as a complete liability.

    History marches on and all over the entire world gun control went from zero control to very strict control and gun control in the U.S. in just the last 20 years has risen dramatically with zero signs of slowing down.

    • You have proven yourself to be mentally ill, nazi boy. Should you not be allowed a gun? Or should your fascist ideology ban you?

      • quote————–Should you not be allowed a gun? Or should your fascist ideology ban you?————-quote

        It was the Nazi’s (like you) who banned guns for sale to Jews and the Anti-FA not we of the Anti-Fa. Why do you love eating crow after every nonsensical post you make???? You flunked history class Jethro.

        • antifa are the new age nazis, dacian. They wage a campaign of terror, intimidation and murder. You’ve claimed to be one so you own their crimes.’

          as for gun control? I believe any person, regardless of race or religion, should be able to walk into any store in America, buy any gun they wish, load it and walk the streets with it.

          How does that compare with your views on gun control, nazi boy?

      • Actually, JWM, I think he has proven himself to be a paychotropic addled lost soul, whom was forced to drop out of general college during his seventh year when his mom lost her job at the dogfood factory. Unfortunately, he didn’t fully develop his job skills like his lib arts buddies that are now managers at the local Wal-Mart, so he is forced to reside in his mom’s basement, making whatever he can earn shilling for Soros’ agitprop, with a little leftover for occasional trips to ProgWorld to enjoy the unicorn ridesand cotton candy. Rather than despise little d, I rather pity him.

    • What if we made laws draconian for committing crimes against others? Not for the possession of objects but for actions taken? Will criminals then comply?

      You are targeting the majority of people who are not offending others. Yet you don’t target those who are the ones offending. Do you punish your dog because the cat urinated on your pillow?

      • To Paratrooper
        “quote—–You are targeting the majority of people who are not offending others.————quote

        Then if I understand you correctly we should also allow machine guns and silencers to be sold over the counter as well. Yes most people who owned them back then in the 20’s did not commit crime with them but plenty of gangsters did because they were so easily available. We all know how well that worked out in the 1920’s don’t we. Today it is no different we are just talking about another weapon that criminals are committing crime and mass murder with because it is so easy for criminals to get them.

        According to you we should also get rid of the Brady Bill as well. Never mind the fact that it stopped over a 20 year period 2.1 million crooks and crazies from buying new guns and would have stopped at least 6 million if it had been permitted to vet second hand gun sales as well.

        • Hey dacian, care to FINALLY reveal the whereabouts of this super secret Federal facility, now housing two point one MILLION form 4473 felons ?? I know that we have all been waiting for quite some time for your big tell, so DO TELL !!

        • Dacian your understanding of what I posted is dangerously inept.

          Do you believe the gangsters of the day opted to turn in thier machineguns so they wouldn’t get in trouble? No, they still used them and still do today. If you are half as intelligent as you believe yourself to be, you understand that a machinegun is no more dangerous than any other firearm.

          Silencers were added to the 1934 GCA because of poachers, or so goes the lore. The Congessional Record does not address the reason. No one can truthfully say why they were included.

          It is dishonest to suggest the Brady Act stopped all of those transactions. We don’t know how many were later approved, mistaken identity or actual criminals since the prosecution level is so low.

          If you think the people with the highest propensity to commit crimes will undergo a background check from their local corner dealer of stolen firearms, illicit drugs, hookers and alcohol you live in a fantasy world or you are being intentionally dishonest.

    • “Remember too if a certain type of rifle is outlawed altogether you could never sell it or use it in a self defense situation or even fire it at a public range so what good would it be to you except as a complete liability.”
      I would guess that most gun owners in the US have not been to the range in the previous 5 years. People own guns for hunting, competition sports and for defensive protection. Many have guns only to protect themselves, family and possessions. Using the weapon can get them into trouble, but at least you have a chance.
      These people will keep their firearms lifelong and hand them down to their children, grandchildren, or family, so they can be protected as well. How many of you have seen a handgun bought in the 20s, in it’s original box with some period ammo. The gun may have never been fired or maybe only a few times.
      These “legacy” guns will continue to be handed down and kept for personal protection. I, for one, am glad that these guns did not need to be used(yes, they should practice). I think that it is a good thing that these guns are not on the radar and hidden away where to head of the house can get to it just in case of a problem.

      • quote————– I think that it is a good thing that these guns are not on the radar and hidden away where to head of the house can get to it just in case of a problem.————quote

        Not correct by a long shot (pun intended). If you use a legal weapon, fine no problem to defend yourself in your home. Use an illegal weapon and you will be put into the same cell as the criminal and chances are the criminal will get out of jail sooner than you will.

        • quote————-No such thing as an illegal gun. Unless of course you take the nazi view of things.———-quote

          I feel sorry for you Jethro it is just too easy to humiliate you. Do you realize you just called all the U.S. Courts as well as a lot of Republicans Nazi’s because the courts have upheld the majority of anti-gun laws and Republican Governors have also passed anti-gun laws.

          Try again Jethro you flunked out again.

        • If they, like you, support gun control, then yes, they are nazis. I’m an independent, by the way.

          GOP is not always right. But you guys in the fascist left are always wrong.

          You’re the perfect nazi. Low iq, mentally ill and hoping to be important some day. Spoiler alert. It ain’t gonna happen.

        • “I’m an independent, by the way“

          An ‘independent’ that always votes Republican… is a Republican.

        • Just the other day, a fellon in possession a gun got off the hook by some liberal ass judge because said fellon used it in self defense! Can’t remember where I read it but it’s on the web look it up

        • jwm,

          I don’t pretend to be an independent.

          And you are correct.

          As a far left Marxist, I always vote for the party that is ideologically the same, the Democrats.

    • History has shown the opposite as the need and desire for more gun control is not only desired by the population but desperately needed. – Dacian.

      Delusional BS.

      Constitutional carry spreading everywhere. Silencers widespread and cheaper than ever. 80% lowers in everyone’s closet. A supreme court ready to strike down any and all of your BS legislation. A judge at the ready to issue a nationwide injunction against the ATF for capricious and arbitrary re-rulings. Record breaking gun sales, year after year after year. Reloading equipment sold out… all the time.

      Your ass is losing… not winning.

  7. “About 55 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats say the other party is “not just worse for politics—they are downright evil,” ”

    Except that the 55% side respects the Founder’s Constitutuon and traditional Americanism and the 44% hate it. They want the world to change because they object to tradition.

    • Hey dacian, I was waiting for an answer from 49er before you grabbed mom’s phone away from him. Can you give it back to him to respond before she discovers it’s missing and sends you two to separate bedrooms without lunch ?

    • To Mad Man to the Maxx.

      quote————Except that the 55% side respects the Founder’s Constitutuon and traditional Americanism and the 44% hate it. They want the world to change because they object to tradition.———-quote

      Wrong it is the Republicans that are right now trying to take away peoples right to vote by putting up all kind of restrictions to vote because they know they cannot win a free and fair election. Hitler and the Nazi’s did the same.

      It is the Republicans that hate the fee press and have tried to destroy it. Both Nixon and Trump called the free press “The enemy of the people”. Hitler did the same.

      It is the Republicans that have fought to keep Gerrymandering and the corrupt Electoral college both of which makes a complete mockery of true Grecian Democracy which the Republicans hate with a passion.

      It is the Republicans that supported the Trumpite Hitlerite Nazi’s led by the most racist White Supremacist group in the U.S. “The Proud Boys” that tried to overthrow the U.S. Government and murder duly elected representatives and install Herr Drumpf (the Donald) as a life long dictator.

      And it was the Nazi Republicans that said :

      Republicans have said that it is traditional to make Protestant Christianity a State mandated religion”.

      Republicans have said it is traditional to discriminate against Catholics. Billy Graham went to Congress when John Kennedy was running for President and told the Congress that if Kennedy was elected he would change the U.S. into a Catholic Caliphate and that no Catholics should be permitted to hold any public office.

      Republicans have said it is traditional to discriminate against minorities and gays.

      Republicans passed laws against interracial marriage. Blacks and Orientals were prohibited against marrying whites because Republicans said it was Traditional.

      Republicans passed laws against minorities eating in all white restaurants.

      Republicans passed laws against integration in schools.

      Republicans did not want a racially integrated military because they said blacks would not fight. Strange that the a black Tuskegee Air Force shot down hundreds of German Fighter planes in WWII.

      You flunked history and political science classes Mad Man to the Maxx. Try again.

      • I like you dacian.

        Your agitprop is quite good, not a word of veracity. Bravo!

        Which antifa chapter do you belong to, brother dacian?

        Know that we Marxist support you.

        • It takes a special kind of coward to use the “real” Minors moniker. Real men use their own moniker and stand up for what they believe in. The only person you really denigrate is yourself but that is way over your head. Your totally oblivious to reality.

        • You are a younger man dacian/jerry p. You’re just too mentally ill even for cnn and since you flunked out of college you ain’t qualified.

  8. As far as I know, FFL’s are supposed to keep their 4473’s available for inspection for 20 years. New laws are rumored to be in the works compelling the records to be held indefinitely for ATF tracing purposes.
    Don’t expect firearms 20 years of age or older to be re-certified or turned in to Uncle Scam when they pass away, either. At this point in time they’re priceless to the right people. I see ammo as a perishable commodity more readily regulated and controlled by dishonest crooks, like the “temporary” import ban on Russia that happened for no obvious reason.

    • ” . . . FFL’s are supposed to keep their 4473’s available for inspection for 20 years . . . ”

      And if you believe that, I have some really nice oceanfront property to sell in Arizona. I’ll give you a good deal. ANYONE who thinks that the ATF does not maintain all 4473s is too naive to vote.

      They haven’t made the ability to use that database public, yet, due to their perception of the blowback that would ensue, but . . . trust me, if you completed a 4473 for your firearms purchase, you ARE on a database.

      • To “The Lamp that never was lit”.

        Quote—————-if you completed a 4473 for your firearms purchase, you ARE on a database.————–quote

        Totally wrong. After 20 years a gun dealer can destroy all of those records. And when you go through the background check no info is given to government as to the serial number or even the model or make of the gun. All that is on the dealers books and 4473 form that can be destroyed after 20 years. The only thing the government could know is that you bought a gun on a certain day and in most states you can sell it after that and keep no record on who you sold it to.

        This of course is pure insanity and should be changed someday soon.

        • You flipping IDIOT, dacian . . . are you seriously saying that, because the government is “supposed” to do something, it automatically does it??? Is that REALLY your argument???? So, an employee of the IRS didn’t leak tax returns of thousands of high-income Americans (a FELONY, by the way)???

          Blow it out your @$$, lying Leftist scum.

      • “theBiden is punishing Putin”

        I found it rather strange that you are disappointed with the president of the United States of America ‘punishing’ KGB colonel Vladimir Putin.

        Tell me did you lose any friends or relatives in the Vietnam war? To support KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin is to spit upon their graves and ignore their proud service and sacrifice for America.

        “A group of Soviet military specialists in Vietnam came at the invitation of Ho Chi Minh personally to render military and engineering assistance to the Vietnamese People’s Army.[14] From July 1965 to December 1974, more than 6000 generals and officers and more than 4,500 soldiers were sent to Vietnam as specialists. Small contingents of auxiliary forces from other states like Bulgaria and Cuba accompanied the Soviets.[15][16] From 1975-2002, forty-four Soviet servicemen were killed in Vietnam, mainly in aviation accidents.[17]“

        How sad that you consider ‘patriotism’ to mean supporting KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin over America, strange days indeed.

  9. All the stats on “compliance” are bogus, opinions. Unless “all” the guns in a given sample of “compliance” rate are known and accounted for, any percentage derived is just a SWAG (at ultimate best).

  10. Here is a good example of “downright evil”, many on this list claimed the Democrats are releasing criminals early to reoffend, the facts show the Republicans are much worse in this regard.

    Just before KY Republican governor Matt Bevins left office, he pardoned over 600 criminals, including this fine upstanding conservative family voter:

    “By WYMT News Staff
    Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 1:32 PM EDT|Updated: 58 minutes ago
    LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – A Laurel County jury has found Patrick Baker guilty of murder Wednesday afternoon.

    Baker was pardoned by former Governor Matt Bevin.

    WYMT has a reporter at the courthouse and will update this story as we learn more.”

    • He pardoned a man that witnesses said did not do the murder he was convicted of? Typical half truths and outright lies from miner the trained sea lion.

      If your cause is honest and just why do you feel the need to lie? Other than to collect your 30 pieces of silver from bloomberg.

      • “He pardoned a man that witnesses said did not do the murder he was convicted of? Typical half truths and outright lies from miner the trained sea lion.“

        The killer was found guilty by a jury of his peers under the mandate of the constitution, and sentenced by judge for his crimes.

        That is not a lie, it is a fact borne out by the judicial record. When you say that I am lying when I state a fact, that makes you the liar and purveyor of disinformation.

        And now he has been convicted by a jury of his peers yet again, and your refusal to accept this judgment shows your disdain for the constitution of the state of Kentucky and for the United States of America.

        Right wing authoritarians talk a good game about ‘law and order’, but when it comes to their conservative politicians handing out pardons for profit, that’s a different situation.

        “Baker was accused, now convicted, of murdering Donald Mills during a drug crime in May 2014.

        Prosecutors say Baker shot and killed the Knox County man inside his home because Baker was trying to steal Mills’s drug stash. The defense claimed another man committed the crime.

        “He was a father, and at the time of his murder his wife was 4 weeks pregnant. None of us knew,” said Melinda Mills, Donald Mills’s sister.

        Baker was tried and convicted of murder in Knox Circuit Court in 2017 and sentenced to 19 years but pardoned by then-Governor Matt Bevin in a flurry of pardons right before he left office in 2019.“

      • Isn’t it interesting, this killer could be the worst person in the world and completely escape his just punishment by ‘repenting’ moments before his death.

        Yes, that sounds like perfect Justice from a divine being…

        Thanks to vicarious human sacrifice, how fascinating.

        Between that, blood atonement and the ritual cannibalism of ‘communion’, what’s not to like?

  11. 2a sanctuary cities…
    will turn into 2a sanctuary counties…
    which will turn into 2a sanctuary states
    which will turn into a 2a sanctuary country
    change is coming
    one way or another
    its coming

      • I’m sorry, MinorIQ, was that intended as an intelligent comment?? Or did you just have a brain fart and accidentally hit “send”? That was a stupid comment even by your own (pathetic) standards.

        If you deny that we have (i) an historic high rate of firearms purchases, (ii) by a historically high rate of first time purchasers, (iii) a historically high percentage of whom are women and minorities? You’re even stupider than I thought (and I think you’re bomfozzlingly stupid).

  12. Hey Fake Miner, I looked up the author of the article that you posted a link for, and it looks like the joke is on you!

    “Kevin Downey, Jr. Is a comedian and columnist. When he isn’t writing or performing on stage he is collecting surf records and perhaps practicing his mixologist skills at his tiki bar. His apartment, the Atomic Bunker, looks like it was furnished from George Jetson’s garage sale.“

    Yes, when I want a reliable report on the election integrity of America, I choose to get my news from a “comedian and columnist”.

    It is no surprise you are totally clueless about the election process and do not understand the statistics as presented in the source article.

  13. Here’s what you can expect. The Merrick Garland Justice Dept will carefully cull a number of pro 2nd amendment moderate and conservative Trump supporters with no prior arrest record out of the herd, ruthlessly hammer them in Federal Court, send them to prison for 8-10 yrs, and brand them as convicted felons for the rest of their lives. Unlike the hundreds of criminal predators in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, NYC, Oakland, St Louis and every other 💩🕳 Democrat run city who have multiple prior felonies that Federal prosecutors routinely decline to charge for countless gun crimes, the anti 2nd amendment U.S Attorneys put in office by Biden are eager to make examples out of otherwise law abiding citizens. If you don’t believe the FBI, ATF, U.S. Attorney Office, and U.S. District Courts can show you who’s the boss, you’re a fool. Once charged with a Federal felony you’re screwed and have almost no chance of an acquittal, even if you have a top notch defense attorney, the deck is totally stacked against you.

  14. Guess the discussion here on the thread is about gun control and who’s right or wrong. Neither side is completely right or wrong. And for the most part, both sides are full of crap.
    Anti or pro gun laws are useless. Most anti gun laws are couched in the pretense of keeping “THOSE PEOPLE” from getting guns. Those people usually end up being whatever group is perceived as being different or of lesser status or worth.
    The pretense of gun control somehow preventing crime is another lie. Humans have been happily killing and robbing each other since we climbed down from the trees or since Cain killed Able. We’ve always had a small percentage of the populace that wants what someone else has, or feels the need to rid themselves of another person, or just wants to be bigger, badder, and meaner than someone else. Always have those who feel they need to dominate or punish someone. The claims of somehow stopping violence is again foolish at best.If some idiot has rationalized the irrational and decided to commit murder on a large scale, there are numerous ways of killing without a gun involved. And the victims will be just as dead. And never forget that the greatest mass murders have been perpetrated by more or less legitimate governments on their own people.
    My personal view is own whatever gun you want. Just be aware that there are consequences to your actions with that gun. We have a criminal problem and a lack of being held responsible for your actions problem. We do not have a gun problem.

  15. Quote: “In an additional reality check for advocates of restrictions, the growth in gun ownership among Democrats and some of their traditional constituencies amid loss of faith in government to keep the peace and treat people with respect makes it more likely that support for tighter gun laws will decline in their ranks than that Republicans will change their attitudes.”

    Don’t reject the possibility that many of those extra million new gun owners were AntiFa, BLM, et all gearing up for their future “violent revolution” that all leftists wish for.


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