Demonstrators stand on the capitol grounds ahead of a pro gun rally, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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NRA membership hasn’t grown in eight years. In 2020, it mustered only about half of what it spent in 2016 to elect Donald Trump. Leaked financial documents indicate that its revenue dropped by more than $80 million over those same four years.

The group also just failed in its attempt to declare bankruptcy and faces a dissolution suit filed by New York’s attorney general, stemming from corruption accusations against its executives, including CEO Wayne LaPierre. The attorney general recently filed a 187-page amended complaint outlining dozens more allegations brought to light during the bankruptcy proceedings. The NRA has even started to argue in court filings that the allegations against LaPierre should not be held against the group at large if they are found to be true.

Even so, Democratic leaders can’t seem to pass the gun policies they want.

And it isn’t because of the filibuster, either. The Democrats can’t get bare majorities to support their top gun priorities. They haven’t passed an assault-weapons ban since retaking the House in 2018. They’re unlikely to pass one or even bring it up for a vote before the 2022 midterms. And even if it passed the House, it wouldn’t pass the Senate.

The deadlock isn’t the result of the NRA paying off politicians to vote against the wishes of their constituents. It’s much simpler than that: Many people in this country own guns, and millions of them are dedicated voters. And they are what now stand in the way of new gun laws.

— Stephen Gutowski in Why Can’t Democrats Pass Gun Control?

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  1. The Second Amendment to our US Constitution prohibits ALL GOVERNMENT, Federal, State and Local, from interfering with our God Given Rights to possess, own, handle, use ANY weapon of choice and ANY ammunition or Clips or attachments without ANY restrictions. It is our God Given Right that preexisted the Constitution and no one can take it away or limit it in any way! We are allowed to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our government, our Nation unfettered by politics! We are allowed to hunt, participate in sports, enjoy any gun events/exchanges/shows anywhere without any intervention or prohibitions from any government. That is the LAW according to GOD! Supported by the 2nd Amendment. Get over it liberals – you are wrong!

    • You are naïve as a child. You have no rights and never had any rights. The only rights you have is what is doled out piecemeal by the people in power who have absolute power over you. The Courts often rule with public opinion on all rights issues not just guns and also to hang on to their absolute power and they know that only 37% of the American people even own a gun anymore. And to make it more dramatic the majority of guns are owned by only 3% of the population. This simply means that the average American is not going to riot over a toy in the closet he usually never even looks at. Its only the hard core base that is the minority of all gun owners that complains and that is ignored by courts.

      The Supreme Court has consistently voted against gun ownership including 4 big decisions that made 2A not worth the paper its printed on. That is fact like it or not. The Wealthy control all the governments in the world including yours and you could more easily change the weather than change your government. Again that is Historical reality.

      To make it even worse the average hard core gun owner is his own worst enemy as he is too cheap and stingy to spend a few pennies to support the most powerful gun lobby in the U.S. and that is still the NRA. Yes they are as crooked as a dogs hind leg but it is only the NRA that has in the past saved the asses of all gun owners and their history proves it. Ask me I know I have been a member since 1962.



      • Does your mommy know you’re on the internet during school hours? Do you’re school work so you don’t stay fat dumb and stupid.

        • Way too late.
          Lil d goes on regular rants about national healthcare because he (or his spouse/children) are unable to afford insulin to control diabetes.
          He should move to some socialist utopia where all his problems would be solved for him.

      • “…and they know that only 37% of the American people even own a gun anymore.”

        The *problem* is, that number came from a poll. What you (and the Leftist Scum like you that need to die of cancer alone) seem incapable of understanding is that PEOPLE LIE WHEN ASKED IN A ‘POLL’ IF THEY OWN A GUN.

        Now, why in world would someone lie to a pollster?

        Simple – They don’t know if that’s really pollster (caller ID data is easily faked), or if it’s really a criminal looking for homes with guns in them to rob.

        No one really knows what the percentage of Americans who own guns is, but we can make some very good guesses.

        Any time gun sales surge over the last 30 years of so, the percentage of those those buyers that report (and we can believe that number because they are anonymous and have a gun in their hands when they leave the gun store) that they are first-time gun owners is often over 40 percent. Each time, tens of *millions* of new gun owners is created. All thanks to expert gun salesmen like Bill Clinton or Barak Obama. 🙂

        It’s a simple fact of human behavior if you tell someone that they can’t have something (or will soon be unable to, because of a proposed ban), people are powerfully motivated to go buy it. People who’s business it is selling things to the public call this “Fear of missing out.” It’s very real, and it’s universal.

        Now, combine that with the number of people who may not be a gun owner (or were really interested in owning one in the first place) but inherited one from the collection of a family member (like a parent or grandparent) when they passed away, tend to say things to themselves like : “Dad (or grandpa) bought this years before they were automatically registered at the time of purchase. There’s no ‘paper trail’ at all leading directly back to me. With all the riots and civil unrest happening now (BLM), I think it’s a very good idea that I have this to protect my family, just in case things go seriously sideways. I’m gonna buy a few boxes of fresh ammunition and store this in the floor safe (or some other secure place)”.

        The 37 percent number of American that are gun owners is complete bullshit, full stop. Simple human nature is why… 🙂

        • Would that qualify as 1 owner per household?

          But I agree. If someone called me and asked about guns in the house, I will LIE. I know who they claim to be but not who they are and why the data is being collected. And also data does tend to get sold into other markets.

          There are no consequences to lying to a pollster, so in this case I will definitely lie.

      • dacian – #1 maybe you should pay attention to the organizations that actually bring the law suits to court at State & federal Level, on behalf of the gun owners. And have also petitioned congress. That would be the 2nd Amendment Foundation, CCRKBA, The Firearms Policy Coalition, and Gun Owners of America to name a few. States wide there are many more. Several times the NRA has pilled on late to get their name on a case that has already started. Very few times have they initiated a new suit lately.
        #2 many of the Sales Records we’ve read about are known NEW Gun owners, so that old 3% stat is far from accurate. and how many honestly answered that poll in the 1st place? Would You?
        #3 Explain the great Ammo/Reloading shortage ! Most of my buddies & relatives have not bought supplies since this round of nonsense hoarding event. So, other than hoarding to resell on Gun Broker, where is it all going so fast? And who’s buying the over priced supplies on those web auctions? -> New shooters, who many are taking a class (I sure hope so) that’s who.
        #3 While Most of us have cut back on NRA contributions, we have switched or added $$$ too the SAF, CCRKBA, FPC & GOA and others. If we are so few? – what happened to the Chipman nomination the left’s Anti-gun wing was so sure of? Why has the ATF&E agreed to a court stay on the Pistol Brace issue with the SAF due to the Overwhelming number of comments sent in?
        Explain these numbers & events compared to yours.
        From a fellow NRA Life Member.

      • You have quoted nothing but lies. Freedom my idiot friend freedom. That is what gun ownership is all about. We the people don’t rise up because we haven’t had to yet. Make no mistake law abiding gun owners will not give up their freedom because you say so or even even your idiot liberals friends.

      • You have quoted nothing but lies. Freedom my idiot friend freedom. That is what gun ownership is all about. We the people don’t rise up because we haven’t had to yet. Make no mistake law abiding gun owners will not give up their freedom because you say so or even even your idiot liberals friends. Get over it.

    • So sad to see lil d poison your comment NC Taxman. You’re 100% correct.

      Everyone need to ignore the ignorant little socialist douche that d is.

      Hey lil d, hop a flight to Venezuela. All your dreams are there waiting for you.

      • “Everyone need to ignore the ignorant little socialist douche that d is.”

        No, we must LOUDLY (and publicly) refute his lies, each and *every* time. Why?

        If we don’t, they can say “See? They don’t deny it!”

        “Tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” That’s why you must *never* ignore fascist lies…

        • Geoff, I have to agree with James. Ignore him. If there is one thing a leftist, asswipe hates is to be ignored. It makes them feel as if their opinions don’t matter. And they don’t. Because they’re always wrong. After getting into it with the cartoon boy (and we know he’s only a boy, albeit who was castrated at birth) I thought to myself, “Why am I wasting time on this idiot?” I’ve never responded to him since.

        • “If there is one thing a leftist, asswipe hates is to be ignored.”

          That’s a very persuasive argument, GF.

          Good to see you back…

    • Hey J Campbell

      F your diabetic comment. I spend over 15K a year in insulin to live you pos! Your comment gives credit to lil’d which I disagree with. If I voted health care I would be Democrat but I don’t I vote for my god given rights and the 2nd is part of that and I spend a majority of my money on insulin to live. Maybe you or yours need to walk in my shoes for some time

    • Quote: “The NC Taxman September 24, 2021 At 08:16
      The Second Amendment to our US Constitution prohibits ALL GOVERNMENT, Federal, State and Local, from interfering with our God Given Rights…….”

      NC, Everything you say is the truth. Unfortunately democrats (communist party USA) don’t believe in anything you said.

      Their goal is to destroy America and they are succeeding. They think their time has come so they are charging ahead. All their trillion dollar spending bills are designed to destroy not to help.

      Conservatives frequently use the 2A like a magic mantra like it will change minds. The problem is the left don’t care what the Constitution and Bill of Rights say, they want to destroy it and will do anything to achieve that goal.

      Be Prepared !!!

  2. Any one else find it curious that the gun control tyrants think 5 million members of the NRA control the remaining 95 million gun owners who are not NRA members (5% control the other 95%)?

    • Well, not really, NRA members think it as well, so there’s support from two sides. More that enough to keep the narrative rolling

    • I don’t find it curious at all. The Disarmament Cartel needs a bogeyman to point a finger at, and its difficult to point a finger at the 100 million individuals who own guns. So they invented the “gun lobby” as some sort of centralized ruling body that controls the whole pro-2A community and leads us all around by the nose. Of course, there is no gun lobby calling the shots (no pun intended). The NRA is a major player on the issues, but they are by no means the only ones in the game, and their influence appears to be on the wane not just because WLP screwed the pooch, but because the proliferation of alternative groups (i.e., decentralization) continues.

      • And they do this at the same time they portray the gun control lobby as some sort of grass roots movement, glossing over how much of their funding depends on Bloomberg and other elites happy to disarm the little people.

    • Of course they think that since they’re part of the 1% that thinks they can control the remaining 99% in this country.

  3. Keep buying firearms and ammunition. Encourage others to do the same. Take a newbie to the range. With these three things we can beat the gun grabbers.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      While your encouragement to purchase firearms and ammunition and to take newbies to a range is good, do not think for a minute that those actions alone are enough to prevent the federal government and/or state governments from passing crippling civilian disarmament laws.

      As I mentioned in my comment below, look at California and New York: I have to believe that millions of people in both states purchase plenty of firearms and ammunition and take countless newbies to gun ranges. That has not stopped both state governments from passing crippling civilian disarmament laws.

      Perhaps more importantly, if you are willing to really face facts, you have to face the fact that hundreds of governments (both past and present) around the world have enacted crippling civilian disarmament laws and sent government employees to brutally enforce those laws–and hordes of government employees faithfully went/go out to drop the hammer on their fellow countrymen.

      It really boils down to an exceedingly simple truth. All people always have been and always will be prone to act upon selfish desires/ambitions. Only two things stop people from acting on their selfish desires/ambitions: self-imposed righteous restraints of conscience or force (including threat of forced resistance). It is glaringly obvious at this point that many/most people at all levels of local, state, and federal governments no longer impose restraints upon themselves. That only leaves one remaining option to maintain your human dignity when their selfish desires/ambitions endeavor to abuse/exploit you.

      • “Perhaps more importantly, if you are willing to really face facts, you have to face the fact that hundreds of governments (both past and present) around the world have enacted crippling civilian disarmament laws and sent government employees to brutally enforce those laws–and hordes of government employees faithfully went/go out to drop the hammer on their fellow countrymen.”

        That’s why it’s critically important to own a number of low-value guns to hand to the man who’s knocking on your front door.

        For those that loudly proclaim that “They will never register their guns!”, they are the ones that need to register those crap guns.

        Play the long game, people… 🙂

        • The gubmint pretty much knows what guns you have and how much ammo you have (ceratinly on the stuff you’ve bought in the past 15 or so years). I hope your plan isn’t based on the fact that they don’t know that.

        • “The gubmint pretty much knows what guns you have and how much ammo you have…”

          Where I live, I’m not required to report a sale of a gun, or how much ammo I shoot.

          Plausible deniability is an official Martha Stewart “Good Thing”… 😉

  4. The NRA are controlled opposition. Better off without them. All you fuddster slacktivists with your lifetime memberships (but-not-another-dime-till-WLP-resigns), bumper stickers and delusions of being the establishment can’t face it or deep down don’t care.

    • Hey bonehead…If it were not for the NRA you’d be shooting a water pistol today instead of shooting off your wannabe tough guy piehole. I’ll let you in on a little secret…I am a NRA Life Member who signed on for better or worse, thick or thin and for the long run. You on the other hand and by all accounts are a weather friend prone to cut and run and cover your cowardice with your snot nosed finger pointing dribble.
      When morons like you speak you accomplish absolutely nothing but putting a sht grin on the face of Gun Control zealots. Take a bow.

      • NRA has always been an organization that runs on donations. When the donors disagree with where the funds are spent, withholding money is justified. Go ahead, keep stuffing your earned labor into grifting pockets because you can’t find anything better to do with it. My patience with Weenie LaPew and his gaggle of friends ran out midway through my Life Membership and limited means, and when they asked, I told them why better organizations deserved the support. It also cleared out a majority of paper junk from the mailbox.
        That was 1994 and well worth the money saved to buy more guns and ammo. From the looks of NRA’s fiscal situation it looks like I wasn’t the only one who voted with my feet.

      • You “till death do us part” NRA folks remind me of battered spouses. You refuse to acknowledge that a once great institution has fundamentally changed for the worse. “But the Firearm Owners Protection Act!” “But the PLCAA!” Yeah, and what have you done for us lately? NRA lets the GOA, FPC, and various state RPA’s initiate the lawsuits and shows up after the fact with an amicus brief.

      • Debbie W.,

        Loyalty is an important virtue.

        Please note that loyalty should stop when your loyalty supports/enables purposeful exploitation, abuse, corruption, and/or unjust behavior.

        Saying it another way, loyalty to an entity is fine when that entity makes honest mistakes in pursuit of noble goals. Loyalty to an entity is wrong when that entity deceives its supporters and pursues corrupt goals.

        If the Upper Echelon of the NRA is using donations in pursuit of objectives other than strengthening our right to keep and bear arms–their publicly advertised mission–that deserves no loyalty. Given multiple credible allegations that the Upper Echelon of the NRA has been using donations for substantial expenditures which absolutely do NOT serve their stated mission, you would be right to question (and possibly even revoke) your loyalty to them.

        • That is why you vote lifetime members. You vote for change. Just like we vote for change in our government. You don’t cut and run. And IF you are really a lifetime member. You are paid in full. You don’t give unless you want to. If lapeer is guilty he will be gone. But all the other departments of the NRA is operating fine. And they need our support. So don’t bullshit the public. NYC the corrupt capital of the USA may or may not win their lawsuit regardless they are after our right to bare arms. Don’t lose the reason they are attacking us. One man doesn’t make the NRA.

        • Wow, Doc… “One man doesn’t make the NRA.”

          Sure, but Hitler didn’t make the NAZI party, either. That took a whole party of enablers to allow that atrocity to unfold.

          And herein lies the paradigm of what differentiates people- those who comprehend morality, and those who are impaired with the ability to actively rationalize that ends are capable of justifying the means.

          It’s frightening- but sadly true. Alas, to each their own.

          Being smarter is a choice.

      • Debbie………The Second Amendment Foundation has done way more to preserve the Second than NRA has in the last 5 yrs. Because of self serving “high rollers” pulling D C style corruption, they have made themselves obsolete. I am a member so don’t call me an enemy.

      • I agree with you Debbie the real reasons these Morons do not join the NRA is because they are too cheap and stingy. They want to save a penny today by not joining the NRA and they will lose their entire gun collections tomorrow. They prove they are their own worst enemies. I piss on all of them.

  5. To be perfectly honest, I am not entirely sure why Democrats have not enacted more civilian disarmament laws. My pet hypothesis is that they want to keep a somewhat low profile (relatively speaking) until after the 2022 midterm elections and possibly even until the 2024 general election. If that bears fruit–Democrats retain the Presidency and maintain majorities in both houses of Congress–Democrats will enact both “legal” and illegal means to ensure that they will win every election for President and keep majorities in Congress forever. And once that happens, all Hell will break loose–including draconian civilian disarmament laws–since there will be nothing to stop Democrats from doing anything and everything that they want. If you don’t believe that, just look at California or New York.

    As for the implication that Democrats cannot get enough votes in the United States House of Representatives to pass civilian disarmament laws, I disagree. I believe that Democrats can get enough votes in the House.

    The really big hurdle to passing any laws is the United States Senate’s self-imposed rule which requires 60 U.S. Senators to agree to bring a bill to the floor for discussion before allowing a simple majority vote to actually pass the bill into law. Thus, given that the U.S. Senate is 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, it is very hard to find 10 Republican Senators to agree to civilian disarmament. And that assumes that all 50 Democrats will agree to civilian disarmament, which is definitely not guaranteed. (United States Democrat Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona appear to be willing to break ranks with Democrats on some topics such as civilian disarmament.)

    • They don’t care, just like the RNC. Gun rights-vs-control is a source of money and political capital. Give them three branches and not much would change; you don’t eat the golden egg goose. Two-party zealots are the adult versions of 6 year olds who think Undertaker really wants to harm Hulk Hogan.

      • Olga Foroga,

        “Two-party zealots are the adult versions of 6 year olds who think Undertaker really wants to harm Hulk Hogan.”

        Ha ha, that is a fantastic illustration!!!

        An excellent point: both Democrats and Republicans want as much tension as possible (on any/all topics) for the simple fact that it keeps people (both huge corporate donors and “little people”) sending truckloads of cash to their campaigns and (indirectly “laundered”) to themselves.

      • Olga – as stupid as dacian. When you have ANY experience and involvement with the political process come back and report (10yrs min). (voting in a couple of general elections counts for diddly squat).

    • Wow, I just read through that kinda’ quicklike, and had to re-read one particular word… if you remove the “r” and then the “on” from draconian, read what’s left… that explains so much !!

    • “To be perfectly honest, I am not entirely sure why Democrats have not enacted more civilian disarmament laws“

      Please consider the possibility that mainstream Democrats are not really in favor of excessive gun control.

      That’s the most obvious conclusion, requiring the least speculative conspiracy theories. Occam‘s Razor.

      In support of this assertion I would point out that the last time the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency, 2009–10, they actually expanded citizens gun rights to the carrying of firearms on millions of acres of federal he managed lands. (CARD Act 2009)

      And it was the Democratic administration of Obama/Biden who approved both bump stocks and pistol braces.

      Just some of those pesky historical facts…

        • Why do I keep saying Occam’s Razor? It has nothing to do with “requiring the least speculative conspiracy theories.”

          Yet I keep repeating it. Why? Oh yeah… I saw in a movie once!

          Doesn’t it make me sound smarty?


      • I can believe the rank and file Dem doesn’t want extreme gun control. I also believe the rank and file Dem doesn’t KNOW that much about guns and believes what they’re told without ever considering context.

        “Assault Weapons are weapons designed for war”. OK, but aren’t most/all weapons designed to pursue military and police contracts, including my old 1816 Springfield flintlock?

        “Red Flag Laws save lives”, ummm no. Taking someone who is suicidal, spreading their problems around a court room behind their back and then sending armed men to take their property isn’t going to save lives.

        David Chipman described assault weapons as any semi auto capable of accepting a detachable magazine in a caliber larger than .22lr. That’s my WWII M1 Carbine that he wants to ban and confiscate. And the average Dem would support it.

        • “OK, but aren’t most/all weapons designed to pursue military and police contracts“

          Well no, that’s not true at all.
          Sure, many particular firearms have been developed to meet military or police contracts, but the vast majority of firearms in private ownership were designed for and employed in hunting and target shooting

        • Gonna have to disagree with you about what “most” firearms are designed for. Your hunting shotgun is based largely on the Winchester 1892 which is most definitely designed for war. Your Remington Model 700 hunting rifle is a direct descendant from the Mauser. About the only new guns that aren’t pursuing military and police contracts are CCW pistols. But even those are just smaller versions of the full sized pistols entered for consideration for military and police contracts.

          Besides which, you didn’t address my points about Dems who don’t know much about firearms and just believe what they’re told. Even the scary “assault weapons” with the shoulder thing that goes up are employed in hunting and target shooting. Few guns are as effective at hunting coyotes as a 5.56 semi auto and few are as good at taking down a group of wild hogs as a 7.62×39 semi auto.

        • Today it’s assault weapon bans, red flag laws, “may” issue carry permits, 10 round mag capacity, and 15 day wait periods.

          No gun rights supporter believes that if we compromise on these things that gun control advocates will ever say “Welp, we did it boys. We got the AR-15 banned. Now we don’t have to worry about guns anymore!”

          Because the next day it’ll be mandatory “murder” insurance, blaming gun manufacturers for their products being misused, trying to ban “high powered sniper rifles”, limiting magazines to even fewer rounds, and 30 day waiting periods.

          Afterall, there will always be gun crime and there will always be a “most dangerous firearm”, there will always be the “highest capacity mag” that civilians don’t need, and there will always be politicians seeking more control.

        • A couple days late as I don’t live on this site, so you probably aren’t going to read this. But I’m not going to watch a video as someone else makes your argument for you.

          Most, if not all firearms are either pursuing military/police contracts or are descended from designs adopted by the military.

          Many Dems aren’t interested in gun control and aren’t likely to pursue gun control before a tight election. That doesn’t mean they won’t go along with their party if/when they feel it’s safe. Biden himself said he wants to ban 9MM pistols. That’s not cherry picking some Deep Blue Dem like Feinstein, that’s the current president. Biden’s pick (thankfully defeated) even said he wants ALL semi auto rifles that can accept detachable magazines to be banned.

          Your claims are all cap.

      • Miner49er,

        While I usually disagree with you Miner, you may well be correct in this particular case that several Democrats in Congress do not want to enact crippling civilian disarmament laws. I guess time will tell.

        • uncommon,
          *They want to, but they also want to be reelected in 2022. They’ve already expended their political capital for awhile. Their main priority is spending as much as possible before they have to acknowledge inflation.

        • Really uncommon? You fell for that?

          Getting soft in the cranium?

          They need the 3.5 TRILLLION Dollars in place first, before they come for your guns, duh!

          Did you know there is a section in it that will give journalists a $50,000 tax credit. We take care of our own.

      • “And it was the Democratic administration of Obama/Biden who approved both bump stocks and pistol braces.”

        So where are these supposedly pro-gun Obama/Biden folks now? The Biden admin is just Obama 2.0 without any restraint. Using your logic, they should be working on loosening firearm regs, or at least not imposing anything new. Yet whenever the subject comes up, for some reason, they haven’t met a gun regulation they don’t like. Just keep clinging to your fantasy that the dems aren’t for gun control.

        It’s right in line with your fantasy that Biden wasn’t going to do everything in his power to open the border (you still owe me for losing that bet). And you tried to tell me that Hunter’s laptop story was really Russian disinformation. It’s like you’re wrong about everything. Don’t you get tired of lying everyday because I doubt you’re that ignorant.

        • Pfft… Don’t you say I’m not ignorant you dude. What, you think you are going to change me?

          Lying is my Modus Operandi,

          my reason for living,

          it’s my soul.

          Go troll somewhere else, dude.

        • Dude, no one has “opened the borders” as you claim.

          In fact, the Biden ministration has angered many liberals by deporting thousands of Hatians without an asylum hearing as required by federal law.

          And you should be cheering Obama’s record on deporting immigrants, considering Obama did much more to remove illegal aliens from America then even Donald Trump who talked a good game but did not deliver on his promises.

          From the Wall Street Journal:

          “After months of national debate over President Trump’s immigration policies, the record of his predecessor is playing a starring role in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

          The spotlight has fallen on President Barack Obama’s record on immigrant removals, which included the deportation of nearly three million foreigners during his eight years in the White House, after a debate this week in which the foes of former Vice President Joe Biden challenged him forcefully on the topic.

          Yet it is Mr. Trump, who made his tougher stance on immigration a key plank of his 2016 presidential campaign, who is struggling to get his promised deportation machine up and running. Under Mr. Obama, removals hit a record of 409,849 in 2012; in 2018, under Mr. Trump, 256,085 immigrants were deported.“

          You really should stop watching Fox ‘news’ and OAN…

        • Dude, Of course there were few border crossers for President Trump (from my cherry picked numbers), because of his “Remain In Mexico” policies, there were fewer crossers. That’s simple, it’s Occam’s Razor.

          It wasn’t until Biden gave the world the welcome mat with promises of free tax payer welfare, health care, and open borders that the invasion began.

          Here is a low estimate (1.7 million) for Biden’s open boarders in 2021 alone.

          Many believe the number will easily surpass 2 million (new democrat voters).

          So how many illegals are in the U.S.? MIT and Yale University sought the answer. Over 35 million!


          Besides one has to ask why deporting illegals who first act in the U.S. to break our laws, and attempt to defraud American Taxpayers, would so anger unhinged Democrats?

          Maybe the Great Replacement Theory. Ohhh… I said the quiet part out loud. Woops… (Remember the angrier we get, the more likely you are over the truth). Simple, it’s Occam’s Razor.

        • BTW what is the “Biden ministration”?

          It must have been the one and only God, that moved my hand and made me type that. Wow..


          Occam‘s Razor ….and….. I’m a moron.

          (That’s what happens when I don’t cut and paste from the official leftist scripture NYT and WaPo).

      • “…And it was the Democratic administration of Obama/Biden who approved both bump stocks and pistol braces…”

        Wrong. The ATF wrote acceptance letters. Obama, Biden, and 98% of the population had no clue what a brace or bump stock was before Vegas. They approved nothing. The knew nothing then and still don’t now. Maybe Obama is still shooting ‘Skeets’ after his time in

    • I think both parties are fairly weak right now with the mixed messaging coming from the GOP side and the self defeating implosion that is the Biden administration. Ordinary people are politically exhausted after the last two years and just don’t want to hear it anymore. That can be a dangerous thing as a lot can happen when people aren’t paying attention. But I think right now both parties are trying to read the political winds and there just isn’t much to go on. I don’t think this will last that long though.

    • “I am not entirely sure why Democrats have not enacted more civilian disarmament laws.”

      Proposing them is election suicide in a close race.

      And it’s a very close race…

    • If we actually use the 100million number of gun owners then should not the percentage of gun owners be closer or over 50% when taking into account the number of people ineligible for ownership due to age or criminal convictions.
      Maybe we should only use percentages.

  6. Wow, an arguably objective article about the “gun lobby” in a leftist magazine. Somebody pinch me, please!

    • democRats set the pace and gun owning Pied Pipers tooting their horns follow. They go bananas over such things as bump stocks and the NRA all while Gun Control and its long confirmed history of racism and genocide and other baggage skates right on by not once but everyday. Frankly…If the discussion was a shooting match some people could not hit the broadside of a barn.

      • “They go bananas over such things as bump stocks“

        No, in fact the Democratic administration of Obama/Biden approved bump stocks for private ownership, along with pistol braces.

        It was Republican Donald Trump who banned bump stocks and began the process to outlaw pistol braces.

        The facts of history do not change.

        • Bump stocks were indefensible after Mandalay Bay. An incident done by a Registered Democrat as a reprisal for Hillary’s election loss. And also an attempt to coerce gun control by having so many guns, many equipped with bump stocks, in the motel room to be discovered. It was even noted the guns were from different manufacturers to get the broadest bans in place.

  7. Meh…in reference to the Dims I can’t see them keeping a scant majority in the House. Or Senate. They’re mighty unpopular. Trump is supposed to be more popular than Bidumb. Ya think?!? Slow Joe threatening 80000000 people shows how addled he is. Buy more guns & ammo. Be politically engaged. A % of new owner’s will “get it”. Make sure gun confiscation & draconian laws are met with massive resistance.

  8. 100 million is a low figure. I imagine that less than 20% of Americans actually do not own a gun.

    And with jack booted antifa/SS troops on the streets burning and looting minority owned businesses and attempting to disrupt religious gatherings through force and terror we will see more Americans gunning up..

    Corporate billionaires have taken over the left and converted it to Fascism. This scares many people. The history of Fascism is ugly and brutal.

    • I think the 37% represents 1 owner per household. How many official owners does each household need?

      I think when you go too far in one political direction you end up at the extreme of the other end. Go too far to the left you end up on the extreme right. So socialism does equal fascism.

      The little commissars are too focused on their little red books to notice this.

  9. Ok,so…
    What I’m seeing here is the idea that the NRA can be responsible for ‘no gun control’ being made law.

    I find this laughable. If that were the case then there would be NO gun control laws.

    This makes my question:
    What does the NRA have to do with anything?

    At the same time…
    The number of gun owners has never stopped more gun control laws before. I see no reason why it should be a deciding factor now. A significant portion of these gun owners will still vote for the very people that will take them. Many of them have no fight in their hearts.

    To argue on these points (or debate) accomplishes nothing.

    For the rank and file in the country, the one thing that DOES matter is who their vote goes to in each election. Buying a gun does not mean anything to this. The NRA (and other orgs) might be influential but ultimately means nothing to this.

    I feel like I wasted my time reading or commenting on this article.

    • 100 million, well I guess we should start robbing and raping and burning cities down. Then Our government would pay us to quit, right.
      The NRA?
      What has the NRA done to keep infringements on the 2 ammendment from happening. “We need your money. ”
      and that’s about it.

      • I know that there are Washington politicians that are also NRA members and that’s fine. But this idea that the NRA ‘makes’ law is ludicrous. Either for guns or against. They can and do lobby. But when Biden talks about being the only one that has defeated the NRA, I just laugh and say ‘so what?’. The NRA defeats the NRA.

        I agree, what have they done?

  10. That’s the beauty of one party rule, you only need an EO and presto, guns are banned.
    Remember how much Joe respected the SCOTUS decision on eviction moratoriums?

  11. I’m sure plenty of gun owners are for some form of gun control (I think you call them fudds?) so that headline is a bit misleading.

    • Definitely. Keeping illegal guns out of the hands of criminals would be a great start. Especially repeat offenders.

      • Please explain to me…. exactly what property or condition makes a gun “illegal”? (Unless that particular gun has been stolen, of course…)

        Also, please enlighten us with your ideas for “Keeping (illegal) guns out of the hands of criminals”… I would enjoy hearing how you wish to accomplish that feat.

  12. I don’t really buy this analysis at all.

    Democrats have shown fairly well in the past year and a half, but particularly in the past nine or so months, that they give exactly zero (0) fucks what voters think about much of anything.

    It’s not a fear of voters that makes it impossible for them to pass gun control right now, it’s that they have other priorities.

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