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Democrats can continue to oppose gun owners’ rights to carry their weapons safely and legally, alienating an increasingly important segment of society and their potential voting electorate, or they can reposition themselves in support of gun owners on reforms aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Contrary to what the cultural warriors at the scandal-ridden NRA say, it is ultimately in the interests of gun owners for both parties to focus on the policy problems surrounding the misuse of guns and enthusiastically support the lawful and safe handling by adult Americans who choose to own and carry firearms. Refocusing the debate on policy solutions to violence, not regurgitating knee-jerk slogans such as “banning assault weapons,” can provide the margin of victory for Democrats in states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and make them far more competitive in Florida, Ohio and Missouri.

If the Democratic Party believes that the continuation of our republic requires maintaining a majority in the House or Senate in 2022 (and I would argue it does), their candidates need to pivot in support of gun rights in order to win.

— Richard Feldman in Democrats Should Ditch the Anti-Gun Rhetoric If They Want to Survive 2022

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    • Not so fast mr. feldman…Support for The Second Amendment is a lifetime commitment and not something that can be turned on and off like a light switch in your home. The democRat Party has been committed to Gun Control for centuries and in the wake of their Gun Control is death and destruction aimed primarily at Black Americans.

      So mr. feldman you want gun owners who have been vilified in the worst ways possible to welcome aboard those who have been lying and carrying around an agenda that History Confirms is rooted in racism and genocide? And just roll over and let bygones be bygones? Not on your stupid life.

      The road to salvation begins for a democRat when they get off their do it for me butt and march down to their voter registrar and formally switch parties or go independent. Switching parties does not mean green party, communist party, etc.

      As for 2022 the democRat Party damage is done and continues without touching the brakes. The stink going on in America today permeates from the fact the democRat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control, rigging elections and other race based atrocities.

      And what does the democRat Party do mr. feldman? They try to rewrite history and lay racism on the doorsteps of The Party of Lincoln. Instead of your incompetent gun dribble mr. feldman why not join me and demand the democRat Party be held liable for their race based atrocities and make Monetary Reparations payable to those directly effected by such atrocities or their surviving relatives? C’Mon mr. feldman…Show this forum what you are made of.

      • May I suggest, the country is not a constitutional republic any more as the current administration as well as guv gruesome in CA have turned both the country and CA into democratic controlled “democracies:

        You may consult a few dictionaries to get the difference sir.

        • guv gruesome in CA

          Speaking of Komrad Nuisance: I understand he just banned those little packets of ketchup in fast food restaurants.. Way to keep those priorities straight there CA get to the rampant homelessness, water and electricity supply issues, crazy taxes, rising crime and hoards of taxpayers leaving the state because of “ALL of the above” (except those stupid fukking ketchup packets) after you take care of all the IMPORTANT stuff…

        • May I suggest, the country is not a constitutional republic any more

          Yes you may and you would be correct… The “rule of law” and the Constitution have been tossed aside in favor of rule by “pen and phone” and a screw the courts attitude…

  1. That’ll happen right about the time pigs are flying in frozen Hell. It’s adorable this guy can’t see what the Democrats are right now. Because it ain’t a party that’s going to expand ANYTHING that would increase freedom and self-reliance amongst us üntermensch.

    • That’s like me deciding to be gay tomorrow. It’s not in my nature, I can’t fake it, nobody will believe it.

  2. Stick with the narrative–over 40% of Americans support reasonable gun restrictions…or some such nonsense. Or even better–push gun bans, mag bans, and confiscation. That’s definitely a winning strategy. Just ask R. Francis O’Dork.

  3. Umm, who would believe a Democrat claiming to support gun rights? Since the very next word out of their mouth is always but. I can’t even listen to those hacks anymore. FJB

    • If a Democrat called me at midnight to tell me it was dark outside I’d still have to look out the window and check for myself.

    • Too many, I’m afraid. I think it was Abraham Lincoln that said “You can fool most of the people, some of the time….and that should be sufficient”

  4. “Democrats Should Pivot and Support Gun Rights If They Want to Hold Onto Congress in 2022”

    A little too late for that. They have been anti-gun/anti-2A for so long that is doubtful if very many would think they were being sincere. Once they locked their party into anti-gun/anti-2A it became something they will not easily escape. Instead of a “lets do something about gun violence and focus on that” their turned their agenda into a “lets do something about legitimate gun owners and getting rid of the second amendment right” crusade and mission.

    • I can see it now:

      Democrat Candidate Bob 2020: “Legal Gun owners have assault weapons ’cause the rifles are black and they look scary to me, a 30 round magazine can instantly kill everyone in a 1000 yard range if its just visible, this is why there are people dying … and dogs and cats are living together and ….all the problems in the country are caused by the second amendment…. more gun control… come on say it with me gun-control, gun-control, gun-control…. and lets reform the criminal justice system to be more fair to criminals and keep them out of prison, and the police cost too much so lets de-fund them”

      Democrat voter 2020: “yah Bob, go go go , yes all gun owners are evil incarnate, criminals are people too and special so lets give ’em a break and not put ’em in prison and keep them there, and lets defund the police … go go go… a black semi-auto rifle looks scary so its an assault rifle…”

      Democrat Candidate Bob 2022: “lets do something about gun violence by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals”

      Democrat voter 2022: “we won? There are no more evil incarnate gun owners? no more ‘assault rifles’? No more 30 round magazines? No more violent crime? No murderers and rapist being set free from prison? Huh? And now thinking about it I haven’t seen a police car patrolling in months and there are a lot of break ins happening. Hey…wait a second here, Bob did you lie to us in 2020? “

      • a 30 round magazine can instantly kill everyone in a 1000 yard range if its just visible,

        And “PROVOKE” anarchists to attempt to KILL you

  5. Feldman is obviously worried that even the vast amount of voter fraud won’t save the democrats this time around. Wonder how long the vote cunting will have to be stopped this time?

    No- democrats should just continue to stick with their lack of principles and try to gauge the will of the majority of voters.

    As for the comment that NRA supports only one party, utter BS. NRA supports those who support the Second Amendment. It’s the democrats who have abandoned the American people and trampled all over their rights, from speech, to protection, to parenting, to taxation, ad infinitum. In years past NRA had 2A-supporting democrats on the BOD, including John Dingle, Roy Innius, and a number of others. Our Iowa state organization also had a fair number of democrats serving before the socialists took over the party. There would still be some involved if any of them would return to the root principles of the US and Iowa Constitutions, and simple reason and logic.

    • “Wonder how long the vote cunting will have to be stopped this time?”

      WHOA! Perhaps a Freudian slip on my part- should be “vote counting”. Need to proof-read. Sorry, folks. Maybe that’s why I got the “your posting awaits moderation” message.

  6. At this point the only way dems would ever get behind gun ownership is in some neo-segregation-faux-equitable that permits only a population with a high victimhood quotient to handle firearms and only in service of the cause of equity always under strict party supervision and the party reserves the authority to revoke that privilege at any time.

  7. Do the dems want me to believe they are not anti gun. Simple enough. dribblecup can issue an eo making constitutional carry the law of the land. Anything less is just bull shit.

    • “dribblecup can issue an eo making constitutional carry the law of the land.”

      I think an EO ordering 50-state reciprocity of carry permits would be more effective.

      If we get the SCotUS ruling we want next June, the slave states would be more likely to recognize a state-issued permit than someone who says “The 2A is my permit” folks.

      I could see a US where citizens of a state could be permit-less while in their state of residence, but have a permit when traveling interstate to NYC, Hawaii’, or San Fran, for example…

    • dribblecup can issue an eo making constitutional carry the law of the land.”

      Which can be undone by the next anti-gun “progressive” that occupies the Oval… Do you really want to play musical “carry laws”… The only sure thing is an act of congress (and even that can be undone by another congress)…

  8. In other words he is saying they should lie about their support for gun ownership to take a few key swing states. Watch what they do not just what they say. This goes for all politicians.

  9. yep they dont realize how liberal most folks really are on social issues- but not gun control. It doesnt fit their socialist goal so they will not change.
    Most republicans are conservative when it comes to our issues but seem pretty liberal when it comes to prostitution.

  10. The Democrat Party hates gun owners. But the Democrat leadership does love THEIR guns. And they love the tax payer provided armed guards.
    The rich, criminal or law abiding, will always have machine guns. And they are mostly Democrats.

    From Oct 2021, in Chiraq

    “Feds Seize Illegal Machine Gun From Ald. Jim Gardiner’s Ward Superintendent — And He’s Still On The Job”


  11. We had a local dem who had voted for gun rights, concealed carry, all the right votes as a state senator. Then one day he voted against concealed carry permits on a boat, for some damn reason, all because of an argument over taxes on a local lake.
    Within a few weeks the election was up and he lost big time. He was on a lot of commitees, been great for roads and schools, but well all I can say is his true colors came out.
    Just a cautionary tale they are what they are. We had a dem governor in SC and once and it turn years to get over him. John C West was a segregationist and a gun grabber and did a lot of harm — claimed to get over his jim crow leanings. So he screwed the black man and the white man best he could. screw the dems overall.

    • Lying about supporting civil rights is just a part of stealing an election. The Segregationists were all socialist progressive in their political orientation. They loved using government to reward their friends, and punish their enemies using government force.

      But things do seem to be getting better in SC. You have open carry with a permit now. That is a small step in the right direction.

  12. Even if/when they claim to be pro-gun or pro-2A, it doesn’t matter as it’s just a way to hold on to power. Then they go back to being anti-American.

    Any elected Democrat touting pro-2A is feeding you lies. They do NOT see it as an American right. It’s a privilege to be doled out at THEIR discretion.

  13. The problem with Democrats supporting gun rights is that they don’t think they oppose gun rights in the first place. They simply don’t believe there is any such thing. When they hear wording like “gun owners’ rights to carry their weapons safely and legally”, their takeaway is that:

    1) They’re still good to limit the universe of “gun owners” in whatsoever way they see fit; and
    2) They’re still good to limit the bearing of arms in whatsoever way they see fit, in the name of “safety”.

    In other words, in the minds of Democrats, “gun owners’ rights to carry their weapons safely and legally” includes under its umbrella precisely zero actual rights.

  14. This risks Democrats alienating the Left. They’ve far more to lose changing their position so don’t expect to see many follow Feldman’s advice.

  15. What he is basically saying the Democrats should fake support of and pay lip service to a right that if they had their way would ban outright and of which they desire the mandated extermination of literally every single solitary United States citizen that exrercises it. They may not be able to kill off over 1/3rd of the United States population but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Along with the entire population of the country that is against that.

    The Democrats only have one goal when it comes to guns: the complete and total ban of all private gun ownership and door-to-door confiscation and mandate execution and extermination of every single solitary American citizen that refuses. And to the Democrats that even means deploying nuclear weapons to do it. Something fully supported by *Brandon in chief.

  16. This reminds me of Chris Rock talking about the Jerry Lewis telethon.

    “Not one stitch of progress whatsoever. Come on, man. Lie to me, Jerry! What the fuck you doing, Jerry?”

  17. Based on all the gun buying by dems and former antis the last couple of years, and the inability or unwillingness of the police to do any policing, the democrat party might actually be pro gun in a generation

  18. Any Democrat “commitment” to gun rights is worth the electrons used to display it on screen. Besides, they would so alienate their rabit anti-gun base that it would spell the demise of the asse… er, donkeys.

  19. Absolutely WONDERFUL idea… Get National reciprocity and Nationwide Constitutional carry done before the mid-terms… The Lefts base will hate them for it and NO ONE on the right will be fooled into thinking they’ve actually CHANGED but we’ll have a couple of the biggies as we vote them back into the unemployment lines…

  20. Mr. Feldman apparently believes that 2A supporters are either as ignorant or as disingenuous as he seems to be. It’s difficult and naive to believe anything a politician says at any time, but especially within a year of an election. Why would he expect us to believe a historically anti 2A politician is suddenly in favor of our 2A rights?

  21. Apparently that’s what Beto is trying to do in Texas as he’s now saying he’s going to run for Governor. I’ve got quite a few friends in Texas and not one of them believes him!

  22. Boy you are all a jaded bunch. One could conclude from reading your comments that you all think Dems are a bunch of lying rat bastard snakes. Not that I diasgree, generally speaking.

  23. “Democrats should pivot.”
    Hold on there a minute. I preach gunm control for 20-30 years then when I’m losing I switch sides. Yup that’s the kinda people I want running my country.
    Which ever way the wind blows and whatever it takes to keep my job.

    • “So change you heart-felt beliefs to hold on to power?”

      Yes !

      Win first, then sort out your ethics. Moral victories are fictional. Losing with honor is the path to destruction. If you want to see what fighting with honor looks like, consult a book about the great unpleasantness from 1860-1865. One team had power, the other had “honor”.

      “Buh, buh, buh, but, then we will be just like them !” No. “They” cannot adapt. “We” can use forms and tactics, then discard them after the battle is won…and pick up the tool again when needed.

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