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Democrats need for cash drives their actions (in) office. Guns are a threat to every man, woman, and child in our country. Mass shootings are not even news anymore. And even though 70-80% of the country wants stricter gun laws, we’ll never see them. Why? Gun violence is too valuable to Democrats.

Democrats fundraise off of gun violence. They tell us that they will do something to curb gun violence every election and nothing changes. If they pass laws to outlaw assault weapons it will cost the Democrats too much money, so they don’t do it. …

Weapons of war will always be legal as long as there is an NRA type organization that pays off politicians. This will not change until there is an organization with more money than the NRA that pays off politicians to ban and continue to ban weapons of war.  

The NRA gives politicians grades on how a politician supports (sic) guns and the 2nd amendment. Where is the organization that grades politicians on protecting people and saving lives? People continue to protest and have sit-ins and share social media campaigns and none of it matters and none of it will ever change anything. Create an Anti-NRA organization, raise money and buy politicians. …

Name any problem in this country and the solution is money. Want to end racism? Start buying politicians. Equal rights for the LGBTQ community? Start buying politicians. Climate change? Buy some politicians. Decrease the wage gap? Increase the wages of politicians. Politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, don’t do the right thing for free, they don’t do anything for free. To them the right thing to do is the thing that pays the most money.

Until this is fully understood by the left, nothing is ever going to change. Money influences politicians, not sit-ins or protests or sending emails. Change isn’t free. If you want it, you have to pay for it.

— @Born On 3rd in The Answer Is Money

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    • Hypothetical: at the beginning of his first term, a Senator’s net worth is $1m. At the end of his first term his net worth is $6m. At least 50% of the delta should be understood as the gain from corruption, confiscated, and put into a fund the genereal public can tap when they have to defend themselves from government over-reach and persecution.

      Don’t yell at me regarding constitutionality; this is only a sentiment.

      • It isn’t just elected officials. There’s a very lucrative revolving door between the executive branch and the private sector. Also, it isn’t only people like Pelosi making stock trades on par with the best investors.

        Energy Sec’s Husband Held Stock in Ford as Admin Approved Billions in Electric Vehicle Subsidies
        Jennifer Granholm has long history of boosting companies she holds stock in

    • Reading Kos on a big republican election night (increasingly rare for many reasons) is one of life’s simple pleasures.

  1. ………….wait the NRA has more money than the gun control supporting groups?

    • Those people are so clueless it isn’t even funny. We can end racism by buying off a few politicians. LOL what?

      • Go figure, I am so used to dealing with Agriculture, Medical, and Energy lobby drama from various positions at work that the NRA barely registers as an entity……….. of course I can only imagine similar people fund many of them in addition to the antigun umbrella.

        • Let em’ focus on the NRA, while the GOA and others are doing the heavy lifting today.

          Oh, guess what? We have NEWS!

          The BATF just dared the Thomas SCotUS. I really hope they call their bluff and decide to expedite the hearing :

    • Anti gun groups have Bloomberg, Soros, Hollywood, Tech, Media, Finance, Government Bureaucrats, the lettered agencies, and the presidency, and they are complaining they don’t have enough money and influence?

    • Well, they used to. Now Ackerman McQueen has all the money Lil’ Wayne La PeePee didn’t steal.

  2. Kos was the go to Anti-Bush media outlet. They have been irrelevant since the Kenyan Usurper was “elected”.

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    “Name any problem in this country and the solution is (other people’s) money.”

    FIFY, you goddamned [soshallist] media mouthpiece for the mouth-breathing Left.

    (Yep, the “S” word woke up the censorbot.)

    • It always does. Try using s0cialist.

      The might and prestige of the rev0lution shall not be impinged or denigrated.

      • That’s because you can’t spell the S word without including the name of a limp dick drug that may be the most spammed brand name evah.

  4. RE: “Where is the organization that grades politicians on protecting people and saving lives?”

    The NRA grades politicians based on the politician’s view of the 2A and Gun Control, A-F rating. Nonetheless it is ludicrous to ask such a dumb, helpless sounding question about politicians protecting people and saving lives when I.E. pelosi couldn’t even protect her own boozer husband.

    Furthermore…There is no such thing as, “Gun Violence.” Violence is Violence attributed to the criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, fists, feet, vehicles, etc.

    • Is there an organization that grades pols based on their policies that help or hurt human trafficking? Don’t look now, but thanks to the dems, the cartels make more off human trafficking than drug trafficking. Democrats: Making the cartels great again.

      • That……….isn’t just the democrats but yeah higher likely proportions of them and the making more than drugs has been the case since about 08 although fentanyl did bring it closer for a while. Either way wall, mass deportation, ending unqualified birthright citizenship and a lot more investigation/enforcement of modern day slavers is needed.

  5. The Kos is just the more updated version of the anti-gun communist of the 1960s.
    They are as racist as any white gun grabber from the past.

  6. The author regurgitates two of the great myths of gun control. First, that everybody agrees with him, they just somehow never form a majority when actual votes are counted on an actual gun control proposal. Explaining this discrepancy requires the second myth: that gun lobby money keeps gun control from happening. I once calculated that, if the gun rights lobby were to cease to exist tomorrow, the Banking and Real Estate lobby could make up the difference by increasing their political contributions by… three percent. Gun lobby money is tiny, tiny in comparison to gun control money, infinitesimal compared to big lobbies like banking, energy, and pharmaceuticals. And while gun control money comes largely from a few billionaire donors, gun lobby money comes almost exclusively from ordinary voters.

    And it’s those voters, not money, that are gun control’s real problem. People who favor gun control aren’t voting against their own wishes, as the author’s narrative absurdly suggests, because of the gun lobby’s unmatched spending power. It’s just that, when you can’t cook poll numbers to your liking, it turns out people who support gun control just aren’t a majority.

  7. I really should try running for office.
    If only just to set up a web presence that’s basically a panhandling GoFundMe.

    -Send me money or your children will perish in climate change flames!!
    -Send me money or rampaging Klansman will lynch anyone with a deep tan!!!
    -Send me money or the NRA will shoot your kid in the face!!!
    -Send me money or the transphobes will jail you for lopping off your kids junk!!!

    After collecting a satisfactory amount of money I’ll go work for Subaru and their “buy a Subaru or your kids will die in a crash!!!” advertising firm.

  8. The nitwit should have listened to Warren Zevon. It’s not money, it’s lawyers, guns, and money. The fool can have leventy-leven zillion dollars, and he can be taken out by some lawyers, or some guns, or, by lawyers, guns, and money.

    Given the choice between lots of cash, or lots of guns, I’ll take the guns, thank you. Inflation eats money away, inflation only makes guns more valuable.

    The battle cry of every politician ever. The greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the human race has been politicians claiming they have a solution to any problem.

    • “More money. Make more money. Make others make more Money.”
      – L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of $cientology.

      Some things never change.

  10. Sounds like someone so buried in political corruption for so long that they have lost touch with reality. This isn’t they way any of this was ever meant to be. This is crazy.

    One thing is quite clear here above all else. The prevailing thought in this persons mind is that the only people considered worth while are those that can be bought and sold.

    The 2nd Amendment was NOT put there because of the NRA.

  11. You can tell how “well-informed” a statist hoplophobe is on matters of gun control and gun violence when they focus their arguments on the NRA and money in politics… LOL

  12. “… those liberals who try to comfort themselves with the notion that the NRA wins legislative battles because of their vast campaign contributions are engaged in self-deceptive self-justification. The NRA wins at the ballot box, not in the streets and not by checkbook.” … “Money is very helpful in a political vacuum, but when members are forced to choose between their voters and their contributors, votes kick money’s ass.” p203 & 314

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