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By Larry Keane

Halfway around the world, Ukrainians are exhibiting bravery and courage in the face of an invading Russian army.

Meanwhile here in America, the political party that supports disarming and restricting the Second Amendment rights of their country’s law-abiding citizens, and that pushes to defund law enforcement, would turn and flee if their country were invaded.

A majority of self-described Democrats — 52 percent — say they would leave the United States if America were being invaded rather than stay and fight.

Fight or Flight

The new Quinnipiac poll asked voters a hypothetical: Given what is happening in eastern Europe with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, “What would you do if you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now: stay and fight or leave the country?”

More than two-thirds of Republican voters, by a margin of 68-25, say they would stay and fight. A healthy majority of Independents would make a stand as well, 57-36. In a sad display, more than half of Democratic voters surveyed, 52-40, said they would flee.

Buoyed by the healthy margins of Republicans and Independents, altogether 55 percent of American voters said they’d fight rather than turn tail and run.

“When confronted with a terrible hypothetical that would put them in the shoes of the Ukrainians, Americans say they would stand and fight rather than seek safety in another country,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

Democratic voters would not only hypothetically take flight, either. They and the gun control groups are, in reality, working to dismantle the Second Amendment and punish the industry that provides for the ability to exercise that right to purchase and possess firearms.

Real Time Refresher

The Founding Fathers preserved the right to keep and bear arms in law for good reason. Russia’s authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin ordered his army to invade neighboring Ukraine, believing taking control over more territory would be an easy task. Ukrainians had other ideas. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emboldened his citizens.

“We will give weapons to anyone who wants to defend the country. Be ready to support Ukraine in the squares of our cities,” President Zelenskyy tweeted. “Don’t panic. We are strong. We are ready for everything. We will defeat everyone. Because we are Ukraine.”

They’ve valiantly held back advances by Russia and Ukrainian leaders empowered their citizens to take up arms and fight for their country. Other countries have donated and shipped more arms for Ukrainians to use, including the United States.

Civilians who have never held a firearm arm before are quickly receiving training. Oleksandr Krasivskiy, a Ukrainian sales manager, said, “Here we receive more of the tactical training. How to move with the gun. How to operate it in building with the gun. What should we expect when we are in the combat situation. It’s totally new for me. I’ve never done this before and never interested before this whole situation started,” he said.

Women aren’t running either.

“Nine days ago I was teacher of makeup,” added Territorial Army Volunteer Svetlana Kalanova. “There’s no purpose for why they do this. I want to fight also because this is my country, this is my home. Everything is here.”

Operating her firearm has become second nature to her in short time.

Reinforcements On The Way

Much of America believes so strongly in the Second Amendment here at home that they’re helping Ukrainians defend their country with arms and munitions. NASCAR legend Richard Childress, along with AMMO Inc., donated 1 million rounds of 7.62mm ammunition to Ukraine, as did Vista Outdoor’s family of ammunition manufacturers of Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal Ammunition. Adams Arms announced they’re shipping rifles to help the effort. Several other members of the firearm and ammunition industry are assisting too.

“This is a wake-up call for America, and why we have to have our Second Amendment…To see the people in Ukraine fighting — it’s terrible to see the lives that are being lost over there,” Childress told Fox News.

Elections Have Consequences

“That will never happen here,” is a far too common thought. Ukrainians are experiencing it now with the invasion by Russia. Canadians are getting a taste as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked Canada’s Emergency Powers Act to trample on the rights of Canadians for 30 days and they’re facing a looming mandatory gun confiscation deadline.

The truth is gun control and their allied elected officials scheme every day to extinguish the Second Amendment. When legislative efforts to impose more gun restrictions fail, gun control goes a different route.

Biden angry second amendment

Financial service providers, banks and corporate boardrooms are implementing gun control by discriminating against and inhibiting lawful businesses that provide a Constitutionally-protected right to own firearms. The firearm industry is fighting back on this new angle of attack through state and federal-level financial industry nondiscrimination legislation. However it’s voters who will ultimately tell gun control politicians what to do with their restrictions.

Support by voters for more gun control is the lowest levels in years, while lawful firearm purchases have hit record highs. Americans are seeing in real time just how fragile their rights can be if they aren’t willing to fight for them.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Wasn’t the advice to just not resist and then maybe the bad guys will be nice to you?
    Cuz that’s the nature of psychopaths?

    • This is great news. That means it will be that much easier when we take democrats, and bend them over, after we take back this country.

      • Question 8. If you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leave the country?

        Poll… Tot.. Rep. Dem Ind. Men Women
        Stay. 55% 68% 40% 57% 70% 40%
        Leave 38% 25% 52% 36% 24% 52%
        DK/NA. 07% 06% 08% 07% 06% 08%

        Women and Democrats exactly match up. Coincidence?

        • No coincidence, there are many more women Democrats than Republicans.

          “In 2018 and 2019, the Democratic Party held a wide advantage with women: 56% of female registered voters identified as Democrats or leaned toward the Democratic Party, while 38% identified as Republicans or leaned toward the GOP. This stands in contrast to men, among whom 50% were Republicans or GOP leaners and 42% identified as or leaned Democratic.”

          And 1300 people is not really a representative sampling of a country of 320 million, but whatever supports the narrative, carry-on!

        • Minor MINER49er Yep there are more women registered as DEMONcRATS than Republican. The reason for that is very simple. Too many women react emotionally rather than with the brain in their head and common sense.

        • what’s the breakdown in jolly old blighty? silly party, very silly party, st. looney up the cream bun and jam party?

      • Fuck you cracker.
        This DEMOCRAT is more than happy to give you something that will send you back to Arkansas you fucking cracker. California and New York are NATIONS that wield a mighty power. Just fucking try to take us you bunch of throwbacks.

  2. Why should they stay? In their minds the US is a horrible racist war zone run top to bottom by klansmen and theocratic misogynists who long for good ‘ol days of bidding at the slave auction.
    There’s nothing here worth saving.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure a solid chunk of their HRT taking Redditor base is off playing conscripted cannon fodder for Ukraine right now.

  3. We if THAT’S how they feel then why the hell shouldn’t the Republicans just over turn the democrats and take over? Personally I sure as hell don’t want a 1 party state, but if the left can’t even bother to defend the nation then why shouldn’t the right take over?

    • You assholes are the ones attacking us, not a foreign nation. YOU ARE THE FUCKING FOREIGN NATION. You’re the South’s Gonna Rise Again. And millions in this great land will die because of you STUPID FUCKING REPUBLICANS.
      This proud Democrat is not afraid of you ugly bad smelling barbarians. Be careful what you wish for.

  4. Nothing I read suprised me. Everything I read confirmed what I already believed. Most of them are frightened and are willing to surrender anything, even their homes, for a sense of security. Even if its false.

    • Who’s surprised? I’m nearly 68 and I’d fight to the death to oppose an invading army(meh-he-co included). Today’s Dims are coward’s. Too much soy latte and navel introspection!

      • I’m 75. Cout me in for the fight. As will be my family and neighbors. Some of us old farts have actual combat experience and a damn good idea of how to fight. As has been shown by the Afghans, and the Ukrainians, you don’t fight tanks with rifles. You get behind the tanks and take out the soft skinned fuel and supply trucks. Tanks turn into iron coffins when the fuel runs out.
        You have it right about the Marxists running the Dementiacrat party. As well as the spine and testicle deficient RINO’s.

      • I’m 64 and I have plenty of extra guns and ammunition to hand out to my neighbors to defend our homes.
        My liberal neighbors can flee to Canada. Mexico or to the Bahamas, we will stay and fight

        • Fight who? Go back to playing Risk old man. Ain’t none of us “Proud Liberals” going anywhere because our KKK brethren (you Tucker Carlson ass wipes) have betrayed the USA. You are the fucking enemies.
          Go fight each other like the fucking Alkaida. The South may rise, and the UNION will have to put her down again.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      I came to say pretty much the same thing. All of the people in my community who are on the Far Left political spectrum are very timid and meek people.

      I understand how people would go to great lengths to avoid/evade drama/controversy. What I don’t understand is how those people are so timid and meek as to allow violent criminals to abuse, rape, and possibly even murder them.

    • They’ll know terror when lil’d’s caravan of death rolls in to deliver social justice and gather reparations. There’ll be lots of summary executions happening. Anyone who owns unapproved firearms, has a house that looks too good, a fancy car, too many home appliances, a non manual labor job, or anything else that fits the profile.

      The work will be arduous but to keep the executioners motivated they’ll get a share of loot recovered for redistribution, pretty young girls for the antifa incels, and pretty young boys for those recruited from NAMBLA. Until the latter find their usefulness has ended.

      • “And we have always been at war with Eurasia”, with Led Zeppelins “Hangman, Hangman…” playing in the background.

        • Couldn’t get no silver
          Couldn’t get no gold
          All my friends to damn poor
          Making the system bold
          Ahh ah ahhh

      • Fight who? Go back to playing Risk old man. Ain’t none of us “Proud Liberals” going anywhere because our KKK brethren (you Tucker Carlson ass wipes) have betrayed the USA. You are the fucking enemies.
        Go fight each other like the fucking Alkaida. The South may rise, and the UNION will have to put her down again.

        • Sorry Josh Hawley, but you are not a “Proud Liberal” as you allege. You are a Leftist. the only real Liberals were out Founding Fathers and they are turning in their graves over your claim to be a “Liberal”. I suggest you review the bios of Woodrow Wilson and Margret Sanger, two of your kind and FLAMING RACISTS.

  5. If someone’s going to campaign against stand your ground and castle doctrine laws, it makes sense they would apply the same philosophy toward self defense on a larger scale as well.

    To really see the cognitive dissonance at work, ask them whether the Ukrainians should all leave and let Putin have the country.

  6. so the dems woud cut and run rather than stay and fight? May I provide them a ride to the airport or train station or seaport? Glad to help them OUT.

    Reminds me of the old country meme… old man sitting in his front yard, family riding in their wagon down the road… obviosuly moving. He asks them to where they are going. SMithfville!! Well, then they ask “how are the townsfolk there, do you know? He asks them “well, how are the folk in the town where you were living?” OH, they are fine folk, friendly helpfu, good neighbours, and we shall miss themgreatly”. Oh you’ll be glad to know the people of Smithfille are just like those folks”.

    Later same day a second wagon came along, exceot they were going to Jonesville, and asked “how are the people there?” Well, how are the townsfolk where yuo were living?” Oh they are spiteful carry dgrudges, are critical and unfreindlyl always miding everyone’s business but their own;Terrible people”. Oh, I am so sorry to inform you, but the people in Jonesville are just the same as those you are leaving behind”.

    May the dems, as they leavel all find new homes just liie the hellhole they are trying to make this place.

  7. (If you are looking to a one, or two line mantra, stop reading, now)

    OK, this isn’t a serious poll/survey. Where can Ukrainians go to flee their country?

    Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania; border nations. Where could Americans run to? Well, only Canada, or Mexico. If Canada, or Mexico were to invade the US, the choices for refuge aren’t too great.

    If Mexico invades, we have no idea if Canada would close their borders (how to enforce such a wide swath of wilderness in problematic).

    If Canada invades, Mexico is not all that welcoming, on any number of levels. Invasion from the sea is simply not something that could replicate Ukraine’s geographic situation.

    We are not going to see mass escape by boat from the coasts, either.

    The proposition is not anchored in any sort of reality. So, if asked the question, my response would be, “Where is there to run to?”

    The Dim respondents have never thought about invasion, so their “votes” in the survey are meaningless. Those who have thought about invasion probably just panicked, and the natural response for them is to avoid hardship, in any form.

    A better question would be, “If the US is invaded, would you fight to defend your home and community, or surrender to the invader at first opportunity?”

    • Sam, such people are like lemmings; easily spooked, easily herded and with a penchant for running pel mel and en masse off of the nearest convenient cliff. All they know is to shrill loudly from the shelter of burrows others before them have dug for their safety and to take the most disastrous course available to them when alarmed. If the legends are true. I’d bet good money, if I had any left, that lemmings are by far the more stalwart of the two species.

  8. The fact that Democrats would run from a conflict with our adversaries doesn’t surprise me at all, reason, their brainwashed in the public schools & mostly uneducated about the U. S., & all pusses anyway, nobody would want them in their foxhole with them anyway.

  9. Let’s be careful not to confuse the people with the government. Government has worked hard over the past 15 years to convince Russia to invade them. Azzholez, all of them.

    The people? Gotta love ’em.

    If, somehow, Ukraine beats the crap out of Russia, the people deserve credit, not Zelensky of his government.

    Of course, that doesn’t address the injustices committed in eastern Ukraine over the past 8 years and more.

  10. quote————–Meanwhile here in America, the political party that supports disarming and restricting the Second Amendment rights of their country’s law-abiding citizens, and that pushes to defund law enforcement, would turn and flee if their country were invaded.——-quote

    Even Putin’s propaganda is more believable than the above laughable rant.

    Just were does the Far Right t tag contributor think the invasion is coming from? We have a weak neighbor to the south of the U.S. i.e. Mexico and a friendly country to the North i.e. Canada. And I might add Canada’s armed forces are no match for the armed forces of the U.S. so overweight bearded and tattooed untrained hillbillies would be more of a detriment if we ever were invaded. They would get in the way of professional soldiers. Most cannot walk 10 feet from their pick up trucks without losing their breath.

    If you noticed on the news the Ukrainians seem to be mostly physically fit and trying to compare them to U.S. overweight beer guzzling and pizza eating hillbillies is laughable. Even a troop of Ukrainian girl scouts could whip the overweight U.S. Far Right Hillbillies.

    quote—————A majority of self-described Democrats — 52 percent — say they would leave the United States if America were being invaded rather than stay and fight.—————-quote

    Probably a quote from the people you can trust Q’Anon or maybe Tucker (the Hillbilly) Carlson (sarcasm)

    Quote————-The Founding Fathers preserved the right to keep and bear arms in law for good reason.————quote

    More patriotic laughable drum beating. Georgie Porgie was an incompetent Moron who lost more battles than he won and had to be cajoled by the French to even agree to help out in the battle of Yorktown. If had not been for millions in French money and their professional army and navy the incompetent Gerogie Porgie would have been defeated and hug by his dirty worthless balls. Which would have been the best thing that could have happened to Colonial America as we would have inherited a parliamentary government with multiple political parties and a country with true democracy.

    quote—————Support by voters for more gun control is the lowest levels in years, ————quote

    False, more Far Right propaganda. When the horrific Texas and Cincinnati massacres took place only hours apart Mitch McConnell stated the Republicans were ready to pass gun control and had a gun control bill ready to introduce if Trump would agree to sign it if introduced. Naturally Trump cowed down to the gangster criminals of the NRA, prostitutes of the gun manufacturers.

    The overwhelming majority of U.S. Citizens, and the majority of Congress realized the gun problem is totally out of control in the U.S. and they overwhelmingly support Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws and severe restrictions on Assault Rifles, the weapon of choice for mass murders.

    quote————-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked Canada’s Emergency Powers Act —————quote

    Trudeau was well within his rights to put an end to a bunch of heavily armed thugs who did not represent the majority of Canada’s Truck Drivers or the Canadian people. Disrupting emergency services and destroying commerce and causing people to lose their pay checks is not legitimate protest and will not be tolerated that is why Trudeau crushed the Nazi uprising.

    And Canada’s gun laws do work as they have a much lower rate of homicide with firearms.

    • Yes. Uneducated, It shows. Spouting childish and unsupported garbage as facts. It shows.

      Must be the real herr dacian the nazi, Nobody else around here that stupid.

      • Have you noticed, jwm, that both dacian the stupid AND MajorStupidity have become more unhinged, of late?? I think it is the smell of imminent defeat (read: “curb stomping”) of the Leftist/fascist agenda in Nov. 2022 (and, likely, Nov. 2024) that has them exuding flop sweat.

    • You should be a peekin out your windows watching for the neanderthals dacian, instead of playing on your computer, ohio is constitutional carry now.

      • possum.

        Strangely, dacian the stupid may be relatively safe from us Neanderthals hunting his sorry @$$ – (i) he’s not exactly a difficult target, (ii) his value, dead or alive, is nil, and (iii) NOBODY would be willing to eat that carcass. I think dacian the stupid is safe UNTIL his fellow travelers take over. Then his @$$ will go up against the wall.

    • Quote———-so overweight bearded and tattooed untrained hillbillies would be more of a detriment if we ever were invaded. They would get in the way of professional soldiers. Most cannot walk 10 feet from their pick up trucks without losing their breath.———-Quote

      As you can see from the juvenile response, it’s a fake dacian.

  11. The scary part of this scenario is if the US went to war today we would be following the leadership of biden and kameltoe.

    I’m not a religious man. But let’s all pray that someone in the military recognizes the disaster that would be and corrects the problem.

  12. “Meanwhile here in America, the political party that supports disarming and restricting the Second Amendment rights of their country’s law-abiding citizens, and that pushes to defund law enforcement, would turn and flee if their country were invaded.”

    Sounds like it might be a good way to rid our country of the socialist progressive marxist democrat communists we have IMHO. Let’s stage a faux invasion so the Dems will just leave.

  13. Hey, can we organize a fake Canadian invasion (the War of Northern Aggression 2), scare all the gutless dems south into the gun free utopia that is Mexico, meet our Republican Brothers in Arms with handshakes n chest bumps like that scene in Braveheart, then all turn north in a Retaliatory Raid and chase all our gutless libs into eastern canuckistan, or right into the Atlantic, then incorporate our Western Provinces as new states in the Expanded Republic of the United States of America?? It could work ya know, but we gotta do it next month, eh? We have oil… and beer…

    • …and poutine…about the only meaningful contribution by the Québécois!

      A number of years ago my son and I took a camping trip up through Alberta over to Yukon and down through B.C. Lots of beautiful country and nice people! Camping in the Canadian Provincial campgrounds was a pleasure…clean, neat, nicely landscaped with dedicated tenting spaces and HOT showers in most campgrounds. We enjoyed Whitehorse immensely…great local brews!

      • Montana, I’m in central BC and the places you mention are my playground/backyard. Glad you enjoyed your travels through this spectacular corner of our planet. And your state, at least the western reaches, is one of my own favorites. Cheers.

        • Thank you, I’m rather fond of NW Montana myself.

          Since a great deal of our camping was in wilderness and remote areas I opted to lawfully bring into Canada a Rossi Coach 12 ga. (it met all of Canada’s firearm restrictions) in case of overly aggressive bears. Registering it with U.S. Customs before I entered Canada and registering it with Canada Customs (and paying the $25 fee) was a breeze. Reentering my own country weeks later, with both sets of documents, was a royal pain. Obummer was still Pres and the word was out at the Ports of Entry to harass armed returning U.S. citizens. Took hours of waiting for the correct (?) Officer to inspect my vehicle and view (not touch) the shottie.
          Reminded me of the old line from the comic strip “Pogo”…”I have met the enemy and he is us!”

        • Hey, beverly, would you care to elaborate on the specific point you are attempting to make? You know, just so we all know exactly where you stand in your bigotry and your deception. On that last point and while you’re at it, beverly 3, explain to us all how last week you had been a cop for 6yrs and this week it was for 10yrs. We’ll wait while you assemble your thoughts, beverly.

      • Montana, that we can buy stuff you guys aren’t ‘allowed’ to have and (even more so) vice versa, even from state to state let alone across national borders, demonstrates to a tee just how foolish and contrived all ‘gun legislation’ truly is. How on earth have we let these clowns get away with this? Boggles the mind.

        • Rider don’t engage him. Walter is nothing but a waste of your time, trust me. He spouts bullshit and never honestly engages with you.

        • ChoseDeath, it’s become a small hobby. Can’t tolerate bullshitters or hypocrites. Besides, he’s like that train wreck ya just can’t stop watching 😉. But yeah, thanks.

      • “Camping in the Canadian Provincial campgrounds was a pleasure…clean, neat, nicely landscaped with dedicated tenting spaces and HOT showers in most campgrounds. We enjoyed Whitehorse immensely…great local brews!“

        Yep, you gotta love those socialist democracies, all that and universal healthcare for every citizen, what a country!

        • I normally don’t answer trolls, but I’m make an exception for this one time.
          Do not fall in love with the Canadian single payer system.
          My suburban Fort Lauderdale hospital is filled with Canadians coming here for healthcare they have to wait years to get in Canada.
          Even the simplest things like an MRI or a cataract replacement are better in the United States

        • I comment on the nicety of Canadian Provincial campgrounds and you hijack the comment to push your tired B.S. regarding a single-payer health system. How very Alinsky of you.

          I have a number of Canadian friends and acquaintances. they ALL tell me that their health system is great for well-child care, colds / flu, aches and simple breaks…walk in, get treated and leave. They also tell me that the Canadian system SUCKS if you require advanced diagnostics…a year wait for an MRI is not unusual. There are hospitals in the US that welcome and cater to Canadians who come here to receive advanced imaging and treatments months to years before they could receive the equivalent in Canada.

        • You left out all that oh so benevolent tyranny there, socialist miner, you know, rule by decree etc. And I would know, eh? Footnote: wow, I sure would like to know why this comment went to “Camp Moderation”. Again. Still.

  14. Anyone taking up arms to “defend” Ukraine is retarded. Prolonging an unwinnable stupid war.
    The sooner the war is over the better, fewer pointless deaths.

    • That is . . . truly deranged commentary. YTRE, if there is nothing you consider worth fighting for, I pity you (and CERTAINLY pity for spouse/children/friends/family). If you know the history of ancient Greece (Marathon, Themopylae, Palatia, Salamis), Corregidor and Bataan, Bastogne, Ia Drang, Chosin Reservoir, Rorke’s Drift, Isandlawana, and hundreds (thousands?) of others, and still don’t feel there is anything worth fighting for? You are a pathetic simalacrum of a faux-human. Enjoy your less-than-human status (and again I pity your spouse/children/friends/family).

      • There are a lot of things worth fighting for. Exchanging one corrupt government for another corrupt government isn’t one of them.

        If the Russians were raping and murdering civilians in the towns they conquered, then I would encourage all Ukrainians to fight to the death. But that isn’t happening. You encouraging Ukrainians to die for no good reason is the subhuman behavior. You and the other war-hawks are prolonging extreme human suffering. Putin is a retard and this invasion is retarded. But fighting back is also retarded.

        • YTRE And you know that the Ukrainian government is “corrupt” because?

          The fact is that the Russians are killing innocent civilians who are trying to get out of the way or the fighting. So you don’t really care? Sounds to me like you are a Russian bot working out of Moscow or the Russian embassy.

        • Beverly the Third, or Tenth, or whatever it is this week: and you know the evil russkies are killing innocent civilians how? Because CNN told you so? Furthermore, you trying to disseminate ‘fact’ is outright laughable at this point. Sounds to me, beverly, like you are a shill for mainstream media and those very warhawks they champion. Why are you not now over there, championing freedom and liberty with your vast 10yrs of law enforcement experience? Or was it a mere 6yrs? Hard to keep track, ain’t it… sarge. Perhaps there’s a gulag you could offer your consulting services to, given the rest of your broad experience?

        • Always ask what the end goal is. Is the Ukrainian government looking out for the citizens or trying to preserve their power? Ask the same of the US government.

        • So the shelling and shooting of civilians trying to leave us not happening? You checked directly with your handlers before making this claim? The Russians are not blocking the humanitarian aid into Mariupol? In about a week the death rate of the 400,000 hostages will really ramp up. Putin will say they are deliberately drinking dirty water and not eating to make him look bad.

        • Oh, maintaining your OWN government (you know, the one you and your neighbors voted for) as opposed to “laying back and enjoying it”, for any equally-or-more corrupt invader (who is, by the way, destroying cities and villages, pillaging the country, and may VERY WELL be committing rape and similar crimes (it ain’t like the Russians don’t have a history of that)).

          I may not be very enamored of Ukraine, but in the current situation, if you don’t think a Ukrainian has any reason to resist the Russian invasion? I maintain that you are a subhuman. I hate the current Administration, and despise what they are doing to my country – and I’d STILL give my life to defend it.

          I still pity you, and your spouse/children/friends/family.

          Have a nice day!

    • Yes, surrender immediately and everything will be wonderful just like the paradise that Putin built in Chechnya where an openly insane lunatic puppet leader has ground the population into abject misery.
      What’s the pay scale for Putin promoters?
      My guess is you are not well paid.

    • YTRE Actually people like you are the reason people like us are willing to go to the Ukraine to defend freedom. He who is unwilling to defend his freedom will lose that freedom and deserves to do so.

      Any time one person’s freedom is taken away for no other reason other than aggression on the battle field, all people’s freedom is at stake.

  15. This all begs the question; If those idiots will voluntarily leave upon invasion, who can we get to invade? The cartels on the southern border have the weapons, but they’ve been invading for years and that hasn’t run them off yet. The Canadians would be the obvious choice. They could push Pencil Neck and his Nit-Wit batallions toward the southern border and into the arms of those they love so much. Except, the Canadians don’t have anything left to invade with. Also, those south of the border don’t like pincil necks any more than anyone else. So there’s that. Hey! Why don’t we arm the Canadians at the border. The stupid people get caught in a crossfire at the Rio Grande, the Canadians give us our rifles back and go home. Everyone is happy except the Democrats, but that doesn’t matter. They’re never happy anyway.

  16. That is the way that Leftists think. They really don’t want America and its way of life to succeed . They want to see it go the way or the Roman Empire so they can establish their utopia. They would rather see the bad guys take over as they are kin folk to the bad guys.

    • You tell em, beverly! I mean, self professed “figure of authority” that you are after serving 6yrs as one of the nation’s finest. Or was that 10yrs, beverly? And one can only wonder what it might be next week…

      • I thought it was a prison guard for six and a cop for ten or vica versa?
        ? ?, I think I’d feel more comfortable bragging I used to be an outlaw then bragging I used to be a prison guard.

        • Possum, nope. It was a Vietnam vet, then a cop for 6, then a jailer for 25. Then it became a cop for 10 a few days later. Odd error for a person to make with all their faculties intact. And yeah, that last part would (often enough) be a tough call for sure.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck Yes, a Vietnam vet. Nope a police officer for 10 yrs. and a Corrections Officer )retired as a Sergeant) for 25 yrs. Seems you are the only one who keeps claiming I was a “cop for six years”. Gee, I wonder why that is? Oh, I know. It’s because you are a liar.

          What is odd is you keep repeating the same lie. Maybe if you repeat it often enough, you will find someone who believes it. You know they say that people who lie are very obsessed with being a liar in an effort to find someone to believe them. Sad…

      • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck That is correct, arse wipe. I was an authority figure. Police and Corrections personnel are authority figures. I guess you did not know that.

        You keep repeating the lie that you claim I said I served as a police officer for “6 years”. Lies just roll off your finger tips like water off a ducks back, right, Canuck? HAVE A GOOD DAY!

        As to you, Possum, have you been hanging upside down in a tree for too long? For your edification I served 25 yrs in the NYS DOCCS and retired as a Corrections Sergeant. Prior to that, I served 10 yrs as a police officer in a few departments, including but not limited to as a Town Marshall in Colorado and an acting Detective in a village in NYS.

        Possum, we did away with the term ‘prison guard” in 1971. You are just a tad behind the times, ya think? Being a corrections officer is a profession to be proud of.

        HAVE A GOOD DAY!

        • we introduce our cook county sheriff friends as prison guards still. so you haven’t done away with anything. officer? not ratkovic, more like rat killer from bulgakov.

        • tsbhoa.p.jr Figures, Chicago has always been behind the times in most things. Hell, you Chicago still has dead people voting. And I was a Sergeant.

        • But beverly, that’s exactly what you said. And you know it. We all know it. Care to explain the discrepancy? That’s not something an honest person just gets wrong, sarge. Again, we will wait…

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, Nope, it is not “exactly” what I said. Again, I am calling you a liar. There is no “discrepancy” when the “discrepancy” is a lie coming from you, Canuck. You should take advantage of your socialized medicine up there is BC and get your dosage upped.

          And again, that is Sergeant, to you Canuck. Or Mr Beverly. If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.

        • That’s a bad habit you have beverly dear, lying like you do. Even worse when you lie about your lying by calling the person pointing out your falsehoods a liar. It’s infantile. As I said, you, I and everyone else who has seen our little back and forth knows very well that you are lying. It’s inarguable and you only sink lower everytime you do it, bev. But I guess you’ve gone so far down at this point that you really don’t have any other defense but to continue with your lies, do you, ol sarge? Like a child caught stealing. Dig dig dig, beverly, dig dig dig.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, It’s not me who is lying. Its you. Lying comes second nature to you. It’s the only defense you have for your ignorance.
          I guess if you repeat your lie often enough, someone will eventually believe you.

          Everyone else? It seems only you are spreading this lie. you must have a mouse in your pocket.

          And it’s Sergeant to you, or Mr Beverly. If you can’t respect your elders, Canuck, respect your betters.

        • You persisting not only with your lies but then falsely labelling me as the liar in some pathetic attempt to deflect (so yet another lie from you) just ain’t gonna cut it, beverly. It’s in black and white, written by your own hand, for all to see. If you had any honor, as you proudly claim, you would come clean. But no, instead you dig your hole deeper. There’s no climbing out now… sarge.

        • Rinderless/ShootOff Canuck. You mean to say that a person like you who lies continuously, should not be called a lair? Gee, I am so, so sorry. But I can’t stop identifying you as what you are.

          And again, (sigh) It’s Sergeant or Mr Beverly. If you can’t reepect your elders, respect your betters.

  17. The real kicker here is that it’s much easier to say you’d stay and fight than to actually do it. If 52% of Dems say they’d flee, the actual number would be much higher.

    The cowardly Dems should pay attention though, Putin’s been attacking the fleeing civilian refugees. Maybe they think it’s somehow better to be shot in the back rather than in the front.

  18. The “sad, but true” part is that . . . we would be stronger without them. As Sam Adams said, “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    Add to that the undeniable benefit of easily ridding ourselves of the likes of dacian the stupid, MinorIQ, and rant7, and it is a “win-win”.

    Who can we pay to invade us??

      • Saw that, Rider,

        Back when “free Quebec” was a thing (if I’m not mistaken, the alleged father of your current disgusting “leader” may have had some involvement in that), there was a lot of talk (on BOTH sides of the border) about B.C., Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba joining the US. Personally, I’d welcome it. Beautiful country, nice people.

        Now, how do we arrange that???? (Oh, and I’d be even happier if we could trade you – we’ll take the named provinces; you take everything from D.C., 150 miles inland, and north to the border. We’ll even throw in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco!! If you bargain hard, we’ll even throw in Chicago and Detroit!)

        • Lamp, there’s still talk/wishful thinking about the West joining the South (as things should rightly be) on our part. If only… But I think we should just boot their asses back east and keep the entire western seaboard for ourselves. Why ruin a good thing?

  19. I’m quite surprised that 40% of the Democrats said that they would stick around and fight against an invasion.

    • May be a silly question but did it say they would stay and fight against the invasion or just stay and fight? Given some of the inhabitants of Albany I could see at least a few staying to “bash the fash”

    • Officer Bill,

      Perhaps they were assuming it would be nasty “conservatives” invading???? (Not that they would actually fight, even then – but they HAVE to virtue signal!)

  20. A few years back the Democrats acted all insulted when we called them unpatriotic, well here is the proof. Clearly they are cowardly run or surrender instead of fight backstabbing sycophants.

    I am still waiting on all those lefties who said they would go to Canada if Trump was elected to clear out, maybe after the next couple of elections…who am I kidding, what little part of them isn’t filled with cowardice is filled with compressed hot air!

  21. It is a pretty sad commentary when a majority of any groups, political, social, ethnic, etc. won’t stand and fight for their homes or families. Or would give up and either run or surrender at the first sign of trouble. While I doubt any foreign power is going to invade any time soon, just the hypothetical question poses a problem for those who would run. Perhaps those who are unwilling to fight for their own homes should consider emigrating to another country more in line with their beliefs.

  22. I solute all those brave souls fighting in Ukraine against Russia.

    As to The Democrats here, they can go live elsewhere if they care so little. The rank and file that continue to vote Democrat need to understand how little the left cares about them.

    It might be true that some will never learn and simply cannot see the forest through the trees. But honestly, none of this is news.

  23. Coincidentally, I know a “just turned retirement age” democrat who voted for every left wing policy imaginable for his entire adult life. He’s got some money too… so the last rotten thing he did was vote for Joe and then shortly after Joe took office he and his wife moved to a beachfront property in a tropical paradise in Central America.

  24. Sounds great to me. Democrats either aid the invaders or flee the country. We defend the country and win. We put the collaborators against the wall. We lock the borders and don’t let the cowards back.

    Bingo, now we have the country we always dreamed of, free of Democrats.

  25. Anyone who deserted this country and refused to fight should be Bared For Life from ever holding any Office. Also stripped of their citizenship!

      • I wonder if he has his Generalissimos uniform picked out yet? I’m sure he thinks he’s ‘in’ like the good little stazi that he is.

      • You’re prob right, I was thinking the same while I typed that out but couldn’t abandon the whole Generalissimo thing. I mean, how often does one get to use that word, even if spelled incorrectly?

  26. The far left, mostly encamped in the Democrat party, have the root of their beliefs usually in Marxism, which is what created Putin. They see eye to eye for the most part.

    I think if a Marxist invasion were to occur, or any highly authoritarian regime, such as a UN army led by WEF types, the left would welcome them, not flee.

    Could be that the left is mainly chicken as there is nothing worth dying for or encouraging and coordinating with others to help defend.


  28. To be fair, the Ukraine is being invaded by an outside force. I can’t really see Canada invading the US by force and Mexico has no real need to invade with arms as the borders are wide open down south. Our only real threat is Nasty Nancy’s house and the rest of the woke, elite in congress.

    • Canada and the US have an interesting history of cross border aggression. Nothing recent, of course, but while Canada has never invaded the US, the US has invaded Canada five times.

        • Gotta act fast before the Kings horses are upon our frozen asses next month! And ya gotta promise to paddle back up with us and help do ours next, or the deals off. We’ll toss in BC, Alberta, Saskyatchewann and Manitoba to sweeten the deal!

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. Ah, regret to inform you and try to continue your education, but it was the British, who burned down the White House. You Canucks were too busy trying to be Canucks.

          You might want to review your history as the British landed in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay marched to Washington and then on to Baltimore where the Brits bombarded Fort William Henry. For your further edification, the Brits held Americans hostage who had come to the British in an effort to negotiate peace. It was on the British flag ship that Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner which is the US National Anthem today.

        • LIES, BEVERLY!! ALL LIES!! Yes, I’m well aware of our combined histories, thank you. It was said in jest, you pompous blowhard. And for “you edification”, your usual spelling of that turn of phrase (what’s that, over a dozen times you’ve used that now?), the only palefaced inhabitants north of our mutual border at the time were either British or the Yanquees along with, unfortunately, some French and when your redcoats did paddle south on their mostly peaceful protest they weren’t alone in the canoe.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. ROFLMAOBT! Now you are going to try to claim that you Canucks invaded the US and burnt the White House? ROFLMAOBT! How did you Canucks do it? did you paddle down Lake Champlain, go over land to the Hudson River and then on to NYC, and then canoe your way to Chesapeake Bay? ROFLMAOBT!

          Next you will tell us that Washington did not defeat Cornwallis at Yorktown. ROFLMAOBT!

          Unfortunately continuing your edification might have to become a life long job for me. You are a hysterical fool.

        • Jesus, beverly, you can’t even bloody well read, can you? Just amazing. “Edify”, pfft, you literally don’t even understand the meaning of the word yet you constantly throw it out there like the window licking idiot that you are. Engaging you is like opening the door to an asylum for the mentally disabled. How you even manage to tie your shoes is beyond me… but then they prob don’t allow you shoes in yer little bouncy house bubble, do they sarge?

        • RiderlessShootOff Canuck No, no, my name is not “Jesus”. Another air leak? ROFLMAO! If I knew absolutely nothing, I would still know ten times more than you. And the word is edification, not edify. But then you are not the sharpest tack in the draw are ya?

          With all that free medical care up there in BC how come you still have that narcissistic personality disorder? Here is a link just for you. Maybe you can give your doctor a hint?

      • Uh, Scott??? Go Google “War of 1812” and “burning of the White Hosue”. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  29. “A majority of self-described Democrats — 52 percent — say they would leave the United States if America were being invaded”

    … while the rest of us applaud and suggest that they leave now. Because why wait until the last minute?

  30. Is it cowardice or something else? Why would anyone expect them to possibly give their lives to protect something they hate? This is reason #21 of why Democrats are a threat to our national security.

  31. I have been saying right along if we had a civil war those cowards would give up so now, they have given us the Key to the Country. All we need to do is start a civil war and 52% of them will run away and we probably wouldn’t have to fight at all. Food for thought and its long overdue by the way these people have been running the Country and disrespecting its Citizens by favoring illegals, refugees and criminals over us.

  32. Something else too;
    Once you surrender without the amount of fight you owe yourself, you suffer every day.
    Fighting back gives you the strength later to heal.
    If you don’t survive that fight, well;
    It is better to die a lion than live as as a sheep.

  33. Can we declare the incursion on the southern border to be invasion and get the Dems to flee? I hear there are Russians come in from Mexico. We’re talking about people who won’t defend themselves or their families — why would we expect them to defend their country.

  34. Just wishing the 52% of yellow bellies that are Democrats that would leave our country rather then fight any invader would leave now and do us freedom loving Americans a big favor.I am 77 years old and would stay and fight for the country I was born in and love.I will never surrender my freedom or guns to anyone invading our country or determined to undermine our second amendment rights.

      • Possum, just received my set of level4 steel plates to welcome in next month’s impending gunm confiscations. Pretty sure I’m gonna be like 87 under these puppies… wish me luck while all the other patriots beat their chests and rattle their sabers from their safe spaces…

        • Get good with your squats, shrugs, and deadlifts makes wearing plates a lot easier for extended periods of time, also water may want to consider hydration salts as well depending on heat index (few months before either of us have that issue). For Canada don’t you have a very limited captive market of what you can buy?

        • I hope Trudeau is just bluffing. ?
          Dont put all your eggs in one basket, a skunk finds em and he’ll eat everyone them.

        • On rereading your comment I noticed you said steel plates for level 4……………assuming not a troll post RIP your knees.

        • Rider,

          They ARE a little spendy, but there are some pretty nice Level IV composite plates out there. My youngest son just bought some (they are actually rated HIGHER than the steel plates he replaced), and they are pretty sweet. I’ll ask him what the make was.

        • Thanks to all just above but yeah, choices are somewhat limited up here, precious little Gucci hardware, just mostly standard fare and I don’t plan on running far, just want to take a few out before my ticket gets punched, which of course it eventually will, prob fairly soon given the odds against those few scattered individuals who will fight. And don’t worry possum, we’ve got stuff stashed, if we last that long. Bluffing? No, he’s not bluffing but there’s a good chance it all might amount to nothing. They haven’t got a clue what they’re doing, needless to say at this point.

  35. I am totally unconcerned with what people “say” they will do in a life-threatening situation.

    There is no relevance to what would really happen.

  36. A couple of things to point out:

    1. A bunch of Ukrainians have fled and many of those are women. So yes, some women can/did run.
    2. I am not so sure every registered Democrat is an American . . . or even alive 🙂

    • It is a certainty that many Democrat VOTERS are neither Americans or even still breathing. The number of graveyard dwellers who “vote Democrat” is both legend and legion.

  37. America is being invaded, but to keep on the subject of the article.
    Okay fleeing Democrats, where you going to go.
    Canada? A border away from the second largest military nation in the world that just got a whooping. South America? Europe? Syria? –
    The United States of America is the first domino, She falls they all fall eventually.
    So there is no Flee, frickin idiots.

    • It’s like I said a few articles ago, possum: raise a ruckus down there right now about our impending semi auto ban by the idiot manchild and his fellow grifters, I mean travellers. Otherwise you guys are the last man standing and all cannons will be pointed at you next. You know I’m right.

      • They dont give a sht what we btch about.
        If I could get 250million votes that said it ain’t right it wouldn’t do no good.
        The pen is only mightier then the sword when its easier deep in an eye socket.

        • Well every little bit can help sway popular opinion which does eventually result in change. Plus he’s a vain, habitual coward, thru n thru, easy to intimidate by how he thinks he is viewed. It would be nice to hear a huge outcry from the Home of the Brave, Last Land of the Free, but so far crickets. Pretty damn disappointing, I gotta tell ya. And the only reason the pen might be mightier than the sword is because it can be used to call up more swords… I’m much liking the eye socket thing though.

        • So an update possum, on the latest in tyrannical decrees from the (northern) idiot manchild; His Eloquence has graciously extended the Amnesty Period™ for us uppity gunm bearing pheasants for another year and a half, supposedly: “to allow those affected to better comply with the forthcoming mandated Buyback™ plan that all Canadians are eager to see put in place” 🙄. A more in depth reading might be as follows: “to allow us to cover for our utter incompetence in carrying out our threats of forced confiscation, along with the 98.7% refusal of the Subjects to so far comply with our decree and the inability to secure the services of any organizations willing to carry out our ulawful demands”. Hopefully someone will give a big sigh before the year and a half is up, dust off an old Enfield and plant one right in his bullshit organ. Damn, another year n a half of having these “deadly Weapons of War™ on our streets” and there might not be anyone left, rivers of blood n all that…

    • possum,

      SHHH!!!!! Don’t tell them!! If they remain ignorant, and leave? That’s called a “win-win”, in my book.

  38. A mass exodus of wussy Demoonbats is a resolution devoutly to be wished – get out now while the getting is good! Alas, as legions of celebrities demonstrate every time a Republican takes the Oval Office, leftist vows to leave the land they hate are mere virtue signalling.

    • And they don’t even hate it, it’s just that they love their virtue signalling above all else. It qualifies them amongst their… peers.

  39. “Democrats: We’d Rather Abandon the Country Than Take Up Arms to Defend It”

    Utter nonsense. Americans of every sort of political party have lined up to fight for this country in every war we have ever fought.

    • “Americans of every sort of political party have lined up to fight for this country in every war we have ever fought.”

      It’s still 40% of Democrats that would stay. Without a poll like this, you wouldn’t know the difference. Plus, notice how opinions vary with age. The 65+ crowd would be more likely to stay and fight than the 18-34 crowd. What you are saying is true, but our culture is rapidly changing. I know you’ve noticed this.

  40. Why would I want to fight for America on its current trajectory? Filth, perversion, deviant lifestyles. Everyday life in America is becoming an x rated gay porn movie. No thank you. I would rather take up with the Russians. I have no doubt that I have more values in common with the average Russian citizen than I do with your average big city Democrat.

    • Paul if you would not want to fight for America, then you would be unable to change it to the way you want.

      Why don’t you get your plane ticket to Moscow? We won’t be sorry to see you go.

      • Well Walter you feel free to fight to the death for Drag Queens teaching 4 year olds how to twerk and for children to be given hormone blockers and have their genitals mutilated. Oh yeah, feel proud of yourself while 3rd graders are given books with illustrations of gay porn. Sicko pervert.

        • Paul, Excuse me, but where do you get this “drag queens” nonsense. This is not America. There are Leftist out there who are propagating this kind of thing. Not America and certainly not the American people.

          If you want to do something about your complaints by all means get off your fat posterior and do something other than moan and groan. Do you provide cheese with your whine?

          If you see a problem and do nothing about it, you are part of the problem.

      • As I understand it, based on multiple sources (chiefly the ‘Black Book od Communism’, Stalin killed 60 million (including the holodomor in Ukraine), but Mao killed over 80 million Chinese through multiple avenues including the Chinese civil war against the Nationalists led by Chiang Kai-Shek, the so-called “Great Leap Forward” (actually backward), and the ‘cultural revolution. China’s bodycount continues from Mao’s era through today under the oligarchy of the CCP, so since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it remains the one country under communism that continues to kill its own in numbers too large to calculate. Remember, they’re killing practitioners of Falun Gong and ethnic Uighurs, and have even more Uighurs in slave-labor concentration camps!

        All the more reason to physically remove communists and other leftists from society.

  41. @Lamp
    “Polls, by definition, are limited sample”

    No matter the sample size, polls/surveys suffer from creator bias, and an assumption that not enough responders will lie and render the result unreliable. I keep hammering the 2016 election where mainstream media refused to believe vote counts because exit polls were opposite to actual vote counts; exit polls were believed to be the most accurate means of interpreting election results.

    • Sam,

      WRT survey bias and polls designed to achieve a pre-ordained result, I have commented on that MANY times on this forum. My point to MajorStupidity was twofold: (i) he FREQUENTLY cites polls that favor his agenda/narrative (ALL polls are done from VERY limited samples, these days – the outcome of the poll largely depends on the bias of the pollster), and (ii) he was criticizing a specific poll (that reached a conclusion inconvenient for this narrative) on the basis that it “only” had around 1,000 respondents, suggesting this made it “suspect”. He is both a liar AND a hypocrite (and a fool, but who’s counting?).

      • I don’t pay attention to polls, unless I find one from a source Dims like. Then, when it jams them up, I send a link to Brother-In-Law. He is still ranting that the CDC is the world leader in scientific studies…except their research into DGUs.

        Although BIL is convinced CDC should be making policy decisions about the public health threat of gun ownership, he claims they aren’t competent if they reach the same conclusions about guns as does a “gun nut” publishing research on DGUs.

        Uuuuuuhhh, BIL just found out he lives in a “shall issue” state for concealed carry, meaning he doesn’t know if the guy next to him on the elevator is carrying.

  42. This is the fundamental difference between an American, a Patriot, and scum-sucking leftists: We may hate the government, or at least oppose it but will still defend this country from foreign invasion. Leftists love and support a leftist government but hate freedom and the basic doctrine of Americanism, and will instantly abandon the country and its people if the nation is attacked. The old school word for this class of people is TRAITOR. But this raises another question: Are communists people?? I would say not. At the very least, they are not American people!!

  43. To “Rider-Shooter”, I wonder if Justine will form a special, highly patriotic and loyal enforcement branch like the OPP’s firearms unit that raided homes of gun owners who failed to re-register hand guns during the 2002 great all new system improvement? So 18 or 20 years later, SWAT arrived with no warning.
    You may recall they sent SWAT to mostly old guys houses then declared they had removed illegal weapons from “the streets”.
    Charges were usually dropped in exchange for guilty plea, lifetime weapons ban, you ate the two or three smashed doors and other penetration damaged.
    So maybe Justine can find say 250 psychopaths to execute the glorious purge of military style assault guns from misogynistic white males? I’m just being silly here, but it is possible he will form a special “anti gun violence “ unit intended to execute his will. The outfits will be stunning.

    • Richard, yup, seen it all, remember it all and holding a deep, deep grudge. And there’s been plenty more instances of what you were relating. His time is coming, I swear. And his Nuremberg know nothing lapdogs times are coming as well. They can only push so far… and I’m sure the costumes will be wondrous, I hear the idiot manchild ‘knows a guy…’.

  44. To Walter E Beverly lll. I actually push back against the stuff I am complaining about. When the local commies protested a hotel that houses ICE when they come to town I alone counter protested. When local LGBTQ/antifa/BLM was harassing a local business I went there twice to check it out and tell them what I thought. Ended up in the back of a police car due to a phony 911 report. No other “conservatives” did that. When whatever leftist group goes to protest my local US Congress person I have repeatedly gone and counter protested the leftists. Guess what? Alone again. When a Drag Queen had an event at a library I went an protested. Yep, alone again. Turn on the TV. Nothing but filth, perversion and degeneracy but Americans keep watching and buying these products. Americans keep watching woke sports with players that hate their guts and more that happy to rape their wives. Americans keep going to watch woke movies. Go to a gun show lately? How many of those guys are in any type of shape to actually put up any serious resistance to the tyranny sweeping America? I have very little faith in Americans anymore.

    • Paul, beverly lives in a little world of his own imagining, or maybe his grandfather’s world and credentials. And beverly doesn’t need to be in shape, after all wasn’t he a cop for 6yrs? Or was it 10yrs now? Getting hard to keep track 😶.

      • Riderless/RhootOff Canuck There you go again with your half baked lies. Haven’t you gone to see that physiatrist yet to get your medication upped? your Narcissism seems to be getting a lot worse. With all that free medical care up there in British Columbia you should be under a doctor’s care, maybe even institutionalized

        • Calling me the liar isn’t even a good try, beverly. Now tell us why you said one day you were a cop for 6yrs and a few days later it magically became 10yrs. How is that possible? It’s right there in black and white, written by your own hand. Explain that.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck Seems calling you a Liar is just the truth. You lie like a rug. You just keep repeating that lie; eventually you will convince yourself and that mouse in your pocket.

    • Paul you think it could be because most Conservative consider Drag Queens and other you site as just kooks? Not worth their time or effort?

  45. You all may feel like an Army of hate and pain, but you’re nothing but pixels scrawled on a nauseating web page.
    The real army of this nation is the United States military. Let’s just see you defeat that. You all aren’t even human anymore.

    • Come off of it, Josh Hawley. The :”Army of Hate and Pain” is your own brethren, ANTIFA and BLM.


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