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More than two dozen House Democrats put forward legislation Friday that would slap “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines with a 1,000% excise tax, a change that would raise the price of a $500 weapon to $5,000 in a bid to reduce access to guns across the country.

Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., and 24 other House Democrats introduced the legislation Friday. It’s the second time Democrats have put forward the idea. 

Beyer and 37 Democrats proposed the same idea last year when Democrats controlled the House, but it never moved.

The text of Beyer’s new bill was not out as of the weekend, and it was unclear if any changes were made from his 2022 version. His bill from last year imposed the tax on any magazine or related device that can accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

The same 1,000% tax would be imposed on any “semiautomatic assault weapon,” which last year’s bill defined as a semiautomatic rifle or pistol with a fixed magazine of 10 rounds or more or that have other various features.

Under that rule, a weapon that normally costs $2,000 would force customers to pay more than $20,000, a change Beyer argued last year could help “curb the epidemic of gun violence.” 

— Peter Kasperowicz in Democrats Demand 1,000% Excise Tax on ‘Assault Weapons,’ High-Capacity Magazines

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  1. And we propose legislators make minimum wage and have a two term limit! Let’s see who gets what they want first!

  2. Do you want an explosion of home building hobby guns and parts? This would do more to decentralize the firearm industry than anything else.

    • I’m looking at it this way :

      1 – It won’t survive ‘Bruen’ anyways.

      2 – In the interim, the panic will be so bad, the collection I already have can be sold to buy a decent new truck, for cash.

      3 – So, why worry? 😉

      • At this point not even a worry just trying to see where their plans can be made to backfire the most painfully and help guide as many people in that direction as possible if/when needed.

      • Geoff, this 1000% tax and its ilk has been proposed multiple times before. Why is this one different? Because **checks watch** it’s a Monday.

    • I just started another mil-spec lower on the CNC, then this weekend I’ll hard coat III anodize it and put together another rifle.

        • It’s relatively easy, Brownells has everything you need.

          You want to take care in your surface prep, like painting, it will make your errors obvious…

  3. The mask slips:

    “Beyer’s new bill was introduced a day after more than 100 Democrats told House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., they are “disappointed” that House GOP leaders haven’t moved any legislation this year to curb gun ownership in America.” — from the linked article

    • The more the threat looks real that they can stop gun sales, the more people will buy.

      Yay, us!

      It’s not much different with drugs. Look what 50+ years of “The War on Drugs” got us, it’s getting close to outright national legalization… 🙂

      • The tyrants don’t care about criminals, they LOVE criminals – so much that when the cops catch them, they’re LITERALLY back on the street before the cops finish the paperwork!
        Meanwhile, sweet mommy Mandy just has her front door kicked in by a 50-man FBI-led multi-jurisdictional anti-terrorism task force because she got salty at the school board meeting ‘cuz she objected to the mandatory f@g-doctrination of her sweet little Timmy…
        And daddy won’t be coming home, because while he was working at the construction site, Homeland Security black-bagged him for rendition to the newly-built FEMA re-education facility. Welcome to the United Soviet States of Amerika!

    • Haha yep. Imagine what these wannabe tyrants would do if they could pass all of their dream legislation.

      • I think that if they actually did it, and they COULD… I think their heads would EXPLODE!
        [Attn. fedbois: explode in amazement, not hollow-point. Trust me.]

      • “which last year’s bill defined as a semiautomatic rifle or pistol with a *fixed* magazine of 10 rounds”

        Yep! My ol Marlin 60 will soon be worth major bucks…

        • …major bouncy bucks, considering how rapidly the District of Communists is devaluing the dollar!! I’m already converting my assets into RUBLES… not joking…

  4. I would counter offer, same rules dims want for voting apply to gumns.

    no ID
    no waiting period
    not limited to only 1
    you can send out by mail to anyone

    • What do you mean, voting rules dims want?… they pretty much already have it in effect.

        • Their strongholds are expanding to the entirety of US soil, because it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes!!
          I hate quoting commies but on this, Stalin was right.

          And Mao was right about all political power coming from the muzzle of a gun…

    • That is just mean……….and I fully approve of the concept of only to see the turmoil of conflicting priorities.

  5. Those idiots need to go back to high school and pay closer attention in their American History class. The American Revolution didn’t begin as bid for freedom. It was a tax revolt and the first shots were fired when the government sent troops to seize American’s arms.

    • gadsdenfag…On the poor guy 3 gun article I left you a proper reply…Oh I see you are citing a bit of History…Haven’t you heard the dogs like you barking at me for doing that? Your point was true so I’ll ignore the hypocrisy.

      • Haven’t you heard the dogs like you barking at me for doing that
        The only history you’ve barked in 5+ years here is that Gun Control is Racist. Nothing GF’s postings talk about racism. And, he hasn’t posted it ad-nauseum for 5 years.
        Woof woof.

        • 300buttheadfan…If he is big and bad then he does not need you to do his barking for him…Go scrub the brown off you nose.

        • 300, when I read your comment I had to go back and read her’s to put yours into context. I saw it was directed at me, but I just scrolled past it the first time. It’s always the SOS. Her screeching at those that don’t agree with her. Please, everyone, do not reply to Debbie if she makes a comment directed at me. It’s almost lunch time here and I was thinking of going to the Country Club. After reading another of her diatribes I’m off my appetite. Probably loose sleep tonight too.

        • gadsdenfag…What’s wrong blowbag? Now you’re sending a SOS just like a helpless karen. Stand on your own two feet you gun talking blowbag.

        • Seriously, folks! NOT aiming at ANYone here, just sayin that the bickering and fighting can be fun to watch but makes the forum look bad- Most EVERYONE involved makes good points and has interesting posts when dealing with the TTAG subject matter. To grab a famous(?) quote, “People, I just want to say, can’t we all get along? Can’t we all just get along?” 😉

        • DW: What’s wrong blowbag? Now you’re sending a SOS just like a helpless karen

          GF: Please, everyone, do not reply to Debbie if she makes a comment directed at me.

          Doesn’t sound like an SOS to me, reference to SOS was your (Same Old Shit) just sayin’…

        • Gadsden,
          It isn’t even that ANY of us disagree with her (what she is saying is, historically, correct as it relates to the US and the original colonies) – most of the beginnings of gun control in this country trace to/relate to slavery and racism. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT, AND KNEW IT BEFORE DEBBIE DIMWIT CAME ALONG.

          That stupid, one-note b**ch has the bit in her teeth, and her tiny mind is too small to encompass the idea that gun control, anywhere and everywhere, throughout time and history, has been about CONTROL. Slavers used it, sure. As did aristocrats, oligarchs, fascists, demagogues of all stripes, even in countries (Japan, for instance) which were “unirace”.

          She managed to climb on top of ONE actual, historically-correct, observation, and her tiny little one-track mind (narrow gauge, to say the least) can’t fathom a larger truth (gun control is about “control”, and has been used in myriad ways to permit/enhance/increase/enable authoritarianism, fascism, oligarchies, aristocracies, oligopolies, and Communism throughout the world.

          Like MajorLiar and dacian the demented, a new thought and a cold glass of water would kill that stupid b**ch stone cold dead.

      • Deb, Gadsden’s comment was an interesting original tidbit about a specific moment in history, not regurgitated garble about ancient racism for the twelve hundredth time

        • AQ,

          Poor Debbie Dimwit! She managed to come up with a factually-correct (albeit limited) bit of history (applicable largely to the US, and imperialist Great Britain), and she was too flat out DUMB to make the next leap of logic and ‘connect the dots’ to see the larger historical truth. Poor, mentally-challenged soul can’t manage to entertain a large thought to save her worthless life.

          So she rants incessantly about it, to people who’ve already managed to encompass, and are trying to deal with, the LARGER thought. She reminds me of a first grader, who finally mastered “2 + 2 = 4”, and is insisting on telling her fifth grade teacher, who is desperately trying to get her to grasp simple algebra, “But 2 + 2 = 4!!” “Yes. Yes it does, dear . . . but this is algebra. We’re past 2 + 2, these days, honey” seems to have about as much effect on Debbie Dimwit as facts do on MajorLiar and dacian the demented.

      • Hush, I agree with what you said about the French and Indian War. That was a tax too. Anytime you give the government money you’re paying a tax. You just can’t get into all of the nuances of a complicated subject on a forum like this.

    • Gadsden, if memory serves, it wasn’t just any one thing but rather the idea of living under the thumb of the crown became nauseating and the taxes were the last straw. The desire of the british wanting the Americas to reimburse the them for expenses resulting from the French and Indian war was an overreach by the crown to say the least and certainly was a contributing factor.

      • Yeah, the Declaration of Independence describe all manner of issues the colonists had with the Crown. Taxation without representation was one, to be sure.

        The spark, though, was the attempt to disarm the colonists at Lexington and Concorde…

        • 300buttheadfan…The sparks were flying long before that…If you were as smart as you think you then you would know you cannot go back and forth tit for tat with the History of Gun Control no matter if it is Lexington or on the moon. Therefore you have to boil it all down and the result is…History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is Rooted in Racism and Genocide…That’s Chiseled.

          If you have any problem whatsoever with the attached video then you should take up knitting.

        • Debbie Dimwit,

          So, ‘splain to us, Loosey, what was the “racist” basis for Japan denying swords, bows and arrows, armor, and polearms to Japanese peasants. Parse that one out for us, you babbling moron.

    • gadsdenfag…Attention butthead! Yesterday YOU replied to my post and berated my advice on saving firearm dollars in relation to the writer who was selling guns to pay for his mortgage. bills, etc.

      You are like a cockroach leaving indexed piles of poop that you think is brilliant. YOU are not talking to one of your understudies you blowbag. When I give an opinion on a firearm I know exactly what I am talking about. Your opinion is based on the sht rolling around in your head and exiting your bigoted blowbag mouth.

      • Debbie Debbie Debbie you certainly know how to describe yourself and project it on other people. In order to justify the behavior in your own demented mind.

        • Darkman,

          Hey, Debbie Dimwit is a legend in her own mind!!! Just ask her!! She gots duh “rayciss!!!” thing down, like the retard who finally learned to tie his own shoes, and she’s not willing (or able) to advance beyond that to reality.

    • “Only the rich with disposable money can be trusted with certain guns. The poor and middle class are just lower class people, such people don’t deserve to have an AR or AK.” -Democrats

      That Las Vegas shooter is a great example of the trusty, wealthy, safe people who should only have access to these weapons.

      The tax could still be overcome with a credit card, which a domestic terrorist or a suicidal person planning to go out violently could still do, I guess there would be more scrutiny because it was more rare? It doesn’t seem like price keeps even actual black market war weapons and luxury goods from organized crime or cartels, so yes, this would only impact the millions of law abiding gun owners who don’t make the news, with an AR in the safe that is only ever used for target practice, plinking, competitions, and rarely self defense.

      • It won’t be a problem for those with foresight to have accumulated a number of ARs, parts, 80% lowers and boxes of accessories over the years… I’m good, let them do what they will while low information voters keep checking the box next to their name on that mail-in ballot… Nothing can change as long as everything stays the same…

  6. Note: “curb gun ownership in America”.
    This isn’t about reducing violence or the
    prosecution of criminals. Just like
    defund the police this is a way
    to control POTG.

    If they really wanted to do anything about crime,
    this type of legislation
    would not even be a remote possibility.

    • Criminals are the foot soldiers of the rev0lution. Useful and disposable fools who may outlive their usefulness. Then their days are numbered.

      When the rev0lution is over, what use are rev0lutionaries?

      • The cadre are always suppressed once the dictatorship of the proletariat is secure.

  7. Setting themselves up to be removed from office, either by the vote or by the mob. Lets see who has the most patience. For congress’s sake I hope the voters have zero patience and the mob shows great restraint.

    • Jan 6 players sitting in the DC jail for over two years without trial has already “restrained” the mob… No help from lawyers, congress, SCOTUS no matter how unconstitutional their detention might be…

      • Yeah, you’re right- how’s that work in a SUPPOSEDLY FREE COUNTRY? Two years without arraignment or trail, locked down and refused visits- POLITICAL PRISONERS, no other name for it! And yet again they want to involve us in another war, THIS TIME to free the poor democratic brave secessionist Ukrainians from bondage to their racial fellow-countrymen.
        The Federal hypocrisy reeks worse than a summer sh!thouse in a rural public park… and the guilt in Federal District of Columbia permeates ALL the way to the top.

  8. Thieves don’t much care about taxes. They’ll steal a $20,000 item even quicker than they’ll steal a $2,000 item. They ain’t payin’ no steenkin taxes!

  9. This, and other legislation is about stirring the pot of discord and anger. Gotta keep that pot stirred up or it sticks to the bottom.

  10. Every sales tax on a firearm is an infringement. Sales tax on ammo is an infringement. If the GOP had any guts at all, they would counter with a proposal to eliminate taxes on the sale of all guns and ammo.

    • “…a proposal to eliminate taxes on the sale of all guns and ammo.”

      And it would be ruled constitutional…:)

    • As a life-long Republican voter and party member, I can say that the GOP ISN’T about gun ownership, individual rights or protecting the Second Amendment. Altho some Republican politicians support those things, to many, (TOO many!), those are just salient points to attaining and maintaining political power. I’m a conservative Republican party member mostly because there really isn’t anywhere else for me to go, politically…

  11. Corporate billionaires own the fascist left. Of course they want to stop the poors from owning anti-tyranny devices.

    • Once you realize an unarmed, unhealthy, uneducated, and unmotivated population is actually very easy to control with words and threats a lot of the actions of government and multi national corporations make perfect sense.

    • Corporate billionaires own the Right, too. Flip-sides of the same coin, seems to me sometimes…

      • True but you also pointed out the key difference in sometimes. There are representatives for citizens in the republican party the democrats………well good luck with those superdelegates and internal processes.

  12. You are beginning to see why, given the chance, West Virginia split! The Civil War was a convenient excuse! Guns and Ammunition are tax free in the Constitutional Carry state of West Virginia!

  13. We are too nice. Remember Maxine Waters – “And we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business,”
    Well that’s what we have to do. You know like they said, follow them into restaurants and get in their face. If they can pull that crap so can we.

    • “You know like they said, follow them into restaurants and get in their face. If they can pull that crap so can we.”

      Exactly. We fail to treat them the same way they treat us.

      No more, Mr. Nice Guy… 😉

  14. 1 of the major reasons the colonies revolted against Britian were taxes and not being represented in Parliament. Might be time to do the same with our current government. How many believe their interests are represented in Congress today?
    The woke idiots claim they’re not being treated fairly. The race baiters claim they’re being picked on and underrepresented. The working classes and middle classes are getting screwed and know it. Small and medium businesses are feeling left out and know they’re getting screwed over. More or less normal parents are being ignored or called terrorists.
    The majority of elected congress critters look at the taxpayers as their personal walking ATM’s to be drained for generations. The bureaucracy looks at the citizens as the enemy or as cattle to be herded to slaughter after being milked dry.
    Unfortunately, the Constitution and BOR would not pass or even be proposed today because so many either have little idea of the rights that it protects or limitations of government power it imposes, or just don’t care. Believing government solves problems instead of creates them.

    • Ask any Republican in California if he/she thinks that his/her interests are being adequately represented in Congress, where the Dems have a lock on both Senators and a huge majority of the Representatives. Same is true in the state Legislature. I’d bet Ilinois and New York residents feel the same way.

  15. Democrats, aside from lying, cheating, and hypocrisy, just love taxing the people. One day, the people will not tolerate it anymore. I think that day is fast approaching.

  16. The Dumbocrats are gonna do what they do.

    Right now I am more bothered by sites like this one permitting “location insertion advertisements” that make sales ads appear to be local news stories in order to induce clicks. Look over to the right on the main page and you will probably see your home town featured in a crime story today.

    You gotta ask yourself. If these companies were actually selling something that people wanted or needed, why would they need to deceive them in this way.

    • Anonymous,

      Sure, it’s targeted, but . . . how is it deception???? If they post a local article, showing a local crime, what is “deceptive” about that??? “Oh, it overemphasizes crime!” Sorry, chief, I’m an adult, and current information tools allow me to get real-time, granular information about crime not just in my town, but in my own freakin’ neighborhood. I KNOW what the crime stats are. I also use local, specific news, to try to track local trends. Sometimes I share that information with others, who share like information with me. I can say, with a certainty, that the incidences of carjacking, mult-perp home invasions, and street assaults are up, and are occurring in areas where they previously didn’t.

      So, go ahead, Einstein, explain to me how I am being ‘deceived’. I already have guns (more than one or two). I have a couple more on my ‘I should own one of these’ list, to fill in some gaps. I am not going to go out and buy another gun unless I feel that it fills a specific need in my collection, period, dot.

      I’m glad you have such a low opinion of your (giving you the benefit of the doubt) fellow gun owners. I have a high degree of confidence that most of the regular commenters on this blog have a sufficient ability to parse out their own risk situation, what a decent firearm (for the price they can afford to pay) is, and how to employ it effectively. Try that thought on, for a change. If anyone in this audience is stupid enough to fall for that ‘strategy’? Nothing I can do to help them. Try letting other grownups be grownups.

      • I’m pretty sure I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you. These ads are not information tools where you can find granular information about what’s going on near you.They aren’t posting a local article about a local crime at all. Here is an example from today. The headline from the deceptive ad claimed that an elderly woman was brutally attacked on a WalMart parking lot in{name of my city}. When I clicked on it to read the story I learned that the incident occurred in an entirely different part of the country and then it segued into an ad for whatever crap they were selling. The whole purpose of location insertion advertisements is to make an incident appear local or nearby. If you live in Grapevine Texas when you view the ad on TTAG the very same ad would claim it occurred in Grapevine Texas. If you live in Traverse City Michigan the headline claims the woman was attacked at a Traverse City WalMart. That is why they call it “Location Insertion” and THAT IS WHAT IS DECEPTIVE ABOUT IT.

        • So, Anonymous, your are a helpless Eloi, captive to any company who comes along and throws an add your direction? You make major purchases based on ads??? Sorry to hear that, about you. I don’t, and I don’t know anyone who does. Before I buy ANYTHING, I do research. I don’t buy ‘the current cool thing” without exhaustive research – and that applies to guns, cars, appliances, beds, you name it. I am a buyer, not a “consumer”, and all the intelligent people I know are, as well.

          If you think those ads are deceptive, I guess that’s like ‘hearing the dog whistle’. YOU are apparently exactly who the ads are targeted to, and you have my sympathy. Read some economics (maybe start with Adam Smith) and come back and talk to me when you’ve grown up. I find the ads stupid, and I would NEVER make a purchase influenced by such, nor evaluate my own personal safety based on such. Sorry to hear that’s such a giant leap for you, but . . . keep trying, you might learn not to trip over your own shoelaces.

  17. Sounds like Aunt Nancy bought a bunch of stock in a gun manufacturer and is trying to start another buying frenzy…

    • We are working on lawsuits to cure that, even as we speak… 🙂

    • This is another example of post-Bruen reactions going too far and hurting the anti-gun cause. If this were to pass, it would immediately be challenged, and the ridiculousness of the tax would get it overturned. By now having precedent against taxing guns on 2A grounds, it opens the door for suits against Pittman-Robertson and NFA.

  18. The term “semiautomatic assault weapon” makes about as much sense as “canine cat” or “feline dog.” In reality:
    – If it’s semiautomatic, then it’s not an assault rifle.
    – If it’s an assault rifle, then it’s not semiautomatic.
    – If it’s canine, it’s not a cat.
    – If it’s feline, it’s not a dog.

    Yes, I know all about who made up the fake term “assault weapon” (Josh Sugarmann) and why (to confuse the American public into thinking that an “assault weapon” was somehow the same as an assault rifle). Unfortunately, Josh Sugarmann’s war on the English language worked all too well, confusing even some gun owners.

    • Stuck – one ‘minor’ correction to your good points – josh didn’t ‘invent’ the term. one kaly state CONgress critter by the name of art agnos did, about a decade before josh intentionally popularized the term to specifically confuse people.

  19. Oh, shit! I just noticed the shrew altered my screen name. I’ve been outed! How could she know I’m gay!? I hope my mother, children and ex-wife and girlfriends don’t find out. I thought she was tolerant of minorities. Guess it depends on the minority. I think I’ll embrace my new moniker.

    • “I hope my mother, children and ex-wife and girlfriends don’t find out. I thought she was tolerant of minorities. Guess it depends on the minority.”

      I sincerely hope you have *zero* interest in “Taming her Shrew”.

      *Snicker*… 😉

  20. It’s exactly how Democrats kept the poor and minorities from voting in the past. Good job sticking to your roots Democrats!

  21. @MadAnthonyWayne
    “People, I just want to say, can’t we all get along? Can’t we all just get along?”

    And just what, pray tell, is the fun in that?

    • Sam,

      TBH, I would happily eschew the pleasure of playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with MajorLiar and dacian the demented, and trying to educate Debbie Dimwit, to have a blog with intelligent commenters (such as yourself and many others), talking about ‘guns and gun stuff’ (and *sigh* politics, when necessary). That would be Nirvana, but . . . it ain’t gonna happen. Like a feral dog with fleas, they are here, and they AREN’T going to go away, no matter how much we wish it.

      For further honesty, I have no confidence that my current strategy of “mock and deride them mercilessly” will have any impact. But since they’re already here, and seem incredibly determined to continue showing their respective @$$es in public, at least I get some enjoyment out of beating such stupid @$$es with a clue bat, now and then. Not that they could catch a clue with a glue-filled catcher’s mitt.

      • “TBH, I would happily eschew the pleasure of playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with MajorLiar and dacian the demented, and trying to educate Debbie Dimwit, …”

        To gleefully quote my self, ” And just what, pray tell, is the fun in that?” I enjoy reading the on-going dust-ups, but avoid joining in, because the names you list are likely computer-generated bots.

        • Sam,

          Same (except for the not responding part – “whack-a-mole” is the only thing that offsets the tedium of dealing with those morons), but I don’t think any of them are computer-generated bots (even computers aren’t THAT stupid and illiterate). They are true, authentic, dyed-in-the-wool morons.

  22. If it could not move in the House when they had a majority, it is nothing but a political stunt when they are in the minority. It is a blatant attempt to gin up support in the next election cycle by blaming Republicans for blocking action on gun violence reduction bills, no matter how outrageous those bills are.

    • “If it could not move in the House when they had a majority, it is nothing but a political stunt when they are in the minority.”

      Possibly. However….

      The 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act had 14 Republicrats in the House to ensure passage of the Act. And, of course, the Senate vote included 15 Republicrats.

      • Sam,

        Quoth Walt Kelly, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Not that I consider that troll hag Murkowski as anything but a Dimocrat in disguise, but the Republican PARTY is its own worst enemy. Which is why I’m a libertarian. Haven’t been a registered Republican in DECADES, and I’m cool with that.

        We need a new party, but there are lots of people I would NOT encourage into the tent – I’m sure you could name them off the top of your head.

        • Sam,

          Even though Walt Kelly frequently let his freak flag fly (he was more Leftist than I liked, but . . . the man was a genius. Same with Calvin and Hobbs. A truly intelligent person appreciates talent and genius, even when deployed in the interest of vile ideology.

          Which is just one more sign that our “progressive” friends are morons – they can’t even laugh at themselves. Seriously, every “conservative” person I know could enjoy, say, George Carlin, or Lenny Bruce, or Dave Chapelle (all distinctly left-of-center), and laugh with them. Find me the Lefty that can do the same for, say, Norm McDonald. I won’t hold my breath.

          Personally, talent and genius need to be recognized, lauded, and awarded, wherever they show up. Unfortunately, we have too little of either talent, or genius, these days. Everyone is in thrall to ‘the narrative’ – on BOTH sides.

  23. Poll tax anyone? This is just as constitutional.

    Democrats don’t need no stinking Constitution. They’re consumed with taking people’s individual rights away (too dangerous) and replacing them with safe, government granted “permissions.”

  24. Here’s a better idea – go all Switzerland. Require every able bodied person of a reasonable age to own, maintain and periodically demonstrate competence with a firearm fundamentally equivalent to current infantry small arms. (and, btw, stop worrying about mag capacity because it is *meaningless*.) Appropriate government assistance for purchase, and subsidized ammunition would be appropriate, IMO. Once we have that program in place, we can reasonable say to anyone who misuses a firearm, “You knew what you were doing and know why it was wrong and now we are going to throw the book at you.” For all the rest of us who do not misuse said arms or any other arms we have you could then *Leave us the Hell Alone.*

    • “(and, btw, stop worrying about mag capacity because it is *meaningless*.)”

      Depends on who is talking to whom, about what.

      The committed communists/Leftists/Statists/dictators and absolute tyrants know it is meaningless, but “sells” the anti-gun movement to the public.

      The useful idiots hear what they want, and respond positively to the message that having to change magazines often will give people time to run away while the shooter is reloading. That is because the useful idiots know they cannot change magazines in 5sec, or less, thus no one can do that, making useful idiots safer (these are the same people who want to prohibit accessories that will make shooting into a crowd more accurate, because “spray and pray” means fewer wounds and dead people).

  25. @LampOfDiogenes
    “…but I don’t think any of them are computer-generated bots (even computers aren’t THAT stupid and illiterate).”

    I have worked with some software engineers and programmers who would qualify as “That stupid and illiterate”. But, your are correct that I don’t have any verifiable evidence about whether the names you list are bot.

  26. @LampOfDiogenes
    “…one more sign that our “progressive” friends are morons – they can’t even laugh at themselves.”

    True dat.

    The most unhappy people in the country are leftist men, followed by (or joined with) leftist suburban women. If they aren’t recognized as legitimate victims, their lives have no meaning for them.

  27. Its not just a tax. There is a companion bill they are pushing that makes it a crime, 10 years in prison and a $100,000.00 fine, to take out a loan to buy a gun or magazines and that includes those sites or places with those ‘4 easy payment’ things or who will finance it and in addition if an FFL transfers that to you the FFL also gets charged with the same crime as do what ever entity that gave you the loan that you used to buy the gun or magazine.

    Only the rich would be able to afford guns and magazines, so it divides the country into the rich able to exercise the right but the middle class and poor not able to do so because they would be priced out of ownership.

  28. Criminals do not obey the law in the first place.
    Secondly, this would just introduce a whole new black market the cartels south of the border would use as another source of income.
    Instead of a mule with a backpack full of cocaine, it is Glocks or high capacity magazines bound for the LA or ChiTown gang bangers.

  29. It’s frustrating to see lawmakers proposing extreme measures like a 1000% tax on certain firearms and magazines. Instead of addressing real issues, they’re targeting law-abiding citizens and their property. It’s important for us to stay informed and speak out against unfair taxes and regulations that threaten our rights. Let’s stand together and make our voices heard in this property tax protest Texas.

  30. I’ve been browsing through listings for houses for sale in Sugar Land Texasand I’m blown away by the variety and affordability! From charming cottages to modern estates, there’s a perfect home waiting for every budget and lifestyle. I’m excited to take the next step in finding my dream home in this vibrant community

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