Surrounded by supporters and advocates, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, center, signs legislation on gun control in New York, Tuesday, July 6, 2021. Cuomo signed two pieces of legislation to combat gun violence in New York state. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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The People of the Gun have long known that gun control only disarms victims, not criminals. Now, even Democrats are wising up to that fact. By a more than two-to-one margin, Democrats surveyed in a Trafalgar Group poll say gun control either makes no difference or actually makes matters worse when it comes to big city crime.  Among the general population, that number rises to over 80%.

Those results, of course, don’t fit with the mainstream media’s prevailing narrative, so you won’t see stories about the poll in the New York Times or on MSNBC.

Breitbart, however, covered it . . .

A Trafalgar Group poll of likely general election voters from the Democrat Party shows a majority of respondents believe “the strict gun laws in most major cities” do not in any way curb the “current retail crime surge.”

The Trafalgar poll was conducted December 17, 2021, through December 22, 2021.

The poll showed that 47.1 percent of all respondents believe the gun controls make “no difference,” and 37.3 percent believe the laws actually make the crime spree “worse.”

When broken down by parties, 53.8 of Democrat respondents said the gun controls make “no difference” in the crime spree, while 16.1 percent said the controls actually make it “worse.”

Of course, an even bigger factor driving crime is prosecutors who have decided they won’t prosecute crimes or hold criminals — particularly violent criminals — accountable. Prosecutors like Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg who just announced he will prosecute armed robberies at businesses as misdemeanors so long as nobody is shot.

George Gascon
“Progressive” Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

There are also “social justice” prosecutors like Cook County’s Kim Foxx who give sweetheart deals to hate crime hoaxers like Jussie Smollett while giving a pass to gang bangers who shoot it out with one another, resulting in one death.

Gun control laws, “bail reform” and decarceration make life far safer for criminals. The law-abiding, as they’ve come to learn over the last two years, are increasingly on their own.

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    • What of it? It means nothing unless blue-metro “normies” vote the D’s out.

      Many people will suffer a lot rather than admit that their ideas are wrong or that their fellow believers are fools.

  1. so? they’ve always known that and they pushed for gun control anyway. gun control isn’t about stopping crime, it’s about stopping resistance to the left.

  2. Pretty sure Dems are effectively pro-crime at this point what with refusing to prosecute criminals and memory-holing the totality of nationwide rioting and the various Chaz encampments.

    • Democrat (Progressive) leadership, perhaps, but even amongst their most zealous followers/voters a lot of cracks have begun to develop. It’s probably impossible to determine, but I’d bet that the vast majority of the “new” gun owners as a result of the 2019-20 BLM, Antifa and other woke rioting were people who normally voted left of center.

      Add the irrefutable stats emerging from prosecutors unwilling to make thugs responsible for their always commonly-felonious actions and I believe, even with a fair amount of voter fraud, the democrat leadership knows their “party’s” about over for some time. Look at all of the bailing by dem House people, many whom are career teat suckers.

      • ” the democrat leadership knows their “party’s” about over for some time ”

        I don’t expect the democratic party to disappear any time soon, much to my disappointment. But they are definitely on the way out, and the damage has been entirely self-inflicted. I’ve been expecting the Democrats to split, and I still hold to that. I think midterm elections are going to be the final straw. As it stands now, the Dems are coming into a royal beating at the polls, and I see the result being the progressives cleaving off from the more moderate elements of the party and trying to go it alone. In any case it looks like their reign of terror is finally coming to a close. Couldn’t happen soon enough or to a finer bunch of people.

        • “I don’t expect the democratic party to disappear any time soon”

          as long as the voter fraud continues, it won’t disappear on its own at all.

    • They’ve legalized robbery and called it belief.
      They have run with the money and hid like a thief.
      Rewritten history with their armies and their crooks.
      Invented memories and did burn all the books.

  3. I have had to adjust my thinking that the criminals don’t care so I may have act to stop the threat earlier in a chance meeting than later and with the thought that no help is coming. Certainly, there will be no restitution or punishment for a crime.

  4. Seeing the lack of prosecution for flash-mob armed robberies, one has to wonder if hiring security guards is quite enough. Maybe these stores need a couple of well-placed nests with belt-fed GPMGs to pose a little surprise for the smash and grabbers?


  6. Did they really, honestly ever believe that gun laws, which essentially impact the law abiding ever had any real impact on criminals and or their actions? An honest, fact based answer please.

  7. Why would gun control have any significant effect on retail theft?? Unless a bunch of conceal carriers start defending Nordstrom’s for some reason.

    It’s a dumb question to begin with.

  8. And this is why polling needs to be liberally salted. Questions about whether gun control has an effect on retail theft will obviously produce less positive responses than questions about the effect on homicide (not that I think there is one).
    My point is that if you phrase polling questions in a certain way, you can make the answers skew more in the way you want, then say “SHOCKING new poll shows even OTHER PARTY shares MY OPINION.”

  9. Hopefully, everyday voters who normally support Democrats are starting to realize that they have been sold a lie from the beginning. ‘Gun control’ is not about curbing violence or keeping the streets safe. It is about controlling the law-abiding citizen, not criminals. By very definition, criminals break laws, any law. Gun control laws have no effect on them at all, it’s just another law they break. Democrats have made ‘gun control’ one of the pillars of their agenda and sold it as a ‘safety’ and ‘less crime’ issue. The bare truth is that Democrat-controlled cities, counties and states have more crime than jurisdictions with less ‘gun control’. People want to feel safe where they live and work. The Democrat Party has failed them and they are starting to realize that.

  10. Democrats are enablers of criminals, pedophiles and sexual deviates. No D’rat can be my friend nor are they allowed in my house. Case closed.


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