Social Justice: Would-Be Louisville Assassin Bailed Out By Black Lives Matter

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Louisville residents were rocked earlier this week by the attempted assassination of a Democrat mayoral candidate. The alleged would-be assassin, Quintez Brown, is an avid gun control advocate and Black Lives Matter activist. He was honored by President Obama three years ago for his “social justice” activism, too. Two days after police say he nearly succeeded in murdering Craig Greenberg, the local Black Lives Matter chapter put up the $100,000 needed to spring him from jail.

Brown has been a high profile activist in Louisville. So much so that he was a guest of honor of former President Obama in 2019, recognizing him as a “rising face.”

Brown has also advocated aggressively for keeping blacks on the gun control plantation. But in fairness, he wanted to keep everyone there, not just minorities. And just like many hypocrites in Hollywood, while he advocated for taking guns away from the little people, he apparently had a 9mm pistol of his own.

The UK’s Daily Mail has the report . . .

A BLM activist accused of trying to assassinate a Jewish mayoral candidate has been pictured with Barack Obama, as his alleged victim slammed the ‘broken criminal justice system’ for freeing the suspected shooter on bail.

Quintez Brown, 21,  was one of 22 people chosen to meet the former President of the United States as part of Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, which is aimed at closing achievement gaps facing young boys and men of color.

Brown, of Louisville in Kentucky, was pictured smiling behind the president, and even named as a future star by the Obama Foundation website, but now finds himself accused of the attempted murder of Craig Greenberg. And his case has attracted further outrage after it emerged a local Black Lives Matter chapter had put up his $100,000 bail.

On Monday, he  allegedly showed up at Democratic mayoral candidate Greenberg’s Louisville Kentucky campaign HQ, where he is said to have opened fire.

The Daily Mail reports that Brown put up a lot of bigoted posts on social media. His attorney has already tried to paint the alleged shooter as the true victim here, laying the preliminary groundwork for an insanity defense . . .

Brown’s attorney Rob Eggert has scolded those who suggested it was an anti-Semitic attack. Eggert said: ‘This is not a hate crime. It is a mental health case.’ Cops have yet to comment further on a motive. 

Meanwhile, the intended victim — who had four rounds fired at him — remains shocked that the guy who nearly killed him would walk free two days later.

Greenberg added: ‘Our criminal justice system is clearly broken. It is nearly impossible to believe that someone can attempt murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday’

Brown was sprung courtesy of the local office of a radical social justice organization.

On Wednesday, BLM Louisville, together with the BLM-run Louisville Community Bail Fund, posted Brown’s $100,000 cash bond.

Is there a better argument against “bail reform” and revolving door justice than the case of Quintez Brown?

The local newspaper regularly ran rambling, hate-filled pieces written by Brown, who was also running for a seat on the Louisville city council. In a screed from July 2, 2019 in the Louisville Courier Journal . . .

Your life has no meaning to the irresponsible politicians in Frankfort who time and time again choose the National Rifle Association over your life. 

Their support for Senate Bill 150, which allows Kentuckians to carry concealed weapons without a permit, is yet another warning: They’ve put a price tag on your life and decided that the blood money they receive from the NRA is more valuable.

Did you catch that? In Brown’s view, taking away the government’s ability to discriminate against black Americans who wish carry a gun outside the home in self-defense is evidence that Kentucky Republicans and the NRA hate minorities.

Quintez Brown
Quintez Brown (courtesy Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

But Brown wasn’t finished . . .

If enslaved blacks were considered people in 1789, this is how the Second Amendment probably would have read: “A well regulated white Militia being necessary to the security of a free white State, the rights of white men to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Some in the media had trouble dealing with the politics of the incident and tried to blame Brown’s alleged murder attempt on…the far right. As an editorial originally published by the Las Vega Sun put it . . .

The alleged shooter, a 21-year-old political activist, was arrested near the scene and later charged with attempted murder along with four counts of wanton endangerment.

While there’s been no indication yet that the activist had ties to any right-wing organizations, the shooting comes amid a rise in threats against politicians fueled by increasingly violent rhetoric coming from extremist Republicans.

Brown’s alleged assassination attempt was apparently just too difficult to wedge into the prevailing victimhood narrative for the editors of the Las Vegas Sun to reconcile without attempting to deflect blame onto those who had literally nothing to do with the shooting.

The good news is Brown’s campaign for the Louisville city council is now probably dead.  The bad news is there are plenty of other radicals out ready to take his place, people more than happy to advocate for more gun control for the little people.

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  1. He’s a democrat and his intended target was a democrat. Win, win for us. Maybe he will get lucky the second time. 2 removed from the gene pool for the price of one.

  2. I can only hope if I’m ever stupid enough to try to kill someone, they allow me to identify as a black blm supporter!

    • Thanks to the above for your contributions that do nothing but fan the flames and leaves the impression everyone on this forum is exactly like you…No doubt darcian with be sending you two best wishes for helping validate his lame attempts to paint the Party of Lincoln as the party of bigots.

      On the other hand hats off to the person who responded to my post following the attempted shooting of the candidate and who said the perp would be right back on the streets. He was correct.

      Obviously the perp’s head is packed full of marxist demoCrap slander and libel and it shows clearly in his support for Gun Control. It’s the same marxist demoCrap that prompts gullible students led by the likes of d. hogg to march around showing how they are ready and willing to lay their 2A Right and yours at the feet of Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk.

      If you want to stop the criminal misuse of firearms, etc. you make the consequences so rough only a fool would go there. If you want to sell your Gun Control agenda you cater to criminals and let them do your dirty work. The Rat Party did not expect America to see rising crime as reason to buy a firearm to protect themselves. The democRat Party was counting on America calling for Gun Control to come and save them. Another sneaky democRat Party game plan that backfired.

  3. Regardless of how silly his gun politics now look in retrospect, why wouldn’t Quintez be able to enjoy the possibility of being out on bail any more or less than say Kyle Rittenhouse? For all we know the circumstances are not known yet it could be self defense, no one knows yet and frankly I trust the media as far as I can throw them to be even 1% accurate and that’s being generous. Yes the irony of a gun grabber going to jail now for illegal use and possession of a gun does not escape me and is about as crazy as Debra Oberlin of Mothers Against Drunk Driving founder getting arrested and going to jail for well driving drunk. His personal politics shouldn’t get in the way of being able to mount a defense. It is funny to witness the deafening silence from Watts, Hogg, Bloomberg and the other bloody t-shirt waving gun grabbers out there when one of their own goes rogue, but it highlights precisely the weakness of their position. I’m so so over the tribal political bullpoop being injected into our criminal justice system. I openly welcome the idea of innocent until proven guilty.

    • Money actually had to be put up for his bail already doing way better than NY standards. As to it being a homicide/attempted issue that gets tricky especially when corrupt prosecutors exist. Not thrilled with the release but it seems to be in line with the rules and will bring attention to the issue so could be worse.

    • Rittenhouse defended himself from attack. You can argue about whether or not he should have been armed or been there at all, but as a jury determined, he was attacked and killed two people and wounded a third in self-defense.

      Brown (allegedly) attempted to assassinate Greenberg. By all accounts, he walked into his campaign office and opened fire, trying to murder him.

      Rittenhouse’s bail was set at $2 million. Brown’s bail was $100,000. That’s an interesting and noteworthy disparity.

      • Unfortunately in our society. If you intentionally kill a person. You are looked upon as being the bad guy. And that is exactly what self-defense is. Intentionally killing another person to save your own life. Or the life of your loved ones. And there are many people who do not like it when you intentionally kill someone. Even in self-defense.

      • I agree that Rittenhouse’s $2 million bail was insane and this guy with $100k bail is also insane, but different states, different laws regarding bail, etc. I’m more inclined to defend the standard of innocent until proven guilty. For all we know he was the wrong guy, someone is lying, there’s more to the story that we don’t know yet until there’s a trial, etc.

        • He went missing for a couple of weeks last year. He just allegedly tried to assassinate someone. Let’s keep it real. He doesn’t deserve bail until they have time to sort out the facts. He’s a potential dangerous flight risk.

    • Well said, but since bails are granted on potential future court appearance risks, prior history, and adjusted aggravated circumstances, Only average business guys Like Novelty AutoKeyCard manufacturer Chris J. Irwin from Florida, and CRS Firearms YouTuber Matt Hoover from WI.
      who was sponsored by Irwin to sell these novelty cards on his youtube channel get their small businesses ruined, their assets seized, and thrown in a Max security Federal Pen WITHOUT fucking bond, even though neither had a criminal record or presented any actual flight risk potential! And they are using typical corrupt prosecution and investigative methods to further exacerbate the restriction of his due process by stretching out the continuous grand jury, hoping one of them will cave and cop a plea.

      By the way, both these guys are White. So why were they treated even worse than they already typically treat poor black folks in this corrupted racist judicial system by being financially and excessively punished (over a year now without a speedy trial because of intentionall dilatory trial tactics!) when they haven’t even been found fucking guilty yet?

      Because it wasn’t Racist at all in the perspective of this case. Most White AND Blacks who are Not Racist and do NOT fall prey to the Marxist Gun Control disarmament agenda propaganda to use racist division to facilitate this agenda All appreciate their 2nd/A uninfringeable right.

      The comparison here and other examples in these comments proves the extent of the corruption and agenda-driven obsessive compulsive rage to find and confiscate firearms in blatant defiance of “Shall Not Be Infringed”, PERIOD! And as we have discovered like a ‘bitch slap’ up the side of the head, the JD corruption has reached to the top of the politcal ladder.

      As long as it’s one of their ‘own’ in agenda philosophy, there’s no Racist Bias. This guy gets out on a relatively insignificant Bond for fucking Aggravated Attempted Murder, And a couple of peaceful entreprenuers get imprisoned and tortured finanically for what is supposed to amount to not even a ‘Criminal Offense’, but a Tax Stamp Offense! Possessing an MG or NFA item is actually ‘permitted’ if you register it and pay the tax fee. It is NOT a Dangerous Crime like a Physical Act of Intentional Violence with a deadly weapon!

      This shows how incredibly important these coming midterms are.

      And After we demand the NFA, the ’68 GCA And ALL other Federal “infringement Laws” be repealed or nullified and voided by Congress as provided for in already well established precedent SCOTUS Case Law.

      It’s then time for a Serious, Comprehensive Ethical Judicial Standards Review on the Discretions and procedures of Due Process in this Country. Because this too, is sadly and dangerously out of control of destroying the Constitutional LAW of The LAND.

  4. I never did like Obama and always felt he was a phony. Very good speaker and used car salesperson but that was about it. Just goes to show you what a deleterious impact his Presidency has had on destroying the America we loved. I hope they throw the book at this punk because that is exactly what he is.

  5. 15, if want to know why Rittenhouse deserved bail and Brown shouldn’t have? Let’s compare.
    Rittenhouse fired in self defense.
    Brown allegedly attempted a political assassination.
    There were a couple of other minor points I was going to raise, but they seem moot now.

    • With honest prosecution that is logical and should be the norm. There are of course a lot of issues with my previous statement.

    • How many B urn L oot M urdr as sassins do we have now? Someone should go back to the beginning and tally it up. Now do Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. Which one is the threat?

  6. Like every other gang before them they operate under the guise of empowerment and defense but always morph into a criminal enterprise.

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to blame some of their more questionable actions on some 60’s era COINTEL PRO conspiracy. Kinda hard to do seeing as how the federal apparatus supports them fully.

    • They’ve been a grift ever since the money started flowing in. One of the co-founders checked out of the game once she became a multi-millionaire. They’re using their corporate donations to fund Democrat politicians because…of course they are. Who actually thought they were going to improve the lives of black people? Their activism has actually made black lives objectively worse.

  7. It’s not just the amount of bail $$$ difference between Brown and Rittenhouse. The attempt to raise bail money for Rittenhouse was interfered with. By Go Fund Me who believed that Rittenhouse (an innocent boy until he is found guilty in our system) didn’t deserve bail. It was the Christian group God Send Go who stepped in to help raise the money for his bail. And raise the money to help pay for his lawyers.

    If it wasn’t for God Send Go, Rittenhouse would never have been able to have mounted the defense necessary that led to his acquittal.

    • “The attempt to raise bail money for Rittenhouse was interfered with.”

      Bingo! Now imagine a far right, high profile activist that attempted to murder someone based on their ethnicity. We aren’t done yet. Also imagine a high profile right wing activist organization raising funds to bail them out. The press coverage would look very different from what we’re seeing! Hypocrites! They stand for nothing other than the home team.

      • You’re right to a fair trial means nothing if you can’t raise the money to pay for a defense. Without money to pay for your lawyers your rights in court are just words on a piece of paper.

        This is where the Libertarians get it wrong. The billion-dollar private tech companies can prevent you from using and having your civil rights. It’s not just the government they can violate and take away your civil rights.

  8. “Some in the media had trouble dealing with the politics of the incident and tried to blame Brown’s alleged murder attempt on…the far right.”

    Or in other words. White Liberals think only white people are supposed to do these kinds of things. Mr. Greenberg is an example of a liberal white Democrat. Who I’m sure supported low bail in the past. And now finds himself “being mugged” by the reality that he helped to create.

    White Liberals never think “that” will happen to them. Until it does.

  9. If this is a “mental health issue,” why is he roaming free instead of being held at a psychiatric facility? He’s the poster child for a threat to self or others.

    • Because the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, don’t believe in forcing the mentally ill into treatment.

      So the rest of the public deals with the mentally ill who urinate and defecate in public. And occasionally murder and rape people. Such as the unfortunate Asian woman who was pushed onto the subway tracks in New York City and killed instantly. When the train ran over her. Killed by a mentally ill man who was known to masturbate in public.

      The three L’s don’t consider masturbating in public to be a crime. So this guy was arrested and taken off the streets.

    • It’s a “mental health issue” because he’s a member of the home team. You see, he just had an episode. (We need more resources to treat mental health!) He in no way reflects the rest of the tribe. (Narrative, yo!) On the other hand, when it’s someone from the right that does something like this….well that person embodies the spirit of EVERYONE else on the right because they’re all deplorables. Get it?

  10. gun-control advocates are among the worlds greatest and most dangerous hypocrites.

    For example, this guy.

    There wasn’t any ‘right wing’ stuff, no being influenced by firearms advertisement, no ‘ghost gun’, none of the usual claims of gun-control freaks trying to take the blame off the criminal element. Just your routine criminally minded guy with mental health issues, that are shared by over 90% of criminals, with desires to commit violence thinking they in some way are justified in doing it.

    But, this one is bailed out by BLM to put that same criminally minded guy with mental health issues back on the streets.

    • I offer as an example Marion Berry…the Democrat, twice elected, crack-smoking Mayor of Washington D.C.

      His infamous res gestae utterance: “Bitch set me up…”


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