Would-Be Assassin of Louisville Mayoral Candidate on Gun Control, ‘Gun Violence’ and Resistance

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Quintez Brown
Quintez Brown (courtesy Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

Politicians and lobbyists will continue to push the narrative of socialists, criminal brown immigrants and unlawful black thugs as long as it persuades you to maintain their white capitalist patriarchy masked as a democracy. 

They’ve had the power and resources to reduce gun violence and enact common-sense gun reform, and they’ve yet to do so. And they never will as long as it benefits them in some way.

To them, your life doesn’t matter. And until we elect politicians who are truly committed to democracy and human rights, who truly believe that all people are created equal — rather they be undocumented immigrants, trans people, or unhoused people — we must continue to disrupt, resist and fight for humanity. 

Quintez Brown in Kentucky’s concealed carry law shows your life doesn’t matter to gun-loving Republicans

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  1. Gee, I wonder if the Feds will charge him with a “Hate Crime” too. After all, the victim was likely targeted because he was white and Jewish, so obviously, it was a “Hate Crime” based on Liberal Logic.

    More likely, since he’s a liberal too, he will get mental health diversion and probation. No one died and the shooting was just a cry for help from a powerless, oppressed minority. We should all shed a tear for the shooter and understand this wasn’t violence, it was a form of justice for all the crimes the whites and their Jewish bankers facilitators, committed against black and brown people for centuries.


    • Black people can’t commit hate crimes as they aren’t racists, they are the victims. Racism is based on your skin color and only white people are racists. Apparently no other races exist because I only ever hear of these two. And black on black violence and gang violence, from the text above, is also the fault of racist white Republicans and guns. Nevermind that Republicans rarely control the cities politically. If you don’t agree, there will be a 1619 reeducation camp awaiting you shortly!

      • I get your point TheUnspoken

        Just to point out for those who are too dumb (yes, you dacian and Miner49) to realize it – yes, black people can indeed commit hate-crimes (black people commit more hate-crimes in their own communities than other races do).

        B̲u̲t̲ ̲o̲v̲e̲r̲a̲l̲l̲,̲ ̲a̲c̲c̲o̲r̲d̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲t̲o̲ ̲t̲h̲e̲ ̲F̲B̲I̲’̲s̲ ̲2̲0̲2̲0̲ ̲r̲e̲p̲o̲r̲t̲:̲

        Among the 11,129 hate crime offenses reported – hate crimes against persons were 69.6%, hate crimes against property were 28.2%, hate crimes against society were 2.2%.

        Of the 6,780 known offenders – 55.1% were White, 21.2% were Black or African American, 15.7% race unknown

        Other races accounted for the remaining known offenders.

        Of the 6,169 known offenders for whom ethnicity was reported – 39.3% were Not Hispanic or Latino, 10.2% were Hispanic or Latino, 2.4% were in a group of multiple ethnicities, 48.1% ethnicity unknown

        Of the 6,264 known offenders for whom ages were known – 89.1% were 18 years of age or older

        Most hate crime incidents, 28.9%, occurred in or near residences/homes.

        19.9% of hate crimes occurred on highways/roads/alleys/streets/ sidewalks

        6.5% of hate crimes happened in parking/drop lots/garages.

        4.2% of hate crimes occurred at schools/colleges

        3.6% of hate crimes occurred at parks/playgrounds

        3.4% of hate crimes took place in churches/synagogues/temples/mosques

        The location was reported as other/unknown of 8.6% of hate crime incidents.

        The remaining 24.8% of hate crime incidents took place at other or multiple locations.

        • Based upon population proportion size, for the U.S., Blacks (now) commit hate crimes at a rate almost 5 times greater than whites and almost 7 times greater that all other races combined. In other words, 13% of the population is committing hate crime at rates greater than the rest of the population.

          So statistically, based upon population proportion size, a person (of any race, including Black) is more likely to be a victim of a hate crime committed by a Black person(s) than they are to be a victim of a hate crime committed by any other race.

          However, based upon reported numbers alone a Black person is more likely to be the victim of a hate crime committed by a white person(s) but Blacks still commit hate crimes at a rate greater than any other race.

        • Well, according to Al Sharpton back perhaps 35 years (and who could speak more for blacks than he?), blacks are incapable of acting in any racist actions. Was either on Donahue or Povich, can’t remember, but it was then well-publicized.

          I actually remember seeing a clip but wasn’t dumb enough to be watching the show. Those shows, like “The View”, are segments where one can actually emerge having a significant loss of IQ points after watching.

          What ever you do- don’t be racist by doubting the Reverend Al…

        • There’s a category for hate crimes against society??

          First, how the hell does anybody actually define something like that? And second, they’re either undercounting or not paying attention; just about everything the so-called progressives do is a hate crime against American society.

        • Ing,
          I’m guessing defacement of public property with “hate speech” messages.

          Wholeheartedly agreed with your closing statement.

      • The black people that are making all the trouble about Systemic Racism are claiming that all races are racist(against blacks), and that is the only racism that matters.

        Blacks hate the merchants that have shops in their communities if they are not black owned, even if they help employ from the neighborhood, sponsor sports, whatever. Black owners still have all the same problems with theft and the like, most are smart enough to get out of the hood.

        They claim racism, then classism, they call the black store owners “Uncle Tom and Oreo”. It is almost like they want their own communities and a universal income, say 5k a month, so they can get reach parity with the White middle class.
        Meanwhile, they teach their young to hate other races and tell them everyone(not black) is out to get them.
        Does this sound paranoid?

        • “Systemic racism” is currently the Left’s favorite conspiracy theory, edging out “the military-industrial complex.” They don’t like it when you point this out.

        • And not so fast again…Do you actually expect the majority of a race of people who obviously lack the wisdom and common sense not to belong to the political party of their slave masters and tormentors to have it together?

          Expect stuff to happen when “Content of Character” was replaced by trinket promises and the demoCrap that keeps Black Americans on the plantation harvesting votes.

          Unfortunately…Not only is demoCrap a problem for Black Americans. It’s infested the opinions of the politically inept history illiterates on this forum.

        • there’s a “Loser element” embedded in the black community that resents and rejects anyone successful…they serve as a constant reminder of their personal failings….

        • “Systemic Racism are claiming that all races are racist(against blacks), and that is the only racism that matters“

          That is not at all what critical race theory is, but OK if you want to believe that.

        • Nomen difference being military industrial complex exists and it isn’t a lefty talking point (when they are in control).

    • Not so fast…You cannot lay it cut and dry on the doorsteps of, “white.” Justice comes when the responsible political party is singled out by using the mountains of evidence against it and that party is held monetarily liable for its centuries of race based atrocities. The source for payment? The coffers of the democRat Party. That’s, “Justice.”

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, apparently brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “Gee, I wonder if the Feds will charge him with a “Hate Crime” too.”

      And, he made bail, by BLM, no less :

      “Just spoke with @BLMLouisville. They are heading to the bank to get a cashiers check to post Quintez Brown’s bail. Brown is charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at mayoral candidate @RunWithCraig.”


      • One side note about this shooter. There is a photograph of him meeting the Reverend Al Sharpton. As I recall Al Sharpton lead a protest in New York City against “Freddy’s Fashion Mart”. A small retail store in Harlem New York. One of Sharpton’s supporters and a protester, firebombed that retail store. Destroying the store and incinerating I believe 8 people still inside the building.

        Rev Al seems to hang out with folks who will eventually murder other people.

      • Okay, Here’s the ‘depth’ of what’s ‘off’: This exact criminal scenario was just ‘predicted’ a few days ago by the obviously emotionally ‘disturbed’ former Republican Congressman and once arising Star from Illnois , Adam Kinzinger, now turned rabid Trump hating recalcitrant RINO with no real future in the party, specifically implied in an interview on one of the recent news segment shows discussing politics (I watch so many of these I’m not recalling exactly which show right now but it was off the Microsoft News feed) Where he specifically stated that what he sees coming between the increasing polarization of the Parties is ‘a kind of ‘Civil War where many small groups will fight with each other focusing on political assassinations’!

        And ‘LO And BEhold…We just had one of these specific attempts!

        Interesting, to say the least, for we conspiracy theory ‘experts’.

        Of course, you wouldn’t understand this if you don’t believe how easily and effectively they can brainwash operatives…almost too easy.

        Or if you still believe Oswald was a lone assassin and there was no evidence of a conspiracy.

        • But in this case it was an internal factional dispute within the same party. The Democrats have a lot of factions. More than antifa do.

      • He was trained by his peers. He gave too much lead as he thought he was shooting from a moving vehicle.

  2. avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, apparently brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    From the guy’s Twitter profile :

    “We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.”

    As I said yesterday :

    ““Scientific Socialism” sounds so altruistic, doesn’t it? Well, hospitals won’t really be needed in a scientific socialist utopia, since medical procedures are very expensive, and that money can be spent on feeding and housing the poor.

    The majority of ‘medical procedures’ in a scientific socialist utopia will be forced sterilizations, and the euthanasia of anyone that the ‘Death Panel’ says is no longer useful to the collective.

    “Scientific Socialism” is probably the purest form of fascism… 🙁 “

    • Logan’s run always came to mind re scientific socialism. That it is likely the optimistic outcome of the theory is terrifying.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, apparently brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        You know, someone could do a remake of Logan’s Run, with today’s politics… 🙁

        I would be a runner. 🙂

    • Not only an activist but also a wannabe revolutionary. Lil’ d’s new poster boy or at least alongside his Che Guevara poster.

      And Pan-African under scientific socialism? Prepare for massacres that would make Rwanda look like a peaceful get together. With politics frequently divided on tribal lines and the presence of “the religion of peace” it will be an interesting show. As the war nerd would say, pass the popcorn and a case of beer.

  3. Like smokers asking .gov to ban tobacco and fatties asking .gov to ban big soda or littering, arsonist looter imbeciles screeching about environmentalism.

    Mr. Q here doth protest too much. And now we all see why. They’re sick. They know they’re sick. Rather than seek help they conclude everyone must be sick just like they are and it’s all the fault of the big evil “them” that they’re exposed to what triggers their sickness and if only not for “them” they could do away with all the triggers and we’d all be sick no longer.

    • Shire-man,

      I see three root cause of a scrambled worldview such as Mr. Quintez Brown shares with us:

      1) Ignorance (a.k.a. “useful idiots”)
      2) Mental illness
      3) Evil

      While it may be interesting to try and determine whether any given person’s ramblings are due to ignorance, mental illness, or evil–the fact remains that there are many such people and they pose an existential threat to our lives. (Their existential threat could be on the personal level with your murder, community level with a mass-murder attack, or national level via widespread destruction and even genocide.)

      We would be wise to acknowledge this awful FACT and prepare accordingly.

      • He’s a dreamer who’s about to be crushed by reality. Unless he wants to be a martyr for his cause.

  4. At this point it really doesn’t matter what the blowbag poop filled quentin brown sez. After all he’s now incarcerated and has to wait in line to use the phone. And by all accounts he probably will be soon forgotten however he will be remembered as the worst shot to ever make it to the big house.

    • The way things are today, Quintez will be on the streets again soon. I’m surprised he’s been in jail for more than 24 hours. It WAS all the gun’s fault, after all, and white oppression, and mental illness. And, the man targeted probably committed a multitude of microagressions.

  5. I read yesterday on a news site that Quintez was also “heralded” by the Obamas a while back. Just think, he could have been obama’s son too.

    • There must be at least a battalion of these sons of Obama. Barry must have been busy while Michelle was out with the girls.

  6. That makes absolutely no sense. I even went and read the article that these quotes are pulled from and it was nonsensical. It reminds me of the claims made by activist where they say the CIA brought cocaine into black urban areas in the early 80s. Even if that was true it’s not like they had a CIA officer hold a gun to each individual person’s head to make them smoke crack for the first time to get them hooked.

    • Officer Bill,

      Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that people are not responsible for their actions.

      Fact: people’s lives/outlooks in our urban Hellscapes are pretty awful–the temptation to “escape” with narcotics is irresistible to many such people.

      Consider a simple parallel. Absolutely beautiful “perfect 10” scantily-clad 20 year-old women stand on EVERY street corner. They will get naked with you and fulfill all of your intimate fantasies for several hours for $20. What percentage of single men, with little-to-no prospect of ever having a long-lasting and wonderful intimate relationship with a lovely woman, could resist that temptation? Such is the allure of crack-cocaine, heroin, etc. to people in our urban Hellscapes.

  7. this will not be the last time that he vents his frustration at being his own worst enema.
    i think he could safely drop the brown appellation. kuntazz seems fairly unique.

    • Quintez sounds semi eloquent in this Leftard screed. We gotta so-called republican mayor of Aurora l,ILLannoy(Richard Ervin) running for governor backed by BIG BUCKS who turns out to be an EVERYTOWN boy. Also fairly eloquent I might add. Talking “law & order” while siding with satan. And he was a Dim until quite recently. Sadly in ILLannoy there’s scarcely a difference in PO?-litical parties…

  8. Strange how I’ve spent most of my life around firearms but have never felt the need to shoot someone that was not an immediate threat to my or someone else’s life. Never wanted to, nor considered seriously, shooting, or even physically harming in any way anyone over their political beliefs. Of course, if their politics leads to a direct threat to my life, or the lives of my friends, family, or countrymen, that may change quickly.
    But, those of us who support the ideals of our founding documents and our Constitution and believe in freedom to succeed or fail by your own efforts, are somehow the bad guys.
    I was always taught as a child, that you are responsible for your actions, or inactions. Not, that everything is someone else’s fault, and you are the victim, or you are somehow responsible for the failures or poor decisions of others.
    Hate to break it too the race baiters, but slavery ended more than a century and a half ago. The end of the segregationist laws and “Jim Crow” was more than 50 years ago. Few of the fools claiming oppression and everything is racist are old enough to have experienced anything like the actual oppression the complain about.
    As for the issue of “Gun Violence”. It isn’t the gun being violent or committing the crime. It is, and always has been, the person holding the gun, or whatever implement they are using.
    Nor are poor decisions, or violent behavior the fault of non-criminal and legal gun owners.

    • Like you, I believe in personal responsibility. I was taught to make my own way in life and have done my best to do so. As a result I am not nor will I ever be a willing victim of all the made up “oppression” that so many on the left seem to embrace.
      I believe that the rise of social media has ben the primary cause of the current victimization hysteria that we find ourselves facing today. Our founders created a Republic as opposed to a true democracy because of the fear that the loudest voices are those that are heard most and acted upon.
      The fact that idiots like Quintez, not to mention AOC, are given media coverage is a prime example of the “loudest voice” getting their way as opposed to doing what is right for our community, state and country. These loud voiced idiots are the ones that promote the victim mentality and profit from the chaos they produce.

      • Our Founders created a Republic rather than a democracy because they recognized that no two entities above the molecular level were ever created equal. They recognized that treating everyone exactly the same is not justice; it is diametrically opposed to justice (treating everyone according to his choices).

        The victimization hysteria exists because “nice” people twisted the absolute factual falsehood of equality (not equal opportunity) into an absolute dogma. A person indoctrinated that “nobody is better than anybody else” cannot consider the obvious (“if your plan isn’t working, change your plan”) because he believes every irresponsible choice he makes is “equal” to others’ merit and hard work.

        His only remaining explanation is that “they” are oppressing him and taking what is rightfully his (notwithstanding the fact that he has never actually produced or earned anything). The only “solution” is that he and the other “oppressed” idlers and failures take “back” what the other guy has.

    • Excellent post with numerous true statements. I am 76 years old and have personally seen the signs on southern bathrooms and water fountains, colored/white. Most of these folks don’t have a clue how Martin Luther King and others peacefully protested to get things changed in this Country. They were beaten, attacked with dogs, hung, and yet prevailed to change things in this Country for the better. All these current punks want to do is complain and get whatever they can without doing a thing for it. I am white have four black cousins, two Chinese and my grandson is South Korean. I am not a racist but I do call it as I see it and the current crop of minority complainers are nothing but that, a bunch of punks who think they deserve something they haven’t worked for.

  9. ‘Racism’ exists in all societies regardless of colour, creed or political persuasion. It’s part, I’m afraid, of the human condition. Only by recognition of that simple fact cn the truth be faced. People of colour are just as guilty of type casting WHITE people as white people are of type casting people of colour.

    On this side of the pond in the UK there is RACISM in Scotland and Wales against all things English. I travelled the world with Her Majesties Forces but the ONLY real racism I personally have experienced because I happen to be ENGLISH is in SCOTLAND XENOPHOBIA is but another manifestation of RACISM.

    Scientific Socialism?? what exactly is that? The fact is that all WESTERN DEMOCRACIES are to a greter or lesser extent SOCIALIST in nature.

    Free universal governmment funded EDUCATION education. Tick the BOX.

    Re-distribution of wealth from the better off to those lessfortunate through taxation. Tick thebox!

    State Pensions? Tick the box!

    Medical care provided through taxation [even the USA has MEDICARE for the elderly! tick the box.

    Unemployment benedfits? Tick the box!

    Tax funded PUBLIC HEALTH initiatives? Tick the box.

    The ABSOLUTE right for workers to invest in the fruits of their labours through GOVERMENT SPONSORED and SUBSIDISED Pension and Savings Plans.

    None of these things existed when MARX, who incidently lived the life of the bougousie Middle cClasses on his wifes money!!, and ENGELS who embezzled from his own company to support and lived the life of a ‘Country Gentleman of Means.

    If either MARX or ENGELS were re-incarnated they would look upon the USA and most of the Western world as a Models of Socialism and they would see the GLOBALISATION of production as being the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

    In today’s world you are over SIX times as likley to die of the effects of OVEREATING and as you are todie of the lack of food

    • So, Albert the Subject, you recognize all this, and your “solution” is for the U.S. to enact strict gun control???

      Are you high, or stupid????

      No, you’re a subject. Hope that works out for ya.

      Perhaps consider individual liberty as an alternative.

      • Not him, but consider:

        All human beings, ALL human beings, are inherently, instinctively, tribal and territorial. It is instinctive to have preference for our own kin, and what is a race but an extended family? It is instinctive to want to live with and work with people who look like us, speak like us, think like us. These are our best and noblest instincts. It is grotesque to pretend otherwise. Attempting to pathologize pattern recognition is insanity.

        Civilization couldn’t exist without cultural cohesion, and a monoculture and an ethnostate are the necessary prerequisites for that. Without them social capital can’t exist.

        You may have noticed a correlation between dismantling our instinctive preferences in favor of the death-cult called “multiculturalism” and the ongoing slow-motion disintegration of the civilization our ancestors built. If you don’t see it, take a visit to scenic Detroit and go for a stroll on Six Mile Road any Saturday night, and perhaps you’ll be enlightened.

        There’s no such thing as “racism.” It’s a made-up word that conveys nothing more than the words “witchcraft” or “blasphemy.” It’s a curse-word Leftists use when they’ve lost the argument, sort of like “fascism.”

    • Albert Hall, It is not “racism” to for the Scots and the Welsh to”hate” the English. You see they are all WHITE? For your edification, there are only three races and Scot, Welsh or English are not races, Lefty.

      Herr id s FACT for you. Socialism is not democratic in any way shape or from. It is robbery of those who might have something that others want but refuse to work for.

      The only people who should get “state pensions” are retired state employees who served.

      Universal healthcare? If you want that, go to Britain or Canada and get the inferior care of their systems.

      If you want education past high school, pay for it out of your own damn pocket. There is no reason in this world why I should have to pay for your art courses. If you want to be a doctor, pay for it your lazy ares self.

      There you go with that redistribution of the “wealth” crapola. In other words, you want to steal from that that have to give to the lazy. NOT ON MY WATCH.

        • Miner MINER49ER Didn’t you go to school? The three races are Caucasian, Black and Oriental.

          Not only are you insufferable, but you are stupid as well. Consider yourself now informed. ( I don’t know it if will do any good, but…)

        • Walter,

          I am NOT agreeing with MinorIQ (I can’t stoop that low), but it is a scientific fact that “race” is a construct, not a scientific reality. 99.9% of ALL human DNA is effectively identical. There are Blacks raised in different cultures who are indistinguishable from other “races” in terms of intellect and accomplishment.

          Culture, OTOH, is a different matter. And culture matters. The “culture” that idiots like dacian the stupid wish to implement benefits . . . dysfunctional idiots like dacian the stupid. I don’t give a rat’s @$$ what “color” someone is, I only care what is in their heart. As Viktor Frankl said, “There are only two races, the decent and the indecent.”

        • Lamp, I suggest that you take a good anthropology course.

          Culture is one thing. Race is an totally different subject.

        • Walter,

          Taken plenty of “sociology” courses. Fortunately, I also took Statistics and Biology. “Race” is a fiction. Again, 99.9% of ALL human DNA is effectively identical. Ain’t no sech thing as “race”, except in the minds of deluded Leftist/fascists.

          Now, there are MOST DEFINITELY dysfunctional CULTURES, that promote bad behavior. Sometimes those cultures tend to cluster by PERCEIVED race, but that is a sociological and cultural artifact. The literature on this is clear.

          Now, it is also equally true that, largely BECAUSE our society has made it’s “safety net” into a hammock, we encourage a lot of near mental defectives to breed, and subsidize their existence, their offspring, etc.

          Darwin WILL have his day. The gene pool needs chlorine.

    • Well Lamp gets a (very tiny) erection when he fantasizes about beating women, so to each their own I suppose…

      • Hey, nameless, brainless troll!! I was beginning to think you didn’t love me, anymore. You never call, you never write . . .

        You are an oxygen thief. You are too stupid to insult. Go micturate up the cable, troll.

      • No. You cannot see that jwm is a white supremacist. We can see that you are a disturbed stalker with nothing better to do than attack legit potg.

  10. To [politicians and lobbiests], your life doesn’t matter.” — Quintez Brown

    That is about the only thing that Mr. Brown got right.

  11. Yet another Bee eLL eMM a ssas sin. How many does that make now? I’ve lost count. How many Proud Boy or Oath Keeper a ssas sins have there been? Compare and contrast how the media and the government portray these groups, and let’s not forget the black clad clowns.

    The moderation system here is absurd.

    • Mention so-cialis-m unhyphenated and your message goes to the moderation gulag.

      That spelling was intentional as the effect of their faith and the drug are the same.

    • Can’t have the proles saying things that aren’t PC. We don’t to offend people who are already gleefully fantasizing about putting us in concentration camps. I’m sure being PC will change their minds.

  12. If you haven’t figured it out by now you never will. These Leftist punks are nothing but hypocrites and only do and say what makes THEM feel good regardless of what impact it has on you. In most cases they could care less whether you live at all. Our Blue State Governments, Federal Government, and Federal Law Enforcement have totally ignored the fact that we have a Constitution of the USA. They all routinely break the law with impunity. They are to be considered the enemy and if you don’t fight back, well, you get what you deserve. There was never a more important saying than, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. If you don’t believe that enjoy being persecuted for the rest of your short life.

  13. OK, a Leftist/fascist/racist, with a history of mental health issues AND “strict gun control” public utterances, goes psycho and tries to shoot another . . . Leftist??

    This is my “shocked” face.

    Again, Leftism is a mental disease.

    • Wow Lamp. I’m surprised you’re able to make so many posts, what with all the imaginary cases you’re juggling.

      • Multiple IDENTICAL posts under different fake handles???

        Bad form, nameless, brainless troll. Bad form.

        I know you are not capable, but a sentient human with any pride would TRY to do better.

        You are too stupid to insult. Go micturate up a cable.

    • Wow Lamp. I’m surprised you’re able to make so many posts, what with all the imaginary cases you’re juggling.

      • Hi, nameless, brainless troll!!

        Wow, two half-assed attempts at insults in one thread, in one day!! I am . . . not impressed. I learned better insults in kindergarten. You need to get a better shtick . . . not that you are capable.

        You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your colon.

        • Trolls tend to be princes among kings.

          My son used that insult at primary school. Nearly everyone thought he was paying them a complement. It proved his point.

  14. It looks to me like Dunning Kruger is dripping out of his eyes. I have known a few people like that. They don’t know anything about anything but thinks they are experts in everything and further can rationalize away any conflicting information or anything they do. Since I was stuck with one of them due to our name proximity at an Army school, I tried to help him get through the class and not got to jail. Of course, I eventually ended up being interviewed by four or five law enforcement agencies about him. Mostly because he asked a machinist to build a suppressor (after expressly I told him he would go to jail if he did) and took a lot of pyrotechnic shit from ranges to his BOQ room. I explained that he was bat shit crazy rather than malicious but was indeed dangerous. So he didn’t get through the class and did go to jail – not sure if he went to prison or a mental institution though. The shit he’d say was mind blowing in it’s lack of grounding in reality. Of course Mr. Quintez does seem to have delved into maliciousness as well as the other problems I mentioned so he just to it further than the other DKs I have known.

    • well familiar with which you speak.
      folks that share quintessence’s world view just start screaming and frothing when you speak.
      detached, bitter, self loathing.

    • Average IQ of 83. And get ready to see a lot more of this behavior, because your tax dollars are being used not only to support their riotous reproduction but also import more of the same phenotype by the million. Demography is destiny.

  15. Mr. Zimmerman.
    Am I to understand that the person who wrote this article is the same person whose photograph appears at the top of the page wearing an orange jumpsuit? And this Photograph came from the Department of Corrections in Louisville Kentucky?

    So the guy who took a shot at the mayoral candidate in Louisville Kentucky, also wrote this article???

    The Louisville courier journal has admitted the shooter works for them.

  16. The only group of True Believers the Left treats worse than African-Americans are Jews – even after nearly 100 years of trying to rub them out a lot of Jewish folk just can’t seem to leave their abusers. Battered spouse syndrome writ large I guess.

    • It says how bad things in Tsarist Russia were for them when they threw their lot in with the Bolsheviks who had identified them as bourgeois capitalists and rootless cosmopolitans.

  17. Sheesh, he’s nuts, he’s evil…and better-spoken than 99% of today’s dopey Americans!

    (Ex: “How I did that is I said what she said about what they meant when he not was clear about pistoling and ammunitioning, and yeah! Because, conversation!)

    You know, when we can’t even speak at one-tenth of the level of a nutjob, the universe is telling us to try harder.

    • Darwin is telling you to remove your genes from the gene pool. A friend of mine used to wear a button, when she wanted to “trigger” people, that said “I think the gene pool needs chlorine”. Wish I could find that button.

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