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A former Los Gatos teacher who gave students “F” grades on a math quiz they skipped — instead attending a walkout against gun violence on campus — filed a lawsuit against the Loma Prieta [California] Joint Union School District and numerous school officials, claiming he was unlawfully laid off, fired and retaliated against for his political speech against the protest, among other issues in the district.

David Kissner, who taught math and science at C.T. English Middle School, claims the district used an “unlawful and unconstitutional abuse of its power” against him, “not because he opposed the political cause being promoted but because he opposed the District breaking the law and violating the Constitution,” the lawsuit reads.

“In ordinary times, his informed objection to the District’s participation in and promotion of a student walkout should have earned him respectful feedback. It instead drew vociferous attacks,” it continues. …

In a series of events starting in March 2018, Kissner told students he was giving a quiz at the same time as the March 14 National Student Walkout. He gave three students failing grades on that quiz after they left class to join the walkout, which was aimed at bringing attention to gun violence after the Parkland school shooting.

— Kayla Jimenez in Los Gatos teacher who gave ‘F’ grades to students protesting gun violence sues Loma Prieta district, administration

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    • Once upon a time if you refused to march with the socialist nazi party or the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party known as the KKK you were a either a Jew lover or a N-word lover. And you were dealt with accordingly.

      When Gun Control is not defined by its history of racism and genocide expect classrooms full of useful idiots who might as well be wearing sheets and brown shirts.

    • There needs to be a discussion on this site concerning free speech protection. Specifically posts being placed on the waiting to moderated list and never displaying. A valid reason for being moderated and a valid reason for a post not being displayed should be forwarded to the e-mail address provided by the writer I. E. Me.

      I do not like wasting time contributing much more than chatroom level text messages and for no reason given whatsoever getting the boot. How and why it is done needs to be clarified. The whole thing makes me wonder if the likes of darcian and yuck and enuf are doing the moderating.

      • Since ownership transfer a few years ago it has become clear this (formerly great site) has become primarily all about clicks.

        I assume selling the same web nonsense about driving eyeballs and $ to the advertisers. I block/ignore ALL that drivel like 99.99% of users so can’t verify what the ads might be. Certainly a myth that idiot advertisers apparently are conned into believing.

      • Especially when you consider the massive amounts of arrant nonsense and personal attacks that seem to fly right through.

        At least half of every comment section consists of stupid/insane rants from that “Dacian” fool and the thing that used to post as pea gee 2 doing its best to shit on every single sidewalk in town.

        Meanwhile, just try writing a thoughtful comment that involves naming certain worldwide political philosophies… There’s a good reason why most of my comments are very, very short and there are far fewer even of those.

      • DebbieW, your getting moderated because the elf bee eye and in essay are hacking your sht, it’ll quit once they think they’ve got enough on you.
        I used to get moderated all the time until I posted Jose and Manny stole the neutrinos I had saved up to make my UniverseEndingPerpetualFusionNuetrinoBlomb.

      • You camouflage yourself as a turtle and then play dead( which comes natural to a possum)
        I’ve often wondered why the morning dove was called by the locals ” turtle dove” then one day I saw three morning doves eating on a box turtle who had committed suicide on the road.
        Also another interesting thing , most of those turtles you see crossing highways or roads are females. Check it out if you’ve got the time, they all have eggs in them. So when you run over a turtle you just wiped out that years hatch.

  1. I have no objection to students protesting or demonstrating to try to bring a perceived problem to the attention of the general public. However, I do object to the firing of the teacher for giving the students who walked out of class a failing grade in the quiz. The students do need to understand that they have every right to speak their mind and protest. But also, that there may be consequences to walking off a job or walking out of class and walking away from their obligations. If most of us as adults walked out or walked off our jobs, when we were supposed to be there, we would suffer the consequences for doing so. Possibly fired, likely loss of the day’s pay. And likely a reprimand for shirking our obligations.

    • These children don’t get to do, what they want. They are not “special”. They need to go to school and learn and the school’s responsibility is to educate them.

      Unfortunately, schools and the Unionized Teachers are just instruments of the Left and the DemoRat Party. The Teachers likely organized and promoted this protest and help facilitate a “Walk-Out” of their students. What this event was in reality – A state Sponsored Political Rally, could not be spoken about, as that might break several laws and have cost the districts state funding for the class time missed.

      If this civil case goes forward, discovery will be awesome, as the time spent organizing, discussing and planning this event was likely done by teachers, administrators and students on school time using school resources. Probably tons of emails, etc. I predict they will settle before getting to discovery and the settlement will be sealed.

    • The school is responsible for the students during the school day. If the students that are supposed to be in class during the test period are injured or disappear during the protests who bears liability? The parents of those kids would be filing all sorts of lawsuits.

      The teacher never should have had to fail the students. The school admin should have turned the school cops on them to corral them before they left.

      • Allowing children to leave class without their parents’ permission is a violation of school insurance policies. If the students were injured somehow and the teachers had allow the kids to leave. In fact encouraging the kids to leave to attend some political rally. The schools would be liable. This happened before I believe in Wisconsin several years ago. The teachers going on strike actually used their students as a political shield in a rally. Without the parents written permission.

        I don’t expect the local DA will look into the abuse of authority by these teachers.

    • Don’t do the test, don’t get a result. Suffer the consequences. A lesson in reality.

      In the real world you don’t get time off from your job to go an discover yourself. The real world is not divided into semesters with breaks in between. You want time off, you either use your paid leave if it is part of your employment contract or you don’t get paid.

      If you want to attend a “mostly peaceful protest” and your boss says do it on your own time, dont be surprised if at least you’re not paid for that time or your employment is terminated. Actions have consequences.

    • When I was in college a student strike was called to protest the Vietnam war. The strike was scheduled on the same day as the final exam in one of my courses. We were given the choice — join the strike and miss the exam and fail the course, or take the exam and skip the strike. Me and several others opted to strike, knowing we just blew away the course. The prof ultimately relented and let us take the exam a week later, but we no way of knowing that at the time. So, yeah, take a stand if you must, but be prepared to back up your commitment by paying the price.

  2. I’m wondering if there’s more to this story than first appears.

    From what I’ve read, there seems to be some question about the scheduling of the quiz. The teacher claims it was scheduled well in advance and the timing had nothing to do with the protest. Others are claiming it was calculated move to “gotcha” anyone who might want to go to the protest on that day.

    If it’s the former, good luck to the teacher in their suit and tough cookies for the student and the school administration. You play, you pay. Especially if the school did in fact (as Kissner has claimed) pressure teachers in the school to excuse absences and were wholeheartedly endorsing participation in the march. Schools are supposed to be for learning, not getting involved in the political issue d’jour.

    If, on the other hand, we’ve got a case of a teacher playing dirty pool and setting up a student to fail because you don’t agree with the event in question, then that’s obviously unacceptable behavior. Doesn’t matter if it’s March for Our Lives or a Pro-2A rally.

    I tend to think the former scenario more likely than the latter. It will be interesting to see what shakes out from the lawsuit, in any case.

    • Even if it were the latter, the teacher was fired for failing 3 students on a QUIZ. Not a TEST. Not a SEMESTER, but a QUIZ. Odds are it had no effect on their overall grade. Firing seems a little extreme even if you think the teacher was clearly in the wrong, which makes the logical conclusion that it’s the former case, not the latter.

      • In practical terms, a quiz is much less of an academic issue than a test or a class, no question. In terms of principle, if the latter scenario were indeed the case, it’s dirty pool regardless of the scale.

        As far as the firing – if the guy got fired for the quiz, that is indeed unwarranted. I should have been clearer in my OP. There could be more going on here, though, which is why I am interested to see what shakes out from the lawsuit.

    • Rookie.

      WTF difference does it make???? I didn’t send my kids to school to “protest”, I sent them to learn. Leaving class to go protest some dipshit Leftist “cause” is NOT what they are there for. Whenever the teacher scheduled the test . . . he scheduled a test. The kids were aware of it, and walked out, anyway. The got the grade they deserved.

      Plus, they learned a valuable lesson – we ALL have the right to engage in “civil disobedience”, so long as we are prepared to pay the piper. Apparently, this lesson was lost on these entitled t***s. Perhaps their parents failed them.

      And out society has gotten entirely too caught up in “listening to the children”. Children like Greta the Idiot Scold, or David “Camera” Hogg. There is nothing that either of these two immature, childish nitwits have to say that I am interested in hearing. Kinda like having both dacian the stupid and MinorIQ show up to bark at me . . . pretty much all there is is meaningless noise.

      He should definitely sue the s*** out of the school district, then go work for a private school that is actually interested in teaching children, as opposed to indoctrinating them.

      • To the Demented Lamp that went out in his head

        quote————–Plus, they learned a valuable lesson – we ALL have the right to engage in “civil disobedience”, so long as we are prepared to pay the piper.—————–quote

        Spoken like a true right wing disgusting Nazi except of course when protest promotes the Nazi agenda as when the Truck Drivers started shutting down the economies of both Canada and Capitalvania. That was noble according to the Far Right Fanatics when it came to promoting more Covid infections and deaths because they were to shiftless and lazy to get a covid shot and wear masks.

        quote—————And out society has gotten entirely too caught up in “listening to the children”. Children like Greta the Idiot Scold, or David “Camera” Hogg.————quote

        You really are a discussing freak even among the Far Right Fanatics. Greta is trying to save the planet from destruction by greed monger filth like yourself and Hogg saw the horrific slaughter of his loved classmates from a maniac with one of your beloved assault rifles that you sleep with in bed at night.

        Perhaps you should apply for an acting job in the next Freddie Kruger movie.

        The Right Wing Fanatic School teacher was given the boot and told to hit the bricks and not come back which was his just punishment for acting like an asshole. His law suit is a laugh.

        • ” Greta is trying to save the planet from destruction ”

          Oh, horseshit. The planet does not need saving. Earth will be here and thriving long after the humans have disappeared. What Greta is all about — along with the whole climate change crowd — is preserving not just the human race, but preserving our present standard of living and lifestyle along with it. It is essentially a conservative movement even though it’s liberals pushing it. What they don’t get is that it’s our standard of living and lifestyle that got us in to this mess to begin with, and preserving it is not going to get us out of it. But, you know, liberals are not known for thinking things through.

        • Shut up dacian. The only difference between you and Hitler is that Hitler had a budget to bring about his desired tyranny.

      • We’re probably 95% in agreement here. Schools should about learning, and middle schoolers should not get to decide when they will go to school. And I as I said in my OP, “you play, you pay”. Actions have consequences, as all kids should be learning early on.

        All I’m saying is that there is the possibility that this teacher created a trap to punish students holding specific views. IF that is what happened, then I do have a problem with that. Schools shouldn’t get involved in politics, but neither should individual teachers let their views seep over into the classroom (again, *if* that happened here).

        • I figured that out, Rookie.

          Again, I don’t CARE if the teacher was “setting a trap”. The article makes it clear that the test was scheduled several days BEFORE the demonstration, so the kids were aware of it. They skip the test, they get the grade the deserve. They SHOULD have the right to do this (but they actually don’t, because almost every school district in the country has mandatory attendance requirements), but they have to be willing to take the consequences.

  3. I think it’s funny that so many people from a slob under a bridge to the POTUS think that protesting should not involve consequences.

    The consequences are what make the protest valuable. As in you’re willing to risk X for Y. Without X Y has no value.

    Along those lines torching businesses and assaulting people for BLM seemingly has come with little or no consequences while gifting $100 to the truckers in Canada cost somebody their job ergo BLM has no value and the truckers have the value of your livelihood and pension.

    Note which the regime supports.

    • Back in the day(1970ish)we had a teacher at my high school who wore a black arm band to protest Vietnam & the Ohio college shootings. We called him Eric the red. He peppered his teaching with anti-war rants.Yep he lost his job. Is this dude the same kinda thing??? Also in 1970 we had basically the whole day off “celebrating” Earth Day. Makes you think!

      • Heh heh, Eric the Red.
        Ahh the 70’s , I was a big war protester until I got caught stealing the drivers ed car, and the Marine turned principal made a deal with me. Join the Marines or go to jail. Joined the Army instead, he wasn’t happy but let it slide, —mom was bawling and dad was bitching on what a fuck up he raised, as he signed the 17 year old parental consent papers. Yah know I think I got PTSD over all that, gimme some money, I should have sued the principal and usd101, after all stealing a car didn’t hurt no one. ( on stealing the drivers ed car, it was a blast, picked up my friends,
        got drunk, and rodded the shit out of it, Yee Yee)

        • I had friend’s with similar stories my marsupial friend. Only they torched a po-leece car. One went in the “service”(he already had a record). The other 2 got in big trouble. I had an ironclad alibi competing in a weightlifting meet. Didja kill a commie for mommy???

        • you’d be surprised how long mars lights continue to flash when submerged.
          doesn’t ~sound~ like part of an adirondack canoe trip…

  4. A smart parent wouldn’t let his prodigy attend public school in the first place, & I hope the teacher wins his law suit.

  5. In Cuba you either march at communist party rallies or you can lose your job or get tossed in jail. Your children can be denied “free” higher education or expelled from school. communists take no prisoners and ANY deviation from the party line could put you on a road to a death sentence. #SOCIALISMKILLS

  6. Overreaction on the part of the teacher and the school. An appropriate response would have been to require the students to take the quiz on their own time outside normal school hours. If they won’t do that, then give them a failing grade.

  7. It was rather obvious the right wing fanatic teacher was trying to prevent the students from going to the protest. His lawsuit will go nowhere. He needs to be given a big sign that reads “Hit the bricks you Nazi bastard and do not come back”.

    • Take your own advice. The world is full of paradisiacal socialist countries chock full of leftists just like you. Pick one and GTFO.

      • We had this talk with dacian the nazi before. He can’t move to europe. The same place I was welcomed to buy a cottage rejected him. He apparently has no job skills or financial stability enough to legally move there. Kind of ironic, given his support of open borders.

  8. I occasionally skipped school. Sometimes the siren song of the woods, river or beach was just too strong. I knew I would get a zero for the day. Cost of doing business. I’ll wager these kids knew the same thing.

  9. I’d like to hear a little more info. Did the teacher schedule the quiz specifically to conflict with the protest? If so, he’d be inappropriately punishing students that don’t agree with his politics. Does the school have a policy where participating in any protest is an excused absence? It would be inappropriate for the school to promote only certain issues. Would the handling be any different if the students were leaving for a pro-life or white supremacy rally?

    • I cannot imagine any school from K to 12 that would excuse a student from class to go to a protest. That’s a liability can of worms that is just to ginourmus.
      Likely the powers that be used any excuse to dump a conservative from their payroll.

        • Apparently they tolerate me more than you. France and most of europe, I can’t say all because I haven’t been to all, tolerate me enough to allow me to buy and live there should I so desire.

          It’s the uneducated nazi’s like yourself that ‘civilized’ countries have a problem with.

        • You might find even Australia might not like you either. If you want to be a resident you have a list of requirements to meet which include employable skills, a verifiable amount of money, and other requirements. And even then you can’t use free public health for several years.

          Overstay a tourist Visa and you’ll end up in immigration detention with a permanent ban after deportation. Try to enter as a refugee outside of official channels and you’ll be in immigration detention on a remote island such as Nauru.

        • I forgot to mention 457 visas but these need a sponsor and this is on Indefinite hold with the pandemic.

        • @ dacian,

          “Civilized countries do not tolerate people like you Jethro”

          dacian, most civilized countries would have already locked you away in a room with padded walls.

  10. I would hold fire before declaring this guy a martyr for the 2A cause. The linked article also mentions “A district investigation found that he gave alcohol to at least one minor on a camping trip, used inappropriate sexual innuendo with minors and improperly handled remote learning during the pandemic, among other concerns”. This demonstration appears to be a “last straw” situation.

  11. Typical conservative hypocrisy, I’m sure he supports ‘family values’ like the rest of the right wing nut jobs.

    “The linked article also mentions “A district investigation found that he gave alcohol to at least one minor on a camping trip, used inappropriate sexual innuendo with minors and improperly handled remote learning during the pandemic, among other concerns”

    Alcohol and sexual innuendo to children?

    Wouldn’t you call that person a pedophile?

    But just like Matt Gaetz, no problem because he’s one of yours.

    • MinorIQ,

      Ever look in the mirror, child??? You want to talk hypocrisy, start with your own folks. IF you ever actually read what I post, I don’t support ANY politicians; they are all liars. I support liberty-enhancing POLICIES, whoever gives them lip service. Unfortunately, almost no politicians give them anything BUT lip service. But Dims don’t even grasp the concept of individual liberty, so my disgust for them runs deeper. Kinda like how much of an uneducated idiot I find you to be.

      But I could use a good laugh – break out some more of your galaxy-brain Constitutional “interpretation”, that’s always good for a few yuks.

    • SIGH. There are no right wing nut jobs anymore, miner. Those corporate billionaires you rail against gave up on the right and bought out the left, instead.

      You are the new right wing. Do you feel nuts, yet?

  12. I don’t think it’s right. The teacher is not obligated to support the action-her direct obligation is to implement the curriculum. I know that many students are having trouble learning, so they have started using research proposal writing services like EduBirdie. I am sure that the initiative to participate in such activities is related to the unwillingness to write exams or poor performance.

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