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Make no mistake that everything government is engaged in today, from legislation to regulation, is almost always about control, not freedom, liberty, or innovation. It’s about controlling people, not empowering them.

“When I feel the heat, I see the light,” said life-long Illinois politician Everett Dirksen.

Given how quickly the “follow the science” crowd has changed their tune on mask and vaccine mandates, you’d think they must be feeling some heat, right? Clearly, politicians are feeling heat from an angry electorate as well as witnessing what’s happening in Canada.

And light appears to have been seen.

While The Truth About Guns is all about, well, the truth about guns and not the folly of face diapers and vax passports, both subjects show how anti-freedom politicians use the perception of risk to control people, “for our own good.”

Just as gun control advocates pretend racist, classist, and sexist gun control will make us safer, so too do these same hacks who worship at the alter of mandates like to pretend that masks stop virus particles.

Guns protect children and families. Masks do not.

If masks really worked, then why do politicians and so-called “VIPs” not wear them? Simple. For the same reason the same nanny-state control freaks, media members and Hollywood luminaries have guns to protect themselves while they want to place more gun control restrictions on the little people. They are shameless hypocrites.

Note the those who were caught maskless in that short clip.

Jay Z (“Jay-Z and NFL Share Powerful Gun Violence PSA“),  Matt Damon (“I Wish We Could Be Sensible Like Australia“), LeBron James (“There’s No Room For Guns“), Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (“Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Fallon, Lady Gaga Sponsor Buses to March for Our Lives“), and Emmitt Smith (“NFL Hall-Of-Famers Back Gun Control Laws in New PSA“).

Every last one of them have advocated for gun control for you and me, while they enjoy life behind armed guards, sans masks. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Inflation, COVID, crime, and guns: we’ve all been gaslighted by the Biden administration, America’s fake-news media, and most Democrats on these issues, some for a lot longer than others.

As gun owners, instead of manipulating people as the media and politicians do, we need to help make our fellow Americans better, more informed citizens. When we’re informed, we can vote out those who want to put and keep Americans on the gun control plantation. Gun rights are human rights and gun control is still used to keep poor people disarmed to this day.

Obviously we’re probably not going to re-establish pro-gun supermajorities in the US House and Senate in a single election cycle, but we can take a big step towards that end this November. And while we’ll have to wait two-plus years to rid ourselves of Joe Biden, we can send packing many of those hypocritical gun control advocates who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on armed security for themselves and their families while demanding the little people surrender their guns and rely on police for their safety.

Electing people who support and defend our rights takes work, though. Educate your friends, family members, and those within your circle of influence. Make darn sure they vote for the right people – the people who back your right to defend yourself and your family. Make sure they, and you, vote for candidates who advocate for your family’s safety and not people like those “progressive” prosecutors who coddle violent criminals, or won’t prosecute them at all.

No matter the zip code, we all deserve safe neighborhoods in which to live and raise our families. Help to empower your fellow Americans, not to enslave them with the shackles of gun control.

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    • There is no way around it…History confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. That blood red chiseled fact says a whole lot about the mental health of the people who continue to carry around the deranged agenda of racists and nazis.

  1. Everything I read here struck me as good information and sound advice. Good luck changing an entitled Hollywood liberal’s mind. The Rock of Gibraltar will fall into the sea first.

    • I’ve read a few articles lately out of Commiefornia. Where at least a few of the Hollywood liberals have had a sudden change of heart about the importance of the 2nd A and the right to protect themselves from the increased violence and home invasion robberies befalling their high class neighborhoods. There’s nothing like a come to Jesus moment so to speak. Along with the fear of death to change a persons opinion about the need to protect oneself. Even with a firearm.
      Beverly Hills residents arming themselves after murder, violence

  2. quote————–Just as gun control advocates pretend racist, classist, and sexist gun control will make us safer, so too do these same hacks who worship at the alter of mandates like to pretend that masks stop virus particles.—–quote

    quote—-Guns protect children and families. Masks do not.- ———quote

    The above ranting diatribe may fire up the ignorant and the unwashed but Science has shown the majority of people who have died of Covid 19 were not vaccinated or under vaccinated by not getting all the shots required and of course not wearing masks either.

    And yes masks certainly do help. Short of wearing a respirator and a white has mat suite and goggles masks are not 100 per cent effective but a good mask will cut down transmission by a whopping 90% and that is very good odds compared to wearing nothing. Only a paranoid ignorant Trumpite Moron would argue with science.

    China has had only 5,000 Covid deaths out of a nation that has 4 1/2 times more people than the U.S. The Hill Jacks in the U.S. have now racked up almost 1 million deaths, the worst record of deaths in the entire world. I might add China’s vaccine has been proven to even be inferior to the U.S. vaccines but they still had lower deaths due to their lock downs, mandatory mask wearing and mandatory vaccines.

    Its interesting to note that study on why the U.S. had so many people fail to get the vaccine was traced directly to Trump. He at first tried to hide the virus, then claimed it was no more dangerous than the flue and of course he was elected by dividing the nations people and destroying their faith in their own government.

    A psychological study, as reported last week by Fareed Zacharia, concluded that SOCIALST countries had far more people VOLUNTARILY get the vaccine because THEY TRUSTED both their government and their fellow citizens while the U.S. population that was divided by Trump did not trust each other or their government.

    And Bosh rants about politicians not wearing masks. People do not fear what they cannot see its one of the reasons why they do not wear masks and also why so many people carry striker fired guns that have no manual safety. I might also point out that ignorant males, mostly Conservatives, unconsciously think wearing a mask makes them look like they are cowards or at least effeminate .

    I once offered umbrellas to conservative males going down range at our rifle club to change targets in a driving rain. Not one used them because they feared they would look feminine. I really had to laugh over that one. It was Darwinism at its most obvious.

    quote—————- Make darn sure they vote for the right people – the people who back your right to defend yourself and your family.————–quote

    I might also add Bosch rants about families being in danger from criminals while every scientific study done proves that most people are killed by people they know and most live with them in the home. It happens either by accident or by homicide. The old right wing bullshit that it is the criminal you must fear the most is not proven by science which the Far Right fear like the boogie men of Universal Health Care and Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws.

    • The fact that you think COMMUNIST China has had only 5000 covid deaths alone shows just how big of an idiot you are. If you actually think Communists are going to tell you the truth about what’s going on in their country, you are just plain delusional.
      Is your mommy calling you for din din yet?

      • Those are the propaganda numbers. Especially as no deaths reported from mid 2020 which is really BS.

        But they are still having lockdowns where people have their doors welded shut.

        • Yes and when they let them out they are still alive while our people die like dogs in the street. Now approaching 1 million deaths. A shameful legacy of the Trump administration who even denied the existence of the disease until people started dying like flies. By then it was too late to do anything until the vaccines were ready.

    • China has had only 5,000 Covid deaths out of a nation that has 4 1/2 times more people than the U.S.

      You’d better check your facts there, sonny. The crematoria in Wuhan (0f which there were more than a couple since that is the standard burial practice) were running seven days a week for weeks. The estimates from the run times were a minimum of 45,000 there alone. The CCP did not release information about the rest of the country, which we know had cases as well. There is more than a suggestion of evidence that China, for political purposes, severely under-reported its death rate. Its official statistics understate the Chinese Covid death rate by 17,000% (according to The Economist’s model). In fact, based on excess mortality calculations, The Economist estimates that the true number of Covid deaths in China is not 4,636 – but something like 1.7 million.

      • To Mark

        Right wing denial and propaganda because the Far Right are too ashamed to admit the truth.

        The facts remain that the U.S. of Hey had the most covid 19 deaths of any nation on earth and no amount of lying between your teeth will change the truth. We are currently approaching 1 million deaths. A number that will go shamefully down in history.

    • dacian the stupid,

      If you believe ANY “information” coming out of China, you are even more of an idiot than I thought you were.

      You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

      • He believes “The Global Times” is a reputable source. Just as reputable as “Pravda” and “Izvestia” were in the USSR.

    • Masks for the most part do not work. The vast majority of the masks are not “good mask[s]”. Most people do not follow the WHO’s guidelines:

      Anything short of an N95 does essentially nothing and even an N95 (when worn properly) won’t slow down the transmission by much. Covid is endemic. Just about every health organization that can chime in has said the same thing. The precautions just slowed down the inevitable on a disease that is highly contagious but not that fatal. If masks worked so well then why aren’t they working? I guess blaming Trump is more posh then blaming China.

      You are as ignorant as the masses when it comes to history. The USA, as well as many other nations, fought 2 world wars while polio and TB did much greater damage than Covid has. And there were a host of other diseases . . . And antibiotics were not widely available to civilian populations until after WWII. And yet our ancestors carried on. They had many things this current generation lacks but 2 stick out: grit and perspective.

      *You believe the numbers given by the CCP so it makes sense why you would believe the inflated numbers given by our government.

    • That’s nice now filter those covid deaths by presence of comorbidities and age and let me know how relevant covid is toa healthy unvaccinated adult under 60. Oh also may need to throw out up to 94% of the deaths as they died with not of covid but I don’t expect those numbers for a few years.

    • Decian, For a moment let’s assume your number is correct (though you should state where it came from) don’t you think that it is suspicious that the country that engineered this virus, that weaponized this virus, has the lowest death rate? Who is to say, China had not been inoculating it’s people before the virus ‘accidentally’ got out of the lab. Where and when did China get it vaccine and when did it start issuing it? Lots of questions that the current administration doesn’t have the balls to find out. But more importantly, if you are vaccinated, why are you worried about those that are not? Most ‘free’ people resent the government telling them they have to do something. Things may have been different if officials hadn’t lied at the beginning of this thing. Made a lot of people lose trust in the message.

  3. A man who had been robbed at gunpoint at an ATM in southeast Houston opened fire in an attempt to stop his attacker but instead shot a 9-year-old girl in a truck driving nearby, police said. The girl later died at a hospital.

      • “Idiot emptied his entire magazine against a fleeing attacker“

        I’m just glad the ‘good guy with a gun’ didn’t have one of those 33 round Glock magazines, might’ve been more than the innocent young girl hit.

        • MinorIQ,

          A “good guy with a gun” can still be an untrained f***tard (like I’m sure you would be). Still doesn’t absolve the criminal who caused the problem. There is this whole branch of law, of which you are obviously ignorant, called “comparative negligence”. Two or more people can do stupid s***, and contribute to a tragedy. The idjit with the gun certainly deserves liablity and/or criminal charges. But the precipitating factor was some @$$hole being a douchebag thief. BOTH of them should get their @$$es handed to them.

          It’s called “personal responsibility”, MinorIQ. I know that’s a foreign subject to you, but some of us believe in it. It is literally the flip side of the “personal liberty” coin . . . but you Leftists don’t believe in EITHER side of that coin.

  4. “How To Empower Americans, Not Enslave Them” I have an idea. Those of who can, let’s buy good reliable firearms and give them to those that can’t afford them. I don’t mean a Hi-Point. I used to pick those up off the pavement. I mean a real, reliable affordable handgun. I’ll buy two for a non-prohibited person that lives in public housing. If she’s middle aged. Not supporting her grandchildren. And especially if she still working a minimum wage job.

  5. Does S&W still build the Sigma? I remember when those available for $399. And they worked. I’m good for two tomorrow. To give away to the people we often speak of that need them most. Anyone with me? Penciled? Minor?

    • Gadsden Flag,

      I just checked a regional Sporting Goods store and they are offering Smith & Wesson SDVE semi-auto handguns on sale for $350.

      As far as I know, the Smith & Wesson SDVE is a simple and reliable handgun and may be an excellent budget-friendly option. And they still appear to be in production.

      By the way I recommend selling handguns at a very steep discount rather than giving them away to financially distressed people in most instances. People tend to appreciate something more if they purchased it with their hard-earned money rather than receiving it for free. It could also be somewhat insulting or hurt someone’s pride if you flat-out give them a $400 handgun totally for free. (Gifting it implies that you think they are destitute or incapable of earning a living.)

      Maybe sell them a $400 handgun for $100 and then throw in $100 worth of ammunition. That enables them to participate in the purchase, you save their pride, AND you are still enabling them to get a firearm for next-to-nothing.

      • Uncommon, those are noble thoughts, but unrealistic. My comment was really meant kind of tounge in cheek. If I gave out free handguns to Grandma in Gadsden Arms Apts. I wouldn’t be out of the parking lot before Quontarios was out the front door with one. I’m not stupid, a pencil neck or a minor. Well, those three are the same thing, but you know what I mean.

  6. darcydodo…When it comes to an airborne virus a mask is like using a chain link fence to stop a misqueto.

    Because you are a useful idiot who falls for anything the media says I look for the day the media tells you playing in the freeway is good for your health.

    Never mind about your fear mongering BS about guns in the home killing friends and relatives. Even if your “dire warning” were true it is far, far overridden by a history filled with racism and genocide that confirms citizens not having firearms holds the doors open for tyrants. That huge fact supercedes any and all of you drama queen crap that leaves people unarmed and makes them food for wolves.

    Frankly…How someone elects to defend themselves and their family is none of your damned business…pervert.

    • to Debbie Elli May Clampett

      Contrast that with an N95, which must meet a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health standard of filtering out at least 95 percent of particles of around 0.3 micrometers in diameter. That level of filtration effectively catches the airborne particles that can spread COVID-19.,people%2C%20the%20CDC%20now%20says.

      Of course you will reject science its the Hillbilly credo

      • dacian the stupid,

        Yes, I’m well aware of what a N95 mask supposedly “screens out”, but YOU are obviously ignorant of the size of a COVID virus. Between 3 and 9 nanometers. Since you are clearly incapable of doing the math, that is quite a bit smaller than the filter of a N95 mask. So not only are you stupid, you’re LAZY and stupid.

        Masks, even N95 masks do not filter out the COVID virus, you moron. AT MOST, they can filter out droplets from human exhalation, but not the virus.

        Now, don’t you feel stupid??? You should, you @$$wipe.

        You are too stupid to insult. Go micturate up a cable.

        • “the size of a COVID virus“

          Humans do not spread individual Covid viral particles.

          Instead, hundreds, if not thousands of viral particles are trapped within the droplets of moisture exhaled routinely by every human.

          These droplets are much larger than an individual viral particle, in fact they can be seen by the naked eye.

          If you want an actual and clear visual example, just stand outside during the cold temperatures and breathe or talk regularly and watch the clouds of ‘steam’ that exit your mouth orifice and spread in the immediate vicinity.
          These droplets will travel for several feet before vapor depositing on surfaces in the immediate area.

          Now put a mask on and notice how these clouds of steam are almost completely inhibited by the mask and do not travel those several feet to those in your immediate vicinity.

          It’s that simple, which is why most folks here don’t seem to understand…

        • Good sweet baby Jesus, MinorIQ, are you REALLY that stupid?????

          “Humans do not spread individual viral Covid (should be “COVID”, learn to write, you buffon) particles.”

          COVID19 is a respiratory retrovirus, you absolute s***head. EVERY carrier of COVID exhales viral particles every time the breathe. They don’t normally travel very far, but they are ABSOLUTELY present, in large numbers, in exhalations by infected or carrier humans.

          You are FAR too stupid to insult. And you appear to get stupider on the daily. Go pound salt in your @$$, you ignorant t***.

        • To the Deranged Lamp that went out in his head

          In countries that had mask mandates the spread of the virus was substantially less than in the U.S. where mask mandates were either not enforced or not even required in certain states.

          The same result was verified in European countries when comparisons were made between European countries that did or did not require mask wearing.

          You are a big mouthed Moron who speaks from his rectum and rejects science. Your attacks on Greta really prove how depraved and ignorant of science you really are.

          What was really a laugh was your own link which contradicted yourself only you were too stupid to even realize it.

      • We have a perfect example of the real-world effectiveness of masks as a public health measure here in the USA, with states varying from strict masking requirements to virtually none.

        Take a look at the COVID infection rates and guess from the numbers which states were which…you can’t, because there’s no correlation. Do the same thing from country to country, from the beginning of the pandemic to today. Same result.

        Numbers are science, and the science is clear.

        Masks. Do. Nothing.

        • You take the mask off, do you immediately wash your hands and sterilize the mask? Nope most people throw it over there until the next time they put it on.
          Vaccines? Coyotes dont get parvo but your dogs do, and parvo was used in the 70’s to get rid of the coyotes . A bunch died but those that didn’t beat the system.

        • Opossum, where do you get this stuff?

          Do you really believe coyotes can’t get parvovirus? Do you believe they “beat the system”.
          Would you be kind enough to share the source or reference to support your claim?

          “Parvoviruses are capable of infecting and causing disease in carnivores and are found worldwide.

          Wildlife species that can be infected with parvoviruses include coyotes, wolves, foxes, raccoons, minks, and bobcats. Parvoviruses can also infect domestic cats and dogs.”

        • MinorIQ,

          Wow, you just will not leave off of beclowning yourself, will you???? possum’s POINT, you absolute @$$clown, is that the native populations of wild canids have developed “herd immunity”. Which, if you weren’t a complete idiot, you could verify yourself with ten minutes of research.

          MinorIQ, had you the capacity to experience shame, you would not post half the s*** you do. You are the epitome of a Leftist/fascist idiot – as Ronnie said, it’s not that you’re ignorant, it’s just that you “know” so much that isn’t so.

          Jesus, get an education or Ess Tee Eff You.

        • Minor, you better leave Possum alone. He’s more entertaining than you and a hell of a lot popular around here. Take your cousin the pencil neck with you when you when you leave.

  7. From the article:

    … instead of manipulating people as the media and politicians do, we need to help make our fellow Americans better, more informed citizens.

    I have attempted that many times and I noticed a trend: most people who oppose private firearm ownership also oppose being better informed about the benefits of private firearm ownership.

    As commenter Gadsden Flag said above, “Good luck changing an entitled Hollywood liberal’s mind. The Rock of Gibraltar will fall into the sea first.” In my experience that applies to pretty much all Progressives, not just Hollywood liberals.

    • Well, uncommon, if we judge “Progressives” by our own native idiots here at TTAG, dacian the stupid and MinorIQ the drive-by moron, I would say that “Progressives” (hate that name; there is nothing “progressive” about them. They are useless Leftist/fascist scum) are dumber than dirt, and even less useful.

      Oh, and they’re hypocrites, too.

      Frankly, there isn’t really much to recommend them. Hopefully, Darwin will have his day, and they will be removed from the gene pool – preferably before they pollute it further by reproducing.

  8. Several studies done before COVID was even a thought, show masks do little, if anything to stop the spread of viral pathogens. KN95 masks catch about half of the larger pathogens but do nothing if not properly sealed on the face. Wear and breathe through a KN95 mask and your ribs will hurt in about 2 hours because of the effort required to draw breath through it.
    I believe 1 of the studies was done by A couple of the Ivy League medical schools back in 2018. No, I don’t have them in front of me but they should be easy enough to google up if anyone cares enough to do so.
    Next is D’s claims about COVID deaths in China. The Chinese government hasn’t been anything close to honest about their COVID information since it “Escaped” the Wu Han lab, so why would anyone with 2 or more working brain cells trust their claims on COVID deaths? And lastly, the claims and studies of how firearms in the home are more dangerous to the owner than a possible criminal has been debunked dozens of times. Even the FBI has debunked the claims.
    Gun control has nothing to do with crime, suicide, or any danger to people, and everything to do with control over the lives of the peasants and serfs.

  9. “No matter the zip code, we all deserve safe neighborhoods in which to live and raise our families.”

    Not necessarily. To be honest, we usually get what we deserve by our actions, or lack thereof.

    When I was a kid in the late 1950s/early 60s, the adult males in the neighborhoods did not allow things to go to hell regardless of what some legal personality might deem. I believe we all throw our hands up in despair far too easily and early. Much can be accomplished if neighbors stick together and demand standards. If the hood in which you live is dangerous, get out. What could be more important- really- than the safety and well-being of you and your family?

  10. Judging by all of these replies I can see that Vladimir Putin is very successful in dividing and conquering his enemies. I am old enough to remember when Americans respected each other’s views and compromise was not a dirty word. Extremists in both political parties are what’s wrong with our country and will lead to the decline and fall of the American empire! Wise up or my grand children will be speaking Chinese!


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