Image by Boch. Base image via Twitter (Chicago Police).
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Chicago Police have their hands full. Despite local leaders who have “defunded” the police department to the tune of $80 million, the boys and girls in blue — those who are left — continue to work every day trying to put a dent in the intractable crime problem in their city.

The CPD just posted a picture of the guns they confiscated in a single day in a single district.

Image via Chicago Police.

The fifth district (005) is located in Area 2 on the south side of the city.

Look more closely at the image of the guns, above.

Obviously extended magazines and drums seem popular. But a sharp eye reveals at least seven of those GLOCKS have auto-sears installed, making them capable of fully automatic fire.

The auto-sears, or “GLOCK switches” have become a new must-have prestige item among gang members, including many not old enough to drive (legally).

And for the urban set, full-auto switches are seldom prosecuted by the Soros-backed Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx.

Gang members run free in Chicago, knowing full well that police solve very few serious violent crimes.  How few, you ask?  About 5.8% if you go by the official stats. And closer to 3.5% if you consider how crime reports are down 60%, in part because people don’t want to wait hours for a police response from the undermanned CPD. Even if police do show up to take a report, there’s obviously little likelihood they will ever make an arrest.

That leaves the residents to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, instead of cracking down on rampant gang violence, the legislature in J.B. Pritzker’s Land of Lincoln has busied itself actually making life easier for criminals and cracking down on lawful gun owners instead. A new bill, HB-5855 is expected to pass in January, immediately making felons of any Illinoisan with two or more magazines that hold over ten rounds of ammunition.

Image by Boch.

Is it any wonder that Illinois gun stores are doing a land office business these days?


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  1. Auto sear should be mandatory federal prosecution for NFA violation – a law already on the books.
    Yep…soft on crime…no cash bail…catch and release.
    Working so well going to go statewide. /s
    Don’t talk about new laws or bans until you start enforcing the ones ALREADY on the books!

    • atf leigh…I have no problem with citizens owning full auto, etc. Lot less risky than the guy in a Freightliner behind you and yours on the interstate or the matches and gasoline you can buy by the gallon, etc. In other words…The problem is the criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, gasoline, feet, fists, vehicles, etc. Try to keep that in mind.

    • where is the ATF?….I always thought illegal automatic weapons were their domain…why aren’t these cases tried in federal court?

      • F-troop won’t stigmatize a politically protected class.

        They’ll go after rural white males over obscure technical breaches instead.

        • I believe there is a secret war on to make EVERYBODY, not a member of THE SWAMP a convicted criminal. One of the terms and conditions of probation or parole in the Peepuls Republic of Kallifornikadia is that the probationer/parolee agrees to submit to a search of his person, vehicle or domicile at any time by any law enforcement officer. While we all automatically assume the “law enforcement officer” is a cop, I would remind readers that includes code enforcement officers, probation officers, fire marshals, game wardens, IRS agents, the folks who make arrests for unemployment fraud — the list is too long and there are too many folks in goobermint who are “law enforcement officers” to even list. Essentially you are giving up your rights under the Bill fo Rights for an early get out of jail card. Under those terms, you can be frisked at your daughter’s wedding, as you leave the confessional in church, heck you can be frisked at your own wedding and maybe even patted down while you are laid out at the funeral parlor. Of course, as a convicted felon, forget about being able to legally defend yourself except with your fists. Lot of good that would do me. At my age I am lucky if I can pull the foil top off a container of yogurt.

          I know, I am paranoid and wear a tin hat — actually it is an aluminum foil hat. Tin is too difficult to make a hat out of it. Foil is easier to work with. I believe that is the reason or more and more ridiculous laws while failing to enforce the laws that are already on the books. Yeah, the cops grabbed a bunch of guns, the possession of some is a felony in itself, regardless of the criminal system status of the possessor. The interesting questions are: How many had felony charges filed against them; how many had prior felony convictions already; how many were released OR; how many will receive felony prosecution and jail sentences?

      • ATF is not needed, those things are already illegal under IL state law.

        The law is not for crooks, it’s for you.

        If the system wanted to prosecute crooks, it would do so.

    • in a Federalist Republic such as ours, it is the state’s responsibility to handle such matters, not that of the Federal Government. Furthermore, it is questionable as to whether the Federal Government is even empowered to do so if the crime in question doesn’t conflict with the Federal powers enumerated in the US Constitution.

    • If it were a normally law-abiding citizen that had a full auto switch, you can bet your last dollar they would prosecute.

    • US Attorney’s are all occupied with other lawless activities – shakedowns, overcharging, looking for Trump under their bed, etc.

  2. Pay what normal people are left to relocate, and I ut an electric fence around the sh*thole and let finish killing EACH OTHER! Then let the citizens back in.

    • Hollywood would have to reboot Snake Plissken, but change it to “Escape From Chicago.”
      I chuckled when those movies came out, wrongly believing the government wouldn’t turn a major city into a prison, but now, that dystopian future is becoming more of a potential reality.

  3. CPD must not be trying very hard. I’ve done as well in my little hometown. Now, let’s ask what matters. How many people are in jail?

    • A couple of years ago, I needed to fly last minute to southern Wisconsin, but couldn’t find a direct flight on any airline (COVID really screwed up the flight networks we previously enjoyed in the good ‘ol USA). The best I could do was LAX to O’Hare, and then drive an hour northward to my destination in WI.

      Landing in Chicago, exiting the airport, and driving along the I-94 corridor at nighttime was enough to convince me to never risk myself like that again.

      “Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…”

    • The unidentified thing in upper left looks like a hacked and boogered AK. It should be a crime to treat ANY rifle, let alone an AK, like that! No self-respect, I tell ya!

  4. Why were the mags left loaded? ₩here are the evidence tags? No doubt there is a crime problem thanks to democRats but by all accounts it looks more like a photo op to advance a democRat Gun Control agenda.

    • Who needs evidence tags when the offenders were already released on a signature bond? And may not even be prosecuted.

      • Not so fast John Boch…What criminals do or get away with doing is neither here nor there in this case. The police are required to clear everything firearm related and log everything in, they do not neatly scatter around untagged firearms and leave mags loaded and manually stand bullets up.

        Failure for the police to follow the rules with firearms leads me and should lead you to suspicion about what may be drama enhanced Gun Control picture propaganda. After all you should know propaganda is rampant nowadays.

  5. Switches? SWITCHES? I don’t see no steenkin switches!
    All I see are pistols with laser sights. I know, I have several Glocks. Other than the laser sights, these {Glock} pistols don’t look like anything special.

      • DrewR- Do you mean the small boxy things that look like laser sights at the end of the slides/barrels? I suppose that a better, closer pic would help…

      • Seems pretty USELESS to me- a full-auto Glock in 9 or .45 would be pointing at the sky after the 2nd or 3rd shot, just judging by what mine like to do in semi-auto “quick fire”… but then I’ve never fired a full auto Glock or any such pistol.
        Ya wanna know what I think? I think that someone(s) are takin vantage of those pore fellers in the big city and sellin ’em useless and ee-llegal gun parts for big bux!! Heck even a dum ol hibilly like me knows better ‘en nat!

  6. More proof for the need for Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws.

    It’s pure insanity that any criminal or nut case can buy a secondhand gun with no paperwork because professional gun runners from hillbilly states with lax gun laws run secondhand guns into Chicago on a daily basis.

    • For which there are laws against, which go unprosecuted, if indeed it really happens.
      Are you really that stupid? Don’t bother answering, we already know.

      • Dollars to pence every one of them aside from those lame AyR’s and whatever that unidentifiable thing in the upper left are all stolen.

    • just what is or constitutes a “hillbilly state”?…would Indiana qualify for that somewhat dubious moniker?….or is it just any state that doesn’t measure up to your questionable standards?….

      • I guess he means Indiana… but us TRUE hillbillies down here in the hills and hollers of appalacistan are ready to ascend and assume the mantle of “professional hillbilly gunrunners.”

    • darcydodo…You swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker and ran to Gun Control like you always do. When I say Gun Control I mean an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide…You may fool history illiterates but the bottom line is…Your undying love for Gun Control rot makes you the forum’s resident waterboy for the kkk and nazi party.

    • Every time a prohibited person, usually a felon, is caught with a firearm, it’s a slam dunk conviction. Why aren’t prosecutors racking up convictions by the thousands?

      • They don’t want to get too many felony or gun related convictions. They let them plea down to a lesser charge. This is how you can tell DA’s are full of it when it comes to guns. Sticking it to the bad guys would be mean. They’re victims too!

    • Multiple surveys have been done by Lott and others, with Convicted Offenders, to determine where they are getting their weapons. The surveys show that around 85% – 90% of the weapons were purchased on the Black Market and/or Strawman Sales. The remaining 10% – 15% varies, but even the ATF admits that Private Sales only account for 1% – 2% of the weapons, the rest are stolen. At 1% – 2%, Universal Background Checks will not make a significant impact on crime. As for Safe Storage, throughout history, Locks and Safes only serve to keep Honest people Honest. Given the wherewithal, the tools, and the time, there isn’t a gun safe made that is 100% Foolproof.
      Universal Background Checks will only work if they establish an Unconstitutional Federal Registry. Something Congress is rightly forbidden to do by Law.
      Then you always have Operation Fast and Furious. The Obummer/McSniffy/Holder scheme, by which the ATF gifted Automatic Weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartels. A pitiful few of those weapons have been recovered. Most of them, they have absolutely No Clue where they ended up. No one has been held responsible for that asinine “genius” scheme.

  7. JWM
    It depends, do you give donations to the “right” people?

    Otherwise given the lack of evidence tags as Debbie noted I imagine that most will be sold for cash or favours.

    • Frank

      Grenade attacks are now popular in Sweden. Into the 100’s now. A new crime since 2017 when various refugee groups arrived in the country from Middle East and Africa.

  8. Considering that our people are buying over 1 million firearms a month that “haul” is a far cry from reducing the number of guns owned legally and illegally. Just another dog and pony show for the uninformed who actually believe these buy backs make a difference.

  9. “CPD just posted a picture of the guns they confiscated in a single day in a single district” any of the properly/lawfully sieze? (talking Chiraq so this an issue).

  10. Pretty sure I counted 6 or 7 switches. Some are hard to tell. Either way they are pretty clearly ‘in common User and therfore should be protected under Bruen 😉 Someone needs to file a suit.

  11. Don’t forget folks, it’s likely none of these people will be charged with NFA violations but you may well be for owning a business card with some tracings on it.

  12. Just a word of caution folks: The Chicago PD has a bad reputation for being a pack of lying bitches going back generations. They are under control of antigun elected and appointed officials and their union regularly stakes out antigun positions too. I would be careful accepting any PR photos they show as accurate or even factual.

  13. Guns arrested, gang criminals not so much! How many of these guns will be back out on the street before the criminals are???

  14. Until these AGs and DAs start prosecuting these reprobates, and putting them in prison, the Lawlessness will continue.
    Democrats have embraced Lawlessness for the insane ideology of Equity.


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